Hone to Issho Chapter 88 – Moving Base

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– Adventurer Life Day 76 (Sat) – Evening – Goldew Town – Downtown – Chief House


After passing through a luxurious carpeted corridor, we arrived at a room.


The furnishings inside were of the same quality as that waiting room in Dandro’s workshop, and is twice as large.

But it wasn’t gaudy by any means. It gives the room a calm and elegant atmosphere.

Different from that workshop, where it felt somewhat out of place.


On the wall near the entrance, there was a portrait of a large man, with leather sofas facing each other and a low table in between them.

We were urged to sit by the guide, while Gawain continued to remain standing by the door.

He sent me a telepathic message.


(Probably the lowest grade reception room.)

(What would that mean?)

(It’s quite the hospitality. Maybe it’s because a representative of the adventurer’s guild is here, but this is a highly appreciated treatment for us. To someone of high standing, we should have been viewed as just a group of normal adventurers.)

(Is that the case? I don’t really get it though.)


While waiting, a knight, who we had seen earlier in the guild yesterday, comes in from another door and stood in front of us,

His movements were visibly sharp and crisp.


First we introduced ourselves as a greeting.


“I am Joffrey-Morten. The chief knight of Goldew. You may sit.”


When prompted, everyone took a seat on the couch.

There are five of us, Gratt, Me, Benedetta, Centurion, and Gawain.


After a quick glance at me, the knight turned his gaze to Gratt, our representative.


“The first on the agenda… I would like you to report on how the guild of Olbia is responding to the case where the number of staff is severely limited, and if by all possible, solicit adventurers to Goldew.”


I look at Gratt, who had been sitting next to me.


(Oh, so it really is a problem…)


This was something Lucia had been complaining about frequently, about how the guild has still not provided enough staff and adventurers even though the chief had already requested it for some time.


Though I have only been in this town for three days, I also couldn’t tell if there has been any changes… I mean, there’s definitely no increase in staff until just recently, and we are in the midst of a shortage of adventurers. This was the problem the chief knight pointed out.


It’s something irrelevant to me though. I’m just an adventurer.

Then again, since it involves the guild organization in this town, it might affect us in some way…


This might explain why Gratt was sent here to begin with.

Anyways, Gratt had his usual business smile even when pressured by Joffrey…


Once the discussion about the increase of staff and adventurers was, for the most part, sidestepped, the topic changed to regarding the demon horn.

Gratt explained to the knight that similar monsters were found in the city of Taibus, and that he was trying to classify them as a ‘giant variant’.


(I DON’T see the REASON why we’re HERE.)


I agree with Centurion, but there’s no use complaining now. We’ll just keep listening to their conversation in case we suddenly get involved.


No sooner from thinking that, the conversation comes to us. The first was an offer about the materials of the Demon Horn.

Sounds like I don’t have a choice in selling it to this town since I can perceive this as an order.


It’s not a big deal or anything, since it’s pretty safe.


(Guess they really are having some finance problems…)


Hugo’s statement about the town’s financial situation comes to mind.


Apparently, the guild had been asked to buy out the materials of the ‘giant type’.

Because it is such a rare monster material, it might prove useful to sell to some rich merchant looking for something to add to their collection.

That merchant that first bought the Elite wolf from me comes to mind.


However, I haven’t decided what to do at the moment, and had it temporarily stored in the guild warehouse, since there’s not many places I could leave it in.

The price for it most likely would be considerable, so even the chief would be able to get a portion of its tax.


There doesn’t seem to be an auction system in this town, unlike the other cities, so a good portion of some potential profit will be lost.

Unfortunately, we don’t really have the option of taking it to a different town and auction it there.


(We COULD have GOTTEN a lot MORE if we were to SELL it in OLBIA.)

(I think so too, but there’s no use saying it now is there…)


Immediately after that, the conversation moved to some questions about our party…





“The number I saw at that time seemed to be about 100, but could you really use that many skeletons?”


Knight Joffrey asks me while glancing at Centurion and Gawain.


“Well… yeah. I guess.”


When that Giant Variant headed for the town, I couldn’t help but think it would have been nice if Gawain could have been able to handle the demon horn by himself. However, it didn’t really look to be possible, and there was a good chance the monster would have ignored him and continued onto the town.


However, this conversation is going on for a strangely long time.

I don’t think he even pried much about the extent of our power yet.


When remembering what Gratt had said before, the knight dropped the subject.


“By the way, I’d like to make a request to you. Of course, it would be through the guild.”


Upon hearing that, I started getting a little nervous, but the chief knight gave a smile on his face.


