Hone to Issho Chapter 57 – Shopping


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– Adventurer Life Day 64 (Mon) – Morning – Olbia City – Adventurer’s Guild – 2nd floor Inn


The first I felt when waking up in the morning, was the slight uncomfortable feeling.


Looking around, the it is quite different compared to what I had been used to back in Nessos’s Temptation. The room here is painted beige and I noticed the walls are slightly textured.


(It’s different from the usual room…)


However, the girl sleeping next to me hasn’t changed.


Still feeling a little tired, and not really used to the new environment, I went ahead and lightly pinched Benedetta’s squishy waist.

I say squishy, but there’s hardly much fat to squeeze. It’s still quite soft, but the muscles under the skin are very supple.

She had been lamenting over how she easily gets muscles, but I think it’s rather fine. The muscles around her waist are indeed quite rigid, but when she relaxes like this, it’s pretty soft.


“… Nemo, what are you doing?”

“Ah… you’re awake.”


Benedetta hasn’t moved other than speaking to me while looking this way.


“Did you want to do it again? It’s not like I really mind.”

“No, I wasn’t really planning on that… I just thought it would be kind of fun doing this.”

“On a sleeping person? That’s some bad manners.”


She giggled when saying that.

I chuckled too.


Thought it’s a little unfortunate, I took my hand off her silky belly as my head gradually began to wake up.

She does the same after having her weird sleeping posture of lying on my arm, and made an even stranger “Fuwiii…” sounding yawn as she stretched.

Once her arms fell flat back to the bed, she looked around the room, kind of reminding me of a cat.

Like me, she probably also got a little unused to the room.


“Even so, this place is quite good compared to the previous one.”

“The bed is pretty fluffy. It’s actually the first time I’ve slept in a bed like this.”


While talking like that, yesterday, we heard from the reception that the second floor acts as an inn, and so we quickly decided on taking a room from there.

This is a new city we just entered, and it already feels like a luxury… that was the impression I had when staying the night in this room.

Well, we’ve got an exorbitant amount of money right now… we might as well take this opportunity to get some good rest.


Though I say that, we took the average price for a 2 person room to stay the night in anyways.


Apparently, there doesn’t seem to be many others who would think along those lines… a party that spend the least money on food and drinks, and saves it up mostly for a good rest at an expensive inn.


(Mm… I already knew about Olbia being an amazing place, but this is probably even better than I originally thought…)


It’s easy to see here that the city and its inhabitants are all really well off.


As someone who lived most of his life in a poor village, it’s enviable.





After getting ourselves ready, we went down stairs, into the first floor of the guild for breakfast.

The inn established by the guild has its own set of meals prepared upstairs.

However, the food on the guild floor are cheap and decent, so unless if there were to be some reason otherwise, adventurers would go down the lobby to eat.


We woke up a little later than usual, but the seats in the lobby were only about half full.

If we just wait by the table for a while, an elderly woman would come to take our order.


While having our meal, me and Benedetta were talking about things we would be doing today.

Though it’s not about work.

We already discussed it before, but we’re taking a break for today right after that escort request.


It’s not like we feel tired from that or anything, though we’re still taking a rest just in case.

Besides, we’re prone to making mistakes if we were to always remain working… that’s something to take precautions about.


“So, what’s the plan for today?”

“First would be to secure a place to stay in for a while, then will be shopping… There’s the thing about the horses reigns you mentioned earlier, and I’m also going to ask those two what they would want as well.”


… And that’s it.


Centurion says he wants some bamboo potion containers for some reason, and Phillips asks for another spear different from his.

Though that’s the case, they haven’t told me anything about what they would use these items for… unbelievable, my party is actually keeping secrets from me!


… Well, putting that aside for the time being, there’s actually one thing we need to get done first before any of that.

When finishing our meal, we head over to the reception desk to discuss about that ‘Elite’ harpy incident.





After talking about it by the counter, we were guided to another room.

It was one of the many small rooms lined up by the corridor, and after waiting for a while, a black-haired man that looks to be in his early 40s came in.

The man introduced himself as Grat and is a staff member of the guild, though he gives off the impression of a government employee more than anything.


“Huh?… Would you both be from ‘Legion’?

“Is something wrong… ?”

“No, there’s nothing wrong… haha.”


Perhaps, we seem to be a bit too young, and he’s a little put off by that?

