Hone to Issho Chapter 44 – Prediction of the Dead

– Adventurer’s Life Day 46 (Thur) – Noon – Comnes Town – West Gate


… We arrived back to town.


Thinking things through for a bit, wouldn’t entering town with Darza’s corpse be a bit too suspicious… ?

We try wrapping the body in some cloth, which was the usual custom of dealing with the dead in this world… even so it still seems too suspicious… not to mention the smell is getting stronger since this morning.


Regardless, I had Phillips return back to the coin as we pass through the town gate along with the rest of the skeletons.





– Adventurer’s Life Day 46 (Thur) – Noon – Comnes Town – Adventurer’s Guild


While exchanging the materials in the guild, we handed over Darza’s corpse over.


The last time we came here, the amount given in exchange for the materials brought from the Mines were significant. I can expect it to be the same this time as well… not to mention, the materials there don’t weigh as much, making it even better.


Once we finally had the skeletons unload all the materials, Centurion, his team and along with the remaining skeletons were returned back to their coins.

… I’m still anxious about my remaining mana, so I told the employee I’ll be making the potions at another time.


I discussed the matter with Darza’s corpse over with trainer Dorris.

Since there will be an extensive search regarding the bounty, I was told to wait until the day after tomorrow.


I’m aware that his head would have been enough as an identification for the bounty, but since the face had been badly damaged, I thought of bringing the entire body over, just in case.

Even though the body had been leaking a foul  stench, Dorris didn’t seem to be affected by it at all… As I thought, she must’ve already been used to things like this…





After this, we arrived at the ‘Adonnis’ Blade’ workshop to get ourselves an axe and spears along with some additional scrap iron materials, and then went around the open market for more bags and some miscellanies things.


Having Centurion and his team around and being able to effectively use tools makes it especially useful right now… if that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t have bought these.


“What are THESE for?”

“You’ll be using them to dig in the abandoned mines.”


I had Centurion hold onto the mattocks I bought from Adonnis. These will be for tomorrow.





When arriving back to the inn, we dropped our luggage and I had the skeletons returned back to their coins.

It’s not really possible to fit 12 skeletons in one room to begin with, so when passing through the mess hall, I had only 2 to bring the stuff back into the room and desummoned them after that.


That said, a little later since then, that heavy-rock Okama looked at us with a surprised look.


“Ara~ no way! Who were the other 2 that just entered your room a while ago?”


It took a while to explain to him they weren’t thieves…





– Adventurer’s Life Day 46 (Thur) – Evening – Comnes Town – Rostam Workshop


Taking a walk through the workshop street, I saw Adrianne and Zem talking just outside of Rostam.


“Oh, good evening… ah! Nemo!? And Benedetta too.”

“Good evening.”


Since we’re walking through town, Benedetta had been wearing her usual getup… At least compared to me in my casual attire, she looked pretty shady.


“You’ve been pretty busy lately, so I’ve been wondering if visiting today is okay.”

“Yes! You’ve been such a big help to our shop. You’re free to come here at any time!”


It seems like Adrianne had been quite accustomed to being the shop master nowadays… By her request, we’ve entered into the shop along with Zem.





“You lot… I’ve heard you were the ones who had brought this shop back to its feet with Mario… I would also like to give my thanks…”


Zem quietly said so to us, while fumbling around with his words… 


“… Nah. All I did was bring back Mario to life for only for a few days… It’s not like I had a hand in anything else.”

“Even so, if it weren’t for you, the wouldn’t be any slime cloth to work on… Not to mention, I would also still be cooped up in the village with little to no work to do…”


When saying that, Zem got up and walked to one of the cupboards from the back of the room.


While watching that, Adrianne came in and talked to me.


“I wanted to give my thanks to you too. You happen to be an adventurer right? I’m not sure if something like this would be useful to you… but I heard from my husband that you would be interested in this.”



At that, Zem took something out from the cupboard.


“Aah, could these be the throwable potion bottles?”


A container, that was looking to be something more like petri dish, was shown to me.

Of course, the item was made through slime materials and was wrapped around in cloth.

It seems quite easy to throw with a shape like that, and it should also be able to reliably break even on softer surfaces…

… Like on a body.


