Hone to Issho Chapter 79 – To Goldew

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TL Note: Gaaagh! There’s a lot of things here that’s wrong… I knew I should’ve read the chapter before drawing.



– Adventurer Life Day 71 (Mon) – Evening – Olbia City – NorthEast High Road


From the town of Olbia, the main highway divides into different paths. One of the roads leads NorthEast, leading to Palmyra.

Though it’s been divided, it’s still a very large road.


Well, I suppose that should be the case.

This road is the closest route from Olbia to the settlements in the NorthEast, and is maintained regularly for it’s importance on that.

The road we will need to take next will be the Goldew road.


And so, we’ve been going along that road in a horse-drawn carriage for a little over 6 hours…


(Has it been half a day already?… It seems like we’ve almost arrived.)


The iron plated carriage was conspicuous, so we had ourselves following quite a bit of distance away from the other merchant carriage from the front.


Using his visit to his apprentice’s shop as an excuse to get ourselves away from Olbia, Dandro and us hurried out of that place in such a rush.


(… Still, I wanted to spend just a little longer in that city.)


It was really sudden when we had to leave Olbia.

Since I have memories coming from both a small village and a busy town, having the convenience of shopping in that place felt really convenient. Especially once you have a stable income.


I didn’t expect to leave that city in just a week, but I’m slowly starting to lose that regret once we gradually get closer to Goldew. Kind of like how my spirit of adventure rekindles again.

While thinking to myself in my head, Centurion, who had been keeping a lookout on the distance, spoke up.


“MASTER. By the time we REACH the branching ROAD, we’ll be getting CLOSER to the MOUNTAINS.”

“That’s right. The scenery around here also seems to be vastly different compared to Olbia’s.”


The mountains that seemed so far away before, are starting to get closer.

Along the straight road through the northeastern direction, the mountain ranges extend across, making it a great scenery.

The air here is clear and good too.

Because I feel like we’re gently rising higher from this, I get the feeling the altitude right now is higher than when we were in Olbia.


“Should I try to HIT you to KEEP you AWAKE like last time?”

“No! Rather, just wake me up once we arrive.”



Benedetta nestled herself, lying down between the gaps of luggage on the platform.

The luggage we have includes barrels of slime, lumps of steel and bronze, stocks of potions, clothing, and jewelry.

When we rushed out of comnes, we had to quickly load in the items in the back, so it’s not quite neatly arranged.

The slime barrels in particular are quite large and occupy close to the majority of the loading platform.


To add to that, the skeletons are seated to the left and right side platforms for surveillance, while I had the surroundings monitored through visual sharing. 

It was a little hard to concentrate properly on having separate flowing landscapes in one, but now I feel like this is making me sleepy instead.


“Even so, these elite axe soldiers do a pretty great job.

There’s been no problems with the monsters from around here.


Elite axe soldiers are skeletons that have been under Centurion’s leadership, and have assigned 5 on the left, and 6 on the side, for the sake of driving away the surrounding monsters.


It’s unfortunate that the strongest force in our party, Phillips, stand out far too much, and this includes his spearmen too, so I have been keeping them unsummoned.

Apparently, he didn’t want to be exposed in public for too long, as that could have a chance to spark some trouble again with that Junoon cult.


In addition, with measures against Lord Ediel, we keep ourselves away from being in the same carriage as Dandro, and so we have not been speaking at all ever since we left the city.


In any case, we were careful to not make too much attraction when leaving Olbia, though there’s not much I could do when it comes to the carriage we take, and there’s also…


“So WE’VE also BROUGHT the CART over?”

“Yeah, there wasn’t much time anymore.”


Our last item to bring over…

We actually were planning to sell this back at Comnes, but we didn’t have much time and eventually just brought it with us.


It’s moved along using Benedetta’s horse, and was given the command to ‘follow the main caravan until something else is ordered’. With that, there’s no need for a rider on it.


(Really now, these golem horses are incredibly useful.)


We didn’t really need a cart to bring with us, but keeping it in Olbia’s warehouse would be a problem.


The storehouse is left empty, and will automatically return back to the guild once the rental expires.

It’s a waste after spending that much for a one-month contract, but it can’t be helped in this case. Earning money in Goldew will have to be the priority now.


The carriage begins to ride over some roadside stones, and started to shake.


“It’s Goldew!”


I managed to hear someone from the front giving a shout… I wonder if I should wake Benedetta right now?






“There’s lots of holes dug out from the wall… Are there people living in there? I’ve never seen anything like this before.”


Goldew, seen from the carriage, had an appearance of a village with a unique location.


Appearing in front of us are vertical cliffs that look like folding screens that protrude from side to side.

I think there might be about 10 floors of houses dug from that cliff. It’s a breath-taking sight.


The road we are on heads straight into the center of that corner point between the cliffs.

… There’s a huge crevice right at that location, large enough for four carriages to pass each other.


Even though it was evening, you can see many lights illuminating through that crevice.

The open space inside continues up to the top of the cliff, but with the location like this, it would get dark easily for the majority of the day.