Well, both me and Benedetta are indeed younger than 20 here.

Even in a world that seems to be less advanced, it still doesn’t seem like people would expect those at our age to be able to take something at the level of an ‘Elite’ harpy down.


Oh well, I want things to just get over with so I suppose I’ll take out a guardian for us.


“Well then, I’ll be taking the rest of my members out, so don’t be too surprised please.”

“Huh… ?”


At that, a giant skeleton holding a spear, and another with an axe and shield appeared in an instant.


“Uwaa! What is this!?”

“I have also participated in the battle. Ask me anything.”

“PLEASED to meet YOU.”

“Ah… sure…”


Though I did tell him not to get surprised, I still summoned the both of them right in front of him.

It was only a little, but I did get a little ticked off from a while back.





– Adventurer Life Day 64 (Mon) – Before Noon – Olbia City – Adventurer’s Guild – 1st floor – Lobby


After we finished with the questioning, we came back and sat down by the lobby.

This time, it’s with the four of us sitting around a table.


“He surprisingly asked quite a lot of questions there.”

“Yeah. He didn’t seem to look like being an adventurer, but the questions he asked sounded like he knew what to say.”


It was from last week, so it was a little difficult to recall the specifics.

The questions he asked were like, “how did the ‘Elite’ move about?” and, “how did the rest of flock move about?” along with a number of other difficult to remember ones.

He then explains how normal harpies would habitually do, and we would say things about how much they differed from one another.

It took a while, but it did help us recall things easier.


After explaining all these, it’s clear to see this person was quite knowledgeable on harpies already… My first impression of him was a little iffy, but he did seem to be a nice person in the end.


Though, even Grat seemed to have found particular traits of the ‘Elite’ harpy to be surprising.

When we talked about how it used a rock to counter-attack our strategy, and even fought right after dropping it, he seemed to have just taken a second to process it.


He also seemed to have believed how we managed to defeat such a thing after looking at both Phillips and Centurion…


“However, What are these ‘Elite’ creatures anyways? They’ve been appearing frequently only just recently haven’t they? When I was at the north, I had never heard of such things.”

“That’s right… We’re not sure on why they appeared all of a sudden, and I also had never been aware of them as far as I can remember.”

“I wonder if there were stories about them. I’m sure there might be something, but then there’s the intelligence of them as well.”



Centurion and Phillips were only watching our conversation while not saying anything.





Now with out of the way, it’s now time to secure a place to stay.


For long term stays, it’s cheaper to rent a residence than staying at inns, and we’ll need some place that could accommodate for the four of us.

In addition to that, we’ll also need a place to store all our carts and luggage.


Back in Comnes, though it took a bit of trouble, we rented a warehouse to keep our carts and materials there.


I thought about what I was going to do this time at Obia… but it was already decided quickly once we had consulted about it with the guild.

They informed me about how there is a number of available warehouses within the guild’s building.


The warehouses managed by the guild was said to be in very good condition, able to hold carts and materials, and it has good security as it is within the guild.

Though it was a little pricey, compared to the other warehouses around the guild, we made a quick decision on it.

There was a condition for it however, and that was to be able to have at least a certain degree of competence when it comes to dealing with monsters proven from the guild, but since we already had proof with the bounty and ‘Elite’ monster, the process went smoothly.


The residence can be extended from today onwards with the cheap double room we stayed in earlier, and the warehouse that can occupy 4 people inside of it had also been dealt with.

With this, our two biggest things to take care of seemed to have been already cleared.





The next thing to do after this is the shopping.


During the time when we were doing the escort mission, we were talking about what we would buy once we get to Olbia, and each person already had something in mind when that was discussed.


This was mainly because we’ve been hearing about how almost everything, including food, wood, iron and even horses, are much cheaper here compared to Comnes.


We have about 300,000 Goldas right now, so it’s not like we’ll be in trouble if we were to splurge a bit…

Having received the reward for both the bounty and ‘Elite’ at the same time had us receive a large sum.


“I would like to buy some horse equipment!”

“BAMBOO containers PLEASE.”

“I talked about wanting a spear before… should I look for a weapons shop?”

“I already know them all! It’s fine so let’s go at it in order!… Okay!”


Since we’ll be taking it one at a time, there was a shop with craftsmen that handles horse equipment near the guild square, so we’ll head there first.





… We continued on shopping.

