Hone to Issho Chapter 6 – Yacchoutai in the Wetlands

~ Adventurer’s life Day 3 (Wed) Evening ~ City of Comnes Inn [The Bulbul’s Burrow] Food Hall

After arriving back to the inn from the guild, I left my stuff at my bed, went straight to the food hall and took a rest on a worn out table.

Hah…. Somehow today was pretty tiring again….

I’m feeling a slight fatigue over my body…. But at the same time, I feel like I’m finally having a sense of progression now.
I was able to create a potion today after all.

I decided not to think for a while and walked towards the counter. There was no-one there but I can hear some footsteps coming over.
It was auntie that came over.

“Oho! You came back quite early today. It’ll be good if you were to always finish work at this time.”

Auntie still has seems pretty lively, even when still working at this time.
She really has so much energy.
Why can’t I have that.

“Thanks, arriving back at this time isn’t too bad but….”

She went over and took a seat on a chair in front of me.
As she did that, I noticed some things scribbled onto the table.
All were carved with a knife with their names.
I can tell that stone of these look as old as before the Nemo in me was even born. It’s kinda interesting seeing all these names…
Oh, I just remembered something. I’m gonna have to ask auntie another favor.

“Right. Do you have something like a board lying around. It’s fine even if it’s not perfect.”

I’d like to write something too so I can have a review on my current condition.
To my reply, auntie came back to me with some firewood. I took the most suitable one and gave back the rest.

Right now, I’m progressing quite well in learning more about my divine protection and skills, but I think leaving things like this would be a problem later.
After all, if I were to keep a record of my divine protections and skills, I may be able to use it to improve more.

That said, paper is seen as a luxury item in this world, so since I’m pretty much a peasant right now, I can use a piece of wood as a replacement when I need to write something down.
Though, I’m probably the only person who would use firewood just for that reason…
If it’s the guild however, they can use paper as much as they like since they are a special case, but us common folk can’t.
Then again, there are people who say that the guild won’t last long financially if it keeps on using paper.
Though I agree with that, but I noticed some faint marks on the requests I have. Good to know that even the guild recycles.

I take out my hunting knife.
When I think about having to carry it around, I get disturbed that it would dirty my bag.

After a brief moment of thought, I start to carve down onto the wood.
I decided to write some things I’m uncertain about and things I should do from now on.
Even if I were the make a mistake here, I could just chip it off… Though compared to paper, this is really inconvenient.

However once I started carving the wood, I noticed my writing was thin and cleaner than I expected it to be.
It somehow feels weird since it doesn’t feel like I’m using my own hand.
This is probably because of the sculptor divine protection huh.
Though I still can’t write like I can with paper, so I’ll just keep it brief.
I’ll put some spaces in between so I can write some more stuff for later.

—- Nemo Divine Protection and Skills —-

Necromancer: ロBone weapon bonus; Undead Servant; Dark magic and resistance; Magic power?

Alchemist: ロPotion making; Extraction; Metallurgy; Potion throw; ロGathering bonus; Dexterity, intuition and magic power

Sculptor: Create a sculpture; ロDismantling; Specialised weapon – unknown; Dexterity and Intuition?


Things like magic power and dexterity written right at the end with question marks are stats that increase along with the divine protection.
Stats are the foundation of a player’s ability that increases when levelling up, but they can also be increased slightly when using some skills.
Since I had the Alchemist divine protection back when I played the game, I’m certain on what I’ve written here, so long as there hasn’t been any changes in this world.
I put other things I expect from the class, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to ever see them.

‘ロ’ just means I confirmed it exists.
I saw the gathering bonus effect when I was dismantling the carcass so that gets a ‘ロ’.
I wonder if I’ll be a able to figure all this out. That way, I’ll be able to focus on the things I overlooked.
Potion throwing seems like the easiest to test out, but I don’t think I can really do it now…..
maybe tomorrow.

Well then, I might as well try out the Alchemist’s ‘Extraction’ skill….
I took out the rock salt I grabbed earlier in the rock field and returned back to the cafeteria.

Things like rock salt, as obvious as it is, have impurities like salt inside of it. I can see bits of it, so I assumed it to be one.
Though then again, this rock could also be an ore.
After finished with my observation, I put it on top of the memo board. It’s about the same size.
I might as well try out the extraction skill now. If it works as intended it should separate the rock and the salt.
Though once I’ve taken it out, I wonder what I can use the salt for…

It’s my first time using this skill, and I really don’t know what I can use it for, but then it might be pretty useful in the future.
I looked around me if anyone is around but I don’t think anyone has arrived here yet.
All right, let’s do this!


White salt was extracted forming a pile on top of the wood… Or so it was, until the rock also crumbled, mixing in with the salt.
… Hm? The leftover greyish crumbled rock looked like it turned into something more like sand.
Compared to the rock, there seems to be hardly any salt extracted. Perhaps I didn’t extract it perfectly.
In the future, I should really do something about the components mixing with each other.
Well, though the rubbish is all piled up in one spot, I can still probably separate them both by hand but… umm… after this… what do I do.