“No need to worry, it’s a very normal request… actually, maybe not the usual kind. But it’s not bad for you. Did you find yourself imposed on ridiculously difficult tasks? Because of young adventurer’s having a disproportionate amount of power, I was thinking you could ask for anything. Well?”


I hesitated a little, and answered.


“Well… I guess…”


The other side seems to be convinced of what I am thinking, so I had to admit it.

At that, the chief knight blew out.


“That isn’t possible. With a few exceptions from town… it might be a drama or something.”



While in confusion, he continues to explain to me.

Basically, local aristocrats are committed to handing their territories to their offspring.

This seems to be the common principle the local nobles follow.


On the contrary, what you must not do is to wastefully expand your power and jeopardize your inheritance.





“I don’t really want to talk too much, but this is a pretty big problem. The financial situation for Goldew is getting difficult.”


“Are you surprised?”

“From an adventurer’s perspective, the guild was mostly inactive, even though a number of requests have been given, so I had a feeling the town might be affected somewhat…”


I can’t really say I already heard the rumour about that from the local blacksmith, so I’ll leave that out.


“It’s different from that. The adventurer’s guild and activities were more or less inactive in Goldew since the beginning, so that one had nothing to do with it.”

“If that’s the case, then why?”

“One, is the location of the town. Goldew, which belongs to the northeast aristocratic territory of Olbia, is out of the range of the current orc attack. Because of that, the town won’t be included to contribute as a joint army, and so a large war tax was imposed on us.”


I heard of that. Apparently, nobles northeast of Olbia have been dispatching troops to subjugate the opposing horde or orcs.

However, the town situates at the opposite direction from Olbia, making it outside of the range of the affected area, and have been required to provide funding instead.


The knight continues.


“Next, do you know that the number of residents in town has increased?”

“Yes. I heard rumours that people started coming to town because of a new mine that had been discovered.”

“This is also different.”


According to him, the problem of population increase was the only thing that was true, and it gave some painful problems to the chief

Most of the influx came from the coastal states as refugees.


“I knew there was a war going on in the southern coastal nations, but I didn’t think a place like Goldew would be affected by it. Wouldn’t they be better off going somewhere else?”

“This is probably because there was Taibas city in between. Taibas suddenly stopped accepting any more refugees, so they’ve all been directed here. Some were accepted into Olbia, but the majority focused on Goldew, which was still thriving then, and is the closest settlement from Taibas. There were other reasons as well.”


Taibas city — the location of it is directly south of Olbia.

Both cities are called the Southern Coastal States, but they don’t actually face the sea. Rather, these countries are located in a plateau called the Ennorona Plateau, and as such, they’ve been categorized into an area called the Ennorona Plateau Nations.


The Rhodes Kingdom is located further south, on the same road as the north-south highway passing straight through Taibas.

This country is the one that faces the sea, Meddia, and is called the Meddia Gulf States by its surroundings.


Despite the active war, the Gulf States are higher in cultural level and national power than Olbia and Taibas from the Ennorona Plateau.

One reason is that there are few threats of monsters due to the development of the territory. The second is that maritime transportation has been developed, which boasts an overwhelming efficiency compared to land. And because of that, it was able to accumulate wealth through trading with other countries through sea.


“In other words, when Goldew just started accepting refugees, this town was suddenly given the tax for the orc suppression, which caused the town a financial difficulty?”

“That’s right.”


The mindset of the local nobles in this world certainly seems to be defensive.

I think of the clan in the Shogunate system, but I have little knowledge of my history, and I don’t know if it is correct.


In any case, let’s look into this a bit more.


(Well, it’s certainly a natural idea…)


From the looks of things, they could only request this for me, and can’t make any forceful means to get me to do something. And this obviously isn’t because they are wary of me in any way.


For example, suppose an adventurer was forced to obey against their will through authority. It doesn’t matter much if the guild can resist it directly.

What would happen if the guild just announced the truth that, ‘an adventurer was forcibly pulled out due to unreasonable treatment’?


First, the other adventurers would most likely avoid that place.

There are plenty of places where adventurers can work anyways. And since the guild itself is an organization that values independence, it’s doubtful they would ever be stopped.

The only party that would be at a loss would be the town.


This would lead to inefficiencies in various productions due to a lack of adventurers, such as what had occurred from the north, with all the wars happening there.

The amount of tax collected from the guild will be reduced, and the distribution of monster materials would dwindle, probably causing certain productions to be unable to function.

Of course not to mention, the task of reducing the surrounding monsters is going to become a major risk to the area itself. Especially in times where there are Elites roaming about.


For such situations where the failings of the town becomes visibly apparent, it may come to a point where having the person in charge be replaced, be considered.


But before that happens, that person may become ill and be unable to retain control for the rest of their life, or die from a sudden illness.

