Hone to Issho Chapter 90 – Playing with Quartz

– Adventurer Life Day 77 (Sun) – Midnight – Goldew Town – Plains Town – New Base


— It’s gotten considerably late.

Were it to be the usual, I would have already gone to sleep at this time. However, we’re currently talking non-stop in the dark for a long while now.


I’ve been explaining to Phillips about the process I had done to make the transparency of the glass, that was until Centurion noticed.




Looking back next to him, there was a girl sitting with her arms still folded, but head slanted downwards in a position that would probably give her a really bad neck ache tomorrow morning.


“Oh, is it that late already?”


We ended our conversation there, as I picked her up and placed her in the bed underneath the blanket.

I felt a little relieved realising I was able to make the bed today. I must have finished it quickly only because I’ve been levelling up recently.

At that, I turned back at Phillips.


“Sorry for that. Even though I was in the middle of explaining things.”

“I do not mind. However, I still don’t know what this container is for. The lid seems a little bigger.”


The glass container Phillips has with him has a lip curved.

There, we use a sheet of slime cloth, then wrap it around the rim with the self-made rubber band. With that, it’s shut tight.


“Yeah. I just needed it to be sealed tight..”

“Oh. The lid was sealed wonderfully… but what is this used for?”

“It’s for storing food for longer periods of time. If this works well, it should make long travels easier.”


In theory anyways.

Though I want to explain it in more detail, I don’t really have enough knowledge to properly explain it well.

I said that if the closed space was cleaned with heat, the food inside would last longer.


“So something like this is able to do that huh… I’m not quite sure, but I look forward to seeing it work.”

“Well, that’s why I plan starting tomorrow. There’s no food around to keep it in here right now.”


Disinfecting the container will also be necessary too.


“By the way. Shouldn’t it be time to rest now?”


That’s right, I should stop busying myself.

We’ll be going outside hunting tomorrow, so I shouldn’t tire myself out too much.


Saying good night to the rest of them, I go back to bed quietly in order to not wake Benedetta up.





– Adventurer Life Day 78 (Mon) – Morning – Goldew Town – Clifftop – Lakeside


For today’s hunt, we decided to go a little further than planned.


After leaving the lake, we crossed the rock bridge that was built by us previously and set up a camp north east, 30 minutes away from there.

Although there are a few clouds today, I still hope it wouldn’t rain anytime soon.


Gawain, who stood guarding nearby the caravan, looked at the lake and spoke up.


“This lake is wide. I can see the bank from the opposite side now, so I’m thinking that if we continue walking along the shore, we’ll see the other side of the lake soon.”

“I also didn’t think we’d be able to walk so far along the northeast. But, there’s still a long way to go.”


That’s right. The lake extends far into the north eastern direction.


After crossing the bridge three days ago, there were tall grasses and fairly large gravel pieces in the area, but right now, there are hardly any obstacles hindering our path.

Eventually, we arrived at a creek, so we stopped there and took up camp nearby and started hunting around the area.


Benedetta along with some skeletons, and Phillips along with his subordinates, took off hunting.

To increase efficiency, Centurion and his team had been cutting down trees around the area where they are too dense to pass through properly, and used them to build small hunting paths.


Since the hunting area is completely fresh, it was easy to find monsters around, and so the carriage started piling up quickly.


There are plenty of rocks lying around by the lake, so there’s plenty of material to build another bridge.

I collect rocks with several skeletons and shape the rocks once they’ve been placed onto the small river. The bridge was completed in an instant.


“I was surprised to see the bridge already built when I came back. Never imagined it would be possible to do this with divine protections. Does doing this sort of work give you any difficulties?”

“Nah. Actually, doing this is quite fun.”

“Yes. I can imagine that.”


I smiled wryly hearing Gawain saying that.

It’s true though. Building structures easily like this is rather satisfying. They have their functions as well, so none of it ever felt like a waste of time.


Watching Talos on the riverbed, holding stones that should have been too heavy for any of us to carry, Gawain gave a sigh.


“That too. What a tremendous skill. To think you could have a Golem at that size as well.”

“Oh, I don’t really have enough steel as of yet, so it’s not at full size for the moment.”


I’ve already reached level 12 a while ago, and so materials can be added to the golem to increase its size.

