Hone to Issho Chapter 56 – High compensation

– Adventurer Life Day 63 (Sun) – Afternoon – Olbia – Northern Gate


During a cloudy day, we finally reached our destination from our 7-day escort.


This is the first time I’ve been to a city other than Comnes… and it’s in a different country at that… The new experience is somewhat getting me excited.


It’s not uncommon for adventurers that came from villages to remain in the first city they’ve been to until they reached enough status to be hired as an escort.

Even I wouldn’t have been hired so easily if I were working as a solo warrior.

… Then again, it’s not really uncommon for someone to stick to one place for all their lives.


Olbia city is situated in a fairly hilly plains, so it was easy to see it at considerable distance.


Even with the walls covering the city, there was still a building towering above that.

Most likely, that would be the castle of the one who governs the city.

I wonder how much money it takes to make all that including the walls.


With a size like that, it’s difficult to tell if we are getting closer to there or not.


“That’s a big castle gate… we’ve been walking towards the gate for some time now.”


As we approach closer, I began becoming more and more surprised seeing the sheer size of the city. Comnes couldn’t even hope to compare to this.


The height and length of the surrounding walls are at least twice as the one there… I wonder why they need it so big.


“… They’re walls made for war. In other words, against humans.”


As if he was reading my mind, Cesar answered my question behind me.


“Eh… Even places like here has wars?”

“If memory serves me right, the last war Olbia had was about 400 years ago. They’re at peace right now… Though I can’t say much about the smaller countries further south, especially with the ones in the coastal areas. There have been small skirmishes happening every now and then there… Still not as messed up as the north however.”


It’s a little different from what I heard at Comnes… I have been told it was relatively peaceful down the south, but from what Cesar says, war is frequent enough there that even mercenaries becomes one of the common trades.


(Though I suppose it was a little naive to think that the only area we need to worry about is the north…)


I was thinking of taking an adventure around the coastal areas, but it seems like I’m going to have to put a more careful consideration about it than I thought.





After a short walk later, the head of the caravan group manages to reach the city gates. We are currently waiting as they procure the permits in entering the city with the guards.


… Peeking over, the armor of the guards there seem to be made completely from metal…

A sharp contrast from the ones in Comnes as those usually have leather armor with metal covering only certain areas.

This alone tells me that Olbia is quite a prosperous city.


Each caravan passes through the gate individually. When passing through, the caravans would be inspected while the escorts and passengers would be asked for their names… And after a while, our party got through the gate.


“Hey… Would it be fine for you if you could also come to Palmilia with us?”

“… I’d like to discuss it with the rest first.”


In addition to Cesar, Robert also talked about extending our contract with the escort request to the other southern countries located south east from Palmilia.

As important members of their party, they’re able to make important decisions on the spot with anything escort related.

But we’re not a part of their group and have plans of our own, so I asked the others regarding this.


“… So, what do you think? Personally, I would prefer to stay in this city like planned.”

“Taking a request for escorting would be nice, but to me, it seemed like our party wouldn’t be particularly compatible working with other adventurers. Staying in this city would be better I think.”

“I have no opinion regarding this. I’ll leave the decision to you.”

“SAME here.”


With that all decided, I went back to the two.


“Is that so. That’s a shame, but it can’t be helped. Thank you for your help… though we’ve incurred some damage, we managed to avoid the worst possible outcome thanks to you. Thank you again.”

“That really is a shame. Hopefully there will be a time where we could meet again… I hope you all well!”


We gave our goodbyes to each other, as they continue on ahead into the city.


It seems like they still have things to do regarding their work, so they’ll be quite busy today.

They’ll be resting at Olbia for tomorrow, and from the day after that they’ll be making their departure.


“The guild will be right up ahead on this road. It’s in an open area, so it’s hard to miss.”

“Thank you very much.”


We were talking right outside of the inn where the merchants and escorts will be staying at.


First stop is the guild… though I don’t really need so many skeletons around me for that.

Not wanting to stand out, I had the normal skeletons desummoned.





“There are some fine houses here compared to Comnes.”

“There’s pretty much 2-story houses all around here… why is that?”

“The population here is much higher compared to Comnes. As it would be difficult to expand the city further, it’s more effective to add another story to the buildings.”

“Hm… I would like to look inside those houses out of interest.”

“Phillips, you can take a look as soon as we get an inn.”

“Hoohh… As you have heard my lord. Please do not have me return to the coin.”


Like they said, almost all the buildings around us are 2 stories high, and the rest even reach 3 stories.

It feels a little intimidating when you were already used to the ones in Comnes.


It’s my first time being in a city like this city, so I am a little cautious here. Having Phillips and Centurion by my side somewhat keeps me reassured.


Phillips, being over two heads taller than us and being decorated with a somewhat unique looking armor, had him quite conspicuous as we walk through the street.

It was a usual sight at Comnes, but here, there are many who are staring towards this way… though it does part the crowd easier for us.


“… Let’s hurry towards the guild.”


Keeping in line behind Phillips, we got through at a quick pace as the crowd parted when passing.


By Robert’s instructions, we found the open square he had mentioned.


“Ah. Would that be it.”


