Hone to Issho Chapter 84 – Against the Beast

– Adventurer Life Day 74 (Thu) – Evening  – Goldew Town – Eastern Plains


“Is my Lord the one who had made that skeleton?”

“Something like that. In any case, let’s hurry to that Elite.”


The skeleton of Lord Gawain has been successful in attracting the attention of the demon horn.

Being somewhat between 8 to 9 meters in length, it’s rush attack becomes something to be careful of. Not to mention, that large horn on its head can be used to swing around in a much heavier motion. Knowing first-hand how that horn normally weighs, that horn of the demon horn right now should be frighteningly heavy.

Even I don’t have the confidence to assume my iron plated skeletons could take an attack from that head-on. They’ll probably be incapable of fighting the moment it hits them.


Finally, we managed to reach the bottom of the cliff and made it to the area where to two should be in battle right now.

I took the coins out of my pocket and scattered them in the air.


“Alright. Come out!”


The number of guards in the city has been reduced in order to help evacuate the townspeople.

Though I say that, there’s still a number left here, but this isn’t the time to worry about something like that.

I threw about 100 coins out of my pocket and summoned them all into skeletons.


“Phillips, take the lead with your spearmen!”



The 18 spearmen, including Phillips, all immediately head towards the huge demon horn.

They were then later followed by normal skeleton spearmen, club soldiers, and Centurion with his team.


(I will lend you a hand!)

(Much appreciated!)


I can sense that Phillips and lord Gawain are communicating through telepathy to each other. 


— At that moment, an elite spearman from Phillips stabbed its spear directly into the demon horn, and I shouted unexpectedly.

In fact, I expected this battle to have ended right then.


However, despite being stabbed by a spear right from its side, it continues on a rampage like nothing had happened. Even its movement does not seem like its been hindered.


(Lord! It does not seem like this one’s hide and muscle is something to underestimate!)


Phillips reports back to me, but at that moment, the Elite shook its head and swung it at the spearmen with great force.


Despite being able to solo demon horns a while ago, a number of them had been blown away by that one attack.


“Damn! What power!”


The only one that can contend with that kind of power is the golem.

And so, I threw out the steel coin at which the steel golem was summoned out and took an attack from the demon horn… but even that too was easily pushed off by it.




I think the average elephant weighs more than 8 tons. On the other hand, the maximum weight of the steel golem is about 2 I think.

I suppose with that, I shouldn’t be surprised by this. Especially when this demon horn is larger than large elephants to begin with.


I haven’t been able to increase the golem’s size as of late because of the lack of steel right now, but even if it did, I still don’t think it could hold it down.


Using that chance, Phillips pierced the base of its neck with the spear, but with the strength of the muscles and thickness of its skin, his spear couldn’t penetrate very deep, and when he took it out, the blood only covers at the tip.


Sir Gawain also cuts at its flank at the same time, but he could also only give it a very shallow wound.


Between their attacks, I threw a Poison bottle at the demon horn’s face, but it didn’t seem to have worked either, and all it did was cause it to agitate.


Speaking of which, didn’t demon horns used to have some sort of poison resistance?

Perhaps its change as an elite increased that even further.

In any case, there were no noticeable signs of damage.


(Centurion. How is it!?)

(NO good. I can’t HANDLE it as I AM. I’ll NEED to RETREAT.)


In the midst of all that, we tried getting an elite axe skeleton to cut its legs while it was distracted, but that too didn’t have any effect.


(… Do we have anything? A skill that can affect it?)


Right at that moment, I came up with something…


“Benedetta! Let me ride from behind!”

“!? Alright. What’s your plan?”


Hooking the bow back around her shoulder, Benedetta stops the horse and prompts me to get on.


“Get me as close to it as you can!”


Once I straddled onto the horse, I immediately commanded it to run towards the monster since it still acts as a golem of mine.


“Wait, stop!”

“We’re taking too many losses as it is. It’s going to get to the town at this rate. Just please, get me as close as possible to it!”


Although I wasn’t sure whether Benedetta understood what I am about to do, or have complete faith that I have a working plan, she stopped speaking and took hold of the reigns and controlled the horse once again.


We pass by a number of broken skeletons along the way, most of which belonged to Phillips and Centurion’s. They’ve been handling the Elite demon horn the most, and once they’ve been wiped out, the normal skeletons wouldn’t last long either.

Whether or not it gives enough time for the townspeople to evacuate, it will still end up with the town wrecked at this rate.


