Hone to Issho Chapter 65 – Shelter

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– Adventurer Life Day 67 (Thu) – Afternoon – Olbia City – Back Street


On our way to Dandro’s weapons shop, I hear from Benedetta about the notice from the guild.

But from what I was told, well… I already knew it.


“The content of it is simply to share information about the Elites in order for them to take precautions against… it isn’t anything more than that.”

“I thought so, that was why I didn’t rush to tell you.”


The contents of their notification was basically a summary of what we had just discussed with them, so there wasn’t anything new to learn from it.


“But, the people around the bulletin board were quite surprised. It didn’t seem like they knew much about it. There were also a number of people who said they only encountered them just recently.”

“I see… In any case, I wanted to try to confirm that sudden increase of Elites.”

“Oh, and along with that, there was also a notice on how to deal when encountering those Elites too.”


The measures the guild had encouraged for was to organize a party with 15 or more people, and to escape when in danger. It really is just a very basic guide for a safety measure.

At the same time, it’s also been encouraged to hunt lower levelled monsters in their hunting grounds , so perhaps the number of adventurer groups in one area is going to increase from here.

Well, there’s nothing I could really do.


But from what I’ve heard, what could this do?

It’s only a small measure, but for the guild, this is all it could think up.


“But, it’s hard to simply just join up with another party all of a sudden.”

“Ah, you thought so too?”

“In the future, there’s a good chance different parties will just come together to form a mutual aid group anyways.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t think it’s impossible to reorganise different parties into one single party… when something unexpected happens, situations like this will become easy to form… That’s what I think will happen.”

“I see, so that’s the case.”


In other words, it’s quite possible there will come a situation where clan recruitment will start to show up like in the game.

This might even make a new change in the whole adventurer business thing.


That said though, this thing isn’t really something our party needs to worry about. Though, it’s still a somewhat useful information for the future.


When giving some thought about our party, there were a number of problems I could come up with, but first, is the way we are right now safe?

When thinking of that, Benedetta turned to me, as if detecting something.


“Do you have any doubts with the notification? It seems like it’s been bothering you a bit.”

“Oh. Erm, we’re simply hunting as a group now, but if an Elite were to suddenly appear, like that harpy, I think it might be a problem.”


Our party divides into different groups to cover a wide area after all.


‘Divide and conquer’ is a phrase I used to hear when it comes to battle, but it really isn’t a joke when you are being subjected to it. By the time the entire party arrives there, a number of casualties would’ve probably happened by then.

Considering the special abilities each Elite seems to have, it won’t be surprising if a monster stronger than the harpy would exceed all my expectations.


Well, the wide area hunting strategy involves spreading out around the main group to begin with.

Even with the unlikely event that an Elite would appear, the ones who would confront it first would most likely be the grunts or Phillips. By the time that happens, I can easily relay the message to everyone else to back them up.


However, there’s still some uncertainties when it comes to fighting against Elites.

Therefore, it’s still in my best interest to get stronger as fast as possible before we were to encounter one.


Let’s assume I were to die for a second.

I’m not quite sure, but in the game, it was natural that all summoned creatures would disappear when that happens.


If that were to happen, then even the horse Benedetta uses would also disappear, leaving her alone against a strong enemy…

That’s a pretty bad situation.


I had a talk with Benedetta about that thought.

She had a disturbed look at the mention of it.




“So… if something like that were to happen…”

“Then I’ll die along with you. It’s as simple as that.”



… Doesn’t seem like I have any room to convince her otherwise.

Thinking about it, she always had been stubborn when it comes to things like this….

I was thinking of hiring some human members into the party, but then following from this conversation, doing that might create some discord between us…



That’s right. We could have her horse replaced with a real one instead.

Though, now’s not the time for that unfortunately… Perhaps another time.


Phillips and Centurion entered the room.


“I THINK not actually DYING would be the best OPTION.”

“I don’t think it’s bad to assume what to do once you die, but it’s better to focus on not dying first.”


Like as if they’ve been listening in the entire time, as both gave their opinions.


Then again, I’m not even sure what Benedetta would do in the situation…

Thinking of that, perhaps it would be best to prioritise my safety first instead of mulling over how to better that situation.


However, in a situation where a strong foe would appear before me when all my other companions are separated from me, I still would be in trouble.

I wonder if there’s anything I could do with the skills I have?





– Adventurer Life Day 67 (Thu) – Afternoon – Olbia City – Dandro’s Weapons Shop


We arrived by the weapons shop…

Entering inside, we asked if we could meet with Dandro.


