Hone to Issho Chapter 68 – Expansion

TL Note: I’m not really good when it comes to naming things, but here…

祷火茅 = Toukabou = Holy fire reed
石摘草 = Shakutekisou = Pluck stone grass

It looks fine and all… until it’s used in a sentence.


– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Morning – Olbia City – Adventurer Guild – Reception


Once woken up, we head to the reception desk first thing after leaving the room.

This is for receiving our receipt for the request collection.


… That’s right, it’s the Holy fire reed from the other day.

It’s one of the two materials required for the exploding potion I wanted to try out.


As for the other ingredient, it should be the plant called Pluck stone grass.

Not to mention, it seems like that one has already been confirmed to be found growing on the plains.


“Now then, here is the requested item, Holy fire reed.”

“So this is what it looks like…”


At that, I received what seems to be a little too much of what I needed… after taking a closer look, this bundle of plants really looks like some silver grass.

When the ones around me also came over to take a look, they all made the same expression.


“Doesn’t this look like silver grass?”

“It does look like it.”

“Even if it ISN’T, I did SEE it a COUPLE of times when on the PLAINS.”


Certainly, I also do see it a number of times alongside the paved roads too, so it’s really not that rare of a plant.

I even recognise seeing it from Comnes and the village I lived in too.


“Take a look. The center of the ears are red. It’s different from ordinary silver grass.”

“Hohh… It really is different.”


Centurion really does seem to have a good eye when it comes to the details.

In the future, when there are opportunities like this again, I could just leave the problem to this guy.

Well, this plant does have a conspicuous color, so I should be able to collect this myself.


Anyway, now that we have this, that’s one ingredient now covered.





– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Morning – Olbia City – Adventurer Guild – Warehouse


In any normal day before hunting, I would call Phillips and Centurion, the two horses, and the cart, all before leaving the inn.


Today however, in addition to that, I also called out two skeletons.

Seeing that, Phillips asked me about that.


“What are these two skeletons for?”

“It’s for training myself with the full direct control ability. I had this idea back when we were sparring yesterday.”


Full direct control is one of the techniques I refer to when directly controlling skeletons.

There are several ways for me to control them.


The first is by simply issuing a single command to them, and let them handle the rest.

It’s clumsy, because there’s a limit on how accurate the AI could do the work, though it’s useful since I wouldn’t need to give so much attention to them.


The next is direct control, and this one can just be within my range of vision.

Unlike with the previous, I would need to be in constant operation of it in exchange for more accurate movements.

This is probably the most comfortable way for me to operate skeletons, but it does get a little awkward at times, since it’s like playing with a remote control car. Once they’re in a different position, it takes a while for me to get used to the different orientation.

There’s some skill bonuses they inherit from me too, but there are some limits to that, and I have yet to understand it.


The last is complete direct control, or full direct control.

It’s something I started using when training with Phillips. It creates quite a bit of a burden to my head since it is just like the previous, but with the addition of visual sharing.


Perhaps it was because I was under pressure did I have a much harder time to use it, so instead I will use it when I am more relaxed like right now.

It’ll be good if I could get used to it, so I try to use it as much as I could.


This sort of control is pretty interesting, though it is quite tiring… 





– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Morning – Olbia City – Plain Fields by the Palmyra Road


Going east for 30 minutes after leaving the city, we arrive by the usual hunting grounds.


More than 40 minutes have passed since I’ve been using full direct control with the skeletons, and my head is already starting to lose focus.

Since there’s a lot of work to do here, I’ll have to return them back to recover.


When having a look around, there’s quite a scenery of the hunting ground where the surrounding grass spreads far and wide.

As the wind blows, the grass shimmers like a wave, bouncing the light from the sun.


The height of the grass is not really high, but there are some grasslands and rocky boulders around.

Also, there are some spots where water gathers, so your feet might sink up to about 20cm when stepping in there. We had to take notice of these areas when hunting.





On a side note, according to my knowledge of the game, Demon Horn materials aren’t really all that valuable, and the value of experience gained is the better benefit when hunting them.


This is the reason why we continue to hunt in the plains. I’ve already told the rest about this as well… Then again, there is a limit to how long we can stay hunting the same monster. Eventually, the experience gained will be negligible.


That said, the plains here is an unpopular hunting ground to begin with.

Because of the really low value of Demon Horn materials, most adventurers avoid it since it’s not worth the risk involved.


However, since experience points is the thing we wanted, the only ones hunting here would be us.


Then again, continuously hunting in an area with a low income makes me feel uncomfortable. Even the amount we could hunt is limited since the cart becomes full after only a few hours of work.


The only benefit apart from the experience would be the rare encounter of adventurers.

It does make hunting here a lot more comfortable.


The occasional party does appear every now and then for that very same reason, but it’s still pretty rare.





When choosing a spot for our hunting ground, I found the shelter we had made before.

Within the field of grass, this structure stands out like a sore thumb.


However, it was decided to abandon this shelter…


“Nemo… The Demon Horns around here… aren’t they becoming smaller?”


It began when Benedetta pointed it out from yesterday’s hunting.


It was about the number of Demon Horns here reducing, and their sizes becoming smaller on average. Phillips and Centurion also said the same thing, and it was obvious without knowing why.

Seems like we over-hunted here.


Large species of their kind give better rewards, so we tend to prioritise those compared to the rest.

However, because of that, their numbers decline, while the number of smaller species somewhat stays the same.


There’s an easy solution to this problem though.


“Let’s move further into the plains.”

“That should be fine. I can apply Haste again. That should cut the travel time.”


