Hone to Issho Chapter 4 – Once again, to the beginner’s rock field

~ Adventurer’s life Day 3 (Wed) Early Morning ~ City of Comnes’ Inn [The Bulbul’s Burrow]


…. Seems like I managed to wake up early today this time.

Looking around, half my roommates already left while the others are sitting on their beds getting ready to leave.


It’s already been 3 days since I started as an adventurer.

My bruise from yesterday still hurts though….


I quickly get out of bed, prepared my stuff then went over to the canteen.

Since it’s early in the morning right now, I’d like to quickly head to the guild to get some decent requests this time.


“Oh…? You sure woke up early today huh~. Ahahaha!”


I was greeted with a hearty laugh by Auntie.

As always, I have no idea why she keeps laughing at random times.

Is it a thing with old age?… Well I don’t really mind.


“Morning! Breakfast please!


I gobbled up my soup and bread and headed out immediately.


On the way to the guild, I stopped by the public water fountain to wash myself.

It should be obvious, but from an inn as cheap as that, there’s no way to get water there, so I’ll have to provide one myself.


I take the water with my hands and washed my face.


This place helped me out quite a bit yesterday too.

This was the first place I headed to at that time when I was covered in blood.

I didn’t really wanna make a big deal out of it.


Then again, they found out and I was made fun of anyways.

I still had stains of blood on my leather armour.

No matter how many times I washed it, the stains wouldn’t come off.

They say, during your time as an adventurer, having your equipment degrade is inevitable.

Though I didn’t think it would happen as soon as my second day as an adventurer….


~ Adventurer’s life Day 3 (Wed) Morning ~ City of Comnes’ Adventurers Guild


…. I arrived in front of the guild.

Outside the reception, I can see about six people already queuing up.

It’s not like I expected to be first here, but I still arrived in a pretty good spot.

The ones in front of me have have some shabby looking equipment onto them.

I that’s the case, I wouldn’t even be surprised if, say, there is someone with the warrior divine protection with an attack power lower than even mine.

Though then again, once they earn enough to get proper equipment, it would be a different matter entirely…

In any case, the ones in front of me looked no doubt to also be gunning for those herb collection requests, but for now, I guess I’ll have to wait.


… After daydreaming for a while, I realised the person in front of me already entered.


“… Please line up in order. No rushing.”


A huge man with a scar across his face, gave me a glare as I passed by.


The guild accepts retired adventurers to work with them, so there are a lot of former adventurers here.

That person just now was probably one of them too… I might have to reconsider coming here early from now on.


Right after entering, I immediately headed over to the request board.

Though it seems I was too slow, as a crowd of adventurers already gathered around it in front of me.

I can barely even see it anymore, though there’s less crowding on the left side… I wonder why?


Curiously, I walked to it.

It seems all the gathering quests are all around in this area.

I didn’t actually noticed it yesterday since there weren’t many left.


People are still taking them so I should quickly take some, but I wonder which I should take?

One by one, the amount of requests continues to decrease.

Ah, this is bad. I should hurry – … ah no wait.


I took a look at the requests taken from a nearby adventurer. Two sheets of herb collection quests, around 5 each. That’s about 10 to gather in total.

Yesterday, I also had two sheets, but I had to gather 20 in total. I believe that took about 3 hours to finish gathering them all.


Pondering for a while, I went with taking 2 of the 10 herb collection quests anyways.

There are some other adventurers taking this same quest too, even though the reward is only 103 goldos.

It’s enough to pay for the inn, but not a lot for anything else….


The guild reception is, of course, packed full of adventurers. I have no choice but to wait in line.

Thinking it now, I suppose I could ask the guild staff about a question of mine from earlier, but after looking at the increasing line behind me, I thought maybe later, like when I come back and there’s not that many people left.


After some time while watching the staff hurriedly worked on each adventurer one after another, my turn came.

A gray haired old man verified the documents from me.


“So it is a collection quest for herbs located south east from town. Um, the request is 20 herbs… Is this okay… ?”


He asked me like I just made a mistake or something, but because there are a lot of adventurers behind me, he continues to write out the paperwork.

The place is the same rocky field as yesterday. Although this is different from last time, I know where a bunch of them grows…. So there’s no problem.


“This is alright.”


I replied back with confidence.


… Really though, is there a problem with this quest?

I’m getting a little anxious about this.


