Hone to Issho Chapter 66 – Gemstone

Finishing up with our hunting in the plains, we headed back to the city to exchange our materials by the guild centre…

After that, we left our cart inside the warehouse before leaving for the market.

Before the end of the day, we’ll be cooking the Demon Horn.





– Adventurer Life Day 68 (Fri) – Noon – Olbia City – Open Marketplace


It’s the usual bustle when arriving at the marketplace.


Street vendors raising their voices can be heard all over, mistresses calling customers to have a look at their wares while sitting on laid rugs on the ground made us to watch our step, and there were shops with unusual trinkets here and there.

We’ve been passing through this place every time we leave the guild, so it’s not like we’re not used to it.


It’s said that this area here is the largest of the three market areas in Olbia, and I’m not doubting that.


“The market here is big… about 5 or 6 times the one in Comnes?”

“Everything here is more crammed in, so it does feel like that… even so, there’s still 2 more marketplaces like this in this city.”


Because the area of the city is so large, it’s inconvenient for there to be only one marketplace.

Comnes having only just one shows the difference in size between the two.





In any case, I came here to grab a set of camping tools.

However, the first thing I’ll be using these for won’t be to camp, but to cook the Demon Horn meat.


Because Centurion said he wanted to try eating Demon Horn meat, he needed some cooking tools.

We shouldn’t be having any long-term trips that would require these as of the moment, but it should be fine since there’s still plenty of space in the warehouse.


In addition, we’ll buy some cloth bags and hunting knives.

The extra hunting knives will be for Centurions team and the skeletons I use directly.


It’s better to just replace these when we need to, than it is to repair them all since the items here are much cheaper than in Comnes.





I have a lot of free time today, so I’m just taking my time looking for the right stall… It kinda feels like I’m just hanging around the marketplace… at that, there was something that caught my attention.


There was a wooden box, with some lumping pieces inside… I approached to have a look.


(… This is… rocks? Now, what is this sold for?)


When I looked around, I noticed several stores had the same thing.

They ranged from gravel stones, to large heavy looking boulders.

There’s probably a reason why they’re all for sale since they’re all colored, and some have even fairly complex patterns drawn to it.

Curious, I asked the shopkeeper.


“Hey mister… What’s the rocks in the box for?”

“Ahh. You see this. These are rare stones found in the quarry. Isn’t the color beautiful? You can puncture some holes to make them as an amulet, or sew them onto your clothes for decoration.”

“Hmm… So it’s sold for decoration huh…”


As someone born from the countryside, I felt somewhat impressed… Though, the other side of me felt that only tourists would buy these sort of stones… When I thought of that, I noticed something.


(… Is there a gemstone included inside that? … A ruby?)


I could see it with the Alchemist Eyes right now.

In some parts of the white stone, there was a part that shines red. And if I were to look at some of the others, there were some that contains sapphire and other rare gems.

Of course, there were others that were simply plain and have nothing of value inside.


However, the gems inside of these seem to be quite valuable… is it fine to just buy them off for such a cheap price?


(… DID you WANT that ONE?)


Centurion approached from behind me and asks.


(I’m interested in it, but it’s the stone inside that I want.)

(I SEE.)


At that, Centurion began negotiating with the vendor.

I recall him having the Negotiation skill on him, so I think he can handle it.


And so, from four stores, we bought some crude stones that I saw containing some rubies and sapphires.

It took about 1000 Goldos, but if this goes well, I should be able to more than make up for it.





– Adventurer Life Day 68 (Fri) – Afternoon – Olbia City – Adventurer Guild – Front of Warehouse


Now then, we came back to the guild.


There’s a small hut in front of the guild, installed with 3 furnaces inside, though you’ll have to provide your own pots and pans to cook with.

This is a facility for adventurers wanting to cook their own food, and small banquets among adventurer parties happen occasionally here. There’s also a well nearby, which is useful.


It is here where we will try and see what Demon Horns taste like.


The Demon Horn meat had a strange looking appearance after it had been forcibly molded into a shape of a square… I’m starting to have regrets using the skill onto it. Perhaps the taste might have changed because of that now.

Though, I’ll try not to think too much on it.




Benedetta remained giving a wincing expression when staring at the lump of meat.


On the other hand, Phillips seemed to be more interested about the effect of the skill I used on it, and how my Divine Protection affects it.

He’s been wondering quite a bit lately ever since we had that talk about the difference between mine and Cesar’s explosions.


I immediately cooked this meat along with Centurion.

Though it was hardened with Ingot, I can still cut it easily with the hunting knife.

I would say this was because of the dagger bonus skill, but it’s more likely because the meat didn’t really harden too much when merged together with the Ingot skill.

… However… 


“It stinks.”

