Hone to Issho Chapter 89 – New House

– Adventurer Life Day 77 (Sun) – Evening – Goldew Town – Plains Town – New Base


Phillips has just finished patrolling around the base outside.


Behind him were five skeletons that didn’t seem to do anything. They were for training my Complete Operation ability on the skeletons, and also used to look around me, Phillips and the surroundings all at the same time.

This right now is my current limit, and the effect of it is starting to hurt my head. Everytime it starts to become unbearable, I switch to Indirect Operation until I feel I can go again.


Benedetta, Centurion and Gawain had something to do outside, so they aren’t here right now.


“The construction of the building is something like this.”

“It’s fairly large for a property in this town. Then again, the houses here are smaller than the ones at Olbia anyways.”

“It’s the difference between the budgets given to build each house. There’s room to grow in this town, and the surrounding areas still have plenty of land to build on.”


The main building, which functions as both a residential and a garage, occupies about half of the land.

The rest of the land is covered in grass.


The main building has a tall warehouse-like structure for carriages, and has an ordinary one-story house connected to it on the side.

Facing the wide road that allows carriages to freely pass through were two entrances to the building. One is a human-sized door from the one-story building, while the warehouse has a double sliding door, four meters high. More than enough space to fit our carriage through.


As a building that seemed to be owned by an aristocrat, I doubt many would try to come here.

Also, this building is located slightly away from the busy areas of town, so the area is not too busy to begin with.


While thinking of such things, I felt that Gawain is approaching in this direction, probably going to ask for something.


“Gawain’s back with the wagon.”

“So that sound really was from them huh.”


A wagon drawn by two comically small stone horses stops in front of the building.

One stone horse was ridden by Gawain, while the other horse had three skeletons who had been helping out in sorting out the cave.

Regarding my range of skeleton activities, there’s no problem with the mana supply or even the operation so long as they don’t leave the maximum range I could control them.


“Is the wagon loaded? It’s full of other materials. Where do I drop them off?”

“Can you drop off the lighter items first, and lean them against the wall. We’ll deal with the rest later.”



At that, the luggage from the wagon were dropped off to Phillips, while the five skeletons that were with Gawain, carried out a bunch of wood, stones, dead branches and grass.

There were some straw mats that had been left in the warehouse.


“Lord. I had been collecting a lot of stones and rocks, as you have asked, but what are these for?”

“I need it because I’ll be using them to extract iron with my skill. Most of the stones in the cave look like they all contain iron in them. The darker the stone, the more iron they contain.”

“Is that so? Then, wouldn’t it have been better if we had focused on the black stones?”

“No, I’ll be needing the rocks once I’ve finished Extracting them, so it’s fine.”


From the loaded luggage, dead branches are collected for bathing and cooking. The bundles of grass are just for laying onto the floor, which is not that much.

There is a good amount of wood, probably more than three trees’ worth, but they had Ingot applied to them so that they could all easily fit inside the carriage.

Thanks to that, there’s a lot of room to put more stuff into.


Majority of the luggage were the rocks collected from the cave.

With this much, we wouldn’t need to collect anymore for some time.

While carrying it, we knew it would be too heavy to place it on top of the straws, so we put it directly onto the ground.

Even if the ground is wet, there really won’t be any problem with that since I’ll be applying Ingot onto them anyways.


“Alright. First of all, help bring the wood into the room. I’ll carry the stone.”

“Leave it to me.”



Phillips and Gawain had been carrying the wood to the west room from the one-story building, closest to the carriage.


Meanwhile, I laid a large slime cloth sheet and took one the rocks taken from the cave, and extracted iron out of it using Extraction, then re-solidified the rock using Ingot.


Realising that I could use multiple skills simultaneously, the time it takes for me to do my work has been reduced as a whole, and the pile of iron powder next to me gradually begins to enlarge.

