Hone to Issho Chapter 72 – Epiphany

– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Afternoon – Olbia City – Carriage Shop – Timeless Wheels


Warren, the owner of this shop, has been showing us around the carriage.

Passing through the office-like room, we were guided to another room around the back where the workshop was.


Continuing on walking down the aisle, we could see large structures all the way from the entrance.


(… Ohh! It’s huge!)


This is of course, the carriage he mentioned. It’s much larger than one we were used to.


“Come then, feel free to have a look.”


Warren explained about some functions of the carriage.

At first glance, there seemed to be some shine to the paint that gives it a dark luster.

That supposedly help keep the wagon water-proof, and is a type of wood cut down from an area slightly south of Olbia.

Compared to the previous wagon, the wheels on this are big, and the loading platform is also much higher.


Wanting to check the size of the inside I walked to the back to take a look at it.




The surface of it is slightly curved, where the center of it is slightly raised. Kind of like it’s sitting on top of a cake roll.

… What’s this for?


“Ahh… that? The middle is raised only so that rolling items, like barrels, wouldn’t be moving around so much inside.”

“I see…”


Seems a little more sophisticated than a cart…

Not to mention, the size of it is also quite large… it’s the size I’ve been looking for.

I tried asking about it with the rest of my party.


“What do you think?”

“Yes, it seems quite sturdy. Though, what do you do with the hood?”


Ah, that’s right. Wagons would normally have hoods attached to them.


“I didn’t put it on since I wanted the paint to dry. Once that’s done, I can put it on at anytime.”

“Is that so.”


Apart from its size and the curvature of the platform, the rest of the caravan isn’t any different from a normal one.

Six pieces of dome-shaped curved timber extends from the caravan like a ribcage. Putting a cover over it would keep the inside out of the rain and wind.


“…? This WOOD, what is IT?”


From the side of the carriage, there is a 50cm wide board extending across between the front and back wheels.


“Over there, you can place some barrels onto it. Just have some roped tied around it and the main body… Speaking of which… you aren’t human, are you?”

“I’m a summoned creature… By the way, there seems to be quite a wide space for animals to pull the wagon.”

“That’s right. It is an unusual kind… This carriage is made to be pulled by 4 rather than the usual 2. It’ll be difficult to move otherwise.”


Somehow, with the two of them talking to one another, there’s been quite a bit of information going about.

Listening in more closely, it seems like there were already some barrels there that serves as feed and water for the animals that would carry this.


Certainly, these are things that would be essential to use. However, that won’t be really necessary for us.

… Golem horses don’t eat after all.

I don’t think there was a mechanic to feed the horses in the game either, so I could be quite lucky on this.


It’s a shame we only have 3 horses. If I had my level increased, we would have had enough golem horses to fit in the caravan..


Speaking of which, since we won’t be needing any feed or water for the horses, that would mean the platforms from the side is all free. It could probably be used to carry more people there… though, that means it will be pretty much unneeded for the most part then.


… I wonder if Phillips and Centurion would prefer if the sides have barrels of alcohol there instead…





“Here you go! The carriage is now yours sir!”


A while later, I paid 120,000 goldas to Warren for the caravan.

It looked to be in good condition, so I bought it with not much hesitation.

With that, one-third of money has just been used.


However, this was 20% cheaper than the market price, and the product was ready to be given right away, so it’s not something I will complain about..


On the other hand, the store owner Warren, lost a little more than what was expected due to the sudden cancellation with the noble, but he was still relieved since he was considering having to forcefully sell it off as scrap anyways.





“… Say, where did this donkey come from?”

“I think it’s been there for quite a while. Just don’t mind where it came from.”



Since this is a carriage made for four horses, I had to split the original stone horse into two, placing them on each end of the three shafts. Since there’s a shaft going straight through the middle, it’s best to have an even amount of horses here otherwise it will start pulling from one side.

Due to that however, the horses are much smaller, and seem almost donkey-sized.


“No… Isn’t this donkey a little weird? Actually… is this donkey made of stone?”

“Ah, well, don’t worry too much about it. This one is also a skill from my divine protection.”



Warren appears to be terribly confused. But to be honest, I’m not sure if I could explain it better.

