Hone to Issho Chapter 62 – Limited Means of Arming

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– Adventurer Life Day 65 (Tue) – Evening – Olbia City – Adventurer’s Guild – Exchange Center


After finishing with hunting Demon Horns by the plains, we arrived back to the adventurer’s guild with the cart full of the monster materials.


The guild here has a counter specifically for cart users, so that’s quite handy.

There was a party in front of us, so we had ourselves wait for a while.


After several minutes, a buzzing noise was heard, indicating that it was our turn.


“Is it okay to assume everything in this loading platform is something you wish to exchange?”

“The bones there are for personal use, apart from that, everything else is fine.”


For the time being, these bones will get taken to the warehouse.


There’s no one able to see inside once the door closes, so it should be alright to Engrave and Plate the weapons and armor there.

It’s nice having the feeling of being able to use a secret skill no one else knows about… 


“The number of Demon Horns totals to 50? Is this with the number of people right now?”

“No, during the time of hunting, there were more there.”


Since we only had four party members right now, I suppose they would get a little doubtful seeing the amount of materials hunted.

After reviewing the adventurer card, he asks me in a quiet voice.


“Necromancer, Alchemist and Sculptor… Excuse me for asking, but would you be a magic user?”


That’s a pretty broad term, but he is referring to users generally using magic in their occupation.


“… Well, yes. That’s right… though I won’t be saying anything more.”


It’s not particularly a big secret or anything, but I left it at that.

Looking like he understood, the staff gave a nod before returning back to what he had been doing.


Thanks to the cart, I didn’t have to stand out by having a long line of skeletons carrying the materials.

Looking over at the pile from the cart, it sure would have been a lot of skeletons carrying all this.

Then again, this pile of monster skin and horns is already gathering attention from those nearby anyways.





Once we finished with the exchange procedure, we bring the cart to our warehouse.


After that, we moved to the lobby and had dinner there.


“In the end, we had 11,000 goldas from that in total.”

“Had it been the same amount, the Abandoned Mine in Comnes would give much more.”

“Well, I think that place was an exception…”


Back in the Abandoned Mines, 7000 goldas was the most we could get from there, but the cargo wouldn’t even be half full, and this is including the iron bars as well.

On the other hand, the Demon Horn materials have piled up quite a bit, covering the entirety of the cart.


However, there was a pretty big problem with that area, and it is that I couldn’t make the best use of the number of skeletons I have.

I had to have most hunt in the Gravel Fields since it’s not very effective to have them all in the Mine.

The skeletons also couldn’t enter through collapsed areas, narrowed caverns, underground water veins and such.


Because of that, it’s more practical to hunt in the open fields to get more of my skeletons to work. Though with how weak they are individually, there’ll probably be a limit to that someday.


“… Besides, hunting strong monsters will help us in getting stronger quickly.”

“I also would like to get stronger soon, but would Nemo be more interested in getting a better income instead?”

“… I also think the same way about getting stronger.”


Right now, we have plenty of money.

If I were to take into account the necessary funds required to equip up all the skeletons, then the amount we have might not actually be enough. But then, at the very least, the actual ability that strengthens them would level up…

Somehow, this seems to be more appealing to me.


“Hey… Mind if I were to pass on the drinking tonight? I have some things I want to do…”


This is what I told to everyone, but… 


“If that’s the case, then I’ll join you.”

“RETURNING to the WAREHOUSE? If SO, then I’ll also COME.”

“Naturally, I must protect the lord.”


Like that, we all head to the warehouse together.

I feel somehow moved by this…





“Speaking of which… Centurion, what were you planning to do?”

“Well, JUST wait a SEC and have a LOOK.”


Seems like Centurion is going to go with things at his own pace again…

… Not that I really mind or anything… 


A large bag, made from slime cloth, was taken out of the cart. Water and aquatic plants were taken from inside of it.

He then poured it all into the tub we had bought for him the other day.

At that, Benedetta and Phillips stared at him, wondering what he is even doing…


… Inside, I can see some familiar looking orange ball there…?


“… Is this a slime?”

“That is CORRECT. I was CHECKING to see if I could CULTIVATE these.”

“Where did you get it?”

“There was a small RIVER and a LAKE further ahead in the PLAINS, and there were a LOT I could TAKE.”

