Hone to Issho Chapter 46 – Blessings of the Altar

– Adventurer’s Life Day 48 (Sat) – Morning – Comnes Town – Eastern Wall


Benedetta and I left the inn early in the morning.

Centurion and Phillips were summoned out of their coin, and we had been walking around the wall as we had planned yesterday. Right now, we’re on the east side.


“Mhm. We’ve been around this town’s wall for a while now, and now I’m certain. This wall here had been built since the time of Comnia…”

“How did you know that?”

“My Lord. Have a look at this portion of the wall.”



The walls had been made out of large cubic blocks, stacked in a common brick like pattern. Nothing out of the ordinary.

… However, on the small portion pointed out by Phillips, there does appear to be a faint carving of what looks like a worm.


“What’s that?”

“It’s an inscription from our time.”

“Why would that be… ah.”

“Indeed… Once our city had perished, that group of merchant you speak of, probably used the walls as a base for their town.”


I see. Though I wonder how long ago that was, for information like that to just disappear.


“So, was this what you wanted to show us? Somehow, it felt like there was going to be some advantages in coming here. Not that I’m complaining of course!”

“About that… although we didn’t have something like a ‘Divine Protection’ back then, we did receive various abilities from God. I had lost mine since death, and could use those no longer.”

“Hooh… So then, it’s something like acquiring the specific skills instead huh?”


However, that just adds in more questions… one of them being, what does that have to do with the wall we’re standing in front of?


“There it is… Miss Benedetta, could you take a look over there please.”



Looking over to the slight cavity he had been pointing towards, faint lines of what seems to be a woman with sprouted feathers, and below that were shapes looking similar to the one from before.

A description of the image perhaps? Or is it the other way around?


Beside the carvings were some decorated flowers placed in front of it… So even now there are still those who would care for it. Taking that into consideration, I was able to tell what it was.


“This one is… Rafina, is it?”

“… So the people in this era also calls it by the same name huh…”


Rafina, one of the seven great gods, and holds control over the atmosphere of wind and rain… well, from what I’ve heard anyways.


The people building up Comnes would not have embed a depiction of a God onto the town walls and would have given it a proper altar for people to worship on.


While thinking to myself of such things, Benedetta took a peek at the small altar, and muttered something to herself.

I’ve only managed to hear just a portion of her sentence…


“… and so, to thou, a person who would spin the winds… sings from far across, cheered by many, blow away even the… storm?’






By the moment she stopped muttering, a strong wind bellowed from under… strong enough to even carry us… but it stopped all of a sudden, causing me to fall onto my back… That hurt.


“Ah… eh? What was that… just now?”

“Mhm… so it works.”


Phillips also seemed to have been affected by the wind too, but because of his weight, he did not float.

Centurion was a little further away panicking a little, so there were no problems on his end…


“That just now, was the ‘Wind Dance’ from the God of wind… it was said to be used to blow strong winds through mastery.”

“At that moment, I saw some light coming from the inscriptions in the altar! And now I could read the writing underneath it! I could hear a song too!”

“Mhm…  you’ve been able to receive the God of wind’s blessing so it’s a given that you would be able to see as such, however it doesn’t seem like anyone else could do the same. As the one who recited the text, Benedetta had also received the same power.”


Benedetta had been bowing in front of the altar, before she noticed I was still on the floor… I was too fixated on what’s going on that I forgot to get up.


“Ah, Nemo. I’m sorry, I didn’t notice.”


She reached out her hand towards me and lifted me up.





Phillips had been calling this ‘God’s Wind’ for a while now, but it sounds like a pain, so I think I’ll just refer it as a skill for the time being.


Not wanting to try out the skill in town, since there’s a good chance I’ll be fined when caught, we head outside through the southeastern gate.


First of all, I try using the skill at full power against some grass, but it doesn’t even seem like it was activating at all unless I had taken a closer distance and see how little I was able to blow.

Since this skill can only be properly activated through a chant, it’ll probably be impossible to pull this off in an emergency situation, like that time in the Mine…

Though on the other hand, it can still blow a constant breeze without it… like, maybe I can use it for changing the direction of thrown potions, or fan some flames, or something.


(… Mm… then again…)


“Ms. BENEDETTA, you SING much BETTER now.”

“What do you mean? Wasn’t this person originally good?”


Different to the ‘Hastening’ skill, the ‘Wind Dance’ is activated through reciting the poem written on the altar. It’s playing off with a peculiar melody, which matches strangely well with Benedetta’s normally off singing.


Even Benedetta doesn’t seem to be too dissatisfied by it either, and had her head up while singing… Somehow, it makes me kinda relieved seeing that.





“I’m sorry… For some reason, I feel a little tired right now…”


After singing for a while like that, Benedetta turned to face me.

I thought about it for a while, and took a mana potion from my bag.


“Try drinking this.”

“ … ? Sure.”


Somewhat realizing my intention, she opened the lid and drank from it… Soon after, her face appeared to have somewhat brightened up…

So this skill does takes up mana huh.


“When I drank it, it felt like something was welling up inside! So this is how it feels like to use mana!”

“That probably is the case… I’ll give two more to you for later, just in case.”



There wouldn’t be many opportunities for her to use the skill, but this really is for just in case.


Though with this, it seemed like this skill took up much more mana than her ‘Hastening’ did… Probably because it requires a continuous use.

However, if we take into the rules this world takes, so long as Benedetta keeps using her mana, she could theoretically increase her mana capacity.

Maybe she could even sing better… though I’ll keep that thought to myself.





