Hone to Issho Chapter 73 – Town Caravan

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– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Night – Olbia City – Adventurer Guild – Warehouse


While taking out the skeleton coin from my pocket, I take notice of the bars of steel next to the carriage.


Compared to when we brought these over from Comnes, the amount of steel materials we have now had greatly decreased after re-plating skeleton weapons, enlargen the golem, and plating on the caravan just now.


(… Now then, will this be doable?)


Looking at the skeleton coin, I tried doing something unusual, and used Plating directly onto it, but it didn’t work.


(I guess doing it this way wouldn’t be possible… I thought if it did, it would’ve saved me a lot of steel.)


No matter, it was better to check it first anyways.

Now that that idea failed, I called out the skeleton like I originally planned, and took out its equipment and armor… after that, I took hold of a piece of steel and activated the skill.


And at that moment, I feel my mana moving as the skill covers the skeleton, giving it a now iron-colored skeletal frame.


(Uwaa!! It worked! Yes!)


This is it! Finally, a huge power up!





Feeling myself a little light-headed from all the excitement, I tried to calm myself down first before taking a better look.


Although I applied the same steel material as all the others, the skeleton has a much darker tone to it than expected, seemingly almost black for some reason. Not that I’m complaining or anything. It looks pretty cool.


I don’t really have much time today, so after having a quick look, I immediately proceeded to use Engraving onto it.


(With this plus the Plating, this is going to make a huge power leap!)


… However, an unexpected result came along… 





(Engraving, isn’t activating?… Rather, it feels like it’s being repelled…)


There was a different reaction compared to the reaction of the skill simply not activating. I feel it being applied, since I can feel myself using up my mana, but there doesn’t seem to be any effect put on to the skeleton.


I tried several more times with different conditions, but the response remained the same, and the Engraving skill never properly activated.


Despite being able to strengthen earlier using Plating, not being able to Engrave on top of that was a little discouraging…





– Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Morning – Olbia City – Adventurer Guild – (Cheap) Room


“Good morning.”



Getting up from bed, it seems that it’s raining outside today as I can hear it tattering against the window.


“It’s our day off today, but it’s been raining for quite a while already.”

“Well, the stores would still be open even in the rain, so there’s not much problem with it in particular.”


I was planning on going shopping for today, mainly for things that are not related to adventuring.

In particular, there was that promise with Benedetta. I kept having it postponed, so I would at least like to have it done today.


… There’s no real problem with it… but… it is making me recall that thing with the Engrave skill not activating, and had me a little depressed again.


(Hm, I should really stop letting it get to me.)


Thinking that, I try to get positive.

I wonder if fully controlling skeletons for training would get my mind off of it?


Well for now, I suppose I’ll head to the warehouse to continue from yesterday.





– Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Morning – Olbia City – Adventurer Guild – Warehouse


The visit to the warehouse was done after breakfast, where Phillips, Centurion and the Plated skeleton was summoned out.


“MASTER, morning.”

“Good morning, my lord.”


I greeted the two of them.

The armor that was taken off of the skeleton from last night was put back to it… I tried to use Engraving once again when I had it desummoned to its coin, but there was no reaction once again.


It doesn’t seem like anything changed since yesterday, but I had the skeleton re-summoned again.


“Are YOU still GOING after YESTERDAY?”

“Yeah. I can’t really sit well with this.”

“Have you NOT done ENOUGH testing with the ENGRAVING?”

“I can’t be certain, or rather, I would prefer if that isn’t the case… There’s bound to be something I’m missing here.”

“Well, GOOD luck with THAT.”


Taking a closer look at the plated skeleton, Phillips muttered.


“This guy seemed to have changed a great deal.”


Until now, the skeletons had a somewhat idyllic appearance about it. Which is sort of the reason why there was only a mild reaction around Comnes when they were walking around, as there was no feeling of evil undead atmosphere to it given its clean appearance and somewhat rounded skeleton.


However, the skeleton that had been plated looks sort of mechanical… sort of a more sharper appearance.

The monster-like atmosphere is mostly gone now, but it does look considerably strong.

Though, that’s only on the visual perspective. It still obeys my commands like it normally does.