My skill just so happens to be able to do this. Any other details of why it does this, then I have no clue.

For the time being, he tries to shift the focus back on the caravan.


“I’ll say it once more. Whatever happens to the caravan that was due because of the donkey’s inability to move it, I won’t be held responsible for it. Okay?”

“It’s alright, so don’t worry.”


Gesturing with his arm, Warren calls another craftsman to help him work.

Since the additional work only consists of moving the shafts into position, the work didn’t last longer than 15 minutes.

We had been waiting in the waiting room until it was done.





Once it has been over, he called us over to have a look.


“Here. It’s ready to be taken away… That funny looking horse, it didn’t move the entire time. It was a little creepy.”

“Well, it did make the work easier didn’t it? Can I have a look?”

“Yeah, the hood is also up… You can take it away immediately.”


Returning back to the workshop, the horse was connected and the hood was hung up.


“Ooh… This is perfect.”

“It’s in perfect condition… Well, having that horse pulling it along is a different matter… Oh!?”


When I had the horse walk slowly, the carriage lightly pulls along with almost no delay.

As far as the quality is concerned, it seems to be more than enough.

Once confirming that, I had the horse stop, and the carriage stops immediately.


Since the loading platform is large, there might be some problems once it is fully loaded, but for the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any problems when empty.


“This thing… It’s pulling it along like it’s light.”


Though a bit surprised, he quickly regains his composure and explains about the precautions and maintenance needed for it.

I was reminded to bring back the carriage around 2 weeks later, since it is easy for the carriage to start to loosen given how new it is.


By the way, it seems like noblemen and merchants usually have someone hired for them to deal with the maintenance, so having to precaution someone like me is quite rare for him to do.


Now then, when leaving the workshop, I get a feeling that not only Warren, but also the other craftsmen having been gossiping about my stone horse.

But I’m ignoring it. I’ve been here for quite a while now and want to leave… besides, it’s not like this sort of reaction is unusual for me.


Climbing on to the front seating at this height, was a little unusual for me, but once up there, I can tell the structure of this is quite sturdy, so it’s quite lucky for me to actually be able to buy this.





– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Evening – Olbia City – Adventurer Guild – Lobby


The carriage was stored in the warehouse, behind the guild. After a short break, we went to the lobby for dinner.


Dinner started at the usual time, but today I’m quite hungry.

As soon as I went for a seat, Benedetta, who was walking with me, was looking around.



“What’s wrong?”

“… Do you get the feeling that there’s more 12 seated tables here than usual?”

“… Ah yeah… Why is that?”


I didn’t even notice at all until it was mentioned.

Looking over, there were indeed more long tables placed around the lobby, and quite a lot of them are occupied.


“You think it’s related to the notice from the guild?”

“Probably. It makes sense if there are more people increasing their party size as a precaution against those Elites.”

“Things sure are changing huh…”


I noticed a young adventurer going around over to different parties from their seats.

Apparently, he seems to be asking for a party.


(… Should I move up in increasing my party?)


My skills will need to remain confidential though, so it’s probably best if I don’t get involved in it.

Even more so, the share between each members will also be reduced, not to mention, we won’t be as flexible as we are now, given that were so few.

… There’s quite a lot of disadvantages to this.


And so, when the young adventurer came here, I politely rejected his offer in partying up.


(Well, even if I’m not that fond of it, it might be fun to be part of a large party.)


I thought to myself that when seeing the large group of adventurers having fun at one of the tables.





– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Afternoon – Olbia City – Adventurer Guild – Warehouse


When coming back to our warehouse, I took a look at the slime tub to see how they’ve been growing.


“As ALWAYS, the production of SLIMES are GROWING steadily.”

“For some time now, I think the demand for rubber will be greater than that of slime cloth. Keep the ordinary slime running as it is and increase the number of ooze instead.”



,,, By this point, me and Centurion had already been calling it rubber.

It was completely different compared to the ordinary slime cloth, so it was convenient to call it a different name.

For that same reason, black slimes had also been called ooze.


“It’s really strange…”

“I had never seen something like this before…”


Phillips and Benedetta had been fiddling around with the rubbers on the shelf.

