Hone to Issho Chapter 5 – Alchemy and collections

~ Adventurer’s life Day 3 (Wed) Afternoon ~ City of Comnes Southeast [Beginners Rock Field]


Although I just handed over that area to the girl just now, I remembered that there was still some things I needed to do there.

… Well, let’s just stop and think about it for a moment.

I went to sit in a nearby rock and began trying to recollect in my head about ‘Alchemist’.


Back on the time when I was playing ‘Freed Online’, I was maining as a vanguard, so I don’t really know much about what the support classes do.

Like, I can remember somewhat about their major skills and their effects, but anything regarding the minor details, like the application of their skills, or their most effective tactic available, or even even their levelling guide; I have no idea.

Like yesterday, when I used one of the ‘Necromancer’s’ bone attack skill, there was a little bit of a problem…. I have no idea how to do it again since I don’t know what the skill even was.


However regarding the ‘Alchemist’ class, there are a couple of things I do know about them.

It’s a little complicated to hunt as it is, you can compound materials using it’s skills, and you can also make exploding potions by to throwing then at enemies with a bow, depending on your class.

That said, I brought a rolled up red bandanna and a hunting knife with me for this reason.


Because of this, I memorised some recipes for ‘Alchemist’.

For example, to make a healing potion you’ll need a Toorinagusa and a Yachoutai. For an antidote potion you’ll need a Hannunjin and a Shakutekisou.

These are the ones beginners make when starting off as alchemists, so I should really make these too.

Then I’ll probably make a wound on my arm or something to see if it works.

If it manages to heal my wound quickly, I could probably sell it.

Though then again, there’s a wound right here I can already use it on.


After the thought, I jumped off the rock and begin walking away from town again.

First off, I should try to look for the Toorinagusa and Yachoutai for the healing potion.

Toorinagusa collecting area is only a small walk away, and I don’t see other people around so I shouldn’t have any trouble with this.

The problem is the Yachoutai, they grow in damp places. I doubt they would be around here so finding one is going to be difficult.

Though it wouldn’t really hurt to just try looking for it. They’re usually found hiding in the damp shade between boulders and near water. So long as it’s not ruined, I’ll take it.

I get a little anxious, thinking that I might remember all of this wrong.



Well then, I already got the two herbs I needed.

There’s just a problem though. From what I know about potion making in the game, all you needed to do is to place the items into the slots then the potion will automatically appear in your inventory, however I doubt it would be that simple here.

From what I noticed though, the people here seemed to be manually grinding the herbs into a mortar themselves. So it seems I might have to buy some equipment to even start making these potions. Drats.


In the first place, the game’s potions makes a *ping!* sound effect when thrown.

I can’t really bring myself to throw glass at my injured companions to heal them.

The potion might heal the damage from the flask, but that’s not the point.


My companions also make the damaged sound effect when hit, so I should probably drop the idea of throwing potion bottles at people.

Though to begin with, glass is extremely expensive here. I wouldn’t be able to get one even if I did need it.


While trying to formulate a way to make the option, I stared at the two herbs in my hands.

Why did I even bother getting these now… I thought so until suddenly,


…. Both the herbs disappeared, and a green liquid suddenly formed out from my hands!


“Uwaaa! What on earth!”


Surprised, I spilled it all over the boulder and ground below it.

Did this come from the herbs I had?

I picked up the herbs I dropped and was surprised to find it completely withered to the point where it’s hard to grab hold of it without breaking. It’s like all the water had been suck out of it.


No doubt about it!

With this along with its greenish color, this most definitely is the healing potion.




Making a slight fist pump, I just noticed that I’ve also got the potion spilled on me.

I wiped myself off and looked over at the spilled potion.

At least some managed to remain on the boulder, though most of it fell onto the ground unfortunately.

I wiped the potion off the boulder then applied it the my injuries from yesterday.


Once I couldn’t get anymore from it, I had a check on myself. I didn’t really expect it but somehow my hands feel slightly numb.

The same goes for my injured side.


“This is pretty amazing huh…. It’s like the pain is slowly disappearing.”


Comparing the healing potion to healing magic, it takes more time, but heals much more than it. Though it also means it’s not really suitable when in battle.


After about 5 more minutes, I touched to the side of my waist to check. I don’t seem to feel any pain the anymore, like it’s been fully recovered. I had a look at it and the wound there is gone. It doesn’t hurt when I move around either.


“…. I wonder if I can sell this….”


I feel that potions for adventurers would be quite expensive, but then how much would that be?

There’s still some time left, should I try head over to the marketplace behind the guild?

Otherwise should I just have the guild handle it? Oh, but I still need to find a way to put it into a container.


“Well, whatever. I’ll think about it along the way.”


Right before I left, I noticed a rock when stepping onto it. It was pretty big so I threw it into my pouch.

