Hone to Issho Chapter 80 – Iron and Bronze Soldiers

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– Adventurer Life Day 72 (Tue) – Morning – Goldew Town – East Side – Blacksmith Workshop – BackYard


“Ooh. You came.”

“Yeah, we had to settle down with things first before coming here.”

“I see. Unfortunately, the one in charge here is busy right now, and couldn’t come. There aren’t any proper seats around here either.”


Once decided on the location, Dandro’s student was able to set up a blacksmithing workshop here.

However, right now they seem to be pretty busy there, and we had to keep ourselves out of their way so along with Dandro, we stayed by the backyard.

There’s tree stumps scattered about the area, so the rest of us sat anywhere we please.


“It’s really noisy here.”

“It can’t be helped. This sort of job is quite noisy anyways, so the owner was pretty insistent on having them set up here..”


There’s a sound of a strong waterfall nearby, and would probably drown out any noise coming from the shop.


(It kind of makes things a little hard to talk in though.)


The waterfall runs down the cliff behind Dandro.

This ongoing noise continues on getting in the way of us talking to each other. It was a two meter wide waterfall, and the amount of water there is considerable, so the sound isn’t anything unexpected.


From what I was told, the land here and the vacant houses that were left, seemed to have been insisted to them by the chief.

Because of that, it was bought rather cheaply.


The main building, which had been vacant until recently, had thick walls to block the sound of the waterfall.

However, the previous owner still couldn’t stand it, and had left it since then.

And so, in addition to furnishing the building, and placing the necessary facilities to it, there was a lot of work to do there. Partly also due to the building being left alone before.


(… I guess it was a mistake for them to build a building here huh?)


Well, there’s no way of knowing what the previous owner had been thinking about when making this, so I can’t really say much.





Yesterday, they had been unloading their cargo, so it sounds like they’ve been much busier than today. Even so, they still seem to be busy, so I was thinking of leaving early.


By the way, I’ll have to stress this point, but this isn’t a weapons workshop, but a blacksmith workshop.


As this town is smaller than even Comnes, there are only a few stores that would handle this, and so the workshop was made to handle general blacksmithing work rather than specialising in weapons and armor… Or rather, it was more like it was requested to be as such.

The request was, of course, from the chief of this town.


There also seems to be another blacksmithing workshop on the west side of the town, which makes it opposite from this place.

But they seem to be anxious when hearing about an apprentice from Dandro setting up shop here.


Dandro’s apprentice, Hugo, had been giving instructions in the building before facing here and giving a slight bow from a distance.

The immediate impression I have of him was that he is a surprisingly tall person.


… Moving on from that thought, I gave Dandro a brief overview on what I came here for, and took a piece of metal from my bag before handing it over to him.


“As an acquaintance, I’d like to give this as a present for the opening of this workshop.”

“… Silver? No, it looks different…”

“It’s iron. Probably.”

“This is iron!?”


Despite Dandro raising his voice, it was still drowned out by the sound of the waterfall… Yeah, that’s really noisy.


“I’ll try to make this into steel… that’s what you’d like right? It looks interesting.”

“Also… that lump of iron was from one of the dug-out holes on the cliffs, and I want to know if doing that without permission is okay.”


I handed over the untouched iron ore that I had kept with me back from that shallow cave.

Dandro looked at the stone closely.


“… As far as I’m aware, this is just a normal stone, and anyone is free to do what they want with it. What I mean is… for a rock to be considered an iron ore, it would need to consist more than half of its mass as iron, and anything else that’s like this would be discarded. Even if it could be extracted, it would use up too much coal to melt it down, making it extremely inefficient as not much could also be taken from it.”

“… So this is overlooked because of its low proportion of iron?”

“That’s right. In the first place, coal is considered more valuable than the iron ore itself, since it takes quite a bit of labor work to produce it. For that reason, low-quality iron ore that uses extra coal is not something to consider.”

“… So that’s the case.”


I heard there are several tunnels in this town, so it’s hard to imagine they would abandon one right in the open.

That cave was likely abandoned right away after digging a little through.


In anycase, I can rest easy, now that I know I won’t be dealing with any illegal activities.

So long as the iron ore is used as personal material, it’ll be easy to secure some iron here for free.


Speaking of which, I also want to ask about all the cut-down trees.


(… However, I really shouldn’t be taking any more of Dandro’s time today.)


I can see the disciple going back and forth between the main building and carriage.





– Adventurer Life Day 72 (Tue) – Morning – Goldew Town – Cliff – Forest Area


After our meeting at the blacksmith workshop, we travel through a forest on the cliff of Goldew.


Along the east of the cave we were based in, there was a long slope that rises to the top of the cliff.

From the information we were able to gather, we heard that there was a forest with a large habitat of Babirusas north from here.


On the other hand, although the forest area at the bottom of the cliff has a slightly different distribution of monsters, the monsters from the area there is considered to be slightly weaker in level compared to the one from Palmyra road, making it something we’re not concerned with.

… There are apparently Demon Horns here, but from my time of travelling to this place, there wasn’t a single one found along the way.


