Hone to Issho Chapter 70 – Prohibited Weapon

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– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Noon – Olbia City – Back Street


After hunting, I had the cart with the stone horses, fully loaded with Demon Horns.

It was a successful hunt today, but somehow, I feel an unnatural dissatisfaction from it.

Needless to say, it was due to the exploding potion remaining unusable.


Turning to me, Centurion spoke to cheer me up.


“There’s STILL a lot of TIME left. It’s too EARLY to be DEPRESSED.”

“… Well, I guess so.”


Certainly, it is a little wasteful to already give up on the experiment.

That explosive power, even if the end result has it weakened, is still a very attractive tool I would want to use.


“I also THINK that BURNING stick also SEEMS to be pretty USEFUL.”


What Centurion was referring to there, was that solid fuel.


You’ll have to be careful handling it, but it does indeed seem to be useful, despite not doing it’s intended purpose.


(… Thinking it over calmly, even if this does end up as a dead skill, I’m still quite well off even without it.)


My skills are, in a general sense, can get me through most difficulties as it is.

There’s not much need for me to brood over if I end up unable to use these exploding potions.

The other skills are working well enough afterall.


(Even so, the problem this time is the liquid soaking into the tub… so long as there’s a problem that can be solved, it is still too early to give up.)


The solid fuel was made from having the liquid absorbed into the soil, and so if it were to soak into a different substance, the effect might change.

Perhaps I’ll focus on doing things this way for now.


Of course, the place we’ll have to experiment this in would have to be the plains.

But then, it’ll be impossible to do it today then huh?

Since tomorrow is Sunday, I can only start the experiment the day after tomorrow.


“Oh right, my lord. I wish to stop by the old man’s weapon shop. There’s the matter with the throwable spears I need to talk about with him.”


Phillips brought this up, shortly after we had just exchanged the materials from the guild.


That’s right, Phillips did have them tested out back at the plains. With the incident regarding the explosion potions, I almost forgot.

There were several prototypes given to us to test out different spears, and we plan to give them all back, including the easiest to use one.


“I don’t mind. I was also thinking of going to the weapons shop myself too… By the way, was there one with a good balance?”

“Yes. It was the one with the center of gravity closest to the front… however, is this alright?”

“About what?”

“I am worried with the increasing number of skeletons I can command, the price for all these would become too expensive.”

“So long as everyone has just one each, this should just be 3000 Goldas for each. Even if the number of skeletons increase, it still shouldn’t cost much.”


I have never seen these spears being made, but from what I can tell, it seems to use a much smaller amount of materials compared to swords and normal spears.

Even if it were to be produced in large quantities, I don’t think it is going to be that expensive.


However, in Phillips’ case, it’s a little different. As the monetary value compared to his era seemed to be vastly different, he feels a little more uneasy about how much things cost.

Even if I had said ‘we have a lot of money to spend’, it’s still natural for him to be wary, since even then we still use the cheapest room to stay the night in the guild.





– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Noon – Olbia City – Dandro’s Weapons Shop


Entering the store, the shopkeepers there are a lot more welcoming for some reason, and quickly guides us to the back right away without us needing to say anything.

Moreover, we even have one of the staff to stay and attend us.


Once I start to grasp Olbia’s general wealth as a whole, I started to notice how high level this store is compared to the rest.


Whether it is the size of the store, or the number of available staff, this store is at least a step above the others.

I began to realise just how amazing this shop is after every visit.


As such, if such a clerk from a high class store were to attend us like this, I feel quite uncomfortable.

Even the smile he makes to us is a little creepy…


After entering inside the room, the clerk took his leave, leaving just us to sit around and wait.


From the looks of things here, it seems like I am the only one here acting all nervous. The rest here seems to be simply relaxing on the comfy chairs…





After a while of waiting, the old man came into the room with a healthy gait.

With Dandro’s appearance like that, it’s hard for me to imagine this same man was in pain from his back just a few days ago.

I can feel his weight as he sunk his body onto the nearby chair.


“Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ve given the rest of the job to others, so we can take our time here now.”

“Much appreciated. Well then, should we start discussing about it?”


I asked about his back, and wanted to make sure he wasn’t straining himself again, but he brushed it off with a wave of his hand as he smiles.


“Ahh, sorry about that. It seems to be all fine now thank you. But what about you? Is something bothering you?”


It seems like he noticed something was on in my head, and so since I’m also worried if I would find another topic of a conversation, I brought it up.


“Say Dandro. Everyone in the store is now suddenly friendly to us. What happened?”