Inside, there’s about 3 stories of houses dug.

There’s countless holes around, but there are still many houses built on the ground here too.


It’s hard to tell how many houses are inside the cliffs, since pretty much all the holes are just windows, but seeing the houses scattered around the ground, I can make an estimate…


“… It’s probably better to call this a town than a village, with the amount of houses built here is a bit…”


Almost mimicking the words I was about to say, I was too fascinated by the scene in front of me to even be concerned about that.





– Adventurer Life Day 71 (Mon) – Evening – Goldew Town – Central Street


“Sorry about having you deal with the last of the line.”

“No, no, it’s fine. This is what I asked for anyway.”


I gave our goodbye’s to the rest of the caravan group… but for some reason, it’s a little difficult to get out of this.

It’s unusual already for the merchant leader to speak to someone from the hired adventurer group, but I suppose there are exceptions.

This merchant takes the role of commercing between Goldew and Comnes, doing trades between villages and cities along the way… but like this, it would also mean he has a close relationship with nobles, so I don’t really want to stay here for too long in case I might slip some information.


“By the way, would you be interested in becoming a regular escort? Because the trades always happen regularly, it’s a stable job… What do you think?”

“Our party specialises in hunting, and escorts make things a little incompatible for us. Sorry.”


I somehow expected this invitation to come…

There was already an answer prepared in my head for this, but it still gives a slight frustrating feeling, since the conditions he gave to us were actually quite favorable.


Still, he seemed to understand and gave up after I politely declined his offer.

After the leading merchant left to attend the chief of this area, we were left alone among the other people from the central street.


Hearing some footsteps coming from behind, I turned back to see Benedetta approaching, who had been carefully trying to avoid the people around her.


“Nemo, we had the caravan stationed.”

“Ah, thank you. What sort of place is it?”

“It’s in a hole just outside the town, but it’s an area that can have monsters about there.”



Asking around, it seems like the cliff from the right side seen from the highway, those countless number of holes dug out at the cliff, appears to be a mystery.

On the east side is a forest, which is a common place for adventurers from this town to hunt in, but there’s a number of monsters also found in a cave nearby.


“Is Centurion in charge of the luggage?”

“Yes, we had Centurion who could give orders to the skeletons stay there.”

“So that’s it.”


Even if the hole is already abandoned, leaving our stuff there alone would only cause some problems.


“Let’s go back to the caravan.”

“Actually… wait a minute. I want to get some information about the hunting grounds, so I want to stop by the bar there.”

“Aah, that’s right.”


At that, we start entering the bar I pointed to that had a number of carriages stationed there.





– Adventurer Life Day 71 (Mon) – Evening – Goldew Town – East Side Cliff


Exiting the town center and walking east along the cliff road for about 5 minutes, there was a hole guarded by fully armored soldiers and were approaching this way.

Needless to say, these were Centurion’s elite axe-soldiers.

Because of my ability of sensing the direction of my skeletons, it was easy for me to locate the caravan.


Seeing Centurion coming out from the inside, I called out to him.


“Thanks for keeping a watch on the stuff here. Anything weird happened?”

“NOTHING out of what I had EXPECTED. Although, since it’s DARK outside, I DOUBT anyone would come HERE.”

“I suppose not.”


With an interest, I took a look inside. It was a cave that doesn’t seem to be very deep. Would this even be called a cave in fact?

I wondered about it, since I could see the carriage even from the outside.

There’s stones scattered about, making the inside a little messy, but the ground is relatively flat enough that it won’t hinder the carriage much when taking it in and out, so it’s not a bad place to put in.

In particular, I think I quite prefer this to be not deep, so there won’t be that depressing feeling like I had experienced back in that abandoned mine.


At that, I suddenly recall Phillips and his nine elite spearmen that was under him.


“I’m done with what I had to do in town, so I’d like if you could keep a guard in this place.”

“Will you be sleeping now? I understand.”


I had 11 elite axe soldiers to be under Centurion’s command.

Since Phillips is a special skeleton that was summoned through a heroic spirit contract, he consumes a little more mana than the rest.

With that in mind, the total number of skeletons he has, has been reduced by two. Even so, the fighting power of theirs is still quite overwhelming.

Centurion’s elite axe soldiers are also somewhat stronger than ordinary intermediate adventurers…


“Well now, I’ll be on guard now.”

“Much appreciated.”

“Leave it to me, my lord.”


Satisfied leaving Phillips to keep on guard, me and Benedetta start making a bed in the carriage, while Centurion handed me one of the stones lying nearby.


“I’m a little WEIRDED by this STONE. Could MASTER have a CHECK of it with you EYES?”

“?… With Alchemist Eyes? I don’t really mind or anything.”


Just by taking the stone from Centurion already had me understand what he meant.

The stone appear to be mottled with red stains.


“… Ah, this stone contains iron, and it’s a good amount too.”

“I SEE, so that IS the CASE. I THOUGHT it would be THAT.”


… This is good news.