Looking over to where Benedetta was pointing, there was a 3 story building conspicuously above the others… it’s big.

Moreover, it’s in a better location than the one at Comnes.


But enough about this, it’s time to head in.





– Adventurer Life Day 63 (Sun) – Evening – Olbia City – Adventurer’s Guild


(Hoo… it really is different compared to our town’s guild.)


When coming in from the outside, there were signs indicating where the exchange centre is, and also a route that allows for caravans and carts to pass through.


When walking our horse-driven cart through the designated route, a male staff stopped our cart by the building where we would be unloading our materials.


“Wings… and some kind of pelt perhaps, this steel here is also different right?”

“Those ones there are my personal items, so you can leave those… ah, those bones and bags are also personal.”


The whole party is helping in unloading the cargo, so it didn’t take too long to get everything out, and then the assessment started.

We were kind of constrained of time, so we could only collect the ones that looked to still be in their best condition, which wasn’t a lot.

A lot of the harpies were burnt, and we weren’t really in a position to avoid damaging the valuable areas. We won’t be getting much from this.


In the meantime, the assessor came over.


“Excuse me… Would those wings happen to come from an ‘Elite’ type?”


(… It was found out rather quickly.)


I would have thought they might have mistaken it for a normal but oversized harpy, but the staff from this guild really are pro’s… even though wings like these from an ‘Elite’ shouldn’t be common here, it was still figured out right away.

I can tell at a glance myself somehow, but it didn’t seem to be the case for most others.

I was hoping it would be overlooked. Reason for that…


“If this ‘Elite’ really had been defeated by you and your party, then there are some things the guild would like to ask of you. Do you have time?”


I am a little tired right now… but after thinking for a while, I answered.


“There were others who participated, but the ones who dealt the most contributions are here.”

“Would it trouble you if the other participants were to also come… ?”

“If that’s the case, then I would rather have it done tomorrow. We had just arrived back from an escort request, so we’re all quite tired… We will also need some time to look for an inn.”

“… I understand. Just speak to the staff at reception once you’re ready. Thank you for your cooperation.”


By the way, the only thing valuable from a harpy’s corpse are the wind type magically infused wings they use to fly with. Everything else aren’t really needed.


However, back when we were travelling through the caravan, we were dismantling the meat only from the ‘Elite’.

It was an old custom to distribute the meat of a strong monster to the ones grieved by the deceased.


This was a request from the ‘Nerwal’ party.

It wasn’t that much of a big deal to us anyways, so we agreed.


However, there were some things I wanted to try out with its bones.

I got it out cleanly with ‘Bone Manipulation’ and stacked them up in the cart.


“That said, for these wings… Would it be fine to take these to the auction house? You would probably receive a much better reward there.”


Indeed, this happened the same back in Comnes.

Not to mention, since we will also be coming back to this guild, there’s not many demerits to it.


“If you would please.”

“The payment should be decided by Thursday then. Please come around the guild from that day.”


Giving our thanks, we continued on with the exchange from our monster materials, to which we then went to the reception desk with my proof of verification form regarding the bounty in Comnes with me.





There’s a number of counters by the reception corner, but the desk closest to us with a young looking woman sitting at the other side of a window seemed to be vacant, and so we brought over the escort request form, material exchange receipt and the verification form of the bounty back in Comnes.


“Well then… for the compensation of the escort request, bounty reward and the exchange from the monster materials, the total amounts to this much.”

“… Eh…?”


Somehow, the total we received from this was just under 140,000 Goldas!… this is higher than the money I received back when I hunted that ‘Elite’ forest wolf!

When I inquired about it, apparently the bounty alone was worth 108,000 Goldas.


“Erm, about the bounty reward…”

“… Was the reward too low?”

“No, rather isn’t this really high?”

“Ah, so that is what you meant…”


Explaining to me in a hushed voice, the man with the bounty, Darza, had supposedly been responsible with the murders of aristocrats, merchants and famous adventurers.

His targets had been a large number of aristocratic carriages, merchant caravans and adventurers who had been travelling between towns. Some of those attacks had been successful.

His crimes piled up to the point where it reached to this amount.


(… Well now, aren’t we lucky…)


In terms of fighting strength, it’s obvious we would defeat them rather easily. But with this guy, that sort of situation would probably never happen. The number he managed to kill was probably through the same tactic as well.


At least we managed to get out of there safely, and even got a high reward from that to boot.

And so, I walked back to my companions with the good news.





—- Summoning Memo —-

Centurion Team:
Members: Centurion, Skeleton 1, 2, 3
Equipment: Hatchet, Shield, Armor and helmet

Phillips Team:
Members: Phillips, Skeletons 4, 5, 6
Equipment: Spear, Shield, Armor and helmet

Other Skeletons:
7 – 37: Club, Round shield, Armor and helmet

Metal Golem ‘Talos’: 1
Wooden Horse: 1

#Golems can be divided to a maximum of three bodies.

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I wouldn’t say that as it isn’t strange to want to keep track of strong parties in case of emergencies or nominated requests. Not to mention elites are popping up frequently everywhere; so much so that it wouldn’t be weird for it to be an early sign of the revival of some kind of demon king/god or whatever.

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