Hone to Issho Chapter 58 – Door of Awareness

– Adventurer Life Day 64 (Mon) – Afternoon – Olbia City – Weapon Shop – ‘Dandro’s Weapon Shop’


When the weapon Phillips wanted, the throwable spear, wasn’t found in the store, an old man who looked to be involved with the shop’s business called out to us.


He looked to be around 50~60 years old with his hair all greyed, and despite all the spots on his skin, his body still seemed to be sturdy and full of energy.

He reminds me of a dwarf from those stories heard from the far west, but his beard was neatly trimmed as to show he still works as a shopkeeper.


… For the time being, I introduced myself first.


“The name’s Dandro. Somehow, you wanted a new weapon, but if it’s fine, could you tell me the details?”

“Eh… Dandro is it? The same one as the name of this shop?”

“That is correct… is what I would like to say, but I’ve already retired from working at the shop now… But I’m still able to accept work.”

“Are you able to make a throwable spear?”

“I haven’t asked what it is yet, so I can’t be so sure. First, could you explain it to me.”


Thankfully, Dandro here seemed to be very cooperative about this.





Even when he’s dealing with some customers with a troublesome request, he had us wait in a separate room as he gets things ready.


… Looking around, the place here seemed to be quite luxurious.

It’s not something I would expect from a craftsman’s store, but the room was nicely decorated, and the furniture looked to be of high quality.

I wonder if something like this is normal in this city.


While still in my own thoughts, Dandro asks some information about the weapon Phillips wanted, so he explained.


“Hohh… so it is used for something like that… This is the first time I heard it used as such. From something that long and to be able to be thrown well, the position of the center of gravity is going to have to be important… That said, those patterns on your armor. Where did that originate?”


As time continues to fly, Phillips continue on answering questions, while making subtle corrections for some.

For some reason, watching the old man having a normal chat with us, gave me a completely different impression from what I had of him initially.





“Alright. I get it now. The way to make it, should be something like this.”


Seems like he managed to get in the end. I think.


The whole exchange actually would’ve ended much sooner than this, but the conversation between them dragged on for quite a while. Not that I mind or anything.


Seems like the one who would be making it would be Dandro himself… From the scale of this workshop, if someone from here were to do it instead, they’d probably keep making mistakes. With the amount of time and materials used up during the process, the final cost is going to be frightening…


“… Erm, well… about the pricing…”

“Wahaha! … From the looks of you guys, you seem to have just got out from Comnes! There’s no way I would take such a huge sum from adventurers like that! It’s just a hobby of mine! A hobby!”


Well, it’s nice of him to say that, but I’m going to have to correct him on this one.


“No well, we do have quite a bit of money on us.”

“Is that so… then wouldn’t it be best if you were to look the part? You’re quite young, and that attire of yours doesn’t help you look more reliable.”


The topic veered off a bit here, but that’s probably just this person’s habit.


… Looking the part huh.

I haven’t really thought about that too much, but for somewhere like a big city, it would’ve been better to seem as such.

Well, I didn’t really notice it much back in Comnes since we really only worked with the guild there.





In the end, we had the price for the prototype set to 5000 Goldas. The weapon was specially made, but the price was mainly from amount of prototypes that would have to be made from that.


Each of those prototypes have varying points of their centre of gravity, and once Phillips choose the most suitable one, that would then be created several more times.

However, if none of the options are chosen then it seems like it would be remade into something more similar to products they already have. With all that into account, the price of the weapons from this shop is astoundingly cheap.

When I said that to him…


“If that’s the case, then go buy something at our store. The quality from here wouldn’t lose to any other, and the same goes for their prices too!”


… So he says.

Well, there’s still something I would want to buy, so I suppose that’s okay.





And so, that should be all that is needed to be said between us, however the problem of this came after.

There was tea, sweets and a new topic for a conversation… It’s hard to take our leave from here!


This old man Dandro is much more of a talkative person than I thought.

We brought up conversations about our time in Comnes a bunch of times, and he brings up his work as a blacksmith, the city of Olbia, and the adventurers around here.


Since I sort of got into the conversation myself, by the time we left the shop it was already almost evening.


It’s a shame, I actually wanted to have a look at some of Olbia’s steel armor today, but it doesn’t look like I have much time for that anymore.

Well Dandro did teach me about the main hunting grounds around the city along with a couple of other things to take note of, so it should be fine if I were to come here again.





On our way back to the guild, I spoke to Phillips.


“Ah… We got caught up for quite a while over there… though it was interesting.”

“That’s right. That elderly was quite interesting. There was also a number of information he also gave us. Especially the one about the steel.”


What Phillips was talking about there was the overview in the steelmaking process Dandro talked about during our chat.

The trick was to heat a specialised furnace with charcoal, to which you then throw in some more charcoal and iron ore into it. It would then be stricken with a hammer several times to remove impurities.


I thought this sort of thing was supposed to be a secret as it was the case back in Comnes with the smithing guild, but Dandro insists that it was alright.


“I know something like this was supposed to be hidden, but it’s already something pretty known anyways. Something simple like this isn’t really worth to hide.”


That was what he said, but then would the blacksmithing guild from Comnes be okay with that?


“Then again, that elder sure was nice.”

“That’s true.”


I was told that the store deals with weapons from private soldiers and city guards, so it sounds like the store is quite high in status.

