Hone to Issho Chapter 75 – Nightlife

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– Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Evening – Olbia City – Adventurer Guild – Lobby


After returning to the guild right after our visit from Dandro’s shop and leaving the caravan back in the warehouse, the four of us are enjoying our dinner and drinks as usual in the guild lobby, but today, our voices are a little more hushed.


“Yeah, this is pretty bad isn’t it…”

“I’m not really familiar with Olbia’s aristocracy, but I think it’s best if we just don’t get involved with them. If the person in question is the ruthless sort, then there could be trouble.”


It was about the case regarding the time I made that silver Plated armor back in the weapon shop.

I was having an inkling feeling about how I shouldn’t have done that, and so I told the rest about that.


At that time, the others were having a look around the workshop building since me and Dandro was working on it for quite a long time.

Just now, I told them what happened and what I got out of it, and asked what the others think about it.


However, if I were to head to Dandro’s place at this time, there’s no guarantee he would still be there.

It’s dark outside, and it should be past closing time already.


“Tomorrow, I’m going to have a talk with Dandro first thing in the morning and make sure to remove that Plating. Adding that in might be a little too much.”

“I think that’s good.”


I feel bad imagining Dandro’s disappointed expression once that happens since he looked so happy earlier, but there’s too much risk involved here, so I’m going to have to cancel it.


… Finally, having that worry out of my head felt refreshing.





“… So, what are we going to do about the rest of the day?”

“Yeah, about that…”


Phillips made a remark saying, we’re working too much on just our day off, when hearing that.


… Thinking back, he’s not wrong about that…


“But it’s still too early to rest…”

“Where do you plan on going?”

“Somewhere fun at this time… Hey Bendetta, do you know of one?”

“No, not at the evening at least…”


I don’t think I ever went out and enjoyed myself ever since arriving in this city. Though, we have only been here for about a week.

It doesn’t seem like Benedetta know of a place either… and I doubt Phillips would know much about the area…


… At that time, Centurion brought something up unexpectedly.


“MASTER. The entertainment district in this city is quite LARGE, but the SERVICES there are EXPENSIVE. Since we’re EARNING a lot here, why don’t we take a VISIT?”

“The entertainment district… ?”


It sounds really appealing, but it sounds so shady at the same time… what to do…?





– Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Evening – Olbia City – Main Street – Entertainment District


“The rain stopped…”


It was still raining when we had the caravan enter back into the guild warehouse, but it seems like it stopped while we were having dinner.

All that’s left now is the light mossy smell coming from the cobblestones in the city streets.


Eventually, we decided on going to the entertainment district only because we don’t have any other ideas to kill time other than Centurion’s proposal.


“Is the entertainment district really all that fun?”

“JUDGING from MARIO’S memories, it was a BUSTLING and fancy PLACE, so you can ENJOY from just HANGING around.”

“What kind of stores do they have there? My image is that of a prostitute bar where a lady would pour some alcohol for you.”


There was no area such as the entertainment district back in Comnes. Some inns might have the similar sort of atmosphere to it, but I wasn’t really at the level where I can stay at one of those types of places.

Rather, it’s more intended for the more wealthy merchants, and maybe some really well-off adventurers. Given that Comnes is mainly a beginner town, this sort of business isn’t really thriving there.

Olbia on the other hand… well, it’s completely different in scale.


“WELL, there’s some SHOPS that are PRETTY much just as MASTER says, but I THINK it’s a bit DIFFERENT.”

“In what way…?”

“It’s BETTER not to say it NOW. It’s more INTERESTING that way.”


(… I don’t feel comfortable hearing that…)


Even so, I’m still somewhat looking forward to it. 

It’s not like Centurion would take us somewhere dangerous purposely.

Even if it is mainly just on simple curiosity.





– Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Evening – Olbia City – Le Cabin –  Red-Light District


“Amazing! Amazing! Nemo, look over there! That man is blowing fire! And that child there is doing a handstand with one hand!”

“… Yeah, this is pretty cool. It’s a good thing we came.”


There was a fountain in the middle of main square, and we were amazed looking around at all the bustle.

The area it’s situated in is circular, with the outer edges having lined up with nightclubs, peddlers, performances and toy sellers.

And by the center of it all is the fountain, surrounded by various other stalls and stages.


The name of this district was Le Cabin, and by the entrance you would pass through a stone arch, flickering with glow stones that make the monument seem like it is covered in small LED lights.

The stalls around the plaza also uses the same glowstones too, and they’re everywhere, lighting up the entire area, giving this place a much more bustle even during the night.


“Hoh… This place is pretty lively. There wasn’t such a place back in Comnes was there? Is it a festival day today?”

“It SEEMS like an EVERYDAY thing in HERE.”


Phillips, keeping quiet, was turning his head frequently, seeing all the unusual things around him.