For a while, we returned back to the inn.


Although she had been taking the mana potions, there’s a good chance Benedetta’s mana hasn’t fully recovered yet, so I thought it would be best to hold off the hunting for the time being… 


That being said, I try using that time in trying out some things I’ve been interested in.

The iron ingots had been taking up quite a lot of space in the room, so I called out a horse and got on the luggage carrier in its back.


“Are you heading to the weapons shop?”

“Yeah. I want to see what Adonnis can do with these.”


I’ve been planning to have these used as materials for various purposes, anything left would be used for ‘Plating’.


… However, it’s kind of weird.

I noticed quite a bit of iron sand inside the horse’s cargo, meaning that the ingots had been shaven off while transporting them.

If it’s like that, then would these even be usable?


I asked for Benedetta’s opinion on it.


“… I’m not quite sure myself either… To begin with, I’m not too knowledgeable on blacksmithing myself…”

“I suppose so…”

“Though, I would say that these are indeed iron… I think.”

“ … “


Seems like we’re both in agreement that this is at least not normal.

… Ah.


“Centurion, Mario was originally a merchant right? Do you have any idea regarding this then?”

“I do have a general outline of what I received from him, but in Comnes, only the council is in charge of handling the salt and iron here. If a normal merchant were to try to get their hands on it, this would happen to them.”


He made a gesture where his hand crossed over his neck… Is it really that big of a deal…


“Because of that, I hardly have much knowledge with iron. In fact, if we had been planning on selling the ingots, I would’ve used used all my power to try and stop that. Though… so long as you’re careful in taking all these outside, there should be no problem.”


What he means is how it’s fine so long as the iron and salt are for your own personal use. If you were to sell those items here, or export it to a different town however, you’ll get quite a bit of trouble from the merchant’s guild…


“Erm, what about Phillips…”

“There is great resentment when trying to witness how a blacksmith operates! As someone who relies on their craft, their wishes will be respected!”


… Well, I didn’t expect much.





– Adventurer’s Life Day 48 (Sat) – Before Noon – Comnes Town – Weapons Shop – Adonnis’ Blade


“Nemo… isn’t this steel?”

“Is that so… then is it no good then?”

“I wouldn’t say that… It’s only if you were to use it like it is right now, then it really wouldn’t be good.”


Adonnis is in contract with the merchant’s guild, so it is a little vexing how he can’t tell me much of the details.


After listening to various things, from what I could infer, the iron ingots I brought over were purely a lump of pieced together iron sand. It’s not something that could be used practically.

Through Adonnis, it could be turned into steel along with other materials.


To be honest, I didn’t know that iron just by itself wasn’t usable. It’s a little frustrating how my knowledge only amounts to this level.


“Then I’ll have 30% of it, while you can have the rest… How does that sound to you?”

“Is that really fine for you, with a cut like that?”


I’ve been hearing things about how the supply of wood had been drying up for some time now, due to the disturbances in the north.

Then again, I’m not even sure what Adonnis even use for fuel.


“You don’t need to worry about that. Even if I were to lower the prices for the weapons, so long as I’m still making a profit, it wouldn’t be enough to take down the store.”

“Uh huh.”

“Well then, let’s take the things you brought to the back.”

“I leave it to you… ah, that’s right… Erm, before you do that…”


… Before I finished my sentence, I was able to see Adonis’ shocked face from seeing Phillips and the wooden horse for the first time.





– Adventurer’s Life Day 48 (Sat) – Evening – Comnes Town – Adventurer’s Guild – Lobby


Once hunting was finished once again, we did the usual procedure and are sitting at the guild’s lobby… of course, we’re drinking today.


Feeling heated up in the excitement, I held up my drink and exclaimed to everyone.


“I wanna move town!”

“What’s the matter… exclaiming all of a sudden.”

“… Have you been thinking of something?”


Noticing I’ve been stared at by other people, I sat back down and explained the details to them.


The inn we’re taking right now, Nessos’ Temptation, is a good inn, but the room we’ve been using is a little too small to hold all our luggage. It’s a popular inn, so changing to a larger room right now would be difficult.


And also, since we’ll be hunting in the Abandoned Mines for a little while longer, I’ll need to buy a cart to carry all that ingots.

Not just that though, but miscellaneous stuff like pelts and bones can be put there too… It’d be nice if we could get a room to fill all those stuff into.


“I think it’s a good idea, even if the inn fees may be more expensive.”

“We’ll have to look for one that’s quite cheap right.”

“I see. If there were such a place, I could serve to protect the lord all night.”


… I think I’ll just have to convince him otherwise when that happens… 


That said, I heard from Adonis of another shop where they may sell some carts… It’s somewhere in the craftsman street.


As for the new inn… I wonder how I’ll have to go about doing that…


“Alright, how about this!”

“It’s fine! Tomorrow. Let’s just discuss it tomorrow.”


Good timing. Tomorrow is Sunday.

I’m going to have to settle matters with the inn and cart by then, even if it is going to take up a lot of the expense…


Perhaps, my time in Comnes will finally be ending soon now.





—- Summoning Memo —-

Centurion Team:
Members: Centurion, Skeleton 1, 2, 3
Equipment: Hatchet, Shield, Armor and helmet

Phillips Team:
Members: Phillips, Skeletons 4, 5, 6
Equipment: Spear, Shield, Armor and helmet

Other Skeletons:
7 – 37: Club, Round shield, Armor and helmet

Stone Golem: 1
Wooden Horse: 1

#Golems can be divided to a maximum of three bodies.



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