Despite supposing to be in retirement, he works as if that sort of thing doesn’t matter…

Though then again, that does make me a little anxious about it.


“Seems like he might take some time to finish it.”


He’s still somewhat able to work, but with the old wounds on his waist he had to retire early, and so he has a lot of time on his hands…

That’s what we heard from him anyways, and it’s something I can understand.


I can still feel some pain from my waist, back in that Mine a while back, but Phillips tells me to take my time in recovering completely from that so I’m not worrying too much.





– Adventurer Life Day 64 (Mon) – Evening – Olbia City – Adventurer’s Guild – Inn (Cheap Room)


We returned back to the guild, and headed to our room from the 2nd floor.


However, the room this time was different compared to the one we used before.


“So we’ll be using a cheap room from now on, huh.”

“The difference from this is surprisingly large.”


It’s like the same dreary room from ‘Nessos’ Temptation’ back in Comnes.

It has the same looking bed, and even the unmaintained walls looked to be the same as well.


However, it still looks a little better overall.

The window here is big, and it’s evening right now… you could see the stars quite clearly from here.

Once it turns day, you could also probably see the bustle from the square in front of the guild.


Holding that train of thought, I noticed Benedetta had been taking glances to where my waist is for some time now.


“What’s up? Thinking of something dirty?”

“… That’s not it! I’ve only been wondering what you’re doing with your hand in your pocket this entire time…”

“Ahh, this.”


When saying that, I took out the Ziggurat from my pocket.


“You’ve been moving your hand around in your pocket for quite a long time, kind of unconsciously… It’s a little strange once I noticed it.”

“No, well you see, I was just feeling it around a bit.”


It was a spherical shaped object about 2cm in diameter and had subtle bumps dotted around the surface. When touching it, it sort of calms me down.


Perhaps if I were to keep doing this, I might be able to accidentally open it? Though it never really happened in the end.


However, Benedetta says I had been doing this ever since we found it back when we were still travelling to Olbia.

I don’t remember doing that at all.


“You had probably developed a habit out of it. Well, since you know now, it’s probably best to stop…”

“Alright, alright.”


I took her advice into consideration and finally let go of the Ziggurat.





When taking my clothes off and getting myself into the bed, I had a sudden feeling of drowsiness.


“Sorry but I’m feeling a little too tired right now… Let’s just sleep for today.”

“You did seem quite sleepy earlier… I understand. Good night.”

“Yeah… you too. Tomorrow, if there’s still some time left after hunting, want to buy some clothes at the market?”

“… Sure… sounds good…”


Must be nice, being able to sleep just like that.





Thinking back on it now, that was probably the last thing I remembered…





Right now, I should’ve been sleeping.


This should be the case… but I seem to still be conscious even while asleep.


(… It’s dark…)


From all that I could see around me, it’s completely black.

No, it’s not just me from closing my eyes… there’s an open space around me. Not lying on the bed, but floating through nothing… 


Even as I try to concentrate on my surroundings, I feel to be sinking further into the darkness, and at that I can gradually feel something outside of this.

From the darkness I feel to be melting into, I can sense something moving there.

There was an immovable sphere at first, then there came a number of smaller spheres surrounding it.


However, these objects aren’t visible to me.

I can only feel their presence.

It’s the same sensation as the times when I would use that different sense of mine.


When I try concentrating on those objects however, I feel its presence gradually fading.

I try to concentrate even further, but it continues on gradually fading until there was nothing to sense.

And so within the midst of all that, I then feel myself gradually getting swallowed.





– Adventurer Life Day 64 (Mon) – Afternoon – Olbia City – Adventurer’s Guild – Lobby


Like yesterday, we had our breakfast at the guild lobby.


Once I finished my meal, I feel slightly groggy and unintentionally let out a complaint.


“Ugh, I feel like I have a headache right now.”

“… Hm, let me see.”


Benedetta puts her hand onto my forehead for the temperature and compares it with her own.


“I don’t think it’s a fever… but if it’s bad we could take another rest for today?”

“No, it’s not that bad. I did feel my body was a little weird, but it’s nothing so serious.”

“Is that so. Well, if you feel yourself getting worse, please tell me.”


And so, after only about 10 minutes since discussing this, that sensation had pretty much disappeared, and once we got out of the guild, I had already forgotten what the problem even was.


At that time, I took my hand out of my pocket, but noticed the Ziggurat was held tightly in my fist… I’m not consciously doing it this time.





—- Summoning Memo —-

Centurion Team:
Members: Centurion, Skeleton 1, 2, 3
Equipment: Hatchet, Shield, Armor and helmet

Phillips Team:
Members: Phillips, Skeletons 4, 5, 6
Equipment: Spear, Shield, Armor and helmet

Other Skeletons:
7 – 37: Club, Round shield, Armor and helmet

Metal Golem ‘Talos’: 1
Wooden Horse: 1

#Golems can be divided to a maximum of three bodies.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the treat.

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Do they already do the deed, i mean they already slept all the time on the same bed.

1 year ago

Do they already do the deed? I mean they already slept together on the same bed everyday…

And thanks for the chapter~

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Seems to be, she said as much when she woke up to him feeling her abs.

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They do. Read chapter 48 carefully, it’s very subtle.

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daeng yoja
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