At that we abandoned the shelter.


“… I feel it’s kind of a waste to leave all of this. We didn’t even get to use it.”

“… I thought so too. But then we just have to rebuild another one.”


… No matter. Nothing I can do about it.





After Benedetta reapplied Haste to us, we proceeded for another 20 minutes further south of the usual hunting grounds.

Even so, the scenery hasn’t changed. The grasslands here sure is vast.


At that time, I found a small hill above the grass.


“Coming this far here, there will be many large Demon Horns. The ones we encountered along the way proves that.”

“Alright then. I’ll start setting up a shelter here.”


The vantage point here is good, and the elevated height of the hill can give us an advantage when attacked.


(Is the ground here soil?)


And so, the construction of the shelter begins immediately, while the rest spread out to hunt.

Even if I were to apply Ingot onto soil, the time it takes to form isn’t any different to when I use on stone.

However, it seems like my ability in operating skeletons had improved, and the speed at which the bricks were laid had increased dramatically… In fact, it’s possible to fully control even 3 skeletons at once now.


While still in the middle of building up the shelter, I can hear some footsteps of a horse coming this way… Is this Benedetta?


“Seems like I’m the first one to arrive here today.”

“Welcome back. That was quick.”


She had the rope that had been dragging the materials along untied.

And at that, I ordered some skeletons to start dismantling the materials outside.

The horn she brought along seems to be a pretty big one.


“Seems like having us move out is starting to pay off. It’s been a while since we had a horn this big.”

“That’s right. There also seems to be a lot more medium and large sized Demon Horns compared to yesterday.”

“That’s good! Alright then, I’ll be counting on you to bring more of these over.”

“I’ll be off then.”


(Well, at least this means we won’t have to abandon this shelter any time soon like the last one.)


While seeing Benedetta going off once again, an indescribable pain rang out in my body…

If I have to make a guess about this then…


(It’s Alchemist…)


It was the long awaited level up.

However, I started feeling overly tense when I remembered I will be feeling the same pain 2 more times any time soon.





– Adventurer Life Day 69 (Sat) – Before Noon – Olbia City – Plain Fields by the Palmyra Road


“Now with this, Necromancer is now also level 11.”

“… Thanks, for confirming it…”


The first to level up was Alchemist. About an hour and a half later came Sculptor, and no sooner after that, was Necromancer. At that, all of my Divine Protections had levelled up to the next level.


“Ugh, it really did hurt… but then again, I hardly feel any lingering pain from it… It’s a strange feeling.”

“Umm… what sort of pain is it?”

“Pretty bad… something like muscle pains, and the feeling of having you entire body go through a forced growth.”

“… Must be tough.”


But that can’t be helped.

… At that, I had a skill survey.

I first asked the number of summons I could now do as Necromancer.


Since the pattern of the increase from each level up has changed, I am interested in what the number of summons is this time.

With this, I might be able to draw a conclusion.


“The number of summons… increased to 87 now.”

“87 huh…”


The previous level increased the number of skeletons by 20, making it 65. Now that the number of summons is 87, that means it increased by 22.


(So it really it really did double ever since reaching level 10…)


I still have some questions left to myself, but I’ll leave those aside for now.

For now, I’ll focus on summoning new skeletons, create their armor, and Engrave them all. I’ll have to postpone Plating them since we don’t have any steel with us right now.





Now that that’s done, it’s the golems’ turn.

Talo’s required materials are all stored up inside the warehouse, so once we arrive back, Talos can get an upgrade there.


As for the golem horses, there’s Benedetta’s wooden horse, and the earth horse used for pulling the cart.

It’s possible to add materials to just one of them, but it’s a matter of how to allocate it between them.


“But first, let’s summon the stone horse.”

“So it’s moved to stone now after levelling up.”

“Yeah, though we’ll have to see how it performs once we summon it.”

“I hope it’s fast.”

“Hmm… I won’t put my money on that.”


Now then, if we’re going to be following along the usual pattern, as the weight of the stone would be much heavier than that of the others, I could probably expect the horse to be smaller than even my own height.


And once the horse was summoned, it really was as small as I expected.

Probably even smaller than the donkey I saw back in the city…


And so, removing the earth horse from its cart, I had it compared with the stone horse.

The result… the stone horse was a significant upgrade in strength in comparison.

But as expected, the speed is slightly slower than the earth horse’s.


In the end, Benedetta’s horse was left the same, while I had the earth horse switched out with another stone horse that was smaller than even the previous.

However, the power had been more than doubled, so even if the amount of materials all piles up into a mountain, there’ll still be no trouble.


“Now we can hunt longer!”


That’s right.

There’s not much to earn from hunting Demon Horns here, and by having a limited amount of storage to bring it all back, we could only limit ourselves, despite still being able to do more.

Now with this, the time we could stay here has been lengthened and the amount of money we can exchange with it increased… not to mention, the time until the next level up has been shortened.





Once things settled down and Benedetta went back out to hunting, our shelter has been completed.


(It’s done… This one had finished pretty quickly this time…)


No doubt was it from having my level raised and the improved proficiency in controlling skeletons.

I didn’t think it would’ve made this much of a difference though.


When I came out of the shelter to see if there is anything to fix, Centurion came back with some materials.


“I’m BACK. You were DONE pretty QUICKLY.”

“Awesome right? We’ll be safe for a while now with this.”


I wanted to brag.

The walls and moats are slightly larger compared to before.

Despite my feeling of excitement, Centurion spoke up nonchalantly.


“By the WAY, are you WILLING to be MAKING more of THESE?”


… What’s that supposed to mean?

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