Hone to Issho Chapter 74 – Armor Shining in Silver

Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Before Noon – Olbia City – Dandro’s Weapon Shop


In the rain, we drove the wagon to the weapon shop.


Once the carriage stopped behind the building and the stone horse was returned back to its coin, I had four skeletons summoned out to guard the inside of the carriage.

It’s not like I find Olbia a particularly dangerous city, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


In order to get out of the rain as quickly as possible, we make our way running to the store.


… It’s a little different from the usual entrance I’ve been used to, but it didn’t take long to figure out where the reception clerk is.

He noticed us as we approached.


“Welcome… Oh, Nemo? The master is in the back workroom. He’s been expecting you.”

“Understood… ah, would the working room be the same as the blacksmith’s?”

“No… That’s not the room I was talking about.”

“Is that so? Nevermind then.”

“Something wrong?”

“Nah, it’s just that one of my teammates have a belief in not looking into a blacksmith’s work or something.”

“Lord, that’s a little different from what I meant.”


I was just making a light joke.

I remembered Phillips mentioning that back in Comnes, so I thought it would be fun to bring it back up again. Though, it doesn’t seem like it fell through to anyone.


(… Is Dandro doing something in the back?)


I wonder if it’s something related to what we discussed yesterday?





While following the clerk, we arrived to a somewhat eerie looking room, with the words ‘workroom’ written on it.

Inside, the room is about 12 meters wide with a large table in the center and lots of parts, tools, leather straps and ropes around.

There were several shelves lined up on the wall, so I can assume this room is like an assembly room or something.

Dandro seemed to have been working on an armor by the wall before noticing us and facing this way. The clerk left shortly after that.


“Ooh. You came. I was working a bit, so sorry about that!”

“Nah. Sorry for disturbing you.”


… So he really is in the middle of working on something.


The armor he had been working on just now was a beautiful-looking metallic whole body armor, fixed together with some parts I don’t think I’ve seen before.

This is indeed a plate armor, and I’ve seen that one in the catalogue several times. It does always seem to catch my eye.


“I’ll stop on this for now. Let’s use the table there to discuss some things.”


There are about 8 chairs around the table, so we all had a seat.

A couple of tools are scattered around the desk, but that’s alright since I don’t think we’ll be using it.

Seeing as we were all ready, Dandro continues to speak.


“So you see… I don’t think I would be able to make just any sort of armor for Phillips and Centurion, so I’ll probably have to make some mechanism to suit their bodies. Though, I’d like to talk to you about it first.”

“Ah… I wanted to show you something first… Phillips, could you show him the rubber armor we added yesterday?”


As Phillips shows, Dandro nods like he understood something.


“I see. If that’s the case, then…”


The first thing that was decided was that there was no need in making any special modifications for the skeletons.

In other words, the armor will be the same as a normal person’s (that is, if you don’t count the size the armor will have to be for Phillips’).


This is because the skeleton’s structure is the same as any other human, and with the rubber armor covering the outside, it should be alright to fit in the armor on normally.


Considering its future maintenance, having a normal armor like this is much more favorable to us, since we won’t be needing to mess around with the inside supports. If need be, I can still add them into it anyways.


With that being decided, there’s still the kind of armor we will need to choose from.


“This is a little hard to move in… These heavy gauntlets especially will make it harder for me to wield my spear.”

“I WOULD also like MINE to be the SAME as HIS.”

“Some freedom around the shoulders would be good, since I will be needing it to use the bow. Oh, and I would also like to avoid having heavy gauntlets too please. Preferably some bracers.”


Seems like everyone here is going for some lighter equipment.


The common equipment used here is a helmet, breastplate, guards for the limbs, and chainmail skirt… Other things include some padded shoes that has some sort of metal protection inside of it.


In addition, Phillips has an iron buckler attached directly to his arm, and some shoulder armor will be added for him and Centurion.


Seeing that, I tried suggesting a japanese shoulder guard for the both of them, just for fun.

Some modifications will be needed on the side of the breast plate, but it didn’t seem like it would be too much work.


In addition, it doesn’t seem like having a collar to protect around the neck is common in Olbia, so I try giving him an example of one by showing Centurion’s armor.

