Hone to Issho Chapter 61 – Reinforcements

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– Adventurer Life Day 65 (Tue) – Noon – Olbia City – Plain Fields by the Palmyra Road




Today as well, my scream rings out across the plains…


“Sculptor seems to be level 10 now.”


And then, just when I managed to get myself back up…



“That one was Necromancer!”


Yes, good job me.


Where this to be the usual MMO, my party members would come over and say, ‘grats’ to me.

On the other hand, here I am lying shock still like a petrified corpse on the ground…

… Well, this pain will go away soon enough… but is this really alright?


After recovering from that just now, I went and started to summon the new long-awaited horse.


“Alright! Time to make the ground-type horse!”

“… Which one of those will I receive?”


I’ve already thought of that beforehand, so I gave her the answer I came up with.


“I’ll summon both. We can decide then.”


The two different types of golem horses should have a difference in performance. Not to mention their usability in being ridden is also something to take into account.

Thinking about it, it’s interesting to note about how the second stage for the catalyst is cheaper to get compared to wood, but I suppose it can’t be helped.

Afterall, it becomes significantly harder later on.


(… Eh… Wait a moment.)


Though I had already confirmed the quality of the material rises from the next level on, I don’t actually know whether or not the number of horses increases…

Not good… I’m going to have to think up of an explanation to her if that were to happen.

I’m getting cold sweat already.


When facing her way, she looks at me with sparkling eyes, brimming with expectations…

Damn it, I don’t have a choice here… I concentrate onto the ground.




Rumble Rumble


The ground in front of me slowly begins to swell, unil breaking off where the chunks form together into a shape of a horse… and once it stops, the horse has been completed.




(Is this it?)


It’s size is smaller than expected!

I’m preventing myself looking towards Benedetta’s direction as I try to whirl my thoughts in my head the best way of explaining myself here…


(… Gah, just calm down me…)


Ah, that’s right! The weight of the material.


I was nervous seeing the horse for a moment, but now that I was able to pinpoint the problem, I managed to calm myself down.

Just like with the golem, since the soil is heavier than wood, the size of it has been reduced.


I’m not sure if it would change much, but from what I remember, the trees in Comnes’ Gravel Field seemed to be heavier than the ones here since they all seemed to be more tightly packed.

Even so, the ground is still much heavier as the shoulder height is about 20cm lower than before.

Not only that, but the whole body also seems to be much smaller compared to a normal horse.


(Even so, perhaps its strength would be increased from that)


And like I thought, that does seem to be the case.





“It’s quite strong… It’s a little unexpected.”

“With a size like that, it does look to be a little off…”


We talk to ourselves as we watch the ground-type horse drag the cart along easily through rough terrain.

I’m not sure what to think about this, so I only gave a wry smile.


There was a lot of power coming from that small horse.

The amount of Demon Horn horns and skins in the cart totals to about 40. I had a check myself, and it felt like even the two wooden horses might struggle passing it through the grasslands like this… but the earth horse is dragging it through like there’s no problem.


(From this aspect alone, even if it may be slower, it already surpasses the wooden horse usage more than enough.)


Earth horses are more suitable as cart carriers… that’s the impression I’m getting from it.





Now then, on the other hand, Benedetta’s evaluation of riding the horse wasn’t particularly favorable.

I had her use the earth horse once removed from the cart, but…


… Yeah.


Like I predicted, it doesn’t seem like the earth horse is able to run very fast with that sort of weight to it.

Seems a little silly to me about how increasing the material quality like this actually degrades the horse’s ability.





And so from that, I had the wooden horse equipped with the horse’s equipment while the earthen horse is connected to the cart.


“Now then, so long as the weather is clear, this horse will be assigned to Benedetta!”

“Once again, thank you very much Nemo.”


Without delay, she got onto the horse and began to ride.

I hope she’s not going too far from here… while thinking that, I heard a shout from her.




When I looked in her direction, she was pointing towards the road from ahead, and so I turned there…

What’s up?


“Nemo! Over there, you can see the caravans!”


I don’t think I could properly see from my position, so Benedetta gave me a hand to come up with her.

Once I propped myself up behind her, I was able to see the long road crossing near the horizon.