I’m quite excited about the new possible supply of steel, which we were in short supply.


Immediately, I used Extraction…


“Nemo, it’s already late… Why not continue tomorrow?”


Yawing in the caravan, Benedetta calls out to me.


At that, I just realized we’ve been having this exchange in the dark.

Me, Benedetta, Centurion and Phillips, all are capable of moving around in the dark, so there’s no hindrance to our activities in there, but I do lose track on what time it is.


“Ah, that’s right. I’ll sleep then.”


It’s best to stop myself now.

… I could always continue tomorrow.





– Adventurer Life Day 72 (Tue) – Early Morning – Goldew Town – East Cliff


“Good mor-… ah, you’re already up…”

“Ah, hey. I just woke up a while ago. I’m just continuing on from yesterday.”


Getting herself out of the carriage, Benedetta takes a look with what I’ve been doing.


“… is that, silver?”

“No, it’s iron. I think this is what happens when it is in high purity… I think.”


Piled beside me and Centurion was a some iron-shaped ingots, shining enough to see your reflection through.

It is undoubtedly iron, but it looks more like some sort of valuable metal.

…. It’s a strange appearance, and it’s soft enough to be able to chew through it too.

Though, from my former knowledge, it does seem to match my image of a pure iron metal.


“How did you make this?”

“I just gathered up all the stones I found to have traces of iron inside of them using Alchemist’s Eye, and extracted the iron from there and solidified them with Ingot.”



If I include to what we have on hand, we have about eight half-sized relay batons worth of pure iron.

There’s a lot more I could actually make, but there was a reason why I will keep it only to this much.


“I can’t make steel unless I have a blacksmith to make it for me, but if there’s going to be complications about it, then there’s nothing I could do, and the leftover iron I just made would remain as luggage in the caravan… I don’t even know why there is a cave where iron ore can be readily taken, and is abandoned in the first place.”

“Oh… Is it about the mining rights? There seem to be some problems.”


That’s right. If we don’t check things first properly, it can turn into a big deal.

Therefore, it’ll be bad if we don’t get these sort of information first before continuing.


… By the way, it’s thanks to this Alchemist’s Eye skill, that I can get some more details about steel without prying it from other blacksmiths.

Since it gives related knowledge about the materials, I was able to get some information about the ratio between iron and carbon for various levels of hardness…


Something to add here is that the slime barrels have already been taken out of the carriage and are stored inside the cave we’ve been settling ourselves in.

The entrance here was closed with the Ingot and Modelling skills. Unless there was some sort of earth magic involved, there should be no way of knowing that there is something behind there… 

… I think the slimes should be fine, since I added some air holes there.


“I’ll be washing my face first before having breakfast. Phillips and Centurion will come out a little while later.”


Along with Benedetta, we walked to a nearby watering place.





And so, as we head back after our trip from that place, there was an unpleasant incident that occurred that left Benedetta huffing in anger.


“The men from the other side have actually been taking peeks there. The nerve!”

“Yeah… I wasn’t really comfortable with that…”


Near the town center, there was a small waterfall where the public could use to collect water or wash themselves.

Even in the early morning hours, there were already people there doing their business, but nearby, there was a group of guys staring by that area.

The women there seemed to be visibly bothered by it, so I’m quite surprised how they’re still able to keep doing that despite being glared at by multiple people.


Then again, there’s really only a single wooden board that separates between the men and women side, and from the road running alongside it, you can see the women’s side without much effort.

… To be honest, even as a passerby, this much is obvious to me.


“Well, maybe there’s something I can do about that. I have some ideas.”

“Do you have something?”

“It’s a skill of mine.”


It should be easy to make a wall in no time with what I can do.


“Well, I’ll leave it for now. Let’s get something to eat.”


On the rocks, next to the walls of the cliff, I used them as materials for some crude looking table and chairs.

On top of that, Benedetta arranges some wooden plates and brought out some bread, eggs and pickled vegetables.


Without being called over, Centurion sat next to me… so I called over Phillips to come here too and eat with us. There’s not much to go around however.


I found the cracking sensation on the egg to be quite hard, and trying out some pickled vegetables on it had a refreshing sour taste, and woke me up.


Immediately, I tried it on the bread, and as I expected, it goes well with it too.


It’s a simple and rather crude meal compared to modern taste, but it still tastes somewhat decent despite it really only having salt.


Like that, we continue on eating while having light conversations between each other.





Right. Now that breakfast is over, which was more satisfying than I expected, we got up.


“Should we head to Dandro’s apprentice’s workshop then? There’s something I would like to ask.”

“Hmm. What are you going to do after that?”

“I’ll be going to the hunting grounds, so I’ll later take the carriage and leave the cave (seemingly) empty.”

“Alright. That sounds good.”


With that said, everyone got into the caravan as we move towards in the direction of the main town.

It was only when driving, did I really understand how much different this town was compared to Olbia, so I was a little more conscious of my surroundings than usual.


(Finally… I can finally try out the Plated skeletons.)

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