“I was always close to the cart when we were hunting, so how come I didn’t know about this?”




… I have nothing to say from that…





Benedetta was explaining to the curious Phillips regarding the slime and slime materials.

He joined the party a little later on, so even if he were to know about the material, he doesn’t know the process on how it was made.


In the meantime, I asked another question to Centurion.


“Speaking of which, can you grow slimes in town?”


This is a genuine question that anyone living in this world would’ve asked.


Plants and creatures living outside the city rely more or less on the concentrated mana surrounding it.

For example, there are medicinal herbs that differ depending how far it is from the city, and there are creatures too that also differ in size, both due to the intake of the surrounding mana.


Because of that, it’s common sense that if a monster or some medicinal herbs were to be kept inside the city, then it would gradually weaken then die.

Slimes should also fall under this category as well as far as I know.


The exceptions to this would be the monsters tamed by beastmasters. They survive by taking mana from their masters instead.

However, the mana consumption for it I hear to be large, and would either have to heavily limit the number of monsters they could tame or use ordinary animals that don’t require mana to use it.


This phenomenon occurs mainly from populated areas, so it still includes rural villages as well, and so there are speculations whether it is caused by humans naturally absorbing the mana, but no one can be certain.


Well, in any case, slimes wouldn’t normally be able to breed inside the city.

Even the clean and stagnant river that surrounds the Comnes walls didn’t have any slimes inhabiting it.

This is why I was a little puzzled by Centurion’s actions.


“I HAVE a PLAN for that. There is the MANA POTION.”

“Hoh… I guess that’s fine. So you’re planning on supplementing the lack of mana with the potion? Since that’s the case, are you going to dip the slime into the liquid?”

“I’m just TRYING it out, so I DON’T know if it will WORK yet.”


Having my curiosity piqued, I bought over the case containing the mana potions to the warehouse.


“You can use everything here, except for the leftmost one.”

“WHY is that? I THOUGHT the ones from the LEFTMOST side are the OLDEST. Wouldn’t it be BEST to use those FIRST?”

“It’s deliberate. I wanted to see how long the health potion would last.”

“Makes SENSE.”


He’s quite the reliable ally in his own way here…





“… By the way, is that black thing there also a slime? I haven’t really seen something like this in Comnes…”


I was taking a peek at the inside of the tub and there was a black colored slime squirming inside of it.

However, its core was the usual orange, and it was feeding on the aquatic plant like a normal slime would.


“The COLOR is somewhat DIFFERENT because it had been CAPTURED. However, it still ACTS the same way as a SLIME would. The CLOTH that comes out of them also BECOMES the usual WHITE color.”



Indeed, as it is a different place, there would be different species scattered around.

It’s convenient they all make out the same material.





Now then, now that I have the time ever since arriving at Olbia, it’s about time to get started on having a look at the bones of that ‘Elite’ harpy.

I’ve been having quite a bit of expectations for some time.


First, I’ll have a good close up on them… From the beginning, I’ve been sensing some strange power from it, so I’ve been wanting to know if there are some things I can find out from this.


“… I can’t feel anything…”


I’ve also been checking on it every now and then back in the escort request, but I’ve also been unable to feel anything since then…

Seems like this has continued to even now.


Perhaps, even if I were to summon out a bone servant using bones from an ‘Elite’, it seems like the chances of special skeletons summoned from it is highly unlikely… this skill originally only summons one type of skeletons anyways, so it’s not like special bones would’ve done much.


Even the ‘Elite’ King Yamori, back in Comnes, created nothing but the usual skeletons from it.


Even so, I’d like to keep my wishfully thinking that there may perhaps be a special power coming from these bones that would improve my skeleton summoning skill.


“Alright… I might as well try that on it for now.”


After thinking for a bit, I tried to use Bone Manipulation on it… And it formed into the shape I imagined it to.


… However, that was it. It still didn’t seem any different from a normal weapon.


By the way, what I tried to make was a war hammer, the one with the long handle to it, but I’ll try it out for now.


Making some space around me, I try swinging it…






It somehow feels like a really impressive swing. Heavy but fast.


‘This is amazing!’ Is what I thought, but I made another one out of bones different from the ‘Elite’.


