Hone to Issho Chapter 78 – Diversion

Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Night – Olbia City – Le Cabin – Entertainment District – Rubina Alley – Dintata House


We had escaped from our pursuers to an old fortune-teller’s house.

Despite my initial scepticism about it, I had a sense of admiration watching her move the wooden plaques about as she used her fortune telling.


Meanwhile, the old Dintata took a breath before turning over two plaques that would show a sign about the nearest event in the future.


“The first to see from here is… a regular trigram.”


The turned up card had engravings carved onto it, and was painted with brightly colored pigments.

These engravings each have different meanings, and with different combinations give different interpretations of it.


The two wooden plaques from the front both have the same pattern engraved on them.

A picture of a person kneeling to a noble, presenting a scroll.


Only the coloring pigments are different however.

The first block had a black scroll, while the second was white.


“This is the ‘Messenger tile’. The first is called the ‘Black Messenger’, while the other, ‘White Messenger’. It has the meaning where the incidence will appear soon, and if you miss it, you will regret it – well, that’s the main meaning to it anyways.”

“How should I go about this specifically?”

“… It will be immediate. Well, do you have an idea on it?”


That should be my question.

However, even so, I get the feeling that this isn’t something to take lightly.

I’m not sure why.


“In the near future, you’ll be faced with a troublesome problem… At that time, a solution will come out immediately, and it’s better to take that without thinking about the details. The divination only reaches to about a week, and so if the occurrence never happened at that time, you can believe that the divination has worn off. However, it should still be active until then.”

“… I see.”


That’s quite the confidence.

I’m also attracted to this unknown future, but I still have some skepticism about it, so I’m wondering if I could take it seriously enough when the time comes.


“And now the next…”


The fortune-teller’s hand came above another another row of blocks, and turning them all at once… The first is a picture of a skull floating in a black background.

Would this be…?





“Ah, no no no. There’s no need to worry. Though this card does indeed suggest death, corpse, deceased and the underworld…”


At that, the old woman tries to console me despite not really being troubled by it. She turned to see the rest of the cards before sighing a relief…

Looking at that, she begins explaining.


“… If the skeleton were to come out last, there will be no means of avoiding it, though it isn’t always related to death… And also, take a look at the remaining cards. These are Phoenix, Searcher, and God of War. With the cards all lining up like this, the possibility of your death being caused by this is almost none.”


(I’m not sure I understand… Is that a good thing?)


Well, I can understand the combination of cards make it not a problem.

It’s not like death was the first thing that came to my mind however, given how I frequently use skeletons as a part of my divine protection.


“But this is troubling… This would be the first time I ever had this, and honestly, I can’t make much sense of it.”


The pictures on the blocks were, a fire burning in the shape of a bird, a knight holding a torch, and a human figure of light riding on a chariot.

Old Dintata was talking slowly, trying to make sense of her own words.


“No, no. In the first place, it’s unlikely for the Skeleton to ever appear first. The only time I have ever seen this was all the way back from watching my already passed master’s fortune telling. Even so, it should be impossible for Phoenix to appear right after Skeleton…”



(Doesn’t seem like anyone’s too sure of it.)


Since I have a habit of relating everything to my knowledge of divine blessings, from my point of view, I think the pictures of the Skeleton and Phoenix is some sort of prediction regarding my necromancy skill.

However, I do not understand at all what the interpretation of Searcher and God of War means.

I wonder if Searcher has something to do with the Scouting divine protection, but I feel like that’s a very shallow interpretation of it.


However, regarding the God of War.

It might be saying that I might be encountering that cult again in the future, or something…

… I look at the divinator, who might be thinking along the same lines as me, but the entire matter was immediately brushed off.


“Well, you’ll find out soon enough I suppose… Let’s move on to the next ones.”



I’m giving a scrunched expression here, but I suppose it can’t be helped if we can’t make a certain guess about what these could mean.

Well, so long as I keep these in mind then.


… The real problem is, I don’t even know what to do with those.





Finally, the last four plaques had been turned over.


The picture of these plaques consists of, soldiers standing in line, two cows with matching horns, knight holding a shield, and a violent large river.