Since the iron content for each rocks are all more or less 10%, I had used Extraction on all the rocks we had. Even the soil around here is pretty high in iron, containing roughly 5% of iron oxide when checking through Alchemist’s Eye.


When the work to extract the iron was over, I moved to processing pure iron ingots.

At first, if it were made to about the size of a tissue box, it would have been ridiculously heavy. So instead, I had it cut half the size lengthways so that I could at least hold each with one hand.


I used the skeletons to load them all up inside the carriage for tomorrow.

Though it’ll be Sunday tomorrow, I heard that Hugo doesn’t take a break during that time, so there won’t be any problem taking these to the workshop.

Once everything was finished, I returned the five skeletons back into their coins.


While taking a deep breath after doing some manual labour, I noticed Gawain is going to be asking me about something.


“— Did you finish?”

“What is it, Gawain? Do you need something?”


When turning to face him, I also found Phillips standing nearby.


“I just thought there was hardly enough space for us to fit into helping out, that’s all.”

“Oh, I see.”


I had the skeletons pass over the luggage to each other when moving the ingots using Full Manipulation, and was immersed in the work comfortably. There was hardly any space for either Gawain or Phillips to help out.


“Then, we’re done with loading the caravan, so we’re going to renovate the walls outside.”


Leaving the caravan where it is, we headed to the room where we stored the wood and stone.


“It really does feel abandoned…”


Despite being a vacant house, there is no furniture here, except for a few basic ones that have been abandoned.

For this room in particular, there was nothing inside of it.


“Yeah. What we’re going to need here today is…”


The chief’s guide did say he did not recommend this place since it didn’t have any furniture inside. Especially since some of the other properties we’re already furnished, and had probably expected us to choose one of those instead.

If we choose this place, then we’ll probably have a rougher time sleeping for the night.


Since that’s the case, it would probably be better to make the bed first.

Once that was decided, I made the basic framework using the timber we have, layed strips of wood to make a crosshatched pattern on the bed then merged more strips around the rims to keep the hay from falling off the side once they’ve been placed.

After that, I put several blankets on top of that.


For the time being, this’ll do.


(If possible, I’d like to make the bedding a little better.)


I gave some light criticism to myself as I wondered the best way to make it as comfortable as possible.

Could I arrange a proper bedding tomorrow?

It’s still fairly warm in Goldew during Autumn, but it will be getting cold soon, so I think dealing with this soon would be better.


“What’s the next thing to do?”

“The walls. Place the wood onto the walls. I’ll process it.”


Next is to place some support onto the walls that seems to be breaking down a bit.

The condition of the walls are so bad, that I can feel a draft coming from several places. There’s hardly any difference between the outside and inside temperatures.


At first, I was thinking of taking down the entire wall and then using those as material, but it already looks pretty normal from the outside.

Changing out the walls and having it look clean overnight would raise some questions.


Because of that, I decided to make another wall from the inside using the wood brought over. The only thing worth praising here would be the frame, which are about 20cm thick and still sturdy.


A groove is dug between the frame from where the wooden would be inserted.

It’s because the wood of the frame comes from a different species of trees compared to the ones we have, that is why we will need to go do an extra step for this.


Once the wall was dealt with somewhat, I noticed that there was no ceiling.

Since the roof was completely visible from the room, we decided to add a ceiling panel next, since this will be there to somewhat control the temperature inside the room.


“Oh… There doesn’t seem to be much wood left.”

“I used up quite a bit.”


Since the room is about 30 square meters, our stock of wood had almost diminished.

However, except for the ground, the room made a definite improvement from before, and I don’t feel a draft coming in either.

I had pieces of wood used to block the gaps between the walls and the ceiling, and it seems to be pretty effective in holding it there.


There was a gap between the ground and the walls however, so I dug the space between a little deeper, and used stone to cover the gaps in between since using the same wood material would make it moist and weaken over time.


“Even if there is enough materials for the other room, what about the floor for this room? We still have a lot of stone left.”