And so, after climbing out of the road, we’ll soon be turning north, straight into the forest.

From there, we begin to move ourselves deeper, relying on the traces left by other people that had passed through here.


Along the way, I would sometimes see other adventurers, but there seem to be many who seemed to be in the upper class of Olbia.

Since there are many of us, it pays to just give a brief warning. There’s no harm in doing it, and we can exchange information too.


However, it was Bendetta who would deal with the adventurers.

I’m in charge of the carriage.


Centurion, who was in charge of transporting the carriage, looked back and asked what I was doing.


“What is the arrangement?”

“It’s almost over… ”


My full attention was on the iron Plating work.

I take out the skeleton, remove the equipment, apply the Plating, reinstall the equipment, and then return the skeleton back to its coin.


I want to have at least nine of them Plated before arriving at our hunting destination…


“YOU’RE quite USED to it NOW.”

“… If there’s enough time, doing this is pretty fun, but since I have to hurry a bit, it’s kind of hard.”


Once again, I was reminded how I’m the only one here who could do this.

I want to hand more and more of the work over to Centurion… but I doubt that’s possible.


As such, I wanted to find an open area where I could stop the carriage, and continue doing the work, but it seems a monster spotted us before finding that place.

Phillips gives a warning.


“Lord, careful not to come closer to the big one. It’s at the front left.”

“Alright! … I’ve finished with what I had to do anyways! Go ahead!”


Jumping to the front of the platform, I threw some iron Plated coins at Phillips’ direction.

Three iron-plated spearmen and five iron-plated clubmen appeared, at which they immediately move into formation.


This will be the first test of these iron-plated skeletons.

Let’s take a quick look on how they do. But with the equipment covering the majority of their bodies, it’s hard to see a difference between them and the old versions, and the only areas where it is noticeable are on the upper arms and their feet.


Rustle. Rustle.


A large shadow leaped out of a nearby thicket, and moved quickly towards the line of skeletons… the spears gleamed as they moved… and the shadow fell.


“… Ah wait, it’s already over…”


The skeletons had already stabbed the fallen monster a second time before I spoke.

Seeing those tusks of on that giant body… this monster is definitely the target, Babirusa. But I was expecting it to give more of a fight… 

I still have trouble catching up with the situation.





“Take a look… the wound caused by the spear. If we compare it to a wound I just made from simply dropping the spear on it, there’s a significant difference. The skeletons really did had the strength to pierce through it.”

“I’m more surprised it was able to attack with the spear in that short time. Their reaction seemed to be better…”


I try to think back to that instance, when the monster appeared…

The Babirusa first appeared from a thicket… it definitely noticed the skeletons, and unlike those Demon Horns, it should also have enough agility to quickly avoid at least the stationary attacks.


Despite being huge, this wild boar is light for its size, and should be able to turn around easily.

Being born from a village, this much is common sense to me.

With just that one aspect of it, this should definitely be a more difficult enemy than a Demon Horn.


However, the skeleton spear soldiers were able to directly pierce right through it.

This is definitely not the same attack and reaction speed those skeletons had before.


“The effect of the Plating is clear here. Well then, could you do the same for us?”

“I WOULD like to HAVE it too, MASTER.”

“Alright… I’ll start with Phillips first then.”


(… If this really is the case, then it’s a huge increase in performance… I shouldn’t waste time doing the same to all skeletons too.)


Feeling excited again, we managed to reach an open area.

It doesn’t seem like there’s other adventurer’s around here.



“It’s good enough.”


I nodded.

… I might be able to finish the entire work by today.





… After applying the bronze plating onto Phillips, an immediate reaction can be felt from him.


(He’s completely different from before now! This one is much more powerful!)


At least with this, I can confirm the difference between iron and bronze.


After that, I continued to apply the bronze onto Centurion, after that will be his elite axe-soldiers, then the elite spearmen, until I run out of bronze materials.

To test it out, I had Centurion wait until I was finished with at least one elite axe-soldier to help him against a Babirusa. However, from the looks of things, it seems like Centurion alone is enough to easily overwhelm it.


In addition, there doesn’t appear to be any problem with having a pair of elite axe-soldiers against a Babirusa.

There’s still something to check, but the overall combat strength has indeed risen far more than I had initially expected, and I couldn’t stop grinning to myself.


(Among their improved abilities, their durability also made an improvement… It was a big concern before, so I’m thankful for that.)


This is already more than enough to make up for the skeleton’s weaknesses, and brought up a strength that goes beyond simply making them stronger.


Plating has a different effect when applied to combat equipment and non-combat equipment, so I was a little worried.

It’s hard to make a distinction when applying the Plating other than their increase in durability. Not to mention the chance of the skeletons not being considered as something to use Plating on.


… But it seems like the Plating skill had judged the skeletons as a weapon.

I didn’t know how it’ll end up, so I was quite relieved from this.





I’ve been applying bronze plating to the rest of Phillips’ group, but at this rate, there would hardly be any work for them, so I sent a message to Centurion to have him and his team to return and concentrate on the dismantling work instead.