It doesn’t add too much weight to the armor, and gives quite a lot of protection on some of the openings around the neck.





After our talk with the armor and each person’s measurements have been finished, we moved on to buying weapons.


Dandro called the sales clerk over, and in total, I had bought seven one-handed axes, two two-handed axes, and about 21 spears.

It’s a lot of spears, but the total price was less than 60,000 goldos, which is quite cheap considering the quality of weapons from this shop… though then again, this amount of weapons is going to happen quite frequently, given the nature of my skill.


The clerk that was informed, called up some more helpers to carry the weapons into the workroom.


“Sorry about that… We don’t have much spears left apart from these.”

“No no, it’s fine. It was a sudden order afterall.”

“Spears also aren’t particularly in demand either…”


Then again, I did buy all the spears in stock some time ago, so I was quite impressed they already have this many.

I still wanted a little more though.

I’ll tell Dandro that I’ll be placing more orders of these soon.


Eventually, after all of the weapons have been carried here and the last clerk had left the room, I called out my skeletons to equip them then de-summoning them once that’s done.


“So you change your weapons like that? That’s interesting… You mentioned having 87 of these, but can you use them all at the same time?”

“Yeah… I do that every time when we go out hunting.”

“I’d like to see that at least once.”

“If you come out to the plains with us, it’s possible… I can’t really take out all 87 in here though.”

“Is that so? Though, I can’t really leave this shop right now…”


By the way, the only weapons left here now are the bone clubs and the extra two-handed axes.

I called out three skeletons to carry them into the carriage, but Dandro picks one up from the stacked up pile.


“That rubber from earlier surprised me a bit, but this Engraving and Platings is really a marvel… This here is made of bone right? You could probably sell this as an actual weapon if you want to.”

“Well, I guess I could, but I’m still too busy with hunting, so I don’t think I will have the chance for that.”


Besides, it’s not like keeping them with me just in case for the next level up isn’t such a bad thing… though that is somewhat of a hoarder mentality.


“Well you are an adventurer, so I suppose money would not really be your real aim then… By the way, is this Plating only doable with iron?”


… Good question.


“I’m not really certain about this in particular, but it seems that this skill could also be used with bronze, silver, etc… I haven’t done that of course. It’s too expensive. Besides, I don’t know whether the performance would be better than steel anyways.”


By the way, the rank of metals in the game is ordered from iron (or steel), bronze, silver, then gold.

As far as my common sense goes, I’m quite doubtful bronze would be a better material than steel, but if this really is the case, then I’m just going to have to accept that.


Thinking about it, this probably applies to golems as well, and since this is the case, I’ll probably have to start collecting some of these metals from now on.


“So what you’re saying is, as the value of material improves, so does the end performance? Just what is your Divine Protection? Never in my life had I seen something like that.”

“… I also wondered the same thing…”


I’ve already stopped thinking about that long ago… This life is full of mysteries.

Though, I wonder if I will get an answer some day?





After I had finished changing the weapons, Dandro takes a look at the armor then turns this way.


“By the way… There’s something I want to ask.”





Dandro leads me in front of the armor he had been working on just before we came… what’s this?


“Is this armor for that aristocrat from yesterday? Is it already done?”


The name of that client was… Lord Ediel?

I think that was the name that clerk said from before.


“That’s right. This armor here was made by another craftsman that died about 30 years ago. I was requested to restore it… but there’s some problem I have.”


“Nemo… what do you think of the design of this armor?”


From what I can see, it seems to be wonderfully crafted, with a number of intricate designs marked around the rims of the plate armor, which in turn helps the armor seem much more bolder…


And so, I told him what I thought.


“… I think so too… but you see, this sort of design isn’t really popular nowadays.”



There’s fashion trends in armor designs?

According to Dandro, it seems like it’s an important thing, especially for high-ranking nobles, as a way to show off their personality and status in the battlefield.


To me, a shiny polished armor where I can see my reflection like a mirror is enough of an aesthetic sense before, but now I engrave patterns on it just so I could not leave it blank.


“I’m not particularly good with this design… I’ve always been stuck on what I should engrave onto it. I managed to keep my customers satisfied from what little I know of, but I’m getting worried about it the older I grew…”


Seems like even a well-known craftsman like Dandro would have a problem like this.