However, because Hugo’s workshop is still under preparation, we could not obtain steel at this time. So, this Talos is just the size as it was at level 11.


“… Is that so. There’s still room for the golem to grow…”



Leaving things like that, Gawain starts to take his leave while I continue using Full Operation on the skeletons to bring some more rocks again.


— It was at that moment that I remembered something.




The sudden pain had me unintentionally scream since it had been a long time the last time it happened, and seeing that, Gawain turned back in confusion.


“W… What happened?”


Even a veteran knight couldn’t help but hesitate when hearing that painful cry.

But it didn’t last for long, and the pain was gone.

I should have expected it when I had the whole team split up and hunt around.


Well in any case, because of Benedetta and Phillips, I managed to level up. I suppose I should be happy having reached level 13 right away.


(Ah right, speaking of which, it’s Gawain’s first time seeing me level up.)


Gawain was still panicking about what happened, so I had to calm him down, and explain it to him.





On a different topic, Gawain raised another thing again when watching me creating some sort of gem out of a rock, at the size of a baseball.


“Is this one different from yesterday’s glass?”

“Yeah. This one is still the same, but I’m treating it like a gem. Like an actual quartz crystal So it’s a little different.”


From that, a selection of crystalline quartz jewels were created, each a little distinct from each other.

A sphere, which had a dark color, had a sense of transparency to it, and I passed this onto Gawain. It was a little heavy, but still enough to hold with one hand.


“What is this used for?”

“… Ah, right. You weren’t there at that time either.”


It’s for one of the skills I received back when I had reached level 12. Magic Seal.

It’s a unique skill that encapsulates the effects of other skills into jewelry, turning it into a magic tool.


For example, a mage’s Fireball is a skill that can be stored into a jewel using this. From that, anyone can activate the Fireball skill, whether or not they’re from the same class.

However, there’s a limit to the number of uses of it, and the higher skill level it is, the greater value of the jewel will have to be.

The number of uses will also decrease depending on the chosen skill level as well.


Furthermore, the sealing conditions are quite strict.

The only people you can use it on, are from you and your party members.

If the skill came from your own, the strength of the skill is reduced to one third. If it were from a party member, it reduces down to a fourth.

Not only the Magic Seal skill itself, but also summoning skills and skill bonuses cannot be stored.


I explained all of these to Gawain.

However, I don’t think he would understand much because I explained the concept of levelling to him in a hurry, and he had not seen another proper magic user using one of their skills…


In any case, I try focusing on one of the glass spheres, attempting to activate the Magic Seal skill.

The skill I want to pass onto it is Plating… and… it’s a success.


In the same procedure, I did the same with Engraving, and that also succeeded without any difficulty.


Wanting to test it out, I picked up a club from a skeleton, and stripped off the Plating off of it. Taking out the jewel with the Plating skill stored inside, I tried using it onto the stripped off club, and it worked. Engraving worked the same way too.


I returned the club back to its original state using Extraction and Modelling, and tried it once again but…


(Only once huh…)


The jewel wasn’t activating, so it seems like it could only be used once with this method.

It’s a bit disappointing, but not particularly unexpected.


(It’s a shame. I was planning on using it to come back to Olbia as well.)


Besides the Juunon cult, there’s also the problem of Lord Ediel when returning back to Olbia. That silver armor made back then is becoming a real bit of trouble.


Being plated and engraved, the armor’s performance improved considerably.

However, if I were to make the same thing through another method, I can divert the attention away from me.


“In other words, I can give this stored glass gem to the blacksmith, and make an appropriate story from that.”

“… What kind?”

“Well… Something like, Dandro happened to get this from a stall market… or he inherited it as part of his family.”

“That sounds pretty suspicious, especially that second one. Are you sure you can trick an aristocrat into believing that?”



When being told that, I got a little worried.

Certainly, that really wouldn’t be enough…


“There’s a problem besides the unnaturalness of the story however.”

“… Another problem?”


Gawain presented me with the glass sphere I had in hand.


“This thing is a big deal in itself, and could create more trouble.”

“What, the glass ball? I saw the same thing at the street market before. They didn’t really treat it as a big deal there.”

“It’s that naturally occurring quartz with no flaws to be seen, is of great value. Wasn’t that one you saw cloudy?”

“… Ah, right.”


