Hone to Issho Chapter 77 – Fortune Teller and Cards

– Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Night – Olbia City – Le Cabin – Entertainment District – Rubina Alley


“Hey now… You kids there… Come into this shop! I won’t say anything bad!”


While in the middle of trying to get away from some unknown pursuer, a hooded person suddenly appeared.

Judging by her voice, she must be quite old, but it’s hard to see what she looks like.

Behind her was a white earthen building, so I suppose the shop she’s talking about is the one right behind her.


“Sorry ma’am… but we’re kind of in a hurry.”

“Are you being chased? I’m quite aware. That’s why I say come on in. Hurry now!”



Wait, what…?

It seems like she knows about our situation, but who is this person…?





Seeing as she enters the store on her own, we decided to follow with her after she had revealed that she already knows what’s happening with us.


Just as it appeared from the outside, the interior wasn’t particularly very large… The ceiling is low too, and Phillips had to slightly crouch when moving around.


The incense candle from the corner of the room is already lit, and a unique scent drifts.

From all sides of the room, glass-like balls are hung from the ceiling, emitting a mysterious lemon-like glow, which helps create a mysterious atmosphere here.


However, it doesn’t seem like just some ordinary atmospheric lighting. Concentrating on those sources of light, I can feel something emanating from them.

In other words, it has that special feeling like that Ziggurat, Phillips’ spear, and the white silver ring I’m wearing right now.

Benedetta and the others don’t seem to be used to this sort of atmosphere and seem to be quite nervous.


While looking around the place, Phillips secretly spoke to me through telepathy.


(… My lord. Aside from the fragrance of this place, it certainly seems the elderly woman did something to our pursuers… I don’t feel like we are being followed as closely as we were before.)

(I see. I’m thankful for that, but we still don’t know the reason behind it so stay on guard for now.)


During our exchange, the old woman proceeds to sit behind the central table in the room, and urges both me and Benedetta to take a seat. Phillips, Centurion and the skeleton banks sat at the bench seats, that seemed to be used like some sort of shelf, behind us.


“You don’t have to be so alarmed. I know the reason why you are being chased. But first, I’ll remove that magical tool on your forehead.”

“Ah, so this thing here really is responsible… I already tried to peel it off, but it’s stuck on my skin…”


Even so, I still feel a little surprised after being confirmed how these square tiles stuck on my forehead acts like some sort of magical transmitter.

Before that however, I need to get these off first. Benedetta takes a look this way, looking like she’s asking me if she could do something.


“Don’t touch this.”

“I didn’t say anything!”


She has good intentions. I know, I get that.

But I’d prefer if I could figure out a way to get these off without having to rip them out.


“Well now, calm down a bit. I can take those off. Before that, did you happen to go to the theater of King Arcadia and received some blessing of the Junoon cult?”




This old woman really seems to have some answers I wanted to know.





“This is a little late, but I am Dintata. A fortune teller of the Rubina Alley. And you?”

“… Hm, Sorry, but I think I’ll hold out on giving my name.”

“Ah well, given your circumstances, it can’t be helped.”


While talking, we were in the process of removing these forehead tiles.

Specifically, the old woman painted an amber liquid over them.


… After a little over a minute, the tiles start to wobble.


“It’s a crushed nut called Lido nut, that’s been dissolved with some water. It’s great when it comes to removing adhesives and stuff. From the looks of things, it’s working, so the little tiles should be removed soon. Well, even if you had left it alone, it would’ve come out itself after a day anyways, why not wait it out?”

“Over a day is a little… Well in any case, thank you for helping me out. I really appreciate it. Is there anything else you know about this?”

“If you take my divination, I can tell you what you wish to know?”


… The amount she presented was 2,000 Golda, which is quite large, but this sort of information is pretty urgent so there’s no use in hesitating.

Looking at the furnishings of this room, seems like quite a lot of money was spent here, and looks like an authentic fortune telling room.

The modern world side of myself, feels a little dubious about having to trust information given from a fortune-teller, but I decided to pay anyways, since any information is already better than nothing.





First question I want to ask is the prevention method she used.


“Alright then, why did the guys following us stopped all of a sudden once we came here?”