It was rock salt.

Quite convenient too since I just remembered to test out the Alchemist’s ‘Extraction’ skill.


“Alright, off to the guild.”


~ Adventurer’s life Day 3 (Wed) Afternoon ~ City of Comnes Adventurers Guild Exchange Centre


…. It took about 40 minutes of walking to reach the guild.

I entered through the door, but since it’s still afternoon there are hardly any other people in the lobby.

It sure looks different now compared to a few hours ago.


The requests on the mission board too seems to be completely used up.

Since I finished so quickly, I thought I could probably get more… Oh well, I’ll just quickly head over to the exchange room next door.


From the exchange post, I showed my request paper and the gathered materials.


“Welcome back, I will confirm the request. Please give me a moment.”


It’s the same guy from this morning.

He was giving an unusually thorough examination of them, but before long, he seemed to have lost interest and went back to checking normally.

Oh yeah…. There was that time this morning. Let’s try asking him about that.

I get the feeling it would probably be about how I chose the request much that gives the same reward for more items, compared to the other adventurers that picked differently.


…. But, I somehow finished it in an unusual time….

I look towards the guild staff.

For some reason, he’s still frequently making comparisons between the request sheet and a picture in his hand.

What’s up with that….


“Umm…. Is there something wrong?”


It might have something to do with this morning so I tried asking.


“…. If you don’t mind me asking, but this request is the request you received this morning, right?”


“And you did this alone…. Is that right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”


After I said that, the guild member quickly signed off the request form.


“I understand. Please hand this over to the reception next door to receive your payment. Thank you.”


After giving a somewhat rushed bow, he gathered up the materials and quickly walked out.

It happened so quickly, I was a little too late to react.


“…. Ah! Wait!”


…. No use. He already left the room, and I doubt he would be coming back anytime soon either.

Since it’s already well past the rush hour, there doesn’t seem to be any other staff members by the counter.


“Oh well, might as well head to the reception….”


He was acting pretty suspicious there, but since I can’t really do anything about it right now, I moved on.


After getting my reward, I visited the guild’s potion shop for some insight.


W, whoa! I checked the reward I have on hand.

That’s like a weeks worth of my wage!


Of course, I can’t just take a sample out of it just so I can compare it to the one I made, and a number of these would probably even have a different range in quality. I might have to buy a multiple of them just to get the idea… I can’t even afford one!

Once again, I’ve been reminded just how financially troubled I am.


By the way, there are other places where options are sold, but adventurers generally go to the adventurers guild.


… Well anyhow, depending on how many potions I make, this’ll be a good chance for me to get rich quick.


“That’s it!”


Ah crap, I said that too loudly.

I looked around, there still isn’t much people here.


I left the guild.

Though it’s still bright outside, I feel pretty tired right now so I decided to head over back to the inn.


… Somehow, I feel like I’m forgetting something…

Meh, oh well!


Just a while before Nemo left, within the exchange centre, a bit of a commotion occurred.


“Mr Ohmas! Please take a look at this!”


The staff member, that Nemo talked to earlier, called out to an older man.


“Rudy… What’s this?”


The man called Ohmas looked over.

There are scars below the man’s jaw and his his eyes held a strong gaze.

It’s clear he was an adventurer.

He looked over the copy of the request form, where he then had his eyes widened open.


“…. !?!? 40 pieces of medicine herbs? You sure he did it alone?”

“That is what his report says. In addition, this request has been taken today so even during the time when the field is at it’s crowdest, it was completed in only 7 hours!”


This sort of skill isn’t really possible among adventurers after all, the request of collecting 40 Iwahakka and Tougoma at the rock fields is already something abnormal.

If it were to be scaled to an acceptable difficulty, then 10 would have sufficed…

And even then, this would take the entire day.


“Additionally, that’s not all. Look at this.”

“So these are the ones that was collected… the state is in shouldn’t be possible for the average adventurer… What’s this guy’s divine protection?”

“… Umm… in the card it shows [Necromancer], [Alchemist] and [Sculptor]. He seems to have a number of rare divine protections.”

“… What a thing to have…”


Back then, when Rudy was interacting with Nemo, he kept quiet about it.

Ohmas has been on the job for much longer than he has. If there’s a divine protection he doesn’t know of, then he surely wouldn’t know of it either.


“…. Alright. I’m heading upstairs so let’s leave this conversation some other time. If that guy comes by again, make a record on the requests he takes.”

“Is it fine if I also try to confirm his divine protection too?”

“If you would.”


With that said, Ohmas strode off.


“Excuse me ~”

“Sorry, coming.”


A voice from the counter called out, so Rudy immediately went back to work.


At that, in the inn, Nemo woke up suddenly realising something.


“Ah yeah, I was supposed to ask what was strange about the herb amount….”

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