Hone to Issho Chapter 71 – Challenger

– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Noon – Olbia City – Dandro’s Weapon Shop


After talking with Dandro in his store, I decided to have Dandro know about my ability, and show it by sending it out of my coin.


Just showing the skeleton doesn’t really have much meaning to it though, since it’s already known that both Centurion and Phillips are skeletons in the first place.

However, what I wanted to show, was my ability to instantly summon a large amounts of these.


At the moment, the only one from Olbia who knows of this sort of ability of mine is Grat, the adventurer guild’s employee.

Given the guild’s confidentiality regarding other adventurer’s divine blessings, it should be alright even if he were to know about it.


Mr Dandro would be the first person in this city where I reveal it by choice.

At that, I placed the coin onto the table, to which Dandro stares at it with slight confusion.


“What’s this coin? Is it made of bone? There’s an image of a skeleton carved onto it…”

“That one would be the secret I was keeping. Take a look at this. It’s the same coin, but I’m going to do something with it.”


Taking another coin from my bag, I tossed it to the floor and summoned a skeleton.

… As usual, an upright unmoving skeleton appeared in an instant.




Lifting himself slightly from the chair, his eyes widened as he stared at the suddenly appearing skeleton warrior.

The one I called out was one of the normal spear skeletons, and in addition with the weapon, it is also equipped with the full set of armor and shield.


The shield was originally round, but after the recent changes with our set up, it’s been modified into something looking more like a rectangle.


Getting off of his chair, Dandro walked up towards the spear skeleton.

After staring at the coin I left at the table, he looked at each part of the skeleton’s armor.


“If I have to simplify things, could I say this coin turned into this skeletal warrior?”

“That’s right. Including the ones here, I can summon out 87 in total.”



As expected, Dandro stood speechless.


After that, I started explaining about the Plating, Engraving, Bone Manipulation, Modelling, the golem skills, and how I’ve been using them as of now…


“I see… If that’s the case, I can understand why you wanted to keep all this a secret. You’ve been hunting together using your summons. I heard you had bought all the spears in the store, despite seeming to be a party of 4. I had wondered why, but this answers the question.”

“Ah… So that really did cause suspicion.”

“But even more so is the increase in performance of the spear we had made, after you had altered it using your Engraving and Plating… it’s almost unnatural.”


Though he was unable to swing the spear around properly inside this room, Dandro could still tell the difference when taking a look at it.

Once satisfied, he put the spear down and turned to me and brought up a different matter.


“By the way, do you have a request for me?”

“… What do you mean by that?”


We had been talking about my blessing this entire time, so the sudden change in topic had me slightly confused.


“I would like to make Phillips’ armor. I can do this free of charge… How about it?”

“Eh… !? I mean, I’d be honored, but why?”

“Mm… well, you see…”


Hesitating a little, Dandro spoke after a few seconds of silence.


“You potion helped me a great deal, and gave me the ability to work again. This is great, but it doesn’t change my old age, so my back pain would probably come back again someday. With that in mind, while I’m still capable of working on my blacksmithing, I have a great desire to leave something in my name… and I would be more than happy if it were to be for a warrior such as Phillips.”

“… If you insist… Then by all means!”


I accepted the proposal with excitement.

If a craftsman like him is willing to do so, then I have no reason to refuse.


(This is quite an amazing turn of events!)


At that thought, I felt someone pull on my sleeve… what is it?


“Can this include me as well?”


“Ha ha ha! I don’t mind at all! In fact, I’d be delighted to!”


Not giving me a chance to say something, Dandro heartily laughs.

I don’t really want to take advantage of this too much…


He even said he would make equipment for Benedetta too.

I don’t think this even compares to the small potion I sent to him…





“Sorry about this, but apart from Phillips’ armor, could you pay everything else? Well, I’ll still give a large discount for it though.”

“No, no. This much is fine for us. There’s no problem about it.”


It’s business talk now.

Well, we did agree it was only Phillips’ armor that he would make free of charge. And besides, I’m a little uncomfortable getting all thats for free to begin with.


That said, the high-end items from this shop are expensive compared to the equipment I had bought, though not as much, mainly because Olbia’s prices are generally low.


