Hone to Issho Chapter 69 – Loud and Clear

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– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Before Noon – Olbia City – Plain Fields by the Palmyra Road


“So, why do we need to build another shelter again?”

“SIMPLE. To PROTECT the GROUPS outside of the MAIN unit.”

“Ah… Is that so.”


That’s right, there were others to also consider.


In the event where ordinary skeletons would encounter an Elite, it would be better for them to have a shelter nearby.

I was thinking that, so long as I’m alive, things would not go in the worst possible situation. However, now that I have this done, I might as well also do more.


Given the difficulty of this current hunting ground, if an Elite here would appear; Phillips would probably be okay; Bendetta would be a little worrying; but Centurion would definitely be in a bad spot.


Despite the amount of effort I’ll need to put into it, I’m slowly siding with the idea of building additional shelters.


(… But, doing all that is going to be tough…)


I doubt I would have a lot of fun doing all that either…

There’s not much sense of accomplishment if I’m just going to be repeatedly making the same thing over and over.


… While I was worrying over it, Centurion just came back again, seeming to have just popped out of the grass.


“… Hm? What’s this?”

“‘Grieve claw grass’ and ‘Flushed weeds’. Ingredients for the mana potion. And another thing. I have also an ingredient for the exploding potion, ‘Pluck stone grass’.”

“… Oh… Thanks.”


Apparently, we’ll be having this structure of the shelter to be our default one.


Even though I’m now dead set on making a new shelter, I can’t leave here until Benedetta returns back.

She won’t know what the new position would be so I’ll be telling her the details since she’s the only one here I won’t be able to communicate from long distances to.


When she arrived, I pointed to a hill about 300 meters away, as our new point for our shelter.


And now, once that was done with, I began moving there to begin work once again.


I drank some mana potions to restore my mana along the way.

That sort of cleared my head, so it was pretty refreshing.


Talos, skeletons, horses, carts, and other things, all have been moved out from the recently built shelter.


Now that I think about it, I’m going to have to regroup everyone soon anyways, now that my levels have reached 11.

The number of new skeletons for Phillips and Centurion would increase by now, and a new renewal with the groupings will also have to be revised.


Whatever remains from all that will be left with me, and be used as retrievers for Phillips’ solo group.


I still don’t have a simple way of figuring out where all the defeated monsters would be to collect, so we still have to stick with the strategy of following them along the same direction, and hopefully finding it.

By visually sharing with those skeleton retrievers, it should be able to cut the amount of time to find it.

Though, it does place a burden on my head a little…


Alright, now that I was able to get a grasp on Phillips’ location, I had some ordinary spear soldiers from my side sent over to him, and with that, four new skeletons have been added to his group. Which is quite a jump in our fighting power given that each individual is able to hunt solo here.


That said, the fixed round shields would’ve just gotten in their way, so I removed those from them before sending them over.


(However, is only having a spear really enough?)


Nonetheless, it’s clear the use of spears against Demon Horns is completely advantageous to us, and by inheriting Phillips’ skills, they should be able to handle it well without it.


– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Noon – Olbia City – Plain Fields by the Palmyra Road


About an hour and a half later, the hunting was over before we could complete the second shelter.

… In fact, the amount of materials gathered up was exceeding the loading capacity of the cart, so there was no choice but to stop there anyways.


“Huh? Hunting’s over already?”

“The horns are heavier than I thought, and the cart is won’t be able to handle that. The last time we came back with the cart at full capacity, the uncle at the store threatened that if the axle breaks, the repair cost for it will be ridiculous… and I don’t want to be going around the city with a group of skeletons carrying things either.”

“Ah… I understand.”


… And so, while I continue concentrating in constructing the second shelter, Benedetta was watching Phillips testing out the javelins.

Centurion and his team are helping out the other skeletons in making the new shelter, so this should finish more quickly than before… 


… The construction is now nearing completion, with the majority of the contribution belonging to Centurion and his team.


Centurion came to talk to me regarding the annoying problem from recent.


Today’s main problem was the limit on how much we could hunt in one day, due to the loading limit of the cart. We even have enough power to pull a second cart if we wanted to, now with the recent addition of the stone horse.

Even the covered wagon from before would’ve been much more beneficial to us now than this.


“Alright… let’s sell off the cart, and buy a horse carriage.”

“Make SURE it’s a NEW one.”


Somehow, I feel like someone who’s easily persuaded by others.