The last wagon from the line seemed to be like the one we were all used to looking at from the past seven days of staying close to it.

The Nelwa group is also probably nearby as well.


As I watched the merchants leave, I had a slight sense of loneliness thinking of all the times Nemo had broke up from his family and friends, and possibly never seeing them again.


Looking back at me, Benedetta smiled, to which I smiled back, having that feeling slightly alleviated.





– Adventurer Life Day 65 (Tue) – Noon – Olbia City – Plain Fields by the Palmyra Road


Benedetta got off the horse first to help me get down as she had the stirrups to assist her balance.



“It’s nothing…”


Somehow, this situation is kind of getting me embarrassed, and I inadvertently turned away from her.

To hide it, I try asking her something.


“Ah… Do you mind checking the Necromancer for a bit?”

“… Understood.”


The upgrade from Necromancer should have only increased the maximum number of skeletons to summon.

However, it’s better to have a look at it just in case. There’s no reason not to.


There was that thing that happened with the Alchemist protection, so that’s something to keep in mind.


By the way, extended skills are skills that can be acquired outside of the three level system through special events and other things, and are quite different in functionality compared to the ones acquired through levelling. Though, there are some limitations.

I’m a little concerned about the Alchemist Eyes skill that seemed to have been triggered by a strange voice I never heard from before, even from the game, but there’s not much I can do to investigate that…


While thinking about it, Benedetta relayed to me what she saw through Prudia’s Magic Eye.


“There hasn’t been an additional skill listed… but the number of bone servants increased to 65, so that makes it about 20 more…”

“Eh!? Why’s that!?”

“… Nemo? Was there something wrong from that?”


Ah… that’s right, she never really seen the summoning number as a pattern huh.


“Ah, erm…”


I start explaining the process to her, including about the pattern at which the skeleton number increased until now.





“So what I can understand from your explanation, the number of skeletons increased higher than expected… is that right?”


I nodded.


Until now, the number of skeletons added was equivalent to the Necromancer’s level.

At level 1, only one can be summoned. By level 2, it makes a total of 3, at level 3, it went up to 6, and so on and so forth.

By that pattern, the number of new skeletons by level 10 should’ve been 10, but the number is pretty much double that…

It’s not that I’m complaining or anything, but I wonder what’s different this time…


Did it double or something now that it reached level 10?

I never really had much information regarding Necromancers back in the game, so I’m not so sure.


Though I still find it strange.

Was there other Divine Protections that change from the level 10 mark?

I try to think.


The game back then wasn’t particularly praised for its optimisation, and once the number of summoned creatures reached to about 20 in one area along with other players nearby, the game starts to lag for everyone.


That said, what benefit is there from having 65 summons when all their power is low anyways?

There must have been a player that abused this and either annoyed or PK’d some players by taking advantage of the lag.

If that was the case, then this method would’ve become infamous within the community, regardless of whether or not this Divine Protection is low tier.


Another thing to note, and is also something I noticed for a while now, but I’ve also been levelling faster than I would have in the game.


Of course, I’m not talking about how it would’ve taken more than a month of grinding just to reach level 10, but there was a day and night cycle that would last for a number of hours there, and so I’m comparing myself to the in-game time.


(Well, there’s no use in trying to think about it right now.)


There’s been some new questions popping up recently, but not enough clues to figure them out.

I’ll have to put this on hold.





Now then, I wonder if there’s going to be any sort of good things from having the number of skeletons reach 65?

First, let’s call our aces back here.


(Nemo here. Centurion, Phillips. Come and take you and your units back to the main group. Can you confirm the main group is on top of a boulder?)

(I UNDERSTAND the location. RETURNING immediately.)

(My subordinates are still in battle, so we’ll be arriving about 5 minutes late. Position of the main group has also been confirmed.)


I didn’t mention this before, but even though I am able to locate all of the skeletons, they can’t do the same.

This is the reason why we need to keep in contact with each other to make sure that one group doesn’t get lost.





“Centurion, Phillips. Try and increase the number of your subordinates.”

“Hohh… So it is possible to increase my subordinates through your ‘Level Up’?”

“I will CONFIRM it right AWAY.”


Both had started to check… and the number of subordinates for each of them has indeed increased to seven.


“Seven huh? This is good!”