However, while in the middle of stripping off the tusks… a sudden problem had me stop work immediately.






“Oh? Levelling up already?”


Looking at the area around my feet, Benedetta looked surprised after just returning.

She waited once I came down before I managed to speak again.


“… I don’t get it. Wasn’t this level up too soon? It’s not like I’m complaining or anything, but I hardly could prepare myself for it.”

“Hm. But everyone is quite enthusiastic today. Especially for Phillips, and I think he went quite far into the forest along with his subordinates. Not to mention, there’s fewer skeletons in each group now that they had been strengthened.”

“It is HARD to catch UP with the SPEAR team’s HUNTING speed when DISMANTLING.”


… I suppose it does make sense if that is the case, but then I realise to myself that another level up should be coming soon, so I’m going to have to prepare myself this time.




The moment I noticed I had levelled up again, I fell to my knees and dropped to the ground…


… Aah. Just one more…





– Adventurer Life Day 72 (Tue) – Noon – Goldew Town – Above the Cliff – Forest Area


Once reaching roughly the one hour mark… I finally managed to complete my work.


“Haah… It’s finally over.”

“Good work there.”


In addition with the summoned skeletons, Engraving and Plating had also been applied to all equipment.


When I tried using the skills simultaneously part way through, the speed at which I was able to apply it was done more quickly.


If I never realised I could do this, then I would’ve still been working…


“You really did do a lot there. Take a look. There’s so many skeletons here now.”

“… Yeah. This wasn’t too bad…”


There’s certainly a sense of accomplishment here.

As there wasn’t much space in the caravan anymore, I had to have the skeletons all line up outside before returning them back into their coins.

With the recent level up, the number of skeletons I have now finally reaches the three digit mark.

It’s a little strange, but I feel seeing something like this is keeping my motivation up.


The question I had asked myself before, sprung up in my head again.

With the number of skeletons I have right now, I feel it’s quite amazing… but…


(Would something like this still be too small to be considered as something as a distinctive power?)

(Ohh… So you’re aware?)



Standing beside me and crossing his arms while looking at the line of skeletons was Phillips. I was more surprised by his sudden appearance than his answer towards mine.


(I thought the same. Even if having over a hundred soldiers that can be summoned at any time you wish is a tremendous ability to have, it’s still not enough for the world to recognise it as a power to be aware of. Having it hidden would still be advisable however.)

(Guess that would be the case…)


That analysis is pretty accurate.

Certainly, until this point, I never realised how skills can be something that can affect the outside society.

Compared to a reasonably solid societal system in this world, however, the power of my skill would be the equivalent of a spider. Having a bunch of people having the same skill would be terrifying, but by itself, it’s a little…


Phillips’ mention about real-world power, really changes my perspective on things.





– Adventurer Life Day 72 (Tue) – Morning – Olbia City – Le Cabin – Entertainment District – Rubina Alley


During the time Nemo and the rest were hunting in the forest of Goldew…

A girl with a bob cut chestnut hair was running through the Rubina alley.


“Teacher -. I’ve finished sweeping the shop.”

“Alright. Then please draw some water next.”



The girl is the old Dintata’s disciple.


Seeing the girl off, the teacher, Dintata, was recalling about that rare encounter from the day before yesterday.


(Speaking of which, that boy from before was a rare customer these days. I feel like I was carrying an unusual star…)


That unusual card arrangement was something that stuck to her.

In particular, that first trigram of the skeleton was something that Dintata had only seen once before in her life… and at that time, it was not even her own divination.


(That skeleton image only appeared back when I was still my teacher’s apprentice. The customer… was a knight I think? Thinking all the way back since then made me feel so old.)


At that time, would it be the same period as her disciple is right now?

She did not understand why. Just doing her best following what she had been told, help arrange the tools, memorise the imageries, and like that, the days have passed my so quickly.


Nevertheless, she still remembers the blonde knight. Though she could no longer recollect the face, he was surprisingly polite.


(… Was he looking for something?)


That might have been the reason he had come to the store.

Her teacher from that time, who had been rumoured to hear the voice of God, gave the knight a prophecy.


She couldn’t remember what he said back then, but she thinks he had said he was going northeast… There was no news about him after that.


(Well, knowing everything about my customers isn’t something I could do anyways…)


Returning back to the subject of that boy from that day, and then… she noticed something was off, and tilted her head in puzzlement.


“… strange…?”


— It’s the appearance of that boy, or rather, her memory of it.


She remembers the appearance of all the other customers that day rather well still.

Aside from the two human-like soldiers wearing armor, there was that pretty young woman whose face was still quite fresh in her mind.



That boy’s face. She remembers seeing it, but she couldn’t recall what it was.


She thought it might have been due to her old age, but she dismissed that since she could still recall the faces of other different people.


“No, no. This is too strange. But what if it is caused by that person instead?… If so, then would he perhaps be carrying an outrageous star…?”


The muttering of the old woman was drowned out by the noise of the city.


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