Once I put my thoughts into place, Benedetta had us positioned at the monster’s flank.




Once I managed to get myself into position, I jumped out from the horse and clung onto the demon horns tail.

It’s as strong as it looks, and it doesn’t even seem like the monster notices it yet.


With no time to waste, I activated my skill.


“Embracing Darkness!”


I’ve only used this skill once before, but I remember clearly how it managed to suck the life out of that newt in a short time back in the abandoned mines.

It’s a darkness attributed skill that absorbs the enemy’s vitality through direct contact.


Since it’s a skill that only affects mana, I figured I could use this skill to by-pass this monster’s tough defence.




The giant demon horn starts roaring as it notices something going on from its body.


(It’s working!)


I can feel the mana coursing from the monster to me as I use the skill.

If I were to continue as it is, this thing will be down soon! — Though, I’m aware that’s easier said than done.




The Elite began to hop around like a bull, trying to get rid of whatever has been disturbing it.

Meanwhile, I had to cling onto its rear since the tail was swinging far too much.

It feels like I’m a mosquito when I’m stuck on this thing.

Even so, I still continue to use the skill to drain every vitality it has with my right hand.

However, once it notices that I couldn’t be shaken off very easily, it switched to another method.




I got frightened, because the demon horn uses its neck to reach from where I was at and tried to strike me with its horn.

At this rate, it’s going to pierce through my right thigh.


“Watch out!”



Phillips stopped it in time.

What he did was pierce through its flank with his spear to obstruct the demon horn from reaching me, as he wouldn’t be able to take on the heavy attack from that Elite head-on normally.


(Sorry for that. You saved me there!)

(That’s a given.)


Not knowing which to target next, the demon horn continues to try to attack me, but keeps being obstructed by Phillips.


Another one arrives to lend a hand on this. It was Sir Gawain.


(— Let that horn be held down by the rest of the members. It’s probably weak enough for that to work!)


There are skeletons that haven’t been doing much, and have only served as backup to replace the skeletons that have been defeated.

Once I issued an indirect command, the skeletons and golem began to push down onto the demon horn’s head the moment Phillips obstructed it once more.


I had only reflexively responded from Sir Gawain’s instructions, but I was skeptical whether these would be enough to hold back a creature like that.

It had been thrashing even the golem about just a while ago after all.

… However, it seems like the result was as he had expected.


(It’s working?)


Even though there was limited space for all the normal skeletons to hold onto the head, the demon horn was still being held down.


The Elite tried to rampage from being unable to move its neck properly, but it couldn’t move as well.

Though that was the case, it’s still difficult to tell where the monster will move to, making it difficult for the summons to keep it down.


(— I see. The monster really is weakening, and at such a rapid pace too!)


Embracing Darkness really is working here!

The demon horn seems to be completely drained compared to before.


At the same time, Sir Gawain was running straight to it, and had jumped up high in the air before I was able to notice it.




What a jump… though it should be expected seeing him go down that cliff earlier.

He held the sword in his hand and swung it down right onto the head of the demon horn.


The demon horn screamed.

Sir Gawain’s entire sword sunk right into the giant monster.

With its strength completely unlike before, its muscles couldn’t defend against the attack, and before long, the demon horn stops moving and is falling down right on the spot.


“Everyone, stand back!”


I was in a bad position.

The entire time, I had to cling on to the top of its thigh, and I can feel the giant body starting to fall into my direction.

Because of how unstable it is, I can’t jump out immediately.


But just when I was about to prepare myself of being crushed, I found myself landed away from the demon horn.

That wasn’t me.


— Looking to my side, Sir Gawain seemed to have supported me out.

It was surprising since he did it rather quickly and carefully…


Once I was able to stand back up properly again, Gawain placed his sword lying onto the ground as he knelt in front of me.


“Gawain of Rhodias. Through by means of fate, I have come to your aid. Would you please add me under your command?”

“… With pleasure.”


He mentioned the word ‘fate’ there, but that is probably just a way of saying for him, and so I accepted his offer without much hesitation.


— This was our encounter with Gawain, a new heroic spirit added to our party…





From then on, things got a little difficult…


I had noticed there were a number of people coming from the town this way, so I hurriedly returned the rest of the skeletons and golem back into their coins except the elite skeletons.

It became a bit of a panic for me since there’s too many coins for me to collect before everyone from town starts gathering around the dead Elite.