Such suspicious events do occur, and a successor would take the seat. It’s is a common occurrence in this world…


“In the Gulf countries, things are more unstable there.”

“Is that so.”


It’s a rough place where royal families will attempt to steal territories of others and take it over by force.

The positions of adventurers and refugees mentioned earlier are also not often guaranteed.

Like forcing them to become slaves for example.

I don’t really want to go more than this.


With a cough, the chief knight caught my attention.


He opens his mouth, and finally, the main subject came.


“There’s something I would like to request of you, as ‘Legion’.”





– Adventurer Life Day 76 (Sat) – Evening – Goldew Town – Plains Town – Central Street


When we left the chief’s place, we parted ways with the guide as we started to head towards the guild.


I was relieved nothing bad had happened there, and turned to talk to Benedetta.


“That request of his was surprisingly normal.”

“It is.”


I felt a little dumb being so wary of it.


Accompany the chief in transporting hunted materials.

The request was just that.


The knight seemed to have noticed we were struggling with our ability in transporting the Giant Demon Horn when taking it to the guild.


This offer would help us cover that sort of weakness of ours with the help of the chief and his wagons and carts.

This will increase the amount of work as they will escort the transporter and hunt and cut down more timber in order to catch up with the increased transport capacity.

Since the number of round trips will be reduced from this, it will be much more efficient for us.


On another perspective, the chief can increase the tax revenue and the distribution of goods in the territory from this, while giving jobs to new inhabitants that had migrated into the territory.


All in all, I think it is a reasonable proposal.


The wage for the transport workers are paid by the chief. However, due to rental costs of horses and carts, 20% of the reward will go into their payment.

I don’t think that’s too bad because we don’t have any more carriages anyways.


In addition to the three companions I have here, and Phillips who was still inside as a coin, we decided to accept the chief’s request.

Phillips isn’t aware about what had happened ‘outside’, so we had to give him a rundown on what had been said through telepathy.


It seems like this request requires the town chief’s arrangement, and will take two or three days to prepare.

Until then, we’ll be hunting as usual. However, it’s Sunday tomorrow.


While in the middle of thinking such things, our guide stopped at a certain building.


We looked to see.


“This here is the building.”

“… It’s big…”


There was still more from the chief’s proposal.

The bonus to it was we would be lent a property owned by the chief throughout our stay in this town.

It seems like hearing us staying the night inside a small cave was a little too pitiful to hear.

We were given a selection, and I chose a property that was closest to the guild.


“The location is fine, but it’s quite ragged.”

“That’s fine.”


After saying that, we went inside, and not holding back his thoughts, Gawain blurted out…


“Is this… an abandoned warehouse or something?”


Well, I can see why he says that.

Rather than a residential property, it’s more like a wooden barn that’s large enough to hold a  carriage.


There’s no ceiling covering the roof, and the draft blows in from the walls.

It’s September right now fortunately enough, so the cold is not too serious…


“I think it’s a luxury wherever there is a roof.”


Given the conditions we had been living in before, it’s not too surprising to think that.

We saw the chief’s guide off, while we started to look around our new place.


Centurion walked around, examining various aspects of the building.


“ACTUALLY, in this PROPERTY, the walls are full of GAPS, but the COLUMNS and beams are SOLID.”

“It is. Well then, it’s decided.”


Inside the building, there were tables and chairs left here by their previous owners, and several pieces of timber remains.

Despite such conditions, the wood itself did not seem to have deteriorated yet, probably because of the dry climate of Goldew.


Making use of Modelling and fixing some of the broken furniture, we had enough chairs to give everyone a seat. Of course, I had Phillips back out of his coin.


“Now then… what should we do to this building?”


Around the table were two humans and three skeletons.

Looking around at everyone’s expressions, I noticed they were making particularly strange faces.


“First, we should recall the caravan. Even though it keeps the skeletons together, it’s not good to leave it in that cave forever. Fortunately, there’s enough space for two carriages to store here.”

“I think it’s better to fix the walls sooner. We have to take into account the Lord and Benedetta’s health here.”

“If we’re GOING to the CAVE, it’ll be BEST if we take some ROCKS there too. They can be USED as building MATERIAL to reinforce the WALLS.”

“Um… It’ll be nice if we could have that bathtub again.”


Although the day was reaching its end, there was so much to do.

Though there’s still time, so we’ll start with fixing the problems right away.


I myself will have the pleasure of re-furnishing an abandoned building as I see fit.

Thinking about it, modifying the building as you want to be, is something only the rich could casually do back in the previous world.

Then again, there’s a limited amount of things I can do with the skills I have.


Anyways, we were delighted to have a solid base for the first time in this town.

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