It’s a little surprising, but I enjoy the atmosphere around this area. It has quite a festive mood, since everyone around us is here for entertainment.


Grinding and levelling up to get stronger are things I find fun, but this is pretty good too.


It’s the first time we’ve visited this place, and I had some extra skeletons in full-operation for some security since this is a downtown area, but I don’t really feel any danger at the moment since there are guards stationed at every point.


“By the way Nemo, you don’t seem to have the usual bag with you. Though, I didn’t expect you to be able to attach that wooden box to your waist.”

“… It’s just a test.”


It’s my new way of carrying my cash around.

A wooden box created using modelling, and the coins inside are divided into different cloth bags.

… The number of coins I have was increasing, and it was overfilling my pouch. Plus, it was also making a lot of noise when moving around, so I had to resort to a different sort of method.


However, the box is clearly not big enough to fit everything inside of it, and Benedetta was suspicious about where the rest is.


It’s actually nearby, as I tapped at the armor of the skeleton walking right next to me.


“I have my actual wallet here… though, I can’t open it right now.”

“Eh… Inside?”

“There’s a small compartment I can open up.”


The door is hidden behind its fur coat, so it’s pretty well hidden.


It was pretty well done, given that I only spent a little time on it back in the warehouse.

There’s a small latch to keep the door closed on it too.

I have already confirmed that even if I were to de-summon the skeleton, the coins will return along with it, just like how it does for its equipment.


“With that, I don’t have to be so anxious about keeping a large amount of money with me when walking around.”

“I see… Can I also leave my money there?”

“Sure. Let’s find somewhere to do that then.”

“How about the store with the balcony over there? You can look at the view from the second floor!”

“Let’s go there then.”


By Benedetta’s request, we walked towards the large bar close to the center of the plaza.





– Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Evening – Olbia City – Le Cabin – Entertainment District – Smile of Edda


This tavern seems pretty reasonable and fancy looking, and a young waiter came to take us.

Giving 100 Goldas as a tip is a good way to curry some extra favor, supposedly.


“I’ll take you to the seats on the roof.”

“… If you would do.”


It was Centurion who had taken out the tip out of my wallet and handed it over to the waiter.

I didn’t really know this place had this sort of custom, so I didn’t complain too much. Just a slight glare that sort of says, ‘why didn’t you mention this earlier?’.


By the way, the roof is on the third floor while the seats from the second are reserved for the more wealthy, from what I can see when passing through.


“You seem pretty used to it.”

“It’s from MARIO’S memories. He USED to do this FREQUENTLY on BUSINESS.”


I thought he didn’t know much from Mario’s business travels…

However, as expected from that tip, the boy showed us a seat that had the best view from what was available.





We could see a performance happening right from where we are… and after a while, I realized I had seen it somewhere.


I thought maybe it was because the plot was so simple, I might have mistaken it for something else, but that was not the case.


The stage performance continues on while I was thinking of such a thing.

Their actors are quite wonderful, and I can hear their voices even though we are quite a distance away from it. The cheers from the crowd also tells me I’m not wrong about that.





We started watching only part way through the play, so I’m not so sure what had happened, but from what I could tell, it seems like the hero was stopped by his confidant as he was heading to battle on his horse.

There was some argument going back and forth, until the hero was able to convince the other to let him pass through.


What I’m more interested, surprisingly, was the horse used in the play. It’s a real horse, but it behaves extremely calm.

Perhaps there is a Beastmaster within the group… A skilled beastmaster seem to be able to manipulate animals like horses at will, and there are many beastmasters who changed their jobs to higher ranks in the riding system I hear.

There is also the monster manipulation path for that divine protection, but either way is difficult apparently.


By the way, Benedetta and Phillips were quite into the play that they had been moving around the table for a better look.

… It’s a little distracting, but seeing their excited faces made me hesitant to complain.


It’s just me and Centurion here, chilling out from the other side while still watching. The other two skeletons are standing outside of our view.

It doesn’t seem like bringing escorts to the entertainment district is all that unusual, so at least their actions won’t be particularly strange.


“This play is, Great King of Arcadia, Dessne.”

“… Ah, I think I heard that somewhere… I wonder what generation it was?”

“The FIRST one. AFTER another two GENERATIONS, there WASN’T another KING for PRUDIA.”

“Hmm… You’re quite informed.”

“If you TRAVEL further SOUTH, stuff like THIS becomes COMMON knowledge.”


Arcadia the first… During the unified kingdoms of the southern coastal nations, he was the first person to be hailed as the Great King of Pardia. He was also considered the founder of the group who worked to restore the kingdom.

He is widely known as an important figure from history, and would probably be the one children would hear about the most in schools (if there is one).


I don’t really know much about this king myself, but I was still interested when I hear stories about how he would defeat an army 5 times his own in a frontal battle.


I remembered seeing this play twice back when I was a guard in Comnes.

It’s a far cry compared to this though… the horse was a man with only the headpiece on.


