Hone to Issho Chapter 43 – A courageous work

– Adventurer’s Life Day 46 (Thur) – Morning – Comnes Town – West – Abandoned Mine


“Here we go… finally found the corpses of these guys.”

“Then, I’ll HAVE the SKELETONS deal with IT.”



We arrived back to the room from yesterday for these guys.

I had the room sealed off using ’Modelling’ quite well, so it was almost difficult to find it again.


Right now, we’re not inside the room, but near it. A small pit we found before.

One of the ones we threw in here should be Darza’s. We’ll need to take him back so that we can get the bounty off of him.

It’s a little inconvenient how we need to take the entire body to receive the reward honestly.


Before coming here, we took a visit by the open market this morning and brought some rope to for skeleton 1 to use.

Since skeleton 1 is a part of Centurion’s subordinates, it has much more dexterity.

It’s not like it’s particularly necessary, as there are other ways to go about this. It’s just that this was the first idea that came to mind.


“The CORPSE has been TIED onto TIGHTLY master.”

“Alright then, pull it up.”


Us along with some other skeletons at the top, pulled onto the rope, bringing the corpse upwards…





The state of the corpse had been stoned, with swells bloating everywhere. They’re even some strange insect noises coming from its mouth. It’s not really something I’d like to keep staring for too long.


In any case, I’d like skeleton 1 to be used for something else, so I had it switched over with skeleton 15 to carry it since it doesn’t have a shield right now.


And so, with Centurion’s team leading the group, we start to head back to town.

There’s 3 following him for some reason…


“Ah… since YESTERDAY, I am capable of SUBORDINATING an additional SKELETON. I am sorry for not TELLING you earlier.”


Did he just forget about it…


I’ll leave that for now.


(… Philips. I’m finished on my end. Let’s get everyone together.)

(I understand!)


I called over Philips, who had been hunting around during the meantime…





After waiting for a while, the separate hunting group, Philips, Benedetta and 3 other skeletons, came back.

They had it where Philips and the skeletons would hunt while Benedetta dismantles.

The 3 skeletons they had with them were a part of Philips’ subordinates, so Benedetta was the only one in the group capable of dismantling… though she didn’t look too disatisfied by it.


“My lord. By your instructions, we’ve brought over the wolf bats. However we only brought 18 of them. Would that suffice… ?”

“Thank you. I’ll try and see.”


Philips’ group had been specifically targeting wolf bats when hunting.

Supposedly, the state of the mines hasn’t changed since the time he was alive. Even the monsters here are ones he’s quite familiar with.


“Alright! Come over!”


I had skeletons summoned out of the wolf bat corpses to replenish the lacking skeletons since yesterday.

Like that, an additional 18 skeletons had been added to the team.


I didn’t think this would’ve worked on wolf bats given how light they are. Contrary to their size, they’re still able to fly in cramped caves agiley.

Whether skeletons had been summoned out of bats or lizards, it doesn’t seem to be remotely affected by it.

Agility, intelligence, bone thickness and even the bone color are all the same regardless of whatever monster was used.


If that’s the case, it’s much more efficient if the skeletons were to be summoned from smaller monsters… though I do remember there being a limit on that.


On the other hand, ‘Bone Manipulation’ is obviously reliant on the type and quantity of the bones.

It’s nice to make a note of this.


“Uhm, so does that make it 38 now?”

“Well, from what I can ‘see’, 45 skeletons seems to be the limit.”

“So another 7 more to go huh.”


… Even if I were to reach the limit, I’ll still need to make the equipment again.





– Adventurer’s Life Day 46 (Thur) – Before Noon – Comnes Town – West – Gravel Fields


By the time we got out of the mines, we’ve collected a suitable amount of monster materials, and managed to reach the maximum limit of my summons.


And so, we continue hunting in the Gravel Fields… there’s a number of monsters here with a good number of bones I could use to prep up the skeleton’s equipment.


However, our hunting isn’t really going as fast as it was before, since there’s only 15 skeletons fully equipped here. Though I suppose Philips by himself is enough to make up for it.


“My lord! I’ve brought some more! 4 of them!”

“Philips’ SKELETONS are here master. They’ve brought 2 BODIES over.”


The remaining 8 skeletons were handed over to Benedetta, making this 3 teams in total. She had also just came back… With Centurions team along with 3 of my directly controlled skeletons, we’ve been moving around quite a lot, so it’s been quite busy.


Why is this happening?


As a natural ability of mine, I can give some commands to skeletons, along with some indirect operations.