I feel like I have some responsibility for making him have to work on Philips’ request despite his old age and long years of doing blacksmithing work. Now the pain on his back had been worsened because of that.


This is why I came to visit but…




From the back of the shop was a healthy looking old man giving instructions to the surrounding crew…

Wondering who it was, I approached over to see the face, and just as I had expected, it was Dandro.


“Ohh! It’s you guys! Welcome! I have a job right now so please wait for a bit. It’ll be done soon.”


Unlike the other day, he was now wearing a big apron over his short sleeve, leather gloves, a hammer on hand. A very blacksmith-like attire, just as I would’ve imagined.

With his back straight, one would think he’s still active in his work… It kind of reminds me of Adonnis.

… However, isn’t this completely different from what I’ve heard?


“Eh? I thought I heard you’ve hurt your back?”


The words slipped out of my mouth, but I didn’t think the shop clerk lied to us.

Or then again, was there a different meaning to it?


“No no, it’s that thing you gave me… but, well, let’s talk about it later. For the time being, wait for me at the back. Oh, Tony… Bring that to the warehouse. Just stick it into an open shelf.”

“Ah, right. Is the right shelf fine?”

“Doesn’t matter.”


Watching as Dandro busily gives instructions to his employees, we had ourselves wait in one of the rooms.

For some reason, he seems to be doing pretty okay… his complexion looks good.

… Was there a problem from him to begin with…?





After a while of waiting, Dandro came into the room.

As usual, the furnishings in this room are really high class, it’s making me uneasy just being here.


Dandro pulled over a splendidly woven chair and sat in a very easy going manner.

As expected, there was something that happened that I was not aware of.


“Sorry for keeping you waiting. I wanted to do some work, and somehow it became really busy.”

“No, it wasn’t that long, but what happened? I heard your waist wasn’t in good shape just recently?”

“About that… what is that potion? I’ve lived out a long life myself, but even I never seen a potion with that sort of color giving that sort of effect… It was to the point were my back pain from many years cured completely just like that.”


Hm? Did my health potion cured his back problems?

Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting much whether or not the potion would cure some chronic illness, but now I can confirm it.


This really is good news… but, looks like I’ve been caught…

Seeing my troubled expression, Dandro spoke up.


“… Though I’ve been curious about where that potion came from, I won’t pry for it.”


“Rather than that, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate it. I’m happy I’ve been able to swing the hammer once again just as before.”


Well, at least with this, my involvement with these potions is still somewhat hidden.


All I did was hand over one of the potions I just whimsically made from my potion box, so it kind of hurts being given this much appreciation from that.


“What I wanted to say is… If you guys are in any need of help, just know I’ll be glad to lend a hand.”

“… Alright.”


It’s pretty surprising how we already managed to win a pretty famous person’s favour from just seeing them twice.





Since Dandro still had some work to do, we finished our talk with him quickly.


Phillips’ request regarding the throwing spear seemed to have already been completed, and four different samples were given. Each of these have a different center of gravity.

Once we choose the best one, we’ll give it to Dandro and have him mass produce it.


Another thing was the increase in Centurion’s team. Since I didn’t have enough special weapons on their side, I bought four axes before leaving.

Now all of Centurion’s team should be equipped with an axe.

Though, they’ve been required to dismantle monster carcasses as of late, so it’s not really that useful right now, but at least their strength has increased.





– Adventurer Life Day 68 (Fri) – Morning – Olbia City – Plain Fields by the Palmyra Road


The next day, we went out to the usual plains again, and as usual, we divide ourselves into groups for hunting.


Right now, it’s my group that will act as the dismantling group as the rest would bring the hunted monsters here.

There’s 7 skeletons here directly controlled by me, and since the dismantling speed is faster than the rate of hunted monsters brought over here, I have a lot of free time.


(… A counter strategy against Elites huh…)


With me right now, I have 11 skeletons and one portion of Talos.

Since our group lies somewhat at the centre of all the other groups, I highly doubt there’ll be a situation where an Elite would just suddenly appear in front of us.

But given the consequences of me being taken out by one, it’s not too bad to be more cautious of it.


It’s a waste to reduce the number of hunting groups just to keep them as an emergency for a situation where an Elite would appear though.

I’d like to use it as a last resort.


(… Is there a good idea, I wonder…)


However, no matter how long I try to rack my brain for one, nothing good came up.


(I wonder if I should ask this to someone?)


Thinking of that, I took a look around.

Right now, I’m sitting on top of a rock so that I can have a better view of my surroundings.


(Hmm… Ah, that’s it!)


The terrain!

