Hone to Issho Chapter 91 – New Golem Type

Right in front of me was something that reminded me of a transparent futuristic-looking mannequin.

The size of Talos was from its level 11 state, so there’s a 2 level difference between that and now.

Taking that in mind, I can understand why there’s still a large portion of that suitcase-sized lump of quartz left over.


“How beautiful…”

“This is… quite pretty. It also molded into a unique shape.”


Gawain and Benedetta (who came from who knows when) gave out a sigh as they drew closer to the new golem.


I also took a look at it’s appearance.

Although I considered it as a mannequin earlier, it is a bit macho for that. Arms, legs, neck, torso, all of which are much larger than it would be for a normal figure. Even in Talos’ standards.


“A golem made from transparent mineral. What an interesting thing.”


Looking to my side, it seems like everyone, including Phillips, already arrived back and are continuously starting at the golem with great interest.

I suppose a transparent golem would take anyone’s attention.


A completely see through object is something already rare in this world, and having one in the shape of a golem would be more than surprising.


I can see Gawain’s figure right through it.

His figure is warped and blurred from the golem’s changed density around its body.

It’s a shame, since that means it couldn’t become something that would be difficult to see.


In any case, seeing all their interested expressions, I had a thought that this could be something highly valued in this world… 




At that, there’s something I noticed once I had a closer look at the golem.

Some sort of light was radiating inside of it…


It was very faint, and very short lived. But it began appearing again, revealing itself into a shape of a spider web.

Somehow, everytime I try to concentrate looking at it, it just vanishes.

I get the feeling I’ve seen this before somewhere, and it was something from recent memory…


“Erm… C-could you not stare at me like that?”



Looking up, Benedetta was turning away, hiding herself behind her hood.


“Ah? Was I looking at you this whole time? My bad.”


It seems like I had been staring blankly at her direction for a long while. I didn’t notice…


“The COUPLE there. You really are SHOWING off in PUBLIC right NOW.”

“No… it wasn’t really.like that at all.”


“Then don’t mention it!”


This guy really is brazen on some things… 

His knowledge and abilities originates from Mario, but the personality is completely different. What even is this guy?


Well, putting that thought aside, the thing I find strange about the golem… did any of the rest notice it?


“Say. There’s a really faint light inside the golem, but could anyone else see it?”


“Ah, right. You won’t be able to see it properly if you try looking at it directly, but if you look at it from the edge of your vision, you could just about see it.”


Wondering what I had meant, Benedetta and the other skeleton guys then try turning their faces for a moment, but had a troubled look after a while.


“… I’m not sure?”

“I CAN’T see IT.”


I could already tell from their expressions, but it really doesn’t seem like any of them could see it.

With Prudia’s Blessing from her eyes, I had thought Benedetta could have at least been able to.


— In the middle of that thought, there was something I remembered that reminded me of this. It was quite a while ago, so I only realised this now.


(That’s right. There was that time. The magic tool that lets you see the flow of mana.)


It was back in Olbia, the time when we met with the fortune teller. When she had given us that magic tool, there were some squiggly lines around the fragranced candles.


The tool looked like a magnifying glass back then, but right now, I’m seeing it barely with my own eyes. It would make sense too, since the golem is run by mana to begin with.


(Speaking of which, I don’t really know much more than this. I had thought this would be simply the same as a normal stone golem, but maybe there’s something else?)


When thinking that, I had the quartz golem move a bit, and took a good look around it. It was easy to be distracted about it’s large size, but after seeing it move around, it does seem to have some considerable weight to it.


The crystal golem’s size is about 2.7 meters.

Way more than a normal person’s.


It was at this moment did I make a slightly surprised voice.



“This IS…”


Besides me, Centurion was the first to have noticed it as well. But no later, all the rest began to take a look at the golem.


And of course they would.

For the time being, it had been moving very smoothly, almost exactly human-like. Completely different when compared to the usual robotical movement the iron golem would do.


Of course, being already used to seeing the golem’s usual way of moving around, I was surprised the most.


Once I decided to put aside my fascination of it, as I went ahead and started to test out its battle capabilities — It’s punch, at the very least, is plenty capable of blowing any human away, and its response time to my orders is also pretty fast.


(Should I also try this out.)


I’ve been wondering how well a golem would be able to kick.

It was successful in making a simple kick, with no problems or unbalance to it. In comparison, I had Talos do the same… and tell it to stop almost immediately after.

It already looked like it would fall over the moment it lifted one leg up. 


At least with this, I was able to have a better understanding of the difference between their range of movement.


— And so, there’s still one more thing that caught my attention. That light of magic power it had been running on…

I can see that it had been more active when the golem had been moving about.


It is almost looking like a human heart, with the arteries spreading out of it. Once the golem stopped moving, that light shrunk to how it originally was before.


That magic power from it. In any case, I’ll try to do some tests to see how well it gives it the ability to perform.