‘Hunt in that area in a group of 3’, ‘Come back when you’ve taken down a prey’, ‘Fight along with Benedetta’. These are some of the commands I’ve given them.


However, it’s been found out that Philips could do just the same with his subordinate skeletons when hunting.

And so, as a part of his subordinates, it’s obvious that his skeletons would be influenced by him, making each of them strong enough to hunt in the gravel fields solo. Putting them all in a party makes it a little overkill…

On top of that, with the power of each of them, they’ve been bringing back 2 monsters each run.

The speed which we’ve been going along with this is unbelievable…


The two rusted spears we got from that secret room in the mines also contributes greatly here.

They’re a far cry compared to Philips’, but the two skeletons had been fighting exceptionally well.


Only one in their team lacks a spear, and it’s been given a metal mace instead.

Philips seems to be capable of using striking weapons like this anyways so it should be fine.


“Nemo, here’s some more dismantled corpses!”



Ah, I let a groan slip…





“We’ve finally finished with this…”

“Good work.”

“With this, all skeletons should be equipped.”

“‘PLATING’ is still REQUIRED however.”


After we managed to collect up enough bone materials, I’ve been making the remaining equipment for the rest of the 30 skeletons (Philips included) through ‘Bone Manipulation’.

‘Engraving’ came after.

All this work is draining my mana pretty quickly… I’m left with a fifth of my mana now…

I didn’t have the golem summoned out, so it could have been worse.


The equipment included clubs, round shields, greek styled armor and helmets, arm and shin pads, and some fur draped around the shoulders.

Philips already had a weapon himself, but as his request, I had some shields fixed onto his forearms.

With the size of his body, the shields look more like bucklers… I can’t really do the same with his subordinates…

… Just in case though, I had those skeletons carry the shield from their back.


“Spears are a strong point of ours.”

“You think it would be good to equip your whole group with spears?”

“If you would please..”

“Alright. I’ll take that in mind when we get back to town.”


I’m going to have to visit Adonnis for this.


“Ah… we’ve also brought these over.”

“Thanks for collecting these for me.”


While I was busy making the equipments, Benedetta and Centurion’s team were out collecting ingredients for the mana potion. Yuusouryou, and Suinetsusou both.


“Don’t FORGET that I also HELPED.”

“Ah… ah yeah. Much appreciated.”


Didn’t think he would be concerned about this…





The skeletons without a bag, excluding the ones carrying Darza’s corpse, were returned back into their coins. I can’t really waste anymore mana like this.

That just leaves us with a group of 17 skeletons, but even with this number we should be able to get through the area with ease… we sure did improve since the last couple of weeks.


Now then, I took out my potion making set from the bag, and started the process in making the mana potion.

Blue glistening liquid dripped onto the wooden tub, and I took a drink from it… It still has that melon soda taste to it…


… I can feel the mana well up in my body, recovering to about half of my mana… I guess that means it could recover about a 1/3 now?

It was something like 1/4 before, so I suppose it got improved since levelling up before.


5% increase seems a little small, but if I take in consideration of my mana capacity also increasing, it’s not something I would complain about.


Once I felt the effect of it finally subsided, I make preparations in making another one… I’ve been noticing Benedetta making small peeks this way… I guess I’ll give her one after this.

… Hm?





“You can’t take several mana potions consecutively?”

“… Yeah… I don’t really get it, but that does seem to be the case.”

“If it’s like that, then it can’t be helped then.”

“… Pretty much.”


There wasn’t a problem like this in the game, and you could just gulp down mana potions continuously.

I can drink it in this world too, but I don’t see a notice of its effect when doing so.

I’m guessing it functions similar to a cooldown.

However, the biggest problem then would be how I can’t tell when the cooldown finishes.


I stopped drinking the potion half way through, so I have about half right now. I gave the rest to Benedetta… and she had a gleeful look on her face.

The remaining potions were filled into the bottles made from Rostam.

… What an oversight.


“Mhm… In any case, let’s head back.”



“Well then, allow me to lead the way!”


I’ve noticed the party had been quite lively recently with new additions to the team.


However, there’s still plenty of things I need to do today… I’ve been keeping the things I will need to work on in my head as we head back to the western gate.





—- Summoning Memo —-

Centurion Team:
Members: Centurion, Skeleton 1, 2, 3
Equipment: Hatchet, Shield, Armor and helmet

Phillips Team:
Members: Phillips, Skeletons 4, 5, 6
Equipment: Spear, Shield, Armor and helmet

Other Skeletons:
7 – 8: Club, Round shield, Armor and helmet
9 – 29: Round shield, Armor and helmet – Most without ‘Plating’

Stone Golem: 1



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