Though that said, I’m not undermining  Dandro’s ability as a blacksmith at the slightest. His respect from other craftsmen and wealth of his shop isn’t something to dismiss.

A work coming from a person such as this would not come cheap.


And so, as I look at the prices he presented, this is definitely lower than what it could’ve been… though it is within the range of my finances however, so thank goodness for that.





There’s no point of me idling about here, so I figured I’ll do something for now.


I first removed some armor parts from my normal spear soldiers.

It’s to give Dandro an idea on how the skeletons have been equipped.

In order to make some good fitting armor for Phillips, it’s important to give him this sort of information beforehand.


“… This armor, I didn’t think it would have this sort of structure inside. It’s definitely something only skeletons could wear.”

“Because they’re skeletons, the armor had been fixed to their ribs. If it is impacted by a strong monster, then the durability of its bones would break, so it’s important to have the impact as evenly distributed as possible, with a couple of supports connected to the other end of the armor.”

“What sort of damage have these guys been able to take?”

“Some took on collision against some Demon Horns, but at the moment, not much damage have been made to their heads or body. However, their arms and legs are their main weak points…”

“Hmm. It is quite different from what I’ve been used to…”


Dandro looks down at the removed armor parts, stroking his chin with his hand.


“The fact that the bones of the skeletons are not so strong is the biggest problem here. Even with Phillips’ case, despite having larger and stronger bones, he can only get so far with that.”

“So what you’re saying is that if he tries to use his full strength, there’s a chance he would break his body? It sounds quite cumbersome to be limiting your strength this entire time…”

“That’s right. Though they are bigger, the density of it is not as different as normal bones… though, having a limited strength isn’t the biggest issue… it’s that it will be difficult to supplement it with normal armor.”


Certainly, if Phillips were to exert his body, he would only damage himself… and the strength of the bones are too low to make full use of his power.

He would comment from time to time, about how envious he would be watching Talos move without constraint.

From what Dandro says, it doesn’t seem like it would be possible to fix it all using the armor…


While discussing about such things, there was a knock on the door.


“Excuse me, master. A messenger from lord Ediel is here about the armor.”

“Why now! Was there not supposed to be any orders today? I won’t be able to do anything if things have to keep going like this!”

“But even so, it’s still best to have a speak with it at the reception. They are in the aristocrat room, so please come.”

“I will go soon!”


However, the clerk continues to wait whilst staring at Dandro.

Apparently, it doesn’t seem like he will be leaving until he brings Dandro with him.

Knowing this, Dandro looks this way in disappointment.


“Sigh. It seems like the fact that my back has been healed was found out by some aristocrats. They wanted me to make some armor for them. I really wanted to make yours first however…”

“Master, the messenger is still waiting…”

“I know already! I’m going! Nemo! I still need to do some measurements, so come back here soon okay?”


Feeling pressed for time, the clerk took hold of Dandro’s arm, urging him to move along.



“Tomorrow! Come!”


Eventually, Dandro left dragged out of the room.


However, even though the armor for the skeletons seems to be like a lot of trouble, it looked to be quite possible.

He seemed to be motivated to try something new after making those javelins for us.


… However, will this have to be tomorrow then?

If so, then there’s a lot I’m going to have to do today.





– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Noon – Olbia City – Carriage Shop – Timeless Wheels


Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we left the weapon shop in a hurry.

There were some skeleton equipment I wanted to buy, but since we’ll be back here tomorrow, I’ll leave it until then.


The place we are going to right now is the carriage workshop.

I remembered this shop, since it was close to the other that dealt with horse equipment.


With the loading capacity of the cart becoming a detriment to our hunting, the desire to purchase a new carriage with a much larger capacity becomes greater.

At that, though we arrive at the shop today, I’m only just going to have a look around.

That said, the one that’ll be handling matters will be Centurion, so I can rest easy for a bit. Although… 


“You know… for today, we’re only just looking around. I’m not even sure if we’ll even buy one so don’t be too impatient okay?”

“I UNDERSTAND that. However, for the NEGOTIATIONS, I WANT to be the ONE to HANDLE it.”

“Well, don’t expect too much then… As I said, I haven’t decided to buy one yet.”


