Hone to Issho Chapter 76 – Restless Night

(Ah, it really is troublesome…)


After getting a single shot with the silver coin into the crown, the drama troupe came into the same tavern as us, most likely here to call me out.


I’ve been told what it’s about. To have my blessing received at a shrine from the Great King Arcadia, and was urged to come by all means…

I wanted to refuse, but feeling the pressure coming from all around me, I agreed reluctantly, though I try not to show it on my face.


In the first place, the legend of the great king is practically revered upon with the people from this city, so it would’ve been quite difficult to refuse.


(Not to mention, I’ll be standing out even more then… and not in a good way.)


– Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Evening – Olbia City – Le Cabin – Entertainment District – Fountain Square


The place the messenger guided was an open space with a narrow path directly opposite of the tavern.

Even so, after about 20m of walking, there was a shrine by the end of the pathway, and another building nearby that serves as a resting place.

This place seems to be the one called Shrine of the Great King Arcadia.


We proceeded until we stood right before the shrine.


“Now then, if you could please wait here. The way forward will be in this direction.”


Centurion nods, and follows with the guide to the rest area.


There’s still time until I have to head back to the inn, so I spent my time looking around.


If I were to describe the shrine as something, then I would say it looks quite similar to that of an Obelisk.

The stone is made from marble, and the pedestal is carved with images depicting scenes of battle. But from my perspective, the workmanship of it seem pretty flat.


Behind that is a semi-circular pond, overgrown with weeds and grass.

Somehow, it seems to fit well with the scenery with the shrine.


The god worshipped here was originally one of the pillars of the Seven Great Gods, Junoon, and was represented as the god for fighting, poetry and music, and was also said to be the guardian god of warriors, bards and travelling artists.

The figure engraved on the side of the square seems quite fainted, and had the appearance of a six-legged horse… Seems like they were quite common then.

However, the god here is depicted to be straddling on a horse and raising his sword.

It goes without saying that Arcadia I is the motif here, given that the statue has no stirrups.


In other words, this shrine here perhaps treat both Junoon and Arcadia I as the same person.

The reason for this may be when long ago, during the time when the religion of Junoon was waning, the Great King himself gave a heavy donation that greatly prospers the temple.

It was also said that Arcadia described himself as the incarnation of Junoon.

If people still believe him to this day, then perhaps he really did remain undefeated throughout his lifetime…


In any case, with the revival of the Junoon worship was greatly supported by King Arcadia, and with the many great feats that he had done, uniting the coastal nations, building the great empire, bringing peace for many years, had the people begin to revere him.

And through all that, it ended with the Great King being worshipped just as equally as the God Junoon.


Whilst in my own thoughts like that, a group with a ceremonial-like appearance emerges from the building, led by a woman with a long-sleeved kimono, gleaming with scarlet and gold.

Taking a better look, the woman seemed to be the same person who acted as the queen back in that play. She began pouring some liquid into a vessel.

The attendant nearby was carrying around a tray with several small plates, and those plates had stacks of red and blue tiles inside of them.

… What is that used for?

Well, in any case…


(I wonder if they could finish quickly…)


While continuing on with the ceremony made just for me, that sort of thought continued on in my head.


– Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Evening – Olbia City – Le Cabin – Entertainment District – Small Bar


After that long ceremony, I finally met up with Benedetta, Phillips, and the skeleton banks that had moved to another bar.


“Welcome back. I heard from Phillips, but did you try to throw it off on purpose?”


Bendetta’s voice became hushed, minding about the people around us hearing about this.

Thinking that it might be a secret topic, I did the same.


“Yeah… I definitely did, and I’m certain the trajectory changed mid-way.”

“So you told us to meet up in a different place because of that?”

“I guess so.”


I may be just a small thing, but after seeing that split second glance from that queen actor stuck through to me.

It was at least enough to be vigilant about it.


Given that I knew it was going to be a religious ceremony, I immediately thought, bringing Benedetta there along with her Magic Eye of Prudia is completely out of the question.


Ever since coming to Olbia, there was never a time I saw any prominent worshipers of Prudia here.

Given the circumstances, we were hesitant in asking around about it too.


That was why I left Phillips with her through telepathic communication.

Immediately after leaving the tavern for the ceremony, I used Phillips to tell them to change to a different tavern, and to inform me if the crown was certainly removed from the original spot.


Once that was over, it was easy to find them through grasping the skeleton’s positions.


“Ah right… did you guys wait here for too long?”

