Hone to Issho Chapter 60 – Jewellery Appraisal

– Adventurer Life Day 65 (Tue) – Before noon – Olbia City – Plain Fields by the Palmyra Road


“Nemo!? Are you alright!?”

“… Oh… I’m fine…”


I felt like quite some time had passed since I lost consciousness, but according to Benedetta, I started moving right after I collapsed.


Ah – … There’s something ringing in my head again… however this time, it’s much more significant than before…

I feel like I’m going to collapse, but not actually falling… this sort of feeling repeats multiple times over.


In a worried tone, Benedetta begins to rebuke.


“I knew it, that thing really is dangerous! You should hurry and get rid of… hm?”

“Huh? Was this the Ziggurat from before?”


Near us, we had just left a carcass on top of that rock over there and had dismantled it, but on top of the rock was the Ziggurat… seeming to have a small mountain of white sand around it.

It looked like some iron sand from Extraction, despite the color having nothing to do with the Ziggurat’s bronze appearance.




Benedetta warns me as I approach it.


“Wait, hold on Nemo. You should be a little more cautious…”

“Then, stand back a bit… It’s an ‘Ingot’.”



The surrounding sand had probably originated from the Ziggurat before its size retracted and all that was left was a hard light blue sphere…Though, there is something bugging me from this.


So the ingot can be rounded…




On one side of the hardened ingot, a silver-colored ring falls… Could this one be what was inside the Ziggurat?


Since Benedetta gave out a warning earlier, I didn’t really want to act like I am dismissing it, so I had one of my skeletons grab it for me.

We had a look at whether or not it is dangerous.


In the end, there didn’t seem to be any danger from the white ball and silver ring.

The skeleton, then Benedetta, and then me, took turns in properly checking it, but nothing really changed.


In fact, I don’t really feel anything from this anymore like how I did a while back… on the contrary, now I feel the power emanating from this ring instead.


… Not that I’m particularly confident about that.


“It seems to be fine now… though this one looks beautiful…”


Like being spellbound to it, Benedetta fixated her gaze towards the stone… eh, is it all fine now?


It’s like her previous disposition from before went a full 180.


I’m secretly relieved, but I won’t point that out, of course. If I were to mention, she’s definitely going to have a bad mood, so I’ll keep my mouth shut.


“It looks safe… Do you want it?”

“Eh!?… Um… but…”


… Just say it…


Well, since I have an idea what she would like out of it, I poked a hole out through the center of the ball and passed a piece of cut leather through it and tied the ends together.


“Alright, here’s a present. A gem necklace.”

“Ah… um, thank you very much!”


Seeing sparkles glitter through Benedetta’s eyes, the grief from the topic about the skeletons earlier became a little lighter.

Now there’s only one more thing I’m concerned about… I took a closer look at the ring.


(This one is quite concerning.)


Looking at it, it seemed to be made from silver.

However, how do I say this… I’m getting some sort of mixed feelings from it.


The silver ring looked as if it had just been polished, giving it a beautiful luster, as if it were a high class item. As an amateur like myself, even I can tell the work of this is precise and the design of it is fits the ring perfectly.


Well, since it’s a ring, it should be good if I were to wear it right… this was I thought until I added in a somewhat boorish design to it… I try to get it to work, but I ended up ruining the actual item with that.




Looking at the surface, there were about four skeletons drawn, marching side by side.

What is this?





In the end, me and Benedetta had a discussion regarding the opened sphere and ring.

Well, judging by the value of the gem and the weight of the silver ring, their values seem to be pretty equal.

I was expecting her to say, “This is too much!” again, but since it’s like this there was no complaint, so that’s a relief.


While thinking of that, pain sprang up throughout my entire body.





Benedetta immediately went for the conclusion that it’s caused by the Ziggurat, but that’s not it!

… However, I can’t actually say anything in my current position… 


Once she noticed the familiar light shining from under me did she calm down…







Though we were talking to each other just now, the other members were still hunting around the field, and it was thanks to that did I have a sudden level up.


If I’m going to have to guess…


“Alchemist reached level 10… your skills wouldn’t increase from this point would it?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Though it does improve the potion effects and make Extraction a little easier.”


… So it was the Alchemist one huh.

Compared with all the other classes, this one has a fairly low experience requirement, so if everything were to raise at the same pace, this one would be the first to level up.


From my experience so far, both Necromancer and Sculptor have a similar and very normal experience requirement.