As the other one was made from the ‘Elite’, the weapon may be influenced by that, and so this weapon here, that was made from Demon Horn bones, its power should be somehow lowered.




Oohh! This one also feels really impressive!


… In other words, it’s all the same…





“… And here I thought the weapon made from an ‘Elite’ would be a little different…”

“That’s a shame. I also thought something different might happen.”


… Feeling disappointed, I tried something different with the remaining bones and used Modelling, but nothing different came from that either.

I even switched it up and used Ingot, but it was all the same…


“… Haah. Well, it can’t be helped… making the new weapon as a hammer wasn’t a bad idea, so I’ll be sticking with this.”

“The swing of it was very clean, do you mind if I were to have a bout with it?”


Even if it were to hit, it was a fairly lightweight weapon, so I didn’t mind it.

Though the difference in our skill level is a little too much. Perhaps I could probably use this chance to learn something, and kind of have fun too.


Though it has been a while since I had actually fought using a melee weapon, but I still have the fundamentals drilled into me.

There’s also no guarantee that I, as the rearguard, wouldn’t be attacked, so it’s better to train like this now.


“My lord, I too will participate in this.”

“… I leave myself in your care.”

“Was that a slight pause there my lord?”


This isn’t good… the battle-hungry warrior is participating…





“Hm. I really don’t get the conditions here.”


After that, I’ve been changing the hammer into various shapes, and I’ve been trying to investigate how far it would classify it as a hammer.


The Sculptor Protection has a passive buff for hammers, so I have been using that to check with.


Based on my knowledge from the game, I had one portion of the head shaped into a beak, and so for appearances, it came out okay.

As for the weight, that one is also nice to swing with two hands, so this too is okay.


Furthermore, even if the handle where to be extended to 3m, there still was no problem in handling it.

The skill bonus also seemed to still be in effect when I swing it.


… I tried making a bladed weapon or spear after this, but for some reason it still wasn’t possible.


“For the time being, could you bring these and these over?”


After applying Plating over them, I decided on having both the 1m long claw hammer and the 3m long warhammer brought over.

Since their defensive ability is pretty weak, I was thinking perhaps having a longer reach would help alleviate that sort of problem, despite being a little more difficult to use.


Along with a shield strapped on one arm, their reach could probably help them attack from behind the ones in front… if all works well, this could probably be really effective.





“Alright, now then, everyone take out your shields… Also Benedetta, the arrows.”


Including me and Benedetta, all the equipment have had their Engraving re-applied to the latest level.


All that’s left now is to apply the Plating to the rest of the members.


It’s a tough job to do, but the efficiency of working on this has been lightened, and the speed I am now able to do all this has been quickened.


“My arrows… Is that fine? You don’t really have to take it that far since you already have so much to do.”

“It’s fine, I’ll do it… Remember from before? It could probably pierce through this time with this.”

“Ah, now that you mentioned it… Please do!”


And with that, I’ve been working non-stop until night…


It’s possible to remove the previous Plating with Extraction and then reuse that, so even with our already large supply of steel, hardly any of it has been used.

There’s also the new discovery about replacing the stone bullets with bones. The power is actually greater with this because of the bonus buff. I could also apply this for my bone knives to throw with.

Like that, I felt like I managed to accomplish a lot of things before heading back to sleep.

Benedetta seemed to be sleepy too, and I don’t really like staying up late, so we both decided to return to our room on the second floor of the guild.


That thing where I promised to go and buy some clothes… I’ll try to do it tomorrow.





– Adventurer Life Day 66 (Wed) – Evening – Olbia City – Weapons Workshop – Dandro’s Weapon Shop


By the next day… we exit the guild and arrived at the weapons shop before going out to hunt.


The man who responded to us was different from the young clerk from before, he was middle-aged and had the appearance of an actual craftsman.


“Spears… is it. It’s not a weapon in particular demand with adventurers, so we don’t have a lot to choose from, but I’ll gather the ones we currently have.”

“Thank you.”


I originally planned to get 20 or so at once, but it seems like that won’t be possible… maybe.


There are two reasons I have for buying so much spears.

The first is of course, supplying the new subordinates under Phillips.


The second is an upgrade with the skeleton army.

This time, we can make it possible for normal skeletons to defeat those Demon Horns!