Right now, I had Talos, and the smaller sized quartz golem stand side by side.


First off, I’ll try to compare the difference between their weight.


(A scale for golems… let’s try making a seesaw.)


At that, I looked through our piles of logs stacked on the side. Once I decided on a couple with the best quality, I made a large and thick flat board, of about 1 meter in width, using modelling. Then, with the golems, I had it carefully balanced on top of a short prism I also made earlier.


The place we chose for this was the flattest plane we could find nearby the camp.

Each end of the seesaw was hollowed out, looking like a spoon for the golems to rest on.


“And, this is?”



Once making this was over, I first had Talos lay at one end. Since the height for the crystal golem to climb seems a little too high for it, I made some steps to bring it up.


Both golems are about the same height. I can make a guess what the result will be, but I am still interested in what will happen.


“Well then, let’s start it.”


The quartz golem dropped onto the other end of the seesaw and the weighing began.

The scale dropped and the quartz golem almost struggled to balance still when it happened.


“This… really does feel like it’s going to break.”

“Well, as LONG as they don’t MOVE much, it should be ALRIGHT.”


Each of the golem’s damage is directly correlated to their weight. The heavier they weigh, the more powerful their punches and/or kicks are.

Of course, density is important too, but right now, I just want to see how much they differ.


… And it’s about the same.


A little unexpected, since I expected the steel to be heavier, but no matter.


Next, I’m going to try having them punch each other in turns.

It’s a little barbaric, but it’s a very simple method to determine which one’s stronger. Besides, I can easily repair whatever damage they receive anyways.




Once again, the result was outside of my expectations.

Given how easy it was to collect all the quartz from the ground, I was under the impression that the steel golem would be much stronger.


The steel golem had its body becoming dented, while the crystal golem started forming cracks, but both seemed to have given each other an equal amount of damage.


I was able to figure out the reason for that.


While Talos is certainly harder, the quartz golem makes up for it by being more flexible. And also, the crystal golem seems to be capable of using its entire body when throwing out attacks, while Talos lacks the balance to throw out its full strength.


If things were to continue however, I do think Talos has the better chance of winning, mainly because his arm probably wouldn’t break off like the other one would.


However, that wasn’t the only thing to take note of.


With Talos’ balance being bad, there were many times where it seemed like it would fall down.

And like that, his weakness was made apparent right now.


(Thinking about it, I never really put it in situations where it would need to move much.)


Until now, I’ve been using this golem as a surprise attack or a way to keep monster’s attacks in check. However, with the recent battle against that Giant Variant, Demon Horn, it hardly did anything useful during that fight.


I was thinking whether it would be good to broaden its range of uses.


Fortunately, there is pretty much nobody around here. Assured by that, I can continue getting a grasp of the golem’s special characteristics.


“I should probably switch over with the crystal golem huh. In anycase, with a size like that…”

“… Won’t it stand out?”

“I’ll use it in places where there is no one around. Luckily, this place is perfect for that. Besides, it’ll be hard to continue collecting materials for Talos… and also…”


This is something I only realised just now.


From Talos’ body, I took out a soccer ball-sized lump of steel, and then passed it over to the quartz golem…

At that, the golem was quickly covered in a steel coloured coating.


“Aah. Plating was it?”

“Yeah. I had the thought popped up much earlier, but I had forgotten about it until now.”

“But, it’s a shame to be covering the entire body now…”


Like Benedetta said, it just looks like another Talos now.

It didn’t have the same pattern engravings or the helmet as Talos does, but this will do.


Once more, I had the two golem spar each other again, just to see how much had changed.

It’s a little uneven now, since I just took out some materials from Talos, but it wasn’t that much.


As usual, it became a slugfest, and after some time, it turned apparent that the crystal golem was in the advantage. Once I noticed that, I put them both to a stop.


“The match went into complete reverse this time, but…”

“It didn’t give an effect as large as it did for the skeletons. But given how strong it was, and how easy it is to make it, I can’t really complain much.”


Of course, I can’t also ignore the fact that I had a portion of the steel taken from Talos, but again, it shouldn’t have made too much of a difference.


I tried applying plating to the steel golem itself, but from what I could see, there doesn’t seem to be any changes.

There was a reaction when I applied the skill however, though only slight.


(In other words, the skill can work on it, but I’ll need a material that’s at least a grade higher than steel…)


With this, I have the general idea about my golems, and the crystal seemed quite promising from that.


Now then, onto the golem horses now…



TL Note: No more chapters!

I’d like to thank everyone for the support and for reading this! I really like being able to practice my drawing here, and although a lot of them were pretty bad, thanks for bearing with it!

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Andrew Ligas
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Shiroi Hane
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If the aim is supporting the author, why do they have to be in English? I always buy before I read, even when (as here) the version being translated is the web novel.

Andrew Ligas
Andrew Ligas
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Fair point since the translation was enjoyable. Though, I do like to read before I buy. I will have to think about this.

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Natan Nael
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