Hone to Issho Chapter 81 – One side Easygoing, and the Other…

– Adventurer Life Day 72 (Tue) – Afternoon – Goldew Town – Cliff – Forest Area


With a loud noise, the sound of a tree being felled could be heard.

A member from Centurion’s axe team had cut it down, but I wonder if we could’ve done this a little more discreetly?


“HOW is THIS?”


Placing a hand over the fallen tree, I used the Ingot skill onto it — at that, a portion of the tree was cut off and a plank of wood appeared in turn.


“Alright. Seems like Ingot does work here.”


To explain, the skill doesn’t usually work on trees that are still connected to the ground…

Because of that, I will need to do the extra step of cutting the tree down first before processing it.


(I’m gonna need quite a bit of wood.)


I planned on doing all this myself, but having Centurion’s elite axe soldier helping me out is really useful too.


By the way, it was Dandro that recommended us to cut down the trees located further inside the forest.

Supposedly, it’s to promote the growth of younger trees by thinning out the older ones, and this sort of thing is actively encouraged.

However, such places are also dense in monster numbers and strength, and somehow the trees here are also more difficult to cut down, making ordinary hunters and lumberjacks unable to do much work around here. Probably has something to do with the mana concentration.

It’s to the point where it’s hard to proceed any further here with the caravan without cutting some along the way.


We had been taking the pathway until just now for the past 10 minutes entering the forest, but it doesn’t seem to have been maintained well, as thickets and tree roots start to block our path.

Phillips, who had gone ahead further into the forest, notifies that the pathway does still extend to where he is at.


Cutting down wood deep in the forest sounds nice and all, but it’s not very helpful for someone like me who doesn’t need much wood to begin with.


(Let’s get Centurion and his team to move on to the next task.)





“I’ve COLLECTED the dead BRANCHES, how’s THIS?”

“Oh thanks. That should be enough.”


After doing some logging work, I had them collect some dead branches to be used for firewood, but the collection ended in less than 15 minutes.

Maybe it was a little overkill to have all 18 of them to be picking up dead branches like that.

They’ve all started to pile up in a heap.


“As INSTRUCTED, I PICKED up the BRANCHES even if they were slightly WET, but would THEY not be USABLE right AWAY?”

“I only have to use Extraction to take the water out of it before using them. It’ll use up my mana, but not that much of it.”

“I SEE.”


Well, now that all of that’s done, I pulled back the carriage and head back to the city.





– Adventurer Life Day 72 (Tue) – Afternoon – Goldew Town – Town Plains – Street


Once we started nearing the main town area, I had Phillips return back to his coin.


This place is also fairly large with a decent sized population, and it spreads over through a flat land which is the reason it would sometimes be simply called the town plains.


When leaving the center of Goldew, there is a large tunnel on the west cliff where, recently, there have been several promising veins discovered there, making the town a little more prosperous.

For that reason, the lord of Goldew had been making various efforts to increase the number of settlements by developing another area, the town plains.


Regarding the condition of the surface of the road leading there, it’s well maintained and not difficult at all for a large caravan like this to drive through.

I guess the lord here arranged this area quite well.


… Now, about the guild. If the town is about the size of an ordinary village, the lord here should have had one of his officials acting as the representative of the guild of this town, and provide limited guild services and have some staff members employed.

… However, it seems that the main guild has a branch here instead.

Perhaps it was due to the rapid development of this town… Though, I can’t seem to find it, and have been walking around for a while now.


“… They said it was around here, but there doesn’t seem to be a guild around?”

“The place I was told at the tavern definitely did say it was around here.”

“HM… Would IT not be THAT one over THERE?”


A small wooden building can be seen from where Centurion points.

… Is it that? It’s very different from my usual image of the guild.


As we approach it, my suspicion becomes even more clearer.

It’s a single story building, and its appearance reminds me of those cargo containers people would use as an office for construction.

It doesn’t seem like there are many adventurers around it either.


I stopped the carriage and went inside to request for some sort of material exchange… there was only a black haired girl at the counter sleeping…

I paused to think for a moment before approaching the reception counter to wake her up… but an elbow of mine accidentally nudged an unstable pile of books on the table.

The pile tilted slowly on top of the girl.




I reacted to it and reached out my hand to stop it from collapsing… but a heavy book from the top pile slipped and hit the child’s head!


“GYAAA!! It hurts! It hurts!”

“Wah- Sorry about that.”


I tried to apologize, but almost as if she didn’t register what I had just said, the girl stood up almost as if about to chew out of me.