“In any case, I would still need to try to test this out, but it seems pretty good. Can I have 10 made for me?”

“With pleasure!”

“After that, there’s something I’ll need as well…”


Adrianne places a container stocked with hard slime bottles onto the table…





“Sorry for making you make so much.”

“Now, don’t say that. You’re free to request as many as you’d like here.”


I had myself some normal potion bottles, and the recently in demand, small bottled containers.

I’ve also received a case for the throwable potions. It’s able to store 5 of them, and the case slides open through the bottom when taking it out.

At least with this, my anxiety of having the bottles break in my bag is lessened.


After receiving various things, I stayed a little longer listening on what has been going on lately.

Seems like recently, all the decision making regarding the selling had been left to the guild now, so now they have a lot of time to make the items… As a result, the workshop had been quiet, now that adventurers have no need to come here specifically anymore.

Not that it’s a bad thing.


Now that it’s getting late, I’ve started making my leave here, until I just remembered something.


“Aah… right. Sorry if this sounds a little weird to ask, but could you tell me how Mario used to make his mustache go up?”





– Adventurer’s Life Day 47 (Fri) – Morning – Comnes Town – West – Gravel Fields


“Ms. Benedetta, WHAT may you be DOING?”

“Please hold still for a bit.”

“We wish for such a decoration as well!”


We got some sort of agent from Rostam used for Mario’s mustache and had been applying it onto Centurion’s helmet decoration.

… It’s supposedly made from slime… Somehow I’m not even surprised.

In order for Centurion to stand out from the group, I had the decoration from the helmet look like a tail this time, but it had been dropping because of that.





From Philips strong request, I did the same with him… not that he needs to ask, I was going to do it in the first place.


Continuing on, I also started on ‘plating’ and ‘engraving’ the equipment of Philips’ team.

Last night, I had been busy with doing the same with all the other skeletons, but I didn’t have enough time in the end.


Since it’s a team comprised of spear wielders, I didn’t think they would be in any particular danger… Especially in Philips’ case. Besides, there’s a good chance he might break the ceiling with that size of his, given how small our room is.


“Hooh… an iron coating huh… It’s not bad. It even feels somehow nostalgic…”

“That’s good I guess.”


I was a little worried given that Philips special spear seemed to be magically enhanced, but both the ‘Plating’ and ‘Engraving’ was applied to it with no problems.

The weapon had looked much more extravagant before, but now it seems much more like a normal spear after ‘Plating’ it… Thankfully, this should at least keep it less conspicuous when walking around town.

The same goes with Philips’ armor.


Not that it makes much of a difference. The person in question is stupidly big anyways, so he’s going to attract attention no matter what.





“Who may this person Sir Mario be?”



Strangely, Philips and Centurion seems to be having a conversation between themselves while strolling.


It’s not really a problem anymore when crossing through the Gravel Fields with Benedetta’s ‘Haste’ along with Philips’ battle prowess.

… Lately, I’ve been keeping the Golem inside it’s coin with me, given how much mana it usually costs.


After a while of walking, I stop in place.


“Let’s stop for a bit.”

“UNDERSTOOD. What would you LIKE to do HERE?”


The place here had several trees around. I approached one and stood on top of its roots.


“Are you going to try out one of your skills here? Is it the ‘Sculptor’ divine protection?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”


It’s the skill Benedetta had seen for me about a while ago, ‘Polpenius’ Horse’.





—- Summoning Memo —-

Centurion Team:
Members: Centurion, Skeleton 1, 2, 3
Equipment: Hatchet, Shield, Armor and helmet

Phillips Team:
Members: Phillips, Skeletons 4, 5, 6
Equipment: Spear, Shield, Armor and helmet

Other Skeletons:
7 – 37: Club, Round shield, Armor and helmet

Stone Golem: 1



TL note: Mattocks look like pickaxes but mainly used for agriculture, like this. Reason why this was bought instead of a pickaxe is hinted in the next couple of chapters.

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Thanks for another chapter~

That said….the chapter title makes NO sense, lol. Where’s the prophecy!? =x


Thanks for the treat.


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