“So the request is to have this armor more flashier but in a modern way… “Well… Could you do this for me?”


Dandro nods… I don’t think it’s okay to leave this to a completely inexperienced and unrelated person like me.


“I don’t want to! Not something as serious as this!”

“It’s alright! You won’t screw up! Looking at the designs you make on your shields, there’s no problem… to begin with, the entire responsibility goes to me anyways, so there’s nothing you’ll need to worry about.”


It seems like Dandro was really serious about me doing it.


Giving up on his demand, I applied modelling onto the steel plate first, as a temporary design.


“… A beautiful woman with snakes growing out of her hair… Now, this is something I wouldn’t be able to come up with.”

“I didn’t come up with it. It’s a monster that was a myth from my hometown.”

“Speaking of which, you did say you came from Comnes. So there was such a thing there huh. But, this is good…! Please continue! It looks fun.”

“… Well, I’ll go with this then… It’s not my responsibility if I screw up okay?”


I say that, but this kind of work suits my taste.

I apply Engraving on top of the area I used Modelling and spread the snake hair around the armor.

By that point, I was gradually immersed in drawing.


The carvings on the upper arms were engraved with abstract patterns of monsters such as Hydra, Manticore, Sphinx and Cherub Eros. Something similar to a constellation.

Engraving the armor made it more of a three-dimensional, and so long as I don’t go in too deep, it shouldn’t affect the defense much.


It took a while to finish all this, even with modelling, and it’s a step up compared to what I normally do for skeleton armor to begin with.

Once everything is over, I breathed out a sigh… Looking over to Dandro, he had his hand placed on his forehead.



“So I screwed up huh…?”


Oh crap.

Did I do too much? Maybe I shouldn’t have added in so much detail.


“It’s the opposite… I just didn’t expect to see something so wonderful… Thank you Nemo. I can now leave my shop to you.”

“No thanks, please don’t joke like that…”


Leaving out Dandro’s weird exaggerations, I do also find the design to be surprisingly good, and through Dandro’s approval, I breathed a sigh of relief that I was able to make something decent.





After a while, Dandro and I looked more into the entire armor, adjusting the design balance and other stuff.

… Though, I get the feeling were just messing around right now.


Dandro came back again later with a fist-sized metal block that shone like a mirror. I get the feeling I know what this is.


“You said before, that if you use something like silver for your Plating skill, it would increase the performance more right? I wonder if you could do that on this armor here.”


So it is silver. I didn’t think much, and applied the silver as is.

And at that, the armor shines in a much silvery color…


“It’s much lighter now! What does this mean!?”


Dandro, who had equipped one of the gauntlets to test it out, started getting riled up.


I also put on the helmet, and indeed, for a material such as steel, this is incredibly light compared to how it looks.

When giving it a few knocks, it feels like it’s defensive capabilities also rose just as much.

I wonder if selling something like this is okay?


I put my thoughts back into place now, and began to slightly regret doing this. But there’s no point in worrying over that now.

I don’t even know how to remove this plating anymore…


There’s no choice but to pray that the nobleman who requested this is the sort of person who doesn’t care much about the armor’s functionality.


(I wish I could’ve Plated the skeletons with this silver…)


Dandro, who was happily moving around the worn gauntlet, looked at the remaining silver and stopped what he was doing.





“This probably isn’t enough, but please take these. I don’t have a lot on me right now, but once we get paid for this armor, you can expect a lot more.”


He handed over to me six bronze ingots, almost at the size of rugby balls.

According to him, these aren’t the store materials, but they’re his personal items.


Certainly, this is pretty nice.

Instead of money, this is definitely something I would prefer more.

If the rules from the game applies, I could definitely get my skeleton corps up another extra level of strength, but…


I still can’t completely wipe my anxiety over this store’s silver armor.

Even so, we left the weapons shop.


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8 months ago

Thanks for the treat.

Natan Nael
Natan Nael
8 months ago

Thanks for the chapter…
I think silver or gold is not that good for armor though…
No mater how beautifull it is steel or stronger material is preferred, because a life loss cannot be restored anyway.