“Why can’t you wake me up normally! Ow, ow!”

“I didn’t mean that! I’m seriously sorry!”


I raised my hands up, trying to say I didn’t do it on purpose, and seeing that, the girl slowly calmed down.

Reluctantly, she continues to stroke the back of her head as she introduced herself.


“… I am the guildmaster of this branch office, Lucia… and you?”



It was hard to hide my surprise hearing her being the guildmaster.

Her height is only a little more than half of Benedetta’s, and the black ponytail of hers hardly makes her look any more mature. Rather, it’s more of the opposite.

Perhaps she really is a lot older than she looks, so I’ll try not to mind it too much by questioning it, and speak to her as I would normally do in a normal business with the guild.

I don’t think stepping into that area would be a good idea anyways.


“This is a little sudden, but I was wondering if there is a specific place where I could exchange the monster materials.”

“There isn’t one. I’ll be the one to take a look, so take me to the materials you want to exchange!”


(She’s been sleeping quite heavily until just now, so this branch office seems to be pretty lax about things.)


Of course, this isn’t something I would say out loud.





Taking the supposed guildmaster Lucia to the wagon, she was at a loss for words seeing the cargo filled up, consisting mainly of only the more valuable portions from those Babirusas.

In other words, it was more surprising to see that most of the meat here are only the same parts.


“… Was it only you guys that did this?”

“No. There are a lot more members besides us. There’s no point in bringing them all here, so it’s just us for now.”

“… Is that so.”


I don’t think she really bought that completely, but she still continues along without questioning it.

We were instructed to put the materials onto some tables outside, so I had the ones in the caravan to help out.


“… even though I’m grateful for being able to work with the guild, being given a different assignment would’ve been good… Ah, did you not stack it?”


Lucia checks the materials as she grumbles.


According to the information we gathered in advance, any meat from Babirusa is delicious, but if you can’t stack small portions of it, then it would be best to get long muscles stripped along its body.

That is supposedly the most valuable place for meat.

Also, the fur could also be used as material for armor and bags, and the horns could be also used for crafting too, but the price for these are comparatively inferior to meat in terms of value.


“That’s right. Though it’s a waste, we had the rest of the corpse buried after we were done with it.”

“Well, it can’t be helped. I’m grateful with the amount here, but I can barely take them all out of the carriage… rather actually, why is that carriage made of iron?”

“… It’s a blessing from God or something. I’m sure of it.”


She gave me a baffled look at me for a good while, before returning back without questioning again.

I managed to avoid speaking about the Plating this time.


Thinking things are a little awkward, I asked a question that had been in my head for some time.


“By the way, is there a reason why there’s a need for a lot of meat?”

“… That’s a rather blunt way of putting things… I’ll tell you this since you don’t seem like anyone bad. About the meat… the lord will be needing a lot of them for the upcoming harvest festival. There’s many new residents in this place, so it seems like the festival will be for the old and new residents to mingle with one another, along with some other stuff.”

“… Ooh.”

“Hey, are you going to be selling this too? I think they’ll be needing a lot of firewood for the harvest festival as well… geh, I’m really doing a lot of busy work for this town.”


It’s unfortunate, but I do plan on using these, so I turned her request down.

Not even asking what it would be for, she moved on.


(Though it’s probably just a guild policy, I’m quite grateful she doesn’t try to pursue things.)


… Perhaps she’s just the sort of person who doesn’t want to be involved with too many things…

That was what I thought to myself as I continue to wait for her as she seemingly struggles to calculate the price of the materials.





– Adventurer Life Day 72 (Tue) – Evening – Goldew Town – East Cliff – Cave


After being finished with the exchange, we had an early dinner by the town plains, and returned to the previous cave after that.


For the time being, I had the earnings stored into my super convenient skeleton bank.


(… From a guild like that, it’s a good thing they could still pay up for the rewards.)


Taking away from Benedetta’s share of the reward, the total price for the Babirusas was 67,000 golda.

In comparison, the Demon horns netted about 20,000 with a hundred of them.

With today’s income, I’ve been able to recover my money to 250,000, which had been reduced earlier from buying that caravan.

I feel a little bad for all the other adventurers, given that we would be able to hunt so many of those to the point that it would affect the pricing of them sooner or later.


“… What do I even do with this much…”


I can hear a small complaint from someone, but for the time being, I’m just going to ignore that.

Seeing I was purposely ignoring her, Benedetta gave a deliberate sigh before asking about the wood I had brought over.


