Chapter 1 – Prologue

I got myself up, and rubbed my eyes.

I got some drool on my cheek. Somehow, I’ve fallen asleep on my desk.

Looks like I’ve dozed off while reading a book again.


It’s an unhealthy habit of mine, but there’s no one else to blame for it but me.

For as far as I can remember, my mother already left, while my father died from a stab wound.

My grandfather took me in, but he too also died last year from old age, so right now I live by myself.


My father was an odd person as he enjoys to travel around the world as a magician.

He left me as a child and did as he pleases, going overseas and whatnot. He buys souvenirs that I don’t even know what for. I knew it from the beginning, but he really was a no good father.


“I am a real magician!”, is the sort of words my father would say during work.

As a part of his performance, he wanted to perform a trick where he would stab himself with a knife, but he was stabbed instead by one of his excited audience.

Once I came back fully awake, I gave myself a stretch.

When I was a child, I’ve always believed that my father was a real magician, so wherever and whenever he is, I always believed he would come back one day.

I would ask grandpa, “When’s dad coming back?”, but he would stay silent with narrowed eyes as he pat my head.

Looking back at it now, it was obvious he was trying to comfort me.


I looked over the cover of the book I was reading.

‘Encyclopedia on Medieval Black Magic’.

It’s not like I believe in it. Me taking an interest in this suspicious book is no doubt because of all those things father bought with him.


It’s not just this suspicious book either, there’s a bunch of black magic kits at my house.

I’ve already decided not to believe in magic, but unfortunately, even until seventeen I can’t seem to break away from it.

If it was long ago, I would just be seen as a child with an active imagination, but now I’m seen as another chuunibyou.

Even at class, I’m hardly ever talked to. Like as if I’m some rare insect that needs to be alienated.


Those who I would call my acquaintances would be from the black magic research club, but for the sake of studying for the entrance exams, my senior Yama-san had to leave. Right now, the only ones left are me and I-cchan.

In other words, this makes I-cchan the only person I can converse with. Quite lonely.

Though the real problem is due to the schools regulations, if by next year, a new club member hasn’t joined, the black magic research club would be abolished.


The club is the only I can call home.

I have to protect this place at all cost.

In any case there’ll need to be a way on gathering members, so me and I-cchan should really have a meeting for this.

If by any chance, I happened to get a hold of some black magic kit through the net, one where it can even be considered the real deal, then we might to get even one person to join us. Not like I know of any.


However, the biggest problem here came after school.


“…. Well, It’s my family you see, I’m going to have to stop coming to the club.”


After school, the junior that I had my hopes on, dropped her resignation at me.

Thinking about it now, her looks and personality are actually really good; to put it simply, I-cchan not having a boyfriend until now is really a miracle.


Even if that is the case though, it doesn’t change this club’s situation for the better.


I could just abandon the club now, but the least I can do is to have her still remain in the club in name only.

However, it doesn’t seem I’ll be able to tell her that now.

By the time I collected my thoughts, she has already left the club room.


I was hoping I would be able to catch up with her if I were to immediately head over to the school gate.

But probably still feeling awkward from seeing me, she suddenly walked faster across the road to get away from me.

The traffic light, was red.

Since she was too distracted by me, she didn’t notice the traffic lights.


To make matters worse, a large truck was also about to pass through.


By the time I noticed, I already had my self jumping towards her.

My body took on a heavy collision, and my vision starts to suddenly darken.


Hot. My whole body feels hot.

I try to somewhat open my eyes, but when I do my vision is all blurred.

Rather than my eyes, it might just be my brain that’s no been damaged.


I can tell my surroundings started to get noisy.

It’s too loud, please consider about other people.


At then I can feel someone holding me.


“o— No! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! It’s my fault, such a….”


Though a little broken, I can hear my junior’s voice.


That’s good. So she’s alright.

It really wouldn’t be good if we both died after I did all that.


Compared to someone more popular at school, there’ll be less people sad for someone as socially awkward like myself.

It’s funny to say this, but I don’t have any blood relatives. And there’s hardly anyone else I’m really acquainted with.


If there’s any regret I have, that preserved remnant of an old alchemic scroll and that Dragon’s Claw I got on the net from overseas should be arriving by today. Yeah, that really is pretty sad.

I never really had any dreams for my future.


Having those sort of thoughts in my last moments, my consciousness finally cuts off.

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Truck-san killed another MC!! Ahahahaha 😀

Thx for the chapter ^^


If the years these books came out are correct on, then the 1st chapter of Saikyou Juzoku Tensei has basically copied this. Sure the way it’s said is slightly different but all the details line up, from the mother not being present, everything about the father, the grampa who died 1 year ago, and practically every thing else about it. Hell the underclassman’s name is the exact same. The rest of the story is pretty different but the MC’s backstory is the same.


Not really meaning dis Saikyou Juzoku Tensei here either btw. I like it alot actually, but it kinda feels scummy knowing its been done.


Thanks for the chapter.