“I don’t mind leaving the floor behind. Centurion is coming right now.”

“Should we meet up with him then? I won’t be able to leave the building since I stand out, but I could at least meet by the entrance.”


Both Centurion and Benedetta had been sent to the guild earlier before.

I’ve already given Centurion the message, and so they should be heading towards the newly refurbished bedroom.


“Oh. You’ve already finished this much.”

“Mhm. To be ABLE to do this WITHOUT me is AMAZING.”


The two were surprised, holding a basket full of tableware.

They had to go to the cafeteria for take-out meals.


“It is amazing. The place actually seems more livable compared to the inn at Comnes and Olbia.”

“This room still has some things to work on. Not to mention the other rooms. Oh, by the way, how much were those?”

“Since we were taking these out at this time, it was a little expensive.”


Asking about the price for the dinner brought over, it was 500 Golda. A lot higher than expected.

The reason was because of how late it is right now, and the food had to be prepared at the cafeteria.


It’s all contained inside a poorly made wooden container. If we were to return this, we’ll have 300 Golda returned. That said, if we did not need a container, then we wouldn’t have to pay for the extra 300 Golda.


I had the skeletons bring out the repaired tables and chairs, and laid a clean slime cloth, from the carriage, onto the table.


“Covering the table with a cloth really does make it seem cleaner than it actually is. Though, not by much.”


While saying so, Benedetta placed the containers onto the table as we took a seat. There was a bowl of cabbage, carrots and onions all mixed inside with the meat soup. She also placed some bread onto the side.


“… Say, mind if I have one of those for a bit?”



Realizing something, I took hold of a piece of bread and extracted portions of dirt, stones, and small pieces of wood out of it. They fall out like sand.


“… So you could use it like that?”

“I should have noticed this earlier…”


Ever since coming to this world, I always found it unappetizing whenever I would eat something, and find pieces of stones almost breaking off my teeth. With bread, it’s difficult to tell how dirty it actually is.


However, eating was a daily habit, and I grew accustomed to it pretty quickly. Even so, it’s still a big problem.

I can already taste the difference. It still feels a little uncomfortable since I’ve already been conditioned to watch out for any impurities in my food, but it should only be temporary.


“What a blunder…”

“Well, better LATE than NEVER.”


Taking out all the impurities off of the food, we start our dinner.


“Ah, I didn’t think this before… but it would’ve been better to get more cups.”


Benedetta took out a hollowed dried out fruit, filled with alcohol inside.

However, there aren’t enough cups to get everyone a drink. I mean, I had forgotten Gawain didn’t have one and we only have the four cups from before.


“A drink? What’s inside of it?”

“It’s mead. I bought it only because it was cheap.”

“That’s good. Alright, wait a bit before opening it.”



Not really understanding what I meant, I left Benedetta there as I used Full Operation onto the skeletons at the wagon to bring me some of the rocks left over.





Shortly after that, I came back into the room, and Phillips made a surprised voice when seeing what I had.


“Oh? A transparent container. I’ve never seen one before.”

“How pretty…”


What I brought over was a somewhat misshapen glass cup. Nothing out of the ordinary in the other world.

But everyone else here was watching it with curiosity.

Glass is a valuable material in this world, so I suppose this reaction is as expected.


When I hand these out to everyone, each of them start making a fuss out of it.


“Ohh… what a degree of transparency. If you ignore the edges, it looks almost invisible.”

“Even compared with the valuable quality glass I remember, the level of transparency still tops it. Though the shape could do a little more work…”


Fair criticism from Gawain there… though he mentions seeing glass closely before. I turned to ask him.


“You said before that your birthplace was Rhodias right? Were there stuff like this produced there?”

“Not particularly, I just had a chance to see it before. Glass is a specialty of the Republic of Vuniz on the Ausonia Peninsula. The technology there is kept in secrecy, and the craftsmen are under strict supervision.”