“Well, I suppose it would be because of that. Of course, I tried to keep my mouth shut about it, but the guy you gave the potion to seemed to realise it was connected with the pain in my back disappearing.”

“… I still don’t get it…”


Even with the explanation, I’m still confused.


“Oh yeah. You see, thanks to my waist all healed up, I was finally able to teach those guys just a bit more, and help out with the work. This was only thanks to you guys.”


… Hmm? Uh, so, in other words, because Dandro’s back was healed, all the clerks from the shop are able to receive instructions form Dandro again.

Well, I suppose that makes sense, given how prestigious this shop is. The workers here wouldn’t be working here without some intentions of wanting to be taught by a famous person like him… I think?


Hmm. Well if that’s the case, I could probably trust this sort of info wouldn’t be spread to anyone outside.


“Don’t worry, our clerks here are quite tight lipped when it comes to customer information. Unless there’s a crime involved, not a word would be spread to anyone else.”

“Uh huh.”


Well, there’s not much I could do about this anyways, so all I could do is to trust his word.





“By the way, was any of the throwing spears any good?”


Right, this was the main reason we came here to begin with.


“Yes… Phillips.”

“Mm. Elder, I ask for this.”


I passed the baton to Phillips, and he brought out the spear he chose.


“Aah… so this one huh. If that’s the case, I’ll start making more of these.”

“If you would please… Here are also the remaining ones.”


Phillips handed over the remaining spears over to Dandro.

They’re needed to lower the cost slightly as extra materials for the new spears.


“I’ll be making these myself, so you don’t need to worry about the finance as much. I’ll only charge you for the cost of extra materials.”


Given how much these actually cost, I’m actually being less inclined to use these simply as consumables.


I do feel a little bad for having such a huge discount, but I don’t want to turn it down.





Well then, now that the matter with the javelins have been settled, we start having just a regular chat. Today somehow, we end up talking about weapons in general.


(… I don’t really get why either…)


This is a weapon shop, so it’s not like I was too surprised the topic veered into that direction.


However, I was hoping for some conversation where I could get more information about Olbia. But then again, talking about weapons with a professional is more interesting, so I stopped thinking about it too much and just continued on the conversation about that.


Once I felt the conversation is ending, I lightly asked something that has been bothering me about this workshop.


“By the way… I don’t really see a crossbow in this shop, is there?”

“… Hmm.”


It’s something I noticed, even though there are an abundant of bows all in different sizes and quality, there isn’t a single crossbow in this shop.

In addition, there’s also some throwing weapons here too such as iron bullets and throwing knives…


It’s not like the existence of crossbows isn’t known in this world.

I first saw it back in the armory during my time as a guard in Comnes, and saw some guards carrying it around.

It’s difficult for me to imagine this city also wouldn’t have it either.


“That’s right. You see, weapons like that, is sort of banned here.”



That was a surprising answer.


Since adventurer’s are able to walk around the city carrying their weapons, it’s a little strange to me how only crossbows are banned.

I couldn’t figure out a reason why, so I made a confused expression, wanting an explanation.


“Well, think about it. Even a child could fire that thing with only a little pull of the trigger, and could even penetrate through armor… If everyone is able to carry such a thing, then it would cause trouble for passing noble carriages.”



That’s true.

It’s a dangerous weapon given how easy it is to use… I overlooked that aspect of it.

It is capable of shooting from far away, and is also able to be left loaded.

If you could just carry it around the city, it’ll be easy to encourage assassination with that. At least, much more than a bow that you will have to draw.


Wanting to know the reason I ask and am suddenly in thought, Dandro asks.


“Is there something about the crossbow?”

“Yeah. I thought I could use it for my party, but that was before I realised it was banned so there’s nothing I could do about it… though, to begin with, there’s so many I will need that I wouldn’t be able to afford much anyways.”

“…? Do you need that many?”



Right. I have never actually told him about my skeletons yet. Dandro could only see our party as four people, so it’s weird for him why I would even need more than two.


“… So is it another secret is it? Well, if you don’t want to say, then I don’t mind.”

“Erm, well…”


Seeing me hesitating, Phillips spoke up to me.


“My lord, let’s have him know. We can’t really proceed if we don’t say anything about it.”

“… I suppose so…”


I am worried about Dandro’s eyes shining like a child when hearing that, but if we’re going to be having his cooperation, then it would be best to just tell it to him.

Deciding on that, I took out a skeleton coin from my pocket and slid it towards Dandro.

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