Heading south east towards the rock field, I started thinking about yesterday’s events along the way.


That day was pretty hectic…. The herb collection was fine, but fighting that shelled rabbit was the worst.

Though I did manage to learn something, so I guess something good did come from it.


But the worst thing to happen was the realisation of how low my fighting strength dropped compared to back when I was a guard. I remember being able to hunt shelled rabbits pretty easily that time.


Though back then, there weren’t tall grass for them to hide in and you also had others to support you when things go wrong.

Probably should’ve expected something like this would happen.


It seems I don’t really have much experience in this.

The bone broke mainly because it was used in soup before, but I didn’t really notice that. There were some tactics I could’ve used, but I rushed in too quickly unprepared. Guess I’ll have to remember these the next time I challenge them.


Though one thing I found out was that there really IS a bonus attack.

Necromancer’s bonus damage for bone weapons worked even when the bone broke and end up more like a blade.

I did remember seeing a number broken bones in the market. Didn’t think they’d actually be be used for combat.

Another thing, there’s also a passive gathering bonus when using it to dismantle carcasses.

That’s probably why dismantling that shelled rabbit went so smoothly.


The bone by itself can be used as a blunt weapon, but when split it changes into something like a sword.

Calling it ‘Broken Bone’ doesn’t really describe it well. I think I’d rather call it ‘Bone Dagger’ instead.


As for my body. My left hand and waist side still hurts after being body rammed by that rabbit, so I can’t really say I’m completely fine.

If I try to fight again in this state, small wounds would be the least of my worries. So until I made some preparations, I’ll just continue doing gathering quests in the meantime… safety first.


I’ve said it already, but that was actually pretty close yesterday. I didn’t think of it before, but the thought of dying in that situation seems shivers down my spine. After all, I’m doubtful if I can even re spawn in this world.


After ending my trail of thought, I arrived at the rock field.


~ Adventurer’s life Day 3 (Wed) Morning ~ City of Comnes Southeast [Beginners Rock Field]


Despite it still being early, I can already see some villagers and adventurers along the way.

It’s not really any different from yesterday, but the town is quite close here, so I’ll move further away to avoid other people.

In the game, there weren’t much shelled rabbits in the rock fields, so it’s quite common for beginners to be around this area as it’s a safe place for hunting, but in this world, since they can’t really dig deep in this area, the whole lot of them moved over around the outer area.


Once I walked into the middle of the field, I looked to see if there’s anyone around. Seeing as there’s no one I start to look for the herbs.


“Oh! I already found some. Nice, so they also grow here!”


I heard not a lot grow in this area, but I’ve already found the both of them, Iwahakka and Tougoma.

Yesterday, I feel that the Sekieisou and Toorinagara were a little too easy to find…. It’s the same as of right now, but I’m not complaining.

I wonder if there are some also hiding in this rock… Bingo!

It’s like they start popping up all over the place once there’s no one about.


… And so, after around about an hour later, I made a double check on what I gathered.

I started to feel hungry after that, so I looked for a large boulder for me to sit on.


In this world, it’s usually the richer people that would have lunch.

The rest don’t really do that. Though they probably have a snack if they’re hungry.

I have some left over bread from breakfast, so I’ll only be having this.


Looking up far, right beyond where the deforested area is, I can see a huge forest spanning across.

In the game, that’s where the forest wolf monster spawns. Once I get strong enough, that’ll probably be the next place for me to grind at.

Though at my current pace, it’ll take quite a while for that to happen…


After finishing eating, something caught my notice.

Below was a girl with green scarf, probably an adventurer as well.

I guess she also thought about going to a less populated area like I did.

Since I was on top of a large boulder she just noticed me.


“Ah! Sorry. I didn’t know someone already taken this spot.”


I wonder if that means she’s doing the same quest as I did.

I didn’t really think there was a thing about not to gather in the same area as other adventurers.

It’s probably something like an unwritten law.


“I was, but I’m already done now, so I’ll be leaving here. Don’t worry about it. Are you doing the collection request too?”


Ah, would I be invading her privacy if I said that? I should probably just start making my leave.


“Yes, that’s right. Thank you very much.”


The girl did a slight nod, so I did the same and left.

The olive scarf girl had a hood on so I couldn’t really see her face. I wonder if that’s on purpose so she can camouflage with the grass.

I should probably consider buying one too.

It might be useful when I go against the shelled rabbits again….


If I have the money that is!

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