Mined quartz usually does have many flaws.

The quartz lumps I saw at the stall market did have a lot of irregularities about them. They’re usually shaved and polished, but even then they’re considered as low-quality products and are sold cheaply in the market.


Something like this on the other hand, with no hazes or scratches, would be seen as a treasured gem, and be extremely valuable by the rich.


To make matters worse, if the size of the jewel becomes any smaller than this, the skill wouldn’t be able to work. The same goes for making any deformities inside of it.


It’s not like I thought it would have been this easy, but I still sighed regretfully…





Having that idea shot down is a pity.

Now, I was thinking about using this crystal for something else.


(Hm. I wonder how hard this quartz is?)


I hit the glass ball to a nearby rock. With each hit, I gradually increased my strength, but it doesn’t feel like it’s easy to break.

Unlike normal glass, that would have been easy to break if dropped, the durability of this is closer to a rock instead. 

Well, despite me calling it glass this whole time, it’s more accurate to call it a crystal rock.


“It’s pretty hard…”

“Oh? There’s a crack.”


As expected, the surface was damaged after a while, so I tried to fix it up again using Modelling… however, it didn’t apply.


(… It’s probably because I already applied Magic Seal to it… )


Since the behaviour was the same when trying to use Engraving onto it, I tried a different method.

I had Talos step onto the gem until it breaks down into small pieces before remaking it again using Modelling. Amd with that, I confirmed that it still works.


(If I do it like this, it’ll be easy to reset it.)


I was glad I managed to find something like this so early this time.

Instead of having to buy an expensive gem, it’s easier to have a glass ball like this re-usable.


I tried using Magic Seal with that in mind, but the reaction was disappointing, so it seems almost impossible to reset the item, even by destroying it.


(It’s really not like a golem at all…? Golem?)


It was then that I came up with another use for the quartz.

I had the skeletons steadily bring some more rocks here.

Quartz was made from one end with the clogged rock and connected.

The crystalline silica contained in rocks is quite easy to Extract because of its considerable quantity. In an instant, a lump of quartz, about the size of a suitcase, formed.


“What happened?”

“I wondered if a golem can be made with quartz. If it is possible, then maybe we can make the golem as jewelry.”

“I’m not following…”

“Well, I don’t really get it myself either, but it’s worth a look.”


However, there are some confusing issues to consider.


Right now, the entire piece of Talos is standing in front of me.


Previously, when I had the previous stone golem, I made Talos using the steel we had, and at that time, the stone golem broke, both the body and the coin.

In other words, when Talos had been summoned, it caused the previous golem to become unusable.


Therefore, we’ll have to consider the possibility that the same thing will happen to Talos if I go through with this.

Even so, those golems that had been rendered unusable before still had their materials left behind when they had been replaced.


So long as Talos remains summoned out of its coin, then we could still re-summon him again using the materials it dropped if need be.


However, there is still the possibility of Talos not collapsing.


At present, all the golems from before crumbled during when they had reached their maximum size capacity. Since Talos is still at the same size as it was when Sculptor was at level 12, then there’s a good chance it could work out.

Then again, it’s just a theory of mine. There’s also the possibility of two golems of the same material being unable to be summoned together at the same time.


Nevertheless, when the stone golem had been partially destroyed from fighting Phillips from before, I remembered using the same material to build its body back.

So in other words, I can be confident that I can still re-use the same material of the golem to summon it back.


Taking this into consideration, I can at least be sure that the risk of losing the steel is low.


(Let’s try it.)


I focused on the large chunks of quartz — And then, the individual pieces began to waver before merging together gradually.


“Ooh! It’s taking a human shape!”


Gawain was both surprised and pleased to see a golem forming for the first time.

Also, it doesn’t seem like Talos had changed either, so that’s a relief.


(So golems of different materials can be summoned at the same time…)


Eventually, a human-sized quartz golem was shaped and completed.

The golem was clear and transparent, just like its original material.



“This is… a little hard to describe.”


I also feel the same way as Gawain.


The transparant, sculptured golem has a strange presence.

Although it’s form is chunkier than Talos’, it’s transparent body makes it a little difficult to discern that.


(This is going to be something…)


With that in mind, I began investigating the performance of this newly acquired quartz golem.

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Natan Nael
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