“Soldier, conflict? Chivalry then adverse-tide…? You don’t have to answer this, but you really… don’t seem like a knight huh. Well, do you happen to be involved with an army perhaps?”


I wonder how I should answer that….


“No, not at all. Why is that?”


… I do have some sort of idea about this card. It’s a somewhat bad feeling


“Hmm, I guess that’s that. I’ll say this, but you don’t seem to be anything else but an adventurer… That said, this sort of pattern is the sort that shows you’ll be involved in a big conflict. Do you have any plans on going south all of a sudden? I’ll have to advise you to stop if that’s the case.”

“No, I don’t really have plans like that all of a sudden. But how do I avoid it?”


She put her elbows on the table, and put her hands together and had a think before speaking up.


“There’s no other interpretation of this pattern other than the person in question will overturn a battle… Really now, what kind of person are you… No, maybe I’m thinking too much on this… that’s not really possible. If so, there might be another meaning then…”


A final conclusion doesn’t seem to be reached yet.

Dintata looks at me in the eyes and resumes the talk.


“Ah, right. I didn’t tell you a way to avoid this prediction. I’m sure you’ll be involved in a large conflict. So if you want to avoid it by all means, you just need to run away… That’s the easiest way to avoid it at least.”

“Is it possible to be involved in that battle, but not really contribute much? Also, is there a chance someone in my party is going to be sacrificed in some way…?”

“… There should be not much hardships coming to you from this because you have the Chivalry tag right before the Surging Waves. Though there’s still the probability of seeing someone in deep trouble, so be prepared for that. And if you really want to avoid it, be also prepared to abandon that.”



My top priority is party safety, and if I do like she says, I can keep that.


However, choosing to abandon someone is still an uncomfortable feeling to think about.





Well then, the fortune-telling is over now… and there doesn’t seem to be anyone following us either according to Phillips.


“Thank you for doing so much for us.”

“Be careful on your way back now.”


After seeing each other off, we carefully left the small house.

Seeing as we went into the complete opposite direction from the district center and the guild, we had ourselves going around the long way, close to the outer wall, to avoid passing through the main entertainment district.

Fortunately, it seems like those that have been following us stopped ever since we came to that old woman’s house.


(Even so…)


Why was there such a name such as an Atlantian card, and what does the word Atlantian mean here? 

Unfortunately, my questions have not been answered when at that place.


She mentioned it being from a fairly old language, though other than that, she had no idea.


I suppose the language’s history is something that needs to be considered, but not knowing this isn’t something I would get depressed about.

Knowledge is precious in this world.

There’s no internet that can be shared worldwide here, and all information can only be gathered either orally, or from rare and expensive books.

All I can do is to keep looking and hope I’d find it one day.





– Adventurer Life Day 71 (Mon) – Morning – Olbia City – Adventurer Guild – Cheap Room



“Good morning… Have you slept well?”

“I should’ve, but I still feel tired.”


I slept immediately last night, but in addition to being active until late at night, and being tired from that somehow, my wake up time was extended for about an hour and a half later than usual.


However, we will be having to go to Dandro’s weapon shop as soon as we can to have a check up on the plate armor.

I hurriedly prepared myself, and asked Benedetta to buy some bread, before leaving through the carriage.


I’m feeling excited to test out the new and improved skeletons, so I’ll be doing that in the hunting grounds.

I load the carriage with steel and bronze ingots.

Benedetta will be dealing with the breakfast for us. Hence, why she’s off to buy bread.


(What should I do to prevent from being tracked again like last time.)


Phillips and Centurion are in their usual armor, but I still would prefer if they don’t leave here.

Benedetta has the usual hood covering her head.

Today, I’m fully armed. With the same helmet from yesterday, I kept it on again in order to keep my face hidden.


Besides, the combination of brown hair and brown eyes, are easy to miss.

I’ve been frequently told by my work colleagues at the garrison, how my face is really difficult to remember.

Even so, I shouldn’t be careless here.


… Benedetta had just returned right after finishing her business at the lobby.


“Sorry about that. I’ll leave it to you.”

“Don’t worry. Let’s quicken the pace.


I’m also going to have to remove that silver plating from the armor before it gets to that noble.