Seems like such a material really is unique.

The same must have gone for Centurion…


“With these RUBBERS, what do you PLAN to USE these for?”

“Well first, I plan on using these materials as protection for yours and Phillips’ armors.”


Calling out to Phillips, I had him remove his armor around his chest.


The current method of fixing armor is to have it fixed onto the ribs using Bone Manipulation.

However, with this method, there’s quite a bit of risk where the impact would cause the ribs inside to break, or even transfer the damage to the spine, so it is a little worrying.

But now with the sheet of rubber around the bones, the shock absorption should be slightly better.


Tomorrow, we’ll be having a meeting with Dandro about the armor, so this will have to be done by today.

That’s why I’m kind of in a hurry.


“This is a little more difficult to do than I imagined…”

“It’s like having double armor… This sheet looks quite sturdy.”


Using Modelling on it is difficult because of its elasticity.

In addition, it had to be done in a way that would not hinder Phillips’ movement, and so ittook a surprisingly long time doing that.


While having sweat on my forehead, I have been moving around Phillips like a tailor taking measurements.





“Phew. It’s not finished yet, but it seems to be taking shape now.”


The black rubber manages to cover both the body and shoulders.


“With just this alone, I feel like this could have quite some defence to this…”

“It seems like it could work against blunt weapons.”


I wanted to do one for Centurion as well, but it doesn’t seem like I would have enough time.


“So there was such a use for rubber…”


“… Nemo. What’s the matter?”

“That was close! I almost forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me!”

“… I don’t think I did anything?”

“It’s Engraving and Plating…”



I picked up the rubber material I was going to use for Centurion.


(… Something like this.)


Ingots are used to make elongated shapes, and Modelling can be used to connect them together creating a long strip of rubber.

It doesn’t seem like using Ingot on this material would harden it, like it does with earth.


I had this strip wound around the wheels of the carriage.


“So with the rubber… are you using it to reduce the impact on the wheels?”

“Yep, that’s right!”


It’s an exact guess from Benedetta.

Centurion and Phillips also look at the tires with interest.


Unfortunately, I originally wanted the tire to be in a tube shape, but with how things are now, that’s not going to be possible. A strip of rubber around the wheel will have to do.


(Well, I can see how it goes once we start moving it outside…)


Having that thought, Benedetta asks a question.


“By the way, when you said Engraving and Plating, what did you mean?”

“Oh that?… I’ll show you now.”


At that, I ran my hand through the carriage, and patterns began to spread around the body.

I can feel my mana passing onto it, so I was sure it is working.


(… So it can be used on something that isn’t a weapon? In that case, plating should work too.)


Getting a sense that things are working as intended, I started looking forward to it





… After a while, the newly-purchased carriage has now turned iron-colored with geometric patterns engraved around the body.


“It looks heavy…”

“It looks more strong to me.”


Yep… it somehow looks intimidating now.

The white cover looks a little out of place, and the caravan looks like some sort of army vehicle.


“… Did the effect work?”

“Hold on a minute… Mm. It definitely became stronger.”


When pushing down the side plate of the carriage, the rigidity had a remarkable increase.

It’s definitely more durable like this now.


On the other hand, the wheel slips slightly, but I don’t think this would be something to worry about.

Although the weight would be heavier now, with the additional iron coating, it seems like the carriage could carry itself just fine since the wheels and the mechanical parts are all also upgraded together.


Like this, this caravan could probably pass through the plains without breaking apart more reliably now.


“Though it doesn’t work on living beings… it’s still a ridiculously useful skill.”




The moment I said that, what felt like thunder struck my head as I thought up somenting…


“Nemo…? Did you think of something again?”

“That’s right… No, actually… is it that there wasn’t any rule preventing me from applying on living things in general? I should have noticed it earlier… I’m such an idiot.”



If this works out well… then it might be bigger than anything I’ve done before.

Taking my out a coin from my pocket, I immediately summoned with a rush of expectations.

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8 months ago

Well I had been wondering from the start, why he hadn’t used his skill on the bones of his skeletons. Could have had a bunch of intimidating black iron skeletons marching through town.

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Natan Nael
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daeng yoja
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