… If it can be used properly, it should be easier to defend with it.





While working on controlling the skeletons with the dismantling, Benedetta came back.

Since the skeleton sitting on a viewing platform is quite conspicuous, I check to see if it is viewable with everyone.

And supposedly, this landmark is.


Whether it is Phillips or Centurion, they could never sense where my position is.

That’s inconvenient, since it means only I could know their position and have to clumsily guide them in case they’re unaware where I am.


Once Benedetta was done untying the rope that was pulling along the monster, she came by over here.


“… Erm, what are you doing?”

“Hmm… Take a guess.”

“Are you digging a ditch?”

“Half correct.”


Seeing me fiddling around using ingot caught her attention, and wondered what I was doing.

Meanwhile, I was placing the ingots in a square shape onto the ground.

They were shaped like bricks, and had a space of about 4×4 meters.


I had the ‘bricks’ separated from the ground to make it easier for the skeletons to pick it up.

Leaving one portion of my skeletons to work on dismantling, I had the rest help in repeating the task of placing these into shape.


The plan is to create a quickly-made terrain that could give us an advantage when an Elite where to attack.

Calling this a fort… is exaggerating it a little, but we could make a bigger one if that’s the case.


For the structure… we first dig out the outer moat in the shape of a square, using the Ingot skill.

Next is to make a surrounding wall from within using the ‘bricks’ dug out from that moat (the moat can be as deep and large as it needs to be),

Once all the bricks are stacked, the walls will be hardened using Modelling.

There’ll be a small entrance and a bridge passing through for us to use.


We’ll have the dismantling done outside, and in case of emergency, rush back with the cart inside the walls, take down the bridge and close the entrance.

… Well, that’s the idea anyways.


This one is pretty small… it’s probably better to call it a shelter than a fort.





Eventually, the materials gathered from hunting will have reached the limit of what the cart could hold, to which we start finishing up for today…

At that time, the ‘shelter’ we made has been completed.


(I thought it would have taken a little more time.)


It just shows how much the Ingot and Modelling skills had improved since the last time I used them.

The amount of mana used for this was also lower than I had expected.

I even had a number of mana potions remaining despite making them just earlier.


Since the hunting is now over, everyone gathered back to the main group… in other words, near the hastily made shelter.

I asked on their thoughts regarding this.


“I didn’t THINK you could USE the Ingot SKILL like this MASTER.”

“Oh ho… So you’re building the bridge with bones? Interesting.”

“It’ll be hard for the horse to enter with the height of this entrance.”


Benedetta gave a good point there, but there was a reason for that.


“If you make the entrance too big, it will be easy for monsters to enter. It would be better if you were to just leave the horse before going inside. If you dismount by the moat, I can have it returned back to its coin then.”

“I see.”


The width and depth of the moat is about 1m, while the walls are about 2m high.

With this, it should be able to withhold against even an Elite Demon Horn until everyone gathers here.

… Actually, depending on how we go against it, we can even defeat it ourselves with just the ones around me.

That’s the sort of confidence I can get when seeing this.


By the way, if the bridge was made from bricks, then it would’ve collapsed from its own weight.

There’re also some holes around the walls to see the outside.


“I didn’t think Ingot would be such a convenient skill. I could dig so much with this.”

“It’s a GOOD thing all that TIME in the MINES experimenting on IT came to good USE in the END.”


… Ahh… Right, that was a sad time.

That said, Centurion was crouching down and doing something while talking to me…


“What are you doing now?”

“CHECKING if Demon Horn MEAT would be any EDIBLE.”


He was stuffing some meat into a bag when saying so…

So he’s going to take it back huh… though, how are you going to cook it?


Actually, I don’t even think Demon Horn meat would be tasty to begin with.


“… Didn’t the guild say that the meat isn’t all that great?”

“WE wouldn’t be so SURE unless we TRY.”


It’s another of his whims again…

Then again, even if the meat were to taste bad, I also do have some curiosity about how the monsters I kill taste like.


“… ALRIGHT. Dismantling is COMPLETED.”

“… Ingot…”

“Eh!? WHAT are you DOING?”


When using ingot on meat, you’ll be left with an ingot shaped lump of meat.

Leaving the surprised Centurion behind, I pulled out a slime bag from the cart.

I threw the meat inside and gave it to the skeleton.


“This way, it’ll be easier to hold. The cart already has enough stuff to carry, so these would have to be carried by hand.”

“I see.”


At that, we all returned back to Olbia as usual.

Looking back at the little fort we had just made, I wondered if it would be a trouble to anyone…

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daeng yoja
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