Since my skills deviated from common sense, I had thought it would be dangerous showing them off in public. I wonder what some higher up from that country would think when a person like me could just make glass so casually?


“Even so, was there a reason to make this?”

“No, not really. I just tried it out.”


I made a demonstration of using a small rock and applied Extraction onto it. White sand spilled onto the table, and I threw away the excess that wasn’t needed.

Applying Ingot onto it, a small and thin transparent sheet forms.


“Does the sand extracted from ordinary stones turn into something like this transparent gem …? What?”

“This plate is called a quartz glass. It is made of silica, which is abundant in rocks. However, what is contained in the stones is fragmented and mixed with other materials. Therefore, it won’t be as transparent as it could have been.”

“So such a simple STONE can CREATE something like THIS… how MARVELOUS.”


“Ah – we can continue talking while eating. I’m hungry after all. Also, the glasses have already been washed with the water from the barrel.”


At that, Benedetta brings out the bottle full of mead and poured it onto the glasses before giving them out.


“This is INTERESTING. I can SEE the color of the ALCOHOL this time.”


Centurion keeps staring at the glass of mead for a while now. It has a cloudy pear color to it.


“Ah, right…. Be careful because this glass breaks easily if you hit it. It’ll be hard to clean up the pieces once it shatters.”


I say this, because Phillips and Gawain were hitting their cups down onto the table after taking a drink out of it.


“By the way, it doesn’t seem like you just suddenly decided to make this for the occasion. Is there anything you’re intending to use it for?”

“… Ah?”


Centurion seemed to be aware of what I was thinking.

To explain, I took back out the glass plate, I had made as a demonstration earlier, and shaped into the size of a matchbox.


“Are you going to sell it as a jewel?”

“No. It’s a little too weak for that specifically.”


I concentrated, and used my consciousness to cut up portions of the glass using Modelling, and as I thought, the image I pictured in my head was engraved onto the surface.


“Oh. It’s certainly beautiful to look at.”


Benedetta picked it up, looking at it at various angles. She held it against a light source and watched various colors shimmer.

I began to explain.


“I was thinking of selling things with craftsmanship like this. Making fine details consumes a little more mana, but we have plenty of materials to make more of these glass, so it’s pretty consistent.”

“I see… This could likely sell well with nobles.”

“There are also other ideas I have in mind too, like statues and patterned motifs. So long as I make things neatly, it should be pretty good, but…”

“Hm? Is there something?”

“Would it be difficult to sell these in this town? I don’t think the number of wealthy people here would be much, especially when compared to Olbia.”


“That’s why there is some danger to some extent, and there are also problems with the sales channels, so I will take a second step.”


Centurion, who is quite familiar with this area, butts in.


“The ADVENTURER’S guild doesn’t SELL this kind of LUXURY goods.”

“… that’s right.”


If we can join with the jewelry guild and get them buy it from us, it seems likely that the problem will be solved while still keeping our identities hidden.

However, I highly doubt a technical guild like that would exist in a town like this in the first place.

There’s no easy way of going about this.


If we can get through this hurdle, then we can properly secure high paying funds, but we’ll want to give priority to applying it to other uses first.

The remaining glass was picked up.


“So, the one I find most practical would be this one.”

“Hmm… Isn’t this the same as the other glass?”


The glass was transformed into a tube with a lid using Modelling.

Looking at Phillips, it didn’t seem like he noticed any difference with the glass I used to pour in the alcohol.




TLNote: Fun fact: Pure iron at the size of a tissue box weighs about 17kg

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It was explained a while back that food and liquids they eat and drink just disappear. I dont remember if they can taste the items consumed however. Though if the author is going so far as to let them eat normally, I dont see why he would deny them the pleasure of tasting it as well.

Natan Nael
Natan Nael
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Some of the other properties we’re furnished, so they probably expected us to stay there instead ->Some of the other properties were furnished, so they probably not expected us to stay there instead

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