I managed to hide the skeletons in time.


Soon afterwards, I could see a large group walking towards this direction.

There were about 60 foot soldiers in formation, all are armed and equipped with plate armor, with the ones riding on horseback leading the way.


Seeing the ones further back, it seems like their equipment quality is starting to mix there, and had been gathered here on short notice.

Seems like the ones at front would be the more well-equipped ones.


(There’s a lot of them… then again, I did also have over a hundred skeletons fighting on my side too…)


Being in a higher position, Phillips and Benedetta found something from behind that group.



“I wonder what that is?”


Once it came to my view, I was also a little surprised when seeing it.

It was a complicated looking giant spring powered bow, made from wood and metal.


(… A ballista huh. So this town also has something like this about.)


The size of the ballista’s body is about the same as Phillips’ height.

Two wheels are installed on the sides, and they’re moved about like wheelbarrows.

There are three of these coming here.


(I suppose with that, then it could also be effective against that monster too.)


The size of each arrow is considerable, around the same length as a spear.

It’s weaknesses would be its accuracy and loading speed, but with the size of that Elite, it should be much easier to aim at.


The knights at front pulled up their visors so they can speak in a much clearer voice.

I was a little relieved, since I was kind of nervous having to speak to someone when I couldn’t tell what expression they are having.


“You there! Were you the ones who defeated the Elite!”



It seems the group there has been tense since coming here.

Once word had gotten out that the Elite have already been defeated, I can feel the atmosphere around them lightened.


After that, a number of people came here to help bring the giant demon horn corps into the town.





– Adventurer Life Day 74 (Thu) – Evening  – Goldew Town – Base Cave


After some various things, we finally got back to our base.


“Sir Gawain. Though it may be late, I would also like to welcome you.”


“Thank you for your help earlier.”


Everyone took turns in welcoming Gawain into the party.


After defeating the Elite, we came to town and had a talk with the guild detailing what happened during our fight against it.

It took a while, but we’re finally done with it.


For the time being, I was worried whether the knight would accept to join us.


“Your welcome is much appreciated. I leave myself in your care.”


Seems like the type of person to bow from his hips… It’s a common habit back when he was alive, from what I was told.

According to Phillips, spirits like them tend to be pretty calm and gentle since they are supposedly freed from stress, desires and other negative emotions.


“As I thought, you really are that hero Gawain we’ve heard around town.”


The person himself however, cocks his head in puzzlement.

It doesn’t seem like Gawain himself is very much aware how much the people in town revere him.

While chatting with each other for a little longer, I brought up why he called out to me in the first place.


“— Seeing you fight earlier, you’re really strong there, but why did you decide to join us all of a sudden?”

“It was… because I received a mysterious prophecy before I died. That’s why.”


“Yes. The best fortune teller in the area prophesied that ‘destiny, longing, and glory’ will be in reach once after I die. At the time, I was skeptical about what she had said, but since I’ve been lingering as a spirit, I had waited for an opportunity like this to happen.”



Listening to his strange story, I stayed silent for a moment before asking him something that had been on my mind.


“… It sounds like there’s something you wanted to do once finding me? Whether or not I actually will be able to help you, I’m not so sure.”

“That’s right. This is deeply related to the last mission I was assigned from the Juunon Order.”

“Juunon Order?”


Me and Benedetta raised our voices at the same time.

Wasn’t this cult one of the biggest reasons why we left for Goldew in the first place?


“Yes. It is to search for the lost treasures from the Juunon Order. That is my mission.”


— After that, Sir Gawain began to talk about the mission he had received in detail.

We were drawn to the mystery behind it that we forgot how late at night it has gotten.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter!

“(Crap!?)” — given that the MC was hanging onto the demon horn’s tail, I’m glad that was metaphorical not literal.

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Thanks for the treat.

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Interesting 😀

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Natan Nael
1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter….

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Reply to  Natan Nael

My guess would be bows or mages. Other then the throwing spears and Benedetta, the party has a distinct lack of dedicated ranged combatant. Another possibility is a “shield” type hero, but that would decrease the golem’s place in the order of battle somewhat.

Natan Nael
Natan Nael
1 year ago
Reply to  Miserys_End

Yeah… skeletal mage seem to have high possibility here, since the skeleton is too clumsy to use bow. And about shield, Centurion with all other skeleton is already using shield, even Philip and the skeletal spearman unit all also have small shield straped on their left hand…

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