There shouldn’t be anything else apart from this, so I got on the carriage and head to Dandro’s weapon shop.





– Adventurer Life Day 70 (Mon) – Morning – Olbia City – Dandro’s Weapon Shop – Back Alley


We hurried to Dandro’s shop, but once we arrived there, a luxurious carriage was already parked in front.

By the time we got off our caravan, Dandro and few other craftsmen was already seeing off whoever was inside that carriage.


(… You’ve got to be kidding me. That can’t be it…?)


“That was probably the noble’s carriage. Let’s just go inside the shop for now and hear what’s happened.”


Benedetta also seems to be thinking the same as me, and so we try to enter into the store without looking too conspicuous as much as possible….






“Aahh. That really was the noble huh…”


He apologized at the moment we made eye contact.

Was that the messenger of the nobleman, Lord Ediel?

He came back rather early, and had already taken the silver armor.


“The messenger who picked this up originally only wanted to see the progress of the plate armor, so I had no choice but to show him…”


Sigh, I didn’t want to blame him… If only I could’ve come here earlier.


I can’t be helped if the armor has already been taken.

If the client asks to show the progress on the armor, it’s bad manners to not do so. Especially so if the client is a noble. Then it becomes almost impossible to refuse.


“I realised it yesterday that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea…”


The real problem here is the effect the armor gives and the reaction of others would have if it were to be shown to them.

We got a little too into it in making the armor yesterday, and he wanted to call me back to remove the plating and modify the armor into a much milder appearance.


However, the noble messenger came here much earlier than expected…


(… I suppose this really is just bad luck.)


Despite his efforts, the messenger insists that the armor appears to be already complete and had left the with the armor without checking its performance first..

At the moment, there has been no inquiry about the person who had modified it, however, it’s only a matter of time…

While trying to think to myself about the different countermeasures I will do when that time comes, Dandro spoke up.


“… By the way, there’s something that came up and I’m going to have to leave the city for a bit… It’s not like I’m trying to dodge the situation or anything.”



I’m having doubts about that…





Hearing Dandro’s explanation however, does make more sense.


“I don’t know if this is a problem… but some of my employees I have at the store, I’m not sure if I can be able to keep them quiet about this. But the main problem will be on my end. If sir Ediel were to inquire me about the person who made this, I might be forced to tell.”


“Because of that, it’s best for me to just leave the area for the time being. If I’m not here, then there’s no way to ask me about it, and the chances of him knowing about you will be significantly less. I’ll have to trust that the rest of my guys won’t tell about you.”



I see now, so this is a way to keep it a secret.


“But, you’ll still have to prepare yourselves in having to abandon here and head to a different place… actually wait…”


Dandro stops talking all of a sudden and starts thinking of something.


“That’s right! Why not come with me to Goldew!?”


Eh? Erm.

The sudden proposal came up almost out of nowhere.

In the first place, where is Goldew?


“Since I’m in a hurry, I’ll keep it simple. First, Goldew is half a day northeast from here. It is a village situated on a cut valley.”

“Goldew, that valley with the dug up caves…?”


I immediately had that thought in mind the moment Dandro explained what the place is.

The whole valley is huge, while the village is joined together from the inside within the cliffs.

There’s a forest surrounding that village too, so it’s pretty frequent that adventurers would get there.


However, that was back in the game, and Freed Online wasn’t particularly praised for its amazing graphics either. It was an old game, and had a top-down view, so there was never a time where I can make a comparison with this world and the game in terms of appearances.


“What, you already know of it? There’s a new shop set up by one of my disciples there, and I was planning on going there to congratulate him. There’s also a hot springs I could use for my back.”

“… Indeed, it doesn’t feel that unnatural.”

“You guys hunting Demon Horns right now right? How about Goldew’s Babilsan instead?”

“… That doesn’t sound like a bad monster to hunt.”


The Babilsan monster Dandro was talking about is a boar-shaped monster that primarily spawns around the hunting grounds of Goldew.


For appearances, it has four long tusks from the lower jaw, and another four from the top of the snout, making it eight tusks. It’s jaw is also unnaturally long.