“With THIS, we can DO much more THINGS now.”

“This also makes a significant increase in our strength.”


I suppose this benefit does make it seem more promising despite the lack of strength from the normal skeletons.

It’s a little difficult for me to take control of 49 skeletons at once afterall… 


Benedetta, who had been on the lookout while riding on top of her horse, came back.

Once I was able to make the 20 new skeletons through the monster corpses, I gave the order to return back to the city.





(For the time being, I might hold off on adding any more skeletons.)


I had the skill used on the entire body after dismantling, and in the blink of an eye, three new skeletons joined the party.


(This might be a little wasteful.)


Most of the Demon Horns have a large frame and thick bones, and has the highest bone mass compared to any of the other monsters we had hunted so far.


The Bone Servant skill uses up the entirety of the monster’s body to summon, and because of that, it’s more effective if the monster body used would be something smaller like the shelled rabbit or wolf bat.

The larger corpses would then be used for equipping the skeletons through Bone Manipulation.


From my experience of using the Bone Manipulation skill, it seems to have some sort of effect where it makes the density of the bones uniform, and so for monster with light bones, the volume of it would be reduced. Likewise, with heavier bones, a lot more material can be used off of it.

With Demon Horns, it’s much more beneficial if I were to use these for Bone Manipulation instead.


However, the shelled rabbits I would see from these plains are running at the sight of us due to our large numbers. Since they start running from a considerable distance, it’s too much of a bother to hunt them where the time could be spent on hunting another Demon Horn.

Because of that, it’s probably best if I just don’t think about things too much and just use the Demon Horns as the catalyst.

Walking over to it, the bones pile up reaching over my height. There should be about 40 corpses worth of bones piled up here…

From there, I start.





All in all, there were about 20 new skeletons, along with being fully equiped with their equipment completed, though not Plated however. I returned the each of them back into their coins to save up on mana.


(Ah… that’s right. Right now I should be able to upgrade the Engraving from their equipment.)


I had the equipment of Phillips, Centurion, and an additional 18 more skeletons updated to the newest Engraving rank.

Actually, this can be done on the way back and hidden away…


“ … Aren’t you making the skeleton equipment much faster than usual?”

“… You think so too? … Yeah, it is kind of strange…”


Benedetta raised her voice as she watched me quickly make the equipment, while sitting atop of her horse.

It’s not just this one either. It seems like Bone Manipulation, Modeling and Engraving had been suddenly quickened.

I originally intended on going back once I got a few skeletons equipped, but I’ve already finished with all of the skeleton equipment.


… The time right now is still before evening.


Honestly, preparing all the skeleton equipment is a rather annoying thing to do since it involves quite a bit of concentration, however now it’s become really easy to do…

In fact, I was kind of getting into an adrenaline rush with the pace I’ve been going.


By the time I’ve thought up of the design, the process has already been almost finished.

The speed of these did feel to have risen since the past couple of levels, but it was only at level 10 was there a significant increase.


(… So… Is level 10 suddenly a special milestone or something…?)


Nonetheless, I kept the questions to the back of my head, as I round up our party members to get ourselves ready and head back to the city.





—- Divine Protection and Skills —-
Necromancer level 10: Undead Servant 45 Summons; Bone manipulation; Spirit Servant; Heroic Spirit Contract; Death’s embrace; Bonuses < Bone weapon; Bone Armor; Gathering; Night vision >
Alchemist level 10: Health potion create; Extraction; Plating; Poison potion create; Poison antidote; Bonuses < Throw; Gathering >
Sculptor level 10: Engrave; Golem (wood, earth, stone, iron); Modelling; Polpenius’ horse (wood, earth); Bonuses < Dagger; Hammer; Sculpting; Gathering; Mining >


—- Summoning Memo —-

Centurion Team:
Members: Centurion, Skeleton 1 – 7
Equipment: Hatchet, Shield, Armor and helmet

Phillips Team:
Members: Phillips, Skeletons 8 – 14
Equipment: Spear, Shield, Armor and helmet

Other Skeletons:
15 – 49: Club, Round shield, Armor and helmet

Metal Golem ‘Talos’: 1
Wooden Horse: 1

#Golems can be divided to a maximum of three bodies.


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