It felt like it had been a long time since the last time I levelled up, but thinking about it, I haven’t really hunted much for a while either.


It is only when reaching at any level that is a multiple of 3 could I acquire new skills… Though, I have asked for Benedetta to confirm everytime I levelled up, and there hasn’t been an exception thus far.

So what that means is that there won’t be any additional skills in this and the next level… quite a shame.


“Erm… hey… would this one be a new skill?”


“Uh… well, there’s a new one here saying Alchemist’s Eyes. What could this one be?”


… Wait, what?





With the name of the skill like that, it was easy to understand the use of this skill.

This was proven the moment I concentrate onto something when activating it.


It seems to be some sort of analysis skill that comes with the accompanying knowledge… I say accompanying knowledge, because there are some materials that I’ve heard of, but not the details of it…


“Ring… mostly made up of silver and copper. Phillips’ spear head… magically modified silver. Steel mace… iron, chromium, tungsten, vanadium, manganese, along with several other elements…”

“What was that? An incantation? … Wait, don’t tell me…”


Benedetta who had been making a surprised expression a while ago, checked into her bag and started approaching me carefully with some sort of goo in her hand.


“Like I thought, something really did happen a while ago… that’s alright, I’ll cure you right away.”

“Eh… wait! I’m not going crazy at all!”

“That’s what they all say.”

“… Scary! Just hold on a minute! Listen to me!”





Hah… I managed to convince her once again not to use whatever she was about to do to me…


Supposedly, in the north, there’ve been cases of people suspected of being possessed by monsters and, as she thought of my situation as the same, was going to give me the common treatment as from there.

That treatment apparently also involves me getting punched, so it’s not something I’d like to play along…


However, I can feel the stress from hunting gradually dissipating, but having to deal with her worryings instead made my head hurt more from that… though, I’ll keep that thought to myself.





Though things were going on like this, there were a few problems I noticed that sprung up.


Thinking it about it later, the reason why I could judge what kind of gem that rare-looking gem was, was probably due to the Alchemist Eyes.


It’s nice to discover a new skill at this time, but I should have really seen it earlier since there might have been a couple of moments where I could use this.


When an unexpected phenomenon occurs from an object, it’s necessary to consider both the external and internal factors.


I was distracted by the new special object (Ziggurat) and determined it to be the cause for all unexpected things, but that idea itself was wrong.


However, such a thing will happen much later.





—- Divine Protection and Skills —-
Necromancer level 9: Undead Servant 45 Summons; Bone manipulation; Spirit Servant; Heroic Spirit Contract; Death’s embrace; Bonuses < Bone weapon; Bone Armor; Gathering; Night vision >
Alchemist level 10: Health potion create; Extraction; Plating; Poison potion create; Poison antidote; Bonuses < Throw; Gathering >
Sculptor level 9: Engrave; Golem (wood, earth, stone, iron); Modelling; Polpenius’ horse (wood, earth); Bonuses < Dagger; Hammer; Sculpting; Gathering; Mining >


—- Summoning Memo —-

Centurion Team:
Members: Centurion, Skeleton 1, 2, 3
Equipment: Hatchet, Shield, Armor and helmet

Phillips Team:
Members: Phillips, Skeletons 4, 5, 6
Equipment: Spear, Shield, Armor and helmet

Other Skeletons:
7 – 37: Club, Round shield, Armor and helmet

Metal Golem ‘Talos’: 1
Wooden Horse: 1

#Golems can be divided to a maximum of three bodies.



TL Note: Yay, skill notes are back! That said, a number of these have been re-named and poison antidote was supposed to be added a while back according to the author.

TL Note2: “Well, since it’s a ring, it should be good if I were to wear it right… this was I thought until I added in a somewhat boorish design to it… I try to get it to work, but I ended up ruining the actual item with that.” – まあ指輪って指が通せればいいだろ、と言わんばかりの正確に輪っか状に作っただけの、武骨で無機質なデザイン…… そして、ただくっつけただけ、という感じの不恰好にはみ出した盤面が全てを台無しにしている。
I don’t usually do this, but this one in particular had me troubled… So take this sentence here with a grain of salt.

TL Note3: Next chapter’s probably on Friday from now on. This one was supposed to be the usual Monday (I just slept in again…).

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A Simple Hitman
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I’m confused. Ziggurat was round ingot and by playing with it he “dismantled” it and it reverted into ring, sand and ball/gem ?