Hone to Issho Chapter 54 – Air Bombing

– Adventurer Life Day 57 (Mon) – Noon – Main Road


(This is going to be troublesome…)


This is what I thought as we continue to have a stare down with the ‘Elite’.


Is it taking vigilance against us for defeating one of its flock or something? It’s just circling above, not really attacking us or anything.


Taking note of the time it was attacking the other carriages, it has a considerably greater strength and speed compared with the other harpies.

… But with its size, it should at least be an easier to target to aim at once it’s up close. It shouldn’t have any long range attacks from what I can see either.


“Benedetta. Get ready to fire.”

“… Understood.”


If it were to attack, Benedetta will make the preemptive strike. Whether it misses or hits, it’ll be up to me and Phillips’ team to finish it off.

If it were to instead aim for Centurion’s group at the back, it’ll be surrounded by us then.


Even if it is a monster, it’s still a bird. A single attack to its wings should be enough to take it down.


I’ve laid out the plan in my head to prepare myself, hopefully everyone else has the same idea, and at that the ‘Elite’ bolted right at us.

As planned Benedetta starts.






“It missed!”

“That can’t be!?”


Benedetta screamed out her disbelief, but that’s okay, there’s still a safety net in our plan.

Once it reaches within range, I threw out my stone at full force.


But just like with Benedetta’s, it missed.




As the one who threw it, I saw it clearly veer off in a different direction unnaturally.

I noticed a transparent ring around the harpy as the stone flew past it.


“Damn it!”


The harpy was aiming for me.

As I don’t believe I have any means of defending against this thing, I escaped into Phillips’ group.

Being wary against their spears, the harpy stopped it’s chase and flew back up.


(Why was it that both our attacks missed!?)


Missing the target was one thing, but the trajectory completely changed midway.

As if he could read my mind, Cesar cautioned out from under Centurion team’s shields.


“That monster is using kind a wind type magic! It coats a wind barrier around it making it almost invulnerable against projectiles!”


(So it uses wind magic to not only fly, but to defend itself as well!)


It sounds simple, but with an ability like that, it covers its only major weakness, making it almost broken…





No sooner, the ‘Elite’ screeches out, gathering another flock of harpies to our direction.


The caravans up front seem to be taking this chance to escape from the danger.


… Though this means they are technically abandoning us, they did suffer far too many casualties from this. It would be the right decision from their end.


… However, with that, the situation for us has now changed for the worse.


This time, the ‘Elite’ is aiming straight after Centurions group while the other harpies surround us, keeping us from backing them up… if this keeps up, things are going to be desperate.






(… Both at once!?)


Right behind me, the ‘Elite’ crushed the heads of the two from Centurions team.

The bodies collapsed to the ground.

Wait, how did it get past the shields?


“MASTER! That MONSTER is pushing us off with its WIND!”


So the shields became their detriment, pulling them away like an umbrella in a strong wind.


(Any other damages?)

(NONE. But, I don’t KNOW what will HAPPEN if this CONTINUES.)

(We’re coming!)


Seeing a gap within the flock of harpies, me and Phillips rushed towards the carriage.

When sliding to the side, I searched through my pocket.

First thing to do is to replenish Centurion’s defense.


(… Against that thing, just any normal skeleton wouldn’t do.)


Taking out a coin made from metal, I threw it towards Centurions direction.


“Talos! It’s your turn now!”


At that, the steel giant appears.






Once he was able to get some reinforcement, Centurion spoke before I gave him his orders.


(We will use TALOS as a SHIELD for us!)

(Counting on you.)


“What is that!?”


Cesar makes a ruckus seeing something that appeared completely out of nowhere, but Benedetta explains to him… He calmed down soon after.


The ‘Elite’ from up in the air also seemed to be bewildered, so it hesitated in attacking again.

Perhaps it couldn’t tell how strong this new opponent would be.


This is good for us.


Phillips’ team was in charge of repelling normal harpies approaching us, which should steadily reduce their numbers.

Skeletons like these don’t get tired, so eventually we should be able to take as many of them down before the ‘Elite’ strikes again.


I sneaked into Centurion’s side to control Talos directly.


(… … It’s coming!)


The ‘Elite’ once again, descended to us.


However, Talos came to intercept it.

It didn’t seem like they collided, judging by the sound of it, but since the opponent is right in front of us, I’d be a fool if I don’t take this chance to strike.





As expected, Talos’ punch was dodged, while the ‘Elite’ sent several scratches around it’s arm.

By speed alone, Talos falls short… but,


(Just barely!)


Much higher than what I had expected, Talos’ speed when swinging its punch was fast… It was the same with the stone golem too, but it’s strange how their speed increases despite the increase in their weight.

Thanks to that, however, the ‘Elite’s’ speed dropped considerably.


Benedetta threw out an arrow immediately in response, but it missed once again… quite regrettable.


Seeing the ‘Elite’ take its distance from us, I checked up Talos to see how damaged it got from its claws.


(… Hardly much…)


There were a lot of scratch marks, but only visible when angled against the sun, and even the deeper ones are shallower than the patterns I modelled into it.






Do monsters like these eventually get tired after flying for so long I wonder?


(At this rate, we can win!… Even if we are in the worst situation, it’s possible!)


The goal in an escort mission is to protect the cargo. Though the wagon got shredded, the cargo is still fine.

And if you don’t even take any damages yourself, then that makes it a complete victory… though two of my skeletons already got crushed.


Seeing another chance to attack, the ‘Elite’ flies back down, but Talos intercepted once again.





After repeating the exchanges a few times, it finally flew back into the forest.


“… Is it gone?”

“Mhmm, it SEEMS like we were ABLE to successfully REPEL it.”