“Ooh! Look my Lord! The enemies had been divided.”



It was a play, so it’s not like they could replicate an actual battle sequence, but even so, it does a great job in showing it though. It’s enough to give me an image to what a real battle would’ve been like.


The two front-line fighters of the party are getting heated up.

I was half expecting Phillips to make some comment regarding the tactic, but he remained silent as he continued to watch.


I also decided to focus on the play too.


(Hero, huh…)


At that thought, I was suddenly struck with an idea… Well, it’s really just a simple delusion of mine. Still, it’s worth knowing just in case…

… Let’s try asking.


“Hey, Centurion. Where abouts is the tomb of King Arcadia?”

“About 10 days SOUTH from HERE, if you TAKE the north-south HIGHWAY… Why ASK?”

“No… no reason. Just asking out of pure curiosity.”

“… Hmm…. JUDGING from his LEGEND, he seems like a very TEMPERAMENTAL person. Do you THINK a person like THAT would JOIN a group like OURS in the FIRST place?”

“Ah, you’re right.”


He certainly has a point.

It’s hard to imagine his temper to be so calm given the fact he had repeatedly participated in wars over and over.

Just simply getting his favour would be difficult already. Not to mention, the fact that skeletons are able to do as they please is something I also need to be concerned about…


In Phillips’ case, he has an exceeding amount of loyalty (or responsibility?), and is willing to follow orders despite his exceptional strength… which is a rare find if I were to think about it.


Ah, right…

There’s also the problem that I don’t fully understand what the conditions are in activating the Heroic Spirit Contract skill…


… I’ve only used it once after all.





At the end of the play, all the actors, including the one for the great king and the princess, gave a bow as they closed off.


“Thank you ladies and gentlemen for coming here tonight! Our group is grateful for the wonderful audience we have here today. If you are impressed with the legend of the Great King, you can visit Argis, which is the sacred place where the Great King lays. Again, thank you very much for watching!”


At that moment, the front stage, the balconies of surrounding taverns, and the ones from the rooftop, cheered explosively!


There were a number who were reaching out into their pockets, and looking closely, they had several coins in their hands.

Even at the front stage, everyone started raising their coins… and it seems like only the male customers are doing it…


(… What’s this?)


Coins begin to shower on the stage as the actors gave their bow!


“Hurry Master! I’m aiming for that crown! Please give me and Phillips some coins please!”

“Are you throwing money at it! Let me in!”


In a hurry, I took out some copper coins and handed it over to the both of them. When I looked back to the stage, the actor for the great king had exited the stage and had left his crown at the front and the male customers had been throwing coins at it.

For some reason, only the queen actress remained on stage and continued to wave… Isn’t it dangerous there?


Perhaps it’s because of my stat increase, but I could clearly see the individual coins being thrown onto the stage.

It seems like either silver or small copper coins are fine…

Some of the audience placed their hands onto their heads after throwing. Is it a religious gesture or something?


(Alright, let’s try it from here.)


Taking out a silver coin from the skeleton bank, I held it in my hand and took aim.


That actress that played as the queen, continues to stand by the crown as coins pummel around.

Naturally, some of the coins hit, but she didn’t seem to show any sign of it hurting… is this also a religious gesture?


There’s a considerable distance separating from where we are, and the people nearby us didn’t seem to have reached the crown even once either.


It’ll probably be noticeable if I were to get it in one shot…

Since I have a habit of not standing out as best I could, I’ll have it reach close to the crown only.


My throw was stable, and despite it being a coin shape, it drew a perfect parabola, aiming just 10cm to the left of the crown, just where I wanted it.




(… !?)


The trajectory bent!?


I’m getting a sudden flashback to the time when that Elite harpy would repulse my projectiles, but this time, it bent only slightly so that it now heads straight for the crown!


… I had absolute confidence in my Throwing passive ability, and coupled with the night vision skill, I was able to perceive such a small detail.

And just as I thought, the coin bounced back up from the ground then dropped right into the crown.


… And then…


The queen who had been giving a warm smile around turned silent the moment the coin fell in, and for some reason, looked straight at me with an expressionless face…




… But it was really for just a few moments before she returned to her usual gentle smile while still facing this way.


However, that instant change of expression gave me a chill.


(… Uwaa, scary.)


In a calm behaviour, that made it seem like nothing happened at all, she tells something to the people around her… And then, one of them starts coming towards this building.


“Hey man! Great shot! She just looked at you now didn’t she?”

“They say if you get your money into that crown, you’ll be blessed by the Great King! Ahh, lucky you.”


When I got praised by some of the guys around me, it got me a bit happy with myself.

Benedetta looked at me with a confused look, wondering why I decided to stand out now…

… No, it wasn’t on purpose. I swear.


However, once I saw some people coming to the rooftop, I start regretting it, feeling I might end up in a bothersome situation again.

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