It’s like in those historical mangas where even unskilled farmers could fight.

With the spears, the skeletons could gather up and make a wall of spears with themselves… Even the Demon Horn would have to think twice before rushing straight into that.

I continued on thinking of some amateurish tactics in my head before finally deciding on wanting to buy those spears.


An army of spear wielding skeletons!… I’m starting to get pumped up!





… That is what I thought…


… Truth is, I’m already more than aware about how unskilled each of the normal skeletons are, so I’m really just trying to lift myself up thinking that maybe this might fix the skeleton problem.


Even if it doesn’t work out in the end, we could still hand it over to Phillips’ future team, so it’s not that much of a waste.


Though, I still want it to work out…





When thinking about all that, the man from earlier came back with a couple of other employees with a number of spears.


“There are 18 of these available… how many would you like to take?”

“All of them please.”


I answered without hesitation.

The person I talked to had the look as if he expected this answer, but the young employee behind him was surprised by that.

It’s about 2000 goldas for each, so that makes it about 36000 in total.

It was more expensive that the cart, but since we have a lot of money right now, it’s not too much of a big deal.


After dealing with the payment, the clerk told me regarding our business with Dandro.

He seemed to have recognised me as a customer from before, and so he told me the news.


“… So, although he wasn’t planning on retiring yet, the pain on his back started acting up again, so he would like you to wait for it a little longer…”


There was something that popped into my head just then, but I wasn’t so sure if it would work… though, there’s nothing much to lose from this, so I took something out and showed it to the clerk.


“This is something I got from Comnes. I’m not sure if it would help with Dandro’s back pain, but do give it to him.”

“…! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a potion as vividly green as this. Thank you, I will.”


I wasn’t lying there, so hopefully my poker face was perfect, and there was no chance of others finding out.


This world functions quite differently compared to the game, but since it still acts as a healing potion, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try.

However, this sort of thing is usually left to a chiropractor, so I’m not sure if it would work or not.





– Adventurer Life Day 66 (Wed) – Morning – Olbia City – Eastern Gate


Once we were finished with the weapons shop, we head over to the same hunting grounds with the Demon Horns.

I suddenly couldn’t wait to try out the new spears loaded into the cart.


Like yesterday, we passed by the eastern gate, and gave a small bow to the guards as we continued on through.


I’ve heard many of the guards from Olbia are ones from aristocratic families who couldn’t inherit their nobility.

I wasn’t too sure about this, but I still wouldn’t want to ruin their temper if that’s the case.


Well, we did the same back in Comnes too anyways.



“Something happened?”

“No. I just remembered there was someone I didn’t managed to say my goodbyes to back in Comnes.”


That person was Ruben, who was said to be an amazing swordsman from the guards of the second division.

When I mentioned his name to her, Benedetta remembered meeting him once.


“Ruben… hm. Would that person be from the time you received an emergency request and had a meeting with him and Mr Ohmas? That guard who seemed to be quite skilled.”

“Yeah, yeah. That’s him… Though I’m quite surprised you remembered, even though you’ve only met once.”


If it was me, I would’ve definitely forgotten…


“See, I was quite indebted to him back when I first started as an adventurer, so I at least wanted to say goodbye when we were leaving Comnes… But apparently he wasn’t there at the time.”

“That is quite strange. Since you were a guard once, you could have been at least told which town he would have been assigned to…”


The guards in Comnes are… a little loose-lipped.

What I mean is, that it isn’t all that hard to get some information out of them.

However, only for this time, they wouldn’t tell me anything about it.


It somehow irks me…





At that time, there was an important work Ruben had to take, and had to leave Comnes from the south.

However, the me who had been living a nonchalant life as an adventurer didn’t notice a thing as of yet.





—- Summoning Memo —-

Centurion Team:
Members: Centurion, Skeleton 1 – 7
Equipment: Hatchet, Shield, Armor and helmet

Phillips Team:
Members: Phillips, Skeletons 8 – 14
Equipment: Spear, Shield, Armor and helmet

Other Skeletons:
15 – 49: Club, Round shield, Armor and helmet

Metal Golem ‘Talos’: 1
Wooden Horse: 1
Earthen Horse: 1

#Golems can be divided to a maximum of three bodies.

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