Phillips, from the other side of the carriage, approaches here.


“That seems so. Not to mention, all those harpies that came to attack here also seem to be down… Would it be best to leave this place quickly?”


Indeed. Though there aren’t any monsters around, it would be best not to stay here for too long.


“Alright, let’s catch up with the rest!”


Cesar called back the caravan merchant under the vehicle and we start making preparations in leaving this area… but no sooner, the ‘Elite’ came back.



“It should be fine. So long as we’re careful, we should be able to repel it again.”


I say that, but looking closely, something seems to be different this time.


“Nemo… That monster seems to be carrying something?”

“Yeah… Though I can’t really make it out.”

“… That does seem to be the – … My lord, don’t be alarmed, it’s holding a boulder!”

“What did you say!?”


Almost on cue, it begins to increase its speed coming here!

It really is going to throw it at us!

No, no, this is bad… how do we defend that!?


“Take this!”


Cesar releases his explosion magic once again from before.

It was a little less showy compared to the previous one, but it was able to successfully repel the stone.

With a thud, the stone sinks into the ground near us.

It was about the size of what I expect a stone from a catapult would look.

Unless we use Talos’ body to slam into it, it would be hard to defend against that.

A single mistake in that would make it dangerous for us.


At the same time when the stone hits the ground, the ‘Elite’ starts a confrontation against Talos once again.


“I’m sorry. Nemo. I can only give one last shot of that. Just thought I needed to tell you this.”


Once Cesar’s magic gets exhausted, we won’t be able to defend against that anymore.

We’re going to have to rely on Talos catching that rock, but then only Phillips will have to intercept against that monster… Yeah, this isn’t good.


While trying to figure out a better idea, the ‘Elite’ flies away back into the forest. That one is most certainly going to come back again.


And as expected, it did.

Cesar once again uses his explosion magic, this time it was timed to be as close to the harpy as he could while still repelling the stone.

Though, unlike the normal harpies, this one didn’t even seem to be affected by the shockwave… is it the wind barrier protecting it?

… If that’s the case, then perhaps there’s another thing we can do.


“Benedetta. Let’s try that one out.”





“A song? What is that for?”


While hiding behind Talos, Cesar questions while seeing Benedetta starting to sing.

However, the ‘Elite’ had already returned from the forest once again and is approaching, so there’s not enough time to explain.


Instead, I prepare up an item that should be much more effective to it compared to a pebble.

Even this harpy wouldn’t be able to take this…


“Wind?… I can feel the mana moving.”


Movement in the air begins to circle around us.


(It’s here…)


From the air, the remaining harpy makes its descent… Not yet. It needs to be at a distance where it couldn’t possibly dodge!


“Benedetta! Now!”


“… and so with a strong charge, blow!”


She added something at the end there…

At that moment, the slow and gentle wind around us turned into a storming gust.




The skill ‘wind dance’, bestowed from the god of wind Rafina, concentrated onto the huge harpy.

The wind was strong enough to even push it into the other direction!


No sooner, the harpy stopped moving from the air…


And a purple mist began to protrude from it.


“Gueh – !”


I had thrown the poison potion while the wind blew.

It didn’t hit, but the container broke within the wind, and the liquid sprayed all over it, causing it to faintly shriek.


(Is this it?)


The ‘Elite’ try to continue flying, but it lost its strength and crashed into the ground.




One of Phillips’ team rushed in to stab it into the ground. Seeing that there was no sign of movement, I breathe a sigh of relief.





… … … 





After a while, we finally passed through the end of ‘Garuha’s jaw’ and have met up with the other group that went ahead.

Seeing Cesar’s attention being drawn away, I quickly returned Talos back into its coin with the most nonchalant face I could make… Cesar asks when he noticed it was gone, and all I told him was that it was a ‘trade secret’.


Among the adventurers that saw us was the escort leader Roberto, and when he saw Cesar safe and the carcass of the ‘Elite’ with us, he rejoices for a moment, but proceeded to have the travel to continue once we assured him we were alright.


I was a little surprised to see that they were still waiting for us despite being close to the forest and the danger of those harpies.

Perhaps they feel it was their responsibility when cutting off the last carriage.


Seeing we all just came back after the battle, we were given some escorts to replace us as we take a break. Cesar especially was left to rest inside the caravan to replenish his mana, while we walk next to our cart with the ‘Elite’ corpse on it.





We’re finally out of that forest… Really now, what a relief.


“The surroundings seem to like suddenly expand.”

“Mhm. The place here also seems different from Comnes.”


Unlike there, the terrain is less rough, and only small bushes can be seen scattered across.


“That said, for the dismantlement, can I be the one to do it?”


Even just after arriving outside of the forest, Benedetta still seems to be active, and rode onto the cart with the ‘Elite’ in it.

Phillips was the one who permitted it, to which she proceeds.


It doesn’t seem like it would be too much trouble to have Benedetta relieved from the scouting… 


… I happen to watch Benedetta dismantling the carcass with slight interest.


And at that, there seemed to be something strange found inside of it.


“… What would this be?”

” !? “


… That is… ?


When Benedetta gave me the item to have a look, I gave a gasp.





—- Summoning Memo —-

Centurion Team:
Members: Centurion, Skeleton 1, 2, 3
Equipment: Hatchet, Shield, Armor and helmet

Phillips Team:
Members: Phillips, Skeletons 4, 5, 6
Equipment: Spear, Shield, Armor and helmet

Other Skeletons:
7 – 37: Club, Round shield, Armor and helmet

Metal Golem ‘Talos’: 1
Wooden Horse: 1

#Golems can be divided to a maximum of three bodies.



TL Note: Whoops, I slept in D:

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