“It looks sort of like the golem doesn’t it?”

“Aah… it does huh.”


Golem… I guess it does give it a unique impression.

With nothing left to do here, I left the warehouse.


But I wondered why…

Even though it’s supposed to be a day off, I get the feeling that I’m going to be quite busy…





– Adventurer Life Day 70 (Sun) – Morning – Olbia City – Olbia – Backstreet


The first thing on the schedule is to go to the clothing shop Benedetta learned from another adventurer, then after that would be to head over to Dandro’s workshop along with the skeletons and buy some weapons.


While heading to the clothing store, we were going down the street with the wagon we had just bought.


(However, this sure is convenient… I’m barely doing anything, and I’m still able to get my way past this city.)


Despite having barely any experience riding a horse, much less a carriage, I’m still able to easily maneuver my way around controlling the golem horse.


Benedetta sits on the front pedestal beside me, while Phillips and Centurion are peeking through the hood of the wagon, giving a, ‘I want a turn!’, sort of expression, to which I gave into.


It seems like anyone could ride the carriage like this very easily and safely.

Though, because of his size, Phillips would have to sit from behind the pedestal, causing a slightly narrower field of view on the surroundings.

I had to take the reins off of him since it could be dangerous, which had him seemingly disappointed…

… A rare reaction.





It was raining today, so I was a little uneasy, but driving the carriage seems to be fine.

Maybe because of the rain, there were not many people out on the streets today, so that’s good.


I handed the reins over to Centurion as I laid down inside the wagon on top of some slime cloth I bundled up. I can hear the rain hitting on the hood above me, but it didn’t feel wet when I touched it, so at least it won’t be too damp inside.

The caravan is long enough for even Phillips to lie down on, but with the floor slanted like this, it is a little unusual.


“By the way, this new tire is pretty good… It’s easy to turn despite being the rain like this.”


With Benedetta bringing up a topic of discussion, Phillips and Centurion also gave their thoughts on it.


“Indeed. It also seems to travel quite smoothly… well, at least compared to the other carriage in front of us, it doesn’t rattle as much.”

“Hey MASTER, do you THINK we could SPREAD this RUBBER on top of the PLATFORM?”


Ignoring Centurion’s statement there, it seems like everyone has a good impression of the rubber.

However, maybe it’s just me, but I still don’t really find this quite satisfactory.

Despite what Phillips says, it still does shake quite a bit. It just doesn’t make as much noise as the cart we had previously.

Improvement is still improvement however, so I can at least be happy with this.





– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Night – Olbia City – Adventurer Guild – Main Street


“It’s a good thing I brought the carriage here. I didn’t think there would be this much we would need to carry.”

“I bought too much clothes… Sorry, I didn’t realise how much I’ve taken.”


On our way back from finishing our errands, there was a clothes store we passed by.

She had heard about its reputation from other adventurers, and when she noticed the shop was selling them cheap for a limited time, she bought a crazy amount like in a trance.

Though, when she came back, it was a little comical seeing her reaction after she had seemingly snapped out of it.


Thanks to this, the carriage has quite a large bundle of clothes stuffed inside some slime cloth bags.


However, when leaving outside the carriage to help load it in, I occasionally see a number of passers-by taking second glances at the caravan.

I didn’t think of it too much before, but I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised with that sort of attention, given how the body and wheels are entirely gleaming with a metal shine.


Plating has an anti-rust effect to it, given that certain enemies from the game have special attacks that can rust equipment, so I thought it would be safe from the rain just like this. However, I might have to paint over it, given the unnecessary attention its been attracting.


(Maybe that caravan shop might have some paint…)


Though, it might be limited to varnishings like the one applied earlier, so I’m going to have to check.

That being said, I going to have to do that before anything else.


“Centurion. It’s about time for us to head to Dandro’s shop.”

“Understood, MASTER.”


As Centurion seemed to be having fun riding the carriage around, I asked him to head to the weapons shop next.


(This time, I’ll get some more spears there.)


With the new upgraded skeleton, I’m getting quite distracted thinking up of ways in using the spears for the skeletons…


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daeng yoja
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Natan Nael
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