“It really DOES SMELL bad.”


It’s when we cut it did the smell waft stronger.

Just like when cooking some lamb… actually, this one might be worse.


“… What are you doing!?”


Gagging from the sudden smell, we got reprimanded by another person also cooking nearby us. When we told him what we had been cooking, he gave an astonished expression, and went about his business without questioning further.





Waiting back in the warehouse, I brought back the cooked meat for everyone to have a taste.


“The smell is strong, and the meat is hard. I can see why this isn’t sold around here.”

“Stop giving criticism… You’re making me not want to eat it.”

“I GIVE up.”


My impression of it is the same with everyone else… it might have been more edible if I had added some sauce and spice, but even then, I don’t think even that would save it.


Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be eating this…

… But then there’s other things to consider.





“… What do we do with the rest?”


Looking to where Benedetta was pointing, there was still a huge chunk of Demon Horn meat left uncooked.

Seeing the large amount left over, I’m a little tempted to just chuck that in the dump… 


“Tomorrow, should we throw that in the hunting grounds? … If we put a slime cloth over it, it might be able to stop most of the smell. Then we can just throw it in a ditch”

“We’ll do that.”


The amount of meat we have left was enough to fill an entire sack.

I don’t think we’ll be able to dump it here, so throwing it away in the hunting grounds will probably be the better option.





A while later, we had some food in the lobby to make up from that Demon Horn meat we had earlier.

The guild lobby here is different from Comnes as there are many here even during the day.

Though, I get the feeling it’s more crowded here at this time.


The food arrived, so I put my thinking on hold and started to eat.

Phillips and Centurion also had a taste of the Demon Horn, so although they didn’t need to, they’ll also be joining with us during lunch.


“Mmm. This is good… Then again, anything would’ve tasted delicious after that.”



That said, it’s unusual for any of us to be having lunch right now. Even me included.


It’s a change in custom ever since we moved to Olbia… So in other words, it’s only from the south does the custom of 3 meals a day start to show.

Probably because the production of food is different here.





“After we’re done eating, there’s some things I need to do for a while. Is that fine?”


There’s that thing with the stones.





Arriving by the warehouse, I had the stones bought from the market lined up on the ground.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a table around here, so I’ll have to do with this.


Though, all I’ll be doing here is using a skill.

It’s convenient that it won’t last any longer than a couple of seconds compared to having to carefully chisel the thing out.




First up is to extract the gemstone.


The target here is the ruby inside of it, and once the skill has been used, a pile of red dust formed beside it.

I finished it up by hardening the powder using Ingot… and once hardened, the object was about the size of a shirt button.


… At first, I was thinking of using Modelling to form the ruby into a much more cleaner shape, but in the end I couldn’t properly imagine a suitable appearance.

Maybe, an amatuer like me shouldn’t try to tamper too much with this, since I will also have to consider other things like how the light will refract onto it, giving it more of a better luster…

I might do some trial and error when I have more time.


And so, I did the same with another stone and made the sapphire the same way.

This one had the size slightly larger this time.


Passing this over a light source, the gem lustered a beautiful deep blue shine.


“… Waah… That’s pretty.”


Watching me from behind, Benedetta spilled out her thoughts.

After watching this from a couple of different other angles, I suddenly realized something…


“By the way… What do I do with this…”

“You didn’t think of that!?”

“I mean… I did think of one before, but…”


For Alchemist, there should be some skills later on that would require gems.

Though, I’m not really confident on that since I’m not very certain on Alchemists skills beyond level 9.


I did have an Alchemist Divine Protection back in the game, but I hardly used the skill and also only reached it up to level 9.


It’s a little troubling now that I am in this situation…


My only memory of it was the skill of the final level, which was Element Conversion by level 30.

I recall it being treated as a dead skill.


“I’ll need to have some sort of credibility to sell it… I sort of realized this right after buying it all.”

“I don’t THINK it’s just THAT, but you’ll ALSO have to FIND a good STORE as well. If we’re not SURE what the PRICING for each GEM would be, then we could be RIPPED off pretty easily.”


“I’m not FAMILIAR with GEMS, but one at this SIZE looks to be a PROBLEM.”


I wasn’t particularly familiar with jewels myself, so I never thought of that being a problem, but now that he mentions it…

If I were to divide it, that should solve the problem… no, that might be really unnecessary.

Me and Centurion had been thinking of an idea for a while, but nothing good came out.


“For now, should we just keep it?”


The realistic approach was brought up by Benedetta.


And so, we had the sack tucked behind some shelves for now. We’ll pick it up there when needed.


“Is the small talk finished now?”

“You also have a promise with me to arrange!”


That’s right, there was a sparring match against these two…

I’m starting to get cold sweat…

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