Centurion and his team are all really dextrous, so the number of bricks being stacked was seriously fast… and with the addition of three skeletons from my side, we should be finished soon.

It’s also easy for me to be making more bricks using the Ingot skill, especially after the recent level up.

And so, after finishing over the walls using modelling, it was complete.


“Uwaa… This reminds me of that story of a fort suddenly appearing in an enemy base during the course of a single night…”


Hm…? So even this world has a similar story huhr.


The walls here is taller than the previous, and is enough to even hide Phillips’ body, who was two and a half meters tall.


“By the way, Nemo… will you be needing this again?”


Taking out a bottle of mana potion, Benedetta was concerned about my headaches from over using my skeletons.


“Huh? Now that you mentioned it… I don’t really feel all that groggy compared to before.”


I even used three skeletons in full direct control, but even by using Ingot and Modelling skills at the same time, I wasn’t feeling too tired.


“Oh, but I’ll have the mana potion anyways thanks. I’m a little unsure about the remaining mana I have left.”

“Alright. Here.”


With 87 skeletons and the increased number of golems, the consumption of mana from all of these at once is a little worrying.


(If I try to make an estimate, it might just reach 3 hours…)


At the moment, we are fine with finding some ingredients around here, so it’s not a big problem securing some mana potions.

… Though now that I think about it, how long is the expiration time for these?


“I can finally make an explosion potion… oh, how long I have waited for this!”

“As you’ve said before, it’s pretty dangerous to make it.”

“Yeah, and with that, we’ll be doing it outside.”


I don’t really want to get in trouble with the guild after making an explosion in one of their warehouses.

It’s a highly reactive liquid afterall.

Doing it at the hunting ground is the better option, and I can even use the shelter to shield the flames.


The weather is good, so it’s ready to do the experiment.


First off is to get everyone out of the shelter.


“We’ll probably be fine anyways, but just in case, everyone, out of the shelter please.”

“ONLY if Benedetta LEAVES first.”

“I would rather stay here instead. There would be no point to it if the lord dies in the accident and we disappear anyways.”

“Hey wait… I don’t want to be the only one outside. I’ll be staying here too.”


Doesn’t seem like anyone’s leaving… I sigh to myself.

It doesn’t really matter anyways since the chances of me screwing up is really low, so it should be fine.


Taking out the wooden tub back from Comnes, I place both the ‘Holy fire reed’ and the ‘Pluck stone grass’ inside of it like the usual.


(I’ll just have to be careful after this…)


Thinking to myself that, a bright shine lit up, and only the liquid and withered plants remained inside the tub.


(Well… at least it didn’t explode the moment I used it.)


“Ooh… is that red liquid the one?”

“It LOOKS really STRANGE… And it SMELLS like vegetable OIL.”

“Hey! Stop getting close to me! Didn’t I say it’s dangerous!?”


“… Well in any case, it’ll explode if its been disturbed too much.”

“You want to throw it in a slime cloth bag?”

“Wait wait, I have an idea… First, let’s get everyone out of the shelter.”


“I’ll be going out too, so there’s no excuse for anyone to be here.”


Seeing me also leave, everyone else follows.

To begin with, it’s not really safe for me to handle this anyways.

With that, I call out my most reliable ally for this situation. A skeleton.


First up is to make the needed container.


“Alright, all done!”

“Oh, already?”

“Well, it was only a small thing.”


What I was making, was a container made for throwing. A square box about 5cm in diameter.

Once the liquid is poured inside, I’ll add something to cover it up and seal it with modelling.


But first, let’s have the fully controlled skeleton do the work. That way, there’s no danger to anyone in the party if something goes wrong.


We all squat down away from the shelter as the skeleton (number 87) enters inside.

With the skeleton being fully controlled, I can see what is happening inside… and so I had the skeleton carefully pick up the tub… pour it in…




At that moment, a searing bright light filled up my entire vision…




A loud vibration rocked my insides.

Rather than that, however, I’ve been covering my eyes in pain, after being blinded by the sudden light through the skeleton.


At the same time, there was some debris rolling inside the shelter. My vision from the skelton had been cut off.

There wasn’t any smoke or fire, but there seemed to be a strong shockwave happening there.


Various pieces started raining from above.

As soon as I held up a shield, a white object fell in front of me and rolled to my feet… it was a skull…


“Skeleton number 87!!!”


Despite my wallowing cry, I was secretly relieved this skeleton didn’t have any armor worn onto it…


Once things settled down, we went inside. The walls still seem to be stable, but bones and chunks of wood could be seen lodged into the wall.