“No, we didn’t really wait that long. But even more than that, what’s with your face? What did you do in that ceremony?”

“Oh this?… This seems to be some pattern in celebration to the God, Junoon.”


At the ceremony, my hair was cleaned with some sort of balm, and had some small square tiles attached to my head before saying some sort of chant…

From what I heard, this was part of the blessing ritual.

However, the tiles attached to my forehead, are bright in red, blue and green, which makes it very conspicuous.

I’m in plain clothes right now, but I figured wearing a helmet over this would be better than to walk around town with these things on my head.


I was continuing on about my time at the ritual, but paused when I took notice of Phillips’ unnatural caution.


“By the way my lord. On your way here, did you encounter any troubles?”

“… Not really? I don’t think so, but why is that?”

“There’s someone outside the bar that’s listening in… They’re doing well keeping out of sight. Would this have anything to do with you my lord?”

“… Wait, what… ?”


… Seems like there is trouble…


– Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Evening – Olbia City – Le Cabin – Entertainment District – Back Street


On our way back, we took a detour by zigzagging our way through the back streets, purposely trying to get away from our stalker.

Regardless of the reason, I don’t really want anyone to be keeping an eye on us, given how many things I wanted to keep a secret.

Going straight to the guild and have them know where we stay the night isn’t a good idea, so I want to scatter them here…


Phillips, being the giant he is, stands out completely, but I can’t return him back because there would be no way to detect signs of the ones who are tailing us.

Neither me or Benedetta have that sort of ability that goes to that extent.


I feel like we’ve walked a lot, so I checked with Phillips if it’s okay.


“How about it?”

“No… It’s coming closer again. Even though there’s a considerable distance between us, it seems like they know of our positions.”

“I see… Is there anything else you noticed?”

“Nothing much else, but I think it’s appropriate to say that they have a way of locating where we are.”

“I see… So they don’t seem like some common thieves huh.”


Things seem to be getting worse.

Objectively speaking, there should’ve been no reason for anyone to follow us.


Even so, since there is still someone there, we had no choice but to keep moving around.


– Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Evening – Olbia City – Le Cabin – Entertainment District – Rubina Alley


At the same time while Nemo and the others had been trying to shake off their pursuers, there was an old woman who had been walking quickly back home into an alley deep in the entertainment district.


She had been wearing a dark brown robe and a light purple shawl, supporting herself up with a stick. Despite the obvious bent back, she moves rather quickly.


(… It’s gotten quite late now. I got too into job again today…)


Her face had already deeply wrinkled under her shawl, but her grey hair is smooth, and the large black eyes are somewhat crisp, emitting a kind light.


A fortune teller who claims there is nothing unknown to her of the Le Cabin, Dintata of Rubina alley… That was the name of this old woman.


Her fame in her abilities is enough to be asked for divinations by even nobles, and if asked around about, ‘who is the best fortune teller?’, without a doubt, she would be the top 3 from that list.

… Such is her skill.


And in this world, where magic exists and the power of God is deeply felt, the power of fortune telling is so trusted by the people here, those coming  from the modern era couldn’t imagine.

It is a fact that they have the ability to give guidance to a possible future.


In particular, this old woman… If it were to be someone as skillful as Dintata, then it could be said that it would be easy to avoid dangers of the future.


She was returning home right now, after giving the new merchants a new business route.


(… No matter. At least the rain dried out now. Thank goodness this old woman does not have to walk through such a weather.)


The Rubina alley, where the old woman lives, is one of the safest places in Le Cabin.


Despite being one of the wealthiest commoners in the city, she decided to live here instead because she likes the calmness of the place.

Places too close to the fountain square are too noisy, and places far away becomes a burden to travel.


(… Oho?)


From across the walkway… some footsteps of several people could be heard.


(Trouble? … No… this is?)


Keeping silent for a while, she focused on her preminitional ability.

The sound wasn’t coming from any sort of everyday thug fight, run-away thieves, or chasing guards, but it had an orderly manner.


(Ha haa…)


A young brown-haired man, with a medium build, was at the forefront of the group.

On his forehead were some conspicuous looking square tiles, which is rarely seen around here. But even so, as someone who claims herself to be knowledgeable on everything going on in this city, it is easy to guess what had happened.


(… At such a time. Though, it shouldn’t be too hard to work a little longer.)


This wasn’t just for earning money… 

No, she can feel this to be a rare encounter even throughout her whole life.


After deciding, Dintat turned up to speak to the group.

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