The horse’s saddle, stirrup, reins and some other stuff all in all cost about 3000 Goldas.

The shop employees equipped the wooden horse I summoned out beforehand.

When seeing the horse of ours, the shop employees,


“Equipping horses are easy to do, but it gets me a little anxious when there isn’t any reaction… you said this was something like a statue, but it really does look real.”


So it’s strange when there’s no reaction… Normally, they would notice the horse’s small reactions to tell how they would go about dealing with that specific horse.

Having a horse with absolutely no reaction makes them a little unsure on how to deal with this, even though it should be completely safe…


It seemed like Benedetta also felt the same way the first time she rode it. Supposedly, it took awhile for her to get used to it.


“Yup, this looks pretty good now with all the equipment worn on it.”


Benedetta looked to be completely satisfied while riding on top of the horse when leaving the shop.

For some reason, I feel like an attendant standing beside his master or something.

It kind of reminds me of that Journey to the West… I wonder what position that makes me.





In the second hand market place, we bought some tableware made from wood and bamboo that Centurion had wanted.

That didn’t cost any more than 100 Goldas… but there was a bamboo made ladle and a mixing stick included there. As usual, I haven’t got a clue to what Centurion is planning here.

Hopefully, it would be something safe…


Finally with Phillips, we headed to the weapons shop.





– Adventurer Life Day 64 (Mon) – Afternoon – Olbia City – Weapons Workshop Street


“Hohh… There’s quite a lot of those shops here.”

“I’m not SURE which to ENTER into from HERE.”


There were a large number of shops dealing with weapons lined up here.

I looked around each store, but it seemed like they’re all the same from here, so we decided to go to a shop called ‘Dandro’s Weapon Shop’ that had me curious.


“Compared to Comnes, do you feel that it is a lot cheaper here? The quality of items here seems to be better too.”


Like Phillips says, it is a lot cheaper here… and even the set here look amazing.

I feel bad for Adonnis in saying this, but this place here would definitely be the place to go to for weapons.


I think I can understand why… just 1 day of travel from here is the iron production area.

And more than that, there are a lot of customers, that are going through even a lot of shops.

Thinking of it like that, there sure are a lot of advantages for merchants here in comparison.


Thinking things like that, I just noticed there has been a crowd of eyes staring this way at Phillips, amd began expressing their surprise.


“Huge! Is that guy also here to buy something!?”

“… No, this guys isn’t even human? Just look at its arm.”

“But it seems like he already has a spear with him… If he’s here to buy something, what would it be.”

“He looks strong…”


Somehow, it’s getting noisy here.

Ignoring all the attention he was making, Phillips continued to look around the store, but since he couldn’t find it, he asked the shop assistant.


“Excuse me, you wouldn’t have a throwable spear here do you?”

“A throwable spear… is it…?”


I looked to Centurion and Benedetta when he said that, and they both looked confused by his request… which was strange, because I am quite aware of it.

However, just in case, I asked Philips to explain.


“Would a description be best?”

“Ah… yes! Yes please!”


Philips began speaking, but the clerk still seemed to be confused by his description.

I went over to see if I could do something, but the clerk still seemed to have no clue about it.


“From that description, I don’t believe we have anything like that in our store…”


Seems like there’s no such thing.

And it also seems to be troublesome to remodel the spears at the store, so it feels like we’re going to have to look around the other stores for it.


(… I’m not sure if any of the other stores would have it either.)


Just when I was about to tell the rest we’re going to leave, 


“Kah! Are the young ones of this shop supposed to drive away customers simply because they ‘don’t deal with it’! Isn’t it the craftsman’s responsibility to respond to whatever unreasonable requests customers would have?”

“S… sir!?”


Looking back towards that voice, there appeared an old hunched back grandad coming from the back of the store.


“Young man! Could you tell me more about that!”


Is this old man a weaponsmith?

Beckoning us to come, we enter the room he took us to.





—- Summoning Memo —-

Centurion Team:
Members: Centurion, Skeleton 1, 2, 3
Equipment: Hatchet, Shield, Armor and helmet

Phillips Team:
Members: Phillips, Skeletons 4, 5, 6
Equipment: Spear, Shield, Armor and helmet

Other Skeletons:
7 – 37: Club, Round shield, Armor and helmet

Metal Golem ‘Talos’: 1
Wooden Horse: 1

#Golems can be divided to a maximum of three bodies.

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