“Damn. Doesn’t seem like I could use that wooden tub again… Though the walls still seem to be doing okay.”


I could be wrong here, but the sensitivity of that liquid seems to be a little higher than what I originally thought it would be.

As the container was brought back up, a single drop spilt back into the tub, causing that explosion.


In other words, there’s a huge risk involved in creating exploding potions that didn’t exist back in the game.

There’s a chance I might even die the moment I activate the skill.


(Uwaa… I’m gonna have to take even more precautions next time.)


Thinking that, I turned to my companions, wondering what their reactions are.


“I – I don’t think we should do any more of those…”

“Eh? Even after we’ve come this far? What about skeleton 87’s sacrifice?”

“Won’t THAT mean we’ll be LOSING a lot of SKELETONS just to be MAKING a couple of POTIONS we might NEVER use, and is too DANGEROUS to hold?”



I can’t really argue with that… 

Even so, I don’t really want to give up on this and I want to see it through to the end… even if it does indeed end up something unusable.


“Look at the walls here, it’s still alright isn’t it? It’s still safe so long as we have it made inside the shelter, and if the potion really is something useless, I’ll give up on it… alright?”



Alright, no objections.


At that, I made another tub quickly using the Ingot and Modelling skills and placed it at the edge of the room with the Holy fire reed and Stone pluck grass inside of it.

Then, we’ll have ourselves right on the other side of that corner, hiding inside the moat. I’ll be using the potion creation skill from the other side of the wall.


From this distance, it should be able to reach from the other side.


(How’s this!?)


Taking out the new skeleton 87, summoned from the pile of bones we had left over, I had it slowly enter the shelter to have a check. 


“Alright! I can do this!”



Taking a look at Benedetta’s expression from my side, it seems like she didn’t want me to succeed.

Though this sort of work is indeed dangerous, it can’t be helped if this is what it takes to have a new form of attack.

However, when my skeleton had a look at the tub, there was something wrong there…


“…? WHAT’S the MATTER?”

“… It’s no good… It’s seeping through…”


I muttered so when explaining it to the others.


The skill did activate like I wanted it to, but the liquid left over is obviously less than it was before…

I seems like the clay tub has been absorbing most of the liquid.


Now, what do I do with this?


“Erm… what now? Should I take the bucket out?”

“You want to move the bucket? Won’t it just be a repeat from last time?”


Phillips immediately takes down my suggestion.

… I guess it really will be impossible to take that tub out…


“It’ll be convenient if we could actually control when it explodes… though, that’ll be pretty difficult.”


In the end, it was evident that it would explode when moved as a liquid state, so I once again used skeleton 87 to do the job.

For the time being, I’ll have to check about that little problem with the earthen tub.


(Ahh, I wish I had used stone instead.)


However, I realise there was no rocks nearby for me to take out.

This sort of explosive is way too sensitive, and so handling it is awkward.


At that thought, the last portion of the explosive potion liquid had been sucked into the tub.

… I’m going to have to think of a way to deal with this now dangerous object.


First, I’ll have to look at the underside of this, through the skeleton. There’s no choice in this, and so I warned the others before proceeding.

It doesn’t seem like the texture changed much… the color is red, but it certainly is still in the same state as when I created it.


Thinking that something might happen, I try slowly tearing the earthen tub apart from the bottom of the base… nothing happened.

I took that piece, and dropped it onto the ground… still nothing.

I tried touching, stroking, lightly patting and even started hitting it directly onto the ground… but there was no reaction.


(… Eh? What’s with this?)


I had a second look at it, and this thing certainly is still red in color…


“I doesn’t seem to explode when disturbed like it used to…”


Maybe there’s a different way to use it now…?


“Alright! Let’s light it up!”

“Wait, you’re really going to explode it!?”

“It’ll be fine! Even if it does explode, it’ll probably be only the same size as last time.”


I took out some portion of the still large bundle of Holy fire reeds, and ignite it using the igniter from our camping kit.

This is really just two pairs of flint stones smashed together, but some components have been added to it so that it lights up easier.

At that, I had skeleton 87 take the fire, and re-enter the shelter where the broken tub is.


And then…


“… It made contact.”

“… What happened?”


As the flame touched the soaked tub, it ignited in a similar manner as if it were soaked in gasoline.

It just keep on burning like a normal flammable object, though it does have a unique color to it.


I felt some eyes on me, still waiting for my response.


… An explosion never happened.

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