“Did you ever see who those ‘guys’ are?”



At that, the old woman handed over to me a fancy looking magnifying glass tool.

Then, through the lens, I had myself looking at the burning incense candle to which she pointed at.


“Oohh… I can see some strange lines… What is this?”


The glowing lines, that look somewhat like dangling spider threads floating in the air, radiate and shimmer around the incense.

I looked again without the lens, and as expected, I did not see anything.


“That’s a mana movement detection tool. A type of magic tool.”

“… Then, would that also mean the incense candles around here are all also magic tools?”


Dintata nods.

While looking through the lens, I feel like my mana is being used slightly.

Apparently, it uses the users mana when looking through it.


“So, how does this incense candle work?”

“These ones here are mainly used to emit a special force that relaxes the customer, but since it emits it all around, it also disrupts weak mana waves too. Though, I wasn’t expecting much when I took you all in here though.”


So it really only worked by chance huh… Well, let’s stay optimistic here. At least it worked.

I was worried if I would be followed around again.


“Don’t misunderstand, I was confident it would’ve worked. I had already helped out 2 other adventurers that were in the same situation as you in the past. Because of my powers, rare encounters like these aren’t as unlikely as they would’ve been.”


It seems like the adventurer’s she mentioned also had that ‘blessing’ received from that Junoon cult after viewing the Great Arcadia play.

I wonder if they also had a strong alert ability to notice if they were being followed.


Though if this had already happened to other people before, then wouldn’t this become a rumour already? When I asked that however, she mentions that neither adventurers wanted to get involved further into it. Especially not when there’s a chance the rumours can be traced back to them.


Indeed, given the influence of the group, and the importance it has to the people here, it’s unlikely many would take the rumour even seriously, so it wouldn’t spread very far, making tracking easier.


The old Dintata continues.

Figuring out what I was thinking, she gave out a point to try and reassure me.


“Well in any case, I don’t think problems with the Junoon cult would escalate any more than this… I’ve got acquaintances who are a part of the sect, and it’s not like that religion is bad or anything… I’m sure you don’t need to worry about it more than necessary.”


… The authority of fortune-tellers in this world is considerable, so there’s no reason to doubt the information like that from her.

It’s not like I’ll put my guard down already, I still need a 100% guarantee, but hearing those words from her made me a little relieved.


There’s no other information about the Junoon cult available however…

Right now, that thing with the coin changing direction is still concerning me. Whether or not there was a magic tool used, or the crown did something, I’m not too sure.

… While on the topic of that, the tile on my forehead had come off.








With a hammer strike that did not match the old woman’s thin arms, she smashed the tiles into pieces.


“Would doing something like that work?”

“Why don’t you take a look through those lens?”


Hearing that, I used the magic tool, and indeed, there was no squiggle lines around it anymore.

It’s just a bunch of tiles pieces now.


When Benedetta had a look at me with the mana detection lens, she confirmed that the lines around me disappeared.





Well, now that the tiles have been removed, my reason for staying here for any longer should be about done.


I had already paid for the services, and I got a bit of information regarding my situation.

As expected, I don’t really feel comfortable staying in a fortune teller’s place like this… Though she does seem like a very nice person, my bias is telling me I might get scammed.

Even so, I also feel a little anxious leaving outside so soon.


“Seems like you want to go back already. It’s alright, you can leave now. There should be no problems anymore. But before that…”


Saying that, there was a pile of ridiculously old wooden tags piled up on the table.

When the fortune-teller’s hand was held above it, the wooden tags slides close to it.


(… Would those also be some magic tools?)


There were two tiles at first, then four, then finally another four tiles stop in front of the old woman… The process was quick up to that point, but for some reason they’re all facing down.

When I started to wonder what she was doing, she began steadying her breaths.


“Today was quite taxing… I just managed to get through it.”


Looking at her, her complexion is a little bad…

The change was drastic enough to take me by surprise, but it seems to be just mana depletion.

I’m guessing the thing she had done earlier took quite a bit of mana from her.


“This is the first time this Atlantian card was this heavy.”




I popped up in surprise hearing a word I was quite familiar with from the other world.

Though, I don’t really understand the context on why the name Atlantian is used here.

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