While talking to one another, we ask the store man in front of us.

This building really does appear to be a very large warehouse, both the entrance and the building itself.

If I have to make a comparison, the place looks like a car repair shop with all the workers here wearing gloves and having similar tools around.

In front of the building, was an experienced-looking craftsman talking with someone wearing a black coat and riding a horse, appearing to be a knight or something.


In the building next to that, I saw another craftsman working on a half-drawn carriage. Seeing that, I asked Centurion.


“… Thinking about it, it’ll be impossible to actually get a new carriage today.”

“That’s TRUE. Maybe I WAS a little HASTY.”


It seems obvious now, but I was under the impression it would’ve worked out the same way as it did for our cart. But it seems like we would need to make an order first however, and wait until they have finished building it.

… Well, that is what it seems like to me.


“I wonder if there’s a way to skip the order and get one straight away.”

“Do you MEAN something like SECOND-HAND?”

“No… I prefer if the carriage would be new. Since we will be needing to use it for a long time, I would like it if it would last as long too… If need be, we could always buy used ones after that, if we ever need any more extra capacity.”

“Would we HAVE enough MONEY for it?”

“Not for that many, but it doesn’t sound impossible for us in the near future.”

“That’s TRUE I GUESS.”


Yeah, durability is a real problem when it comes to used carts.

Given that we will be loading a large amount on rough terrain, it’s guaranteed that it wouldn’t last long.


I wonder if there’s a way to tell how long each could last for…


(…Hm? Wait a moment…)


Durability… I think there is something I can do about that…

With my skills, it should be possible…


“No way! We worked too long on this one. Just have it be paid on load, otherwise we’ll be in a huge deficit!”

“I’m sorry. Right now, it’s really not possible… Excuse me!”

“Wha- Wait!”


Before I was able to sort out my thoughts, loud voices echoed through the shop, and the sound of a horse galloping was later heard.

As I reflexively turned to towards the direction, I see the knight-like man galloping away from the store.

A middle-aged man was left stunned…


“What is this… This is a big loss.”


The man dropped his shoulders when saying that.


Brown hair, with the majority of his beard covering his face and stylized.

His face was square, fair-skinned, and his green eyes seemed to still be full of energy, but his expression shows he was severely depressed.

Is he the owner of this shop?


“Sorry… But did something happen?”


Wondering what happened, I spoke up. I have a feeling I know what happened tough…


“You see… It’s just that that guy from earlier ordered a carriage, but decided at the last second that he won’t be needing one and left, so we ended up not being paid for it. I can’t believe this… ah, would you happen to be a customer?”

“I suppose so… though you seem to be quite in a pinch? Are you in the middle of something?”

“No, no, it’s good. Or rather, welcome. Would you like something to drink?”


Seems like a shopkeeper that likes to talk a lot… and so we were taken to the back of the store.





“So it’s like that you see. We had to put off a lot of orders in order to make this one. There’s no way for us to sell a carriage of that size right away. We might be able to, if we were to lower the price, but then we’ll be going into a deficit. What a situation…”

“… Hm, I see.”


Warren, the owner of this carriage workshop, had already introduced himself.

Even after talking for a few minutes, he still seemed bitter from earlier. However, when I hear his story, I can’t say I don’t understand his feelings… I think.


The story went like this.


It all started in a forest area from the northeast, where there was a cultivation project led by a noble there. This shop received an order of a wagon for transportation.

As the size of the village expands, the amount of transport required to go between there and Olbia increases.

The operation has been going smoothly and a change in order, to make an even larger caravan, was placed.


However, today, for some reason unknown, the aristocrat came here and cancelled the entire order.

There was nothing he could really do about it since he’s dealing with a nobleman here…


… Listening to it, I sympathise with the guy, but there was something that caught my interest instead.


“So then… is that carriage there just standing around?”

“It’s a rugged wagon specified for traversing in rougher terrain, since roads connecting to developing lands aren’t well made. This isn’t something that would sell easy… Ahh, what do I do…”

“Can I have a look around it?”


This is an opportunity that doesn’t come as easily, and I was surprised myself at how it all just happened…


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daeng yoja
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