Despite weighing less that a Demon Horn, it has a similar size to a large bear from the other world, and I hear the power of  it’s lunging attack exceeds that of the Demon Horn’s.

From my game knowledge, I believe the monster is a couple of levels above the Demon Horn too, making its experience gain much higher.


My skeletons, who had been able to block a Demon Horn’s rush attack… I wonder how they would fare against a Balbirsan.

Because of that, I want to prepare myself up first by having my group upgraded using Plating.

I’m not sure yet, but hopefully this upgrade will be helpful.


(No, no, wait. What about my situation?)


I remembered there was that one thing I have, which is a little more important to me that the hunting grounds.

It’s about the Junoon cult, and leaving this city away from them could be really beneficial for me.


The scale of benefit of me leaving here with Dandro is tipping to one side. Even so, I’m still feeling a little hesitant.

Seeing that, Benedetta spoke up.


“Nemo, I don’t think there’s a need to think much on this. You’re kind of targeted right now. Besides, wherever you go, I will follow. You don’t need to worry about that…”

“O… Oh.”


Feels like some kind of high-level confession there.

Without reading the atmosphere, Dandro felt relieved when hearing that and joined in on the conversation.


“Looks like it’s decided. I’ll be talking with the merchants leaving for Goldew quite soon. So, in like an hour… Is that okay with you? Or is an hour a little too early?”

“We might have to rush a bit, but that’s probably the ideal way for us. We don’t really have much to prepare, so an hour should be just fine. I’ll be ready soon.”

“Then, you can meet me around the gate leading to Palmyra Highway.”

“Alright. I’ll see you soon.


One hour is a little tight, but given that I’ll be able to avoid all the hassle in Olbia, it’s quite relieving.

I head to the carriage in a slightly refreshed mood.


And then, upon arriving at the warehouse, I suddenly realised that Dandro’s offer was predicted as the first from the fortune telling in the Atlantian Card…


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7 months ago

So the second prediction is definitely referring to him reviving as a new minion that other heroic spirit candidate he spoke to Philip (I think) about not that long ago. Forgot the guy’s name, though.

Has the conflict in the third prediction been foreshadowed already?

7 months ago
Reply to  Rando

Yeah, it was a few chapters back, when i think they were just on the way to olbia or had been there for a little bit.
There was a section focused on people from the previous town looking into the Elite enemies suddenly popping up everywhere and they discovered the signs of a large monster army being present. : D considering the mc’s power would be incredibly strong during a war, he’ll likely be recruited in some way, shape, or form to fight the horde.

daeng yoja
daeng yoja
7 months ago

Tanks for the chapter
Soon, legion’s first war campaign

Natan Nael
Natan Nael
7 months ago

Thanks for the chapter… The first prediction, junoon cult problem and dandro offer. Second prediction, gain new skeleton minion (skull) the rising heroic spirit (phoenix born back from it ashes) and the spirit identity is the god of war fellow (shown in the last card. Third prediction, maybe there will be outbreak of those babilsan monster in the valley arround goldew, and his skeletal legion going to confront them in battle in full number led by his three general (centurion, philip, and the god of war fellow). That whould also explain why he is save in the prediction knowng how… Read more »

7 months ago
Reply to  Natan Nael

Seems fairly likely…and I think that Benedetta might’ve also had an inkling as to the first prediction and the situation…and that he might’ve been about to flounder on it seeing him hesitate. So…she spoke up. Benedetta is the best! XD As for the 2nd prediction, yeah…seems fairly likely. Though…where would said person be at, I guess? As for the 3rd prediction…it could be some other monster…but the most likely scenario is a swarm of monsters led by an Elite, imo. Could be a swarm of Babilsan, or some other monster. Either way, it’ll likely be like the Harpy attack where… Read more »

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A number of chapters back there was a large pack of wolves led by an elite heading south. I was honestly expecting the MC’s group to be caught by this pack while in one of his forts, but instead I guess we’ll be heading north a little to meet them.

3 months ago
Reply to  Miserys_End

That’s wrong, it was just referred to as a group, lead by an elite orc and having multiple elites subordinate to it.

7 months ago

Thanks for the treat.

6 months ago

Thanks for the treat.