I tried out my skill again and again.

In the end, I gave the salt to auntie and threw away the rest.
In this world, white salt = good quality; it’s common knowledge here that white salt is for the wealthy. So she should pretty happy about it hopefully.

But before that, right after I used the extraction skill, I felt a dull pain in my head all of a sudden. No doubt I was running out of mana then.
In most rpg’s, mana gets used up when using magic spells or certain skills.
In the game though, there weren’t any mana restrictions there so I thought this wouldn’t be any different, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Today, I made a potion and extracted some salt. I was able to do them fine, but I can feel that I won’t be able to do any more than that. It’s like a sixth sense or something.
In that case, the bone weapon bonus and the gathering bonus are passive skills and probably doesn’t use up my mana.
Since I can’t really do anything for today, I’m better off sleeping….

In the end, I took my leave and returned to my room to sort out my luggage on my bed.
I started to feel sleepy after all that, so I laid down and immediately went to sleep.

~ Adventurer’s life Day 4 (Thur) Early Morning ~ City of Comnes Marketplace

I managed to wake up early again today, so after breakfast, I headed over to the marketplace.
I came here to buy some tools for making potions.

The marketplace is pretty close to the guild.
Most of the stalls have some cheap items lined up for sale, so I browse around to see if the stall has what I need.
One suitable wooden tub, and several cheap containers for the potion, preferably a bamboo pipe with a wooden cork.
Though even with this, this should still be quite expensive for me.
I’m gonna need the cork to be the exact size too, so I’ll have to make sure of that before I buy it.
… Though I probably won’t be able to know if it will leak or not…
Let’s hope that don’t happen.

… Right now, I have about 800 goldos on me.
I was able afford the inn fees with my request rewards recently, but I can’t really be reliant on that.
I can move to an even cheaper inn…. but the I’m not sure I can trust staying at an inn worse than the one right now…


I went back to the fountain near the inn.

I quickly washed the wooden tub and bamboo pipes I bought earlier.
These weren’t new, but they were cheap. And although they were supposed to be clean before selling, I’ll just clean it just in case.
The containers doesn’t seem to be leaking either, so it’s all right.
… I’ll be sure to buy from that shop the next time I need to buy some.

I wiped them off and stuffed them back in my bag. I went back, this time to the guild.
I plan to take another herb collection request outside of town, though only one for today.
Since the guild was already close by, there was no problem getting to there.

~ Adventurer’s life Day 4 (Thur) Morning ~ Comnes Town Adventurers Guild Lobby

It’s already been past the morning rush, so the guild is pretty calm for now.
I took a glance at the request board. I didn’t see it yesterday, but it’s here now. ‘Riverside Wetland’, it’s a place different from ‘Beginner’s Rock Field’ and is the request I am looking for.
I take out the request requiring the same material for the potion, Yachoutai.

(It’s a shame the rock fields only provide one of the two materials… )

From what I know in the game, Yachoutai grow a lot in marshy areas, and seeing the requests from the bulletin board confirms this.

(Oh… ‘Riverside Wetlands’ with a ‘Yachoutai’ request for 106 Goldos… That’s 3 more than the last request. Alright, let’s take it.)

There’s two requests for collecting 20 of them, I think I’ll take these… hold on.
This will be the first time I’ve been there. I can’t just casually go there like I did with the rock field.
I’ll go ask the reception if this is alright, if it’s too much then I’ll lower the amount.

“Erm, excuse me. I want to take this quest but is this alright?”

I came over to the closest staff, it’s a woman with brown hair and eyes. I hand over the request sheets and card.

“Ehm… The location is up through the north gate then head east to find the river. If you follow the river you there, you should be able to arrive there. The black slugs there are slow but you should still be careful of them… Hm? 40 pieces of Yachoutai is it… Um… It should be fine?”

… Why is that a question.

“I knew it, 40 pieces is a little too much huh….?”

I should probably just be direct about this.

“… Do you happen to have experience in any other herb collection requests?”
“I went collecting 20 items of Iwahakka and Tougoma…”
“20 in total?”
“It was 20 each.”
“… Then this one is somewhat the same, so there really shouldn’t be any problems.”
“Is that so. Alright, thanks.”

After receiving the confirmation, I left the guild.
From what I’ve been told, this should roughly take the same time as the other herbs I collected before.
That sure is a relief. Guess there’s nothing to worry about then.

TN note: Hopefully no one noticed I slept in while editing 😛

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I think for the necromancy skill bonus, it should be dismantling, rather than gathering? This would fit in more with the previous chapter context. Both do seem to apply though.


Thanks for the treat.


“Sixth intuition” doesn’t really make sense. Should probably be Sixth Sense or intuition by itself.