“… By the way, what are these wooden boards and firewood used for? You’re not planning on cooking or something are you?”


The bar we had eaten from wasn’t that bad at all in terms of pricing and quality, and the season right now still hasn’t reached autumn yet, so there’s not much of a need to keep ourselves warm with it.

It’s not surprising why she would be confused by this.


“There’s something I wanna make. Don’t bother asking, it’s a surprise.”



… It’s getting dark now, so I should hurry and start on it..





— The first thing to do is to leave the cave.


Something I had noticed before was that there was a small depression on the wall along the east side of the cliff, shallow enough to fit a single person inside.

I had this hole properly shaped using Ingot and Modelling.


There’s two holes made, one slot at the bottom, and a much larger hole a meter above that. Both are cut into rectangular shapes.

After that, I had the bottom of the top hole carved out using Ingot, large enough for a person to fit inside of it.


“… For the time being, I think I managed to get the shape in place.”


Has my skills greatly improved again after levelling up? Anyways, the work finished much earlier than I expected.


I called over Benedetta to come over here, who had been curious for a while.


“Say, try to guess what this is.”

“Erm… a bathtub?”



As someone who had already lived as a noble, she was quick to guess what it was.


By the way, I had the timber fixed on the ground around the tub to hide it.

I used the remaining wood to make a lot of buckets, and had everyone fetch some water from the watering place and fill them up.

Firewood was then placed into the smaller hole underneath the tub after Extracting the water from them.


(Uwa… that’s burning pretty strong…)


Maybe its just the wood from this area, but hopefully it doesn’t burn out too quickly.





— Right now, Benedetta’s in the bath, while I continue to stay guarding outside.

The number of people I saw from where I am is still currently zero, but this is only 30 meters away from the road that crosses through our cave so I can’t be too careful.


“—Fuwa… It’s been a while since I’ve had this. This is amazing!”

“Is it better than the usual watering place?”



Well that’s good to hear. For people like us right now, this is a luxury.


This world is nothing like back in that modern world. Considering the price of firewood, and the amount of water needed for it, it’s seriously difficult to set one up repeatedly.

I’ve never heard of a public bath system in this world either, and we’ve only washed ourselves by the watering place using a cloth.


— Later, I had one for myself too, and it felt somewhat nostalgic…

For some reason, Centurion wanted to try it out as well, and then Phillips too.


I don’t really mind but… 


… Having to remove their armor is a bit of a pain.





Once that was all over, I had the bath area cleaned up, and while talking with Centurion about things, there was something I noticed.

— It was on the face of the cliff, far above the bath.


“What is that? Over there.”



I was thinking on how to prevent steam from forming up and dripping back into the bathtub… but there was something I found protruding from a distance.


“Oh… It KIND of looks LIKE a STICK. I CAN’T really SAY though since my EYES can’t SEE that FAR away.”

“… Hm. I think it might be a sword … Well, to me anyways.”


Seeing its angle, it looked like it was thrown from around here and pierced onto the wall.

… But then, why is it there?





– Adventurer Life Day 72 (Tue) – Night – Olbia Town – Eastern Gate Tower


Above the eastern gate of Olbia is a watchtower.

There, the main role is, of course, to look for any anomalies around the eastern area outside the city, However, it also serves as a communication tower.


Flap. Flap.


The sound of a beating wings echoes inside the tower.



“Don’t panic. It’s just a messenger owl from the settlement.”


Having the owl appear unexpectedly in the dark surprised one of the new guards, but an older one next to him sorted out the situation.

The owl, which rested at a fence on the tower, was certainly nothing dangerous, and had a small bag, made from waterproof monster material, tied to its feet.


“Sorry about that. It’s the first time I’ve seen one here.”

“Well it is dark. It’s not too surprising.”


The old guard takes out a small piece of paper from the bag without much concern about the newcomer.



“What is it?”

“… Seems like a gang of orcs have started heading south. I’ll tell you more once we get down.”


He then moves down the stairs of the tower to convey the message.

Soon, a messenger from the east gate runs towards each guild in the city.


A yellow flag was urgently raised by the adventurer’s guild and by each gate, giving a list of adventurers called to participate… Once the next day arrives, a mixed unit of adventurers have been formed, and are ready to depart from Olbia.

A joint unit was also made with the city’s armies.


This group was named as the official Orc Suppression Army.

The total number of people there is 450, and when combined with the 200 from the aristocrats, it totals to 650.


Once the Orc Suppression Army had left the eastern gate of Olbia, there was no one that doubts its success.

That was the case at the time.

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