Hone to Issho Chapter 37 – Reorganisation

– Adventurer’s Life Day 42 (Sun) – Morning – Comnes Town – Inn – Nessos’ Temptation


It’s our party’s day off today, so we’re free to do whatever we like.


I’ve been lying around in my bed, thinking up on what I’ll do today.

Benedetta on the other hand had already gotten up and had been practicing with her sword at the inn’s backyard.


Now then, I’ve been getting myself ready in buying some more bags for the skeletons ever since they started growing in numbers, but I stopped to think about it a little more.

There are various advantages in using a bag for hunting, but it makes the skeletons movements more or less very dull, so I’ve been thinking over another way in transporting.


First, there are the wagons sold here, but those aren’t good at crossing grassy areas, so that’s rejected.

The grass fields are bumpy, and the wheels would be pulling on the grass so we’re going to have to be careful about moving around with it.

In the end, it won’t be any better than if we were to just use bags as normal.


There was the hand carts from Zem where the skeleton would push it along, which sounds really convenient, but from the looks of it, it seems to be mainly used for flat roads… not something for adventurer work.


Not to mention, these sort of vehicles are also easy to break down from bad terrain. Repairing it would be too much of a hassle.


… Thinking I might have just wasted my time in thinking about such things, I decided to just stick with buying the bags.




– Adventurer’s Life Day 42 (Sun) – Before Noon – Comnes Town – Weapons Shop – Adonnis’ Blade


After finished buying what I needed in the marketplace, I headed straight to Adonnis’ shop.

The bags I bought this time numbered 8. They were heavy and bulky, so I was wondering if it would have been good to walk all the way to the shop like this.


“Ohh! Nemo! Looks like things have been going well for you recently!”

“Hey, Adonnis.”


Sitting by the counter of the shop was the usual dark skinned giant Adonnis… That ‘going well’ thing he’s talking about is probably that emergency request from yesterday.

As usual, he hears quite a lot of things.


Walking over to the back of the guild, I handed him over the tip of the halberd from the shaved blonde hair dude from yesterday and asked if he could use this to make an axe with it.

Since yesterday, I’ve modelled it to seem like it was a blade from an axe instead.


“This is a pretty good blade… should I attach an iron handle onto it? I’ll also do some basic maintenance on it so that’ll be about 1000 Goldos.”

“Yeah, if you would please.”


Sculptor’s ‘Modelling’ skill is great when using it to carve or erase shallow patterns on a hard object and creating really small and simple shapes, but intricate designs are not really possible with it so I’ll have to leave this sort of work to professionals…

Even with the ‘Bone Manipulation’ skill, it’s not possible for me sharp, like a bone sword or dagger… it’s a shame really.


Adonnis immediately went to work, and a little while later he came back with the handle attached on to the newly sharpened blade…In addition, I bought another hand axe for 2600 Goldos.


(… With this, that makes 3 axes in total.)


And like that, Centurion and the skeletons he’s in command of now have an axe each.

Centurion didn’t really have a Mace proficiency skill with him so those would be passed down to the other skeletons.


Practically, the fighting power between Centurion’s team is incomparably higher than that of the ordinary skeletons of the same number.

A useful team to have.


… Alright then, guess I’ll call them out.


Taking the three of them out from their coins, skeletons A, B and Centurion appeared.

Centurion and skeleton B had their full bone armor equipped, but skeleton A still had its old leather armor and no helmet.


“PLEASE let me be the one to TAKE that HATCHET master.”

“Uohh-! Who’s that!? It’s a talking skeleton?”


As usual, that Centurion speaks whatever it wishes, and it even asked for the weapon immediately upon seeing it.

Of course, giving an explanation to the surprised Adonnis takes precedence…


“A skeleton capable.of it’s own free will huh… What a strange guy…”

“I am MASTER’S skeleton servant CENTURION. Pleased to MEET you.”


Are they having a conversation? Well whatever, let’s just move on from this.


Centurion was handed over the full metal hatchet by Adonnis, while the rest were given to the other skeletons… That leaves the maces they were initially carrying.

Since they’re stronger than that Bome clubs, I had another two skeletons summoned to switch with them.

I’m keeping the clubs for now in case for any additional skeletons.




“After that, I’d like to trade something for this.”


I pointed over to skeletons A’s dirty leather armor.


That leather armor was originally mine, but since there’s a penalty in me wearing it, I handed it over to skeleton A.

However, it’s an armor made for humans. With the lack of a waist, it’s a little loose, and not to mention there’s already a bone armor made specifically for skeletons.

Above all else, because of the material, I’m unable to apply engraving onto it, making it pretty much the least defensive skeleton in my arsenal.


It’s been ‘plated’. Although it was stained with blood before, it’s been coated over with iron and now it’s hard to notice the blood… It’s even got the plating effect, so it should be worth something…


Adonnis turned it over and checked it’s inside, but in the end he gave much more for it than I initially expected.


I was planning on throwing it away if I can’t sell it, but surprisingly enough, I’ve been given 1200 Goldos for it.


“Speaking of which…”


“You know those plated equipment you did before. Even though I had the price set pretty high, they were still sold out quickly. Mind doing it again?”


Ahh, that time when I had some of his displayed plate armor ‘Plated’ and ‘Engraved’ at his shop…

I just noticed, but they aren’t here in the shop anymore.

I went a little overboard with the ’Engraving’ then, and turned it into something a little flashy. To think that it sold that quickly…


“Eh… well I don’t mind but…”

“In exchange, that barrel full of unused equipment over there will be given to you.”



I was here for some materials for the ‘Plating’ anyways, so I have no complaints.


And so, after a while, I managed to finish what I had to do here… However, the barrel full of scrap materials is a little too much for me to carry alone, so I had Centurion’s team help me out instead.




– Adventurer’s Life Day 42 (Sun) – Evening – Comnes Town – Inn – Nessos’ Temptation


After arriving back to the inn, and eating dinner in the cafeteria, I returned back to my room and concentrated on my work.


“Alright, all done!”

“Good work…”


As the levels for both ‘Alchemist’ and ‘Sculptor’ had reached level 8, I had each and every skeleton summoned out and renewed them all one by one.


“So, that would make 36 sets of your skeleton’s equipment finished with…”

“Nope, there’s that one guy without an armor and helmet.”


I sold the leather armor to Adonnis and now all he’s left with is an axe and shield… but with the extra bit of equipment, he’d be in the best condition.

… Though I don’t really have time now, so skeleton A is going to have to be equipped tomorrow.


“I’ve also finished preparations on my end…”

“Ah… There’s something I’m going to need to do though…”



There are some things I’m going to have to check for tomorrow night…




– Adventurer’s Life Day 43 (Mon) – Evening – Comnes Town – Southeast – Beginners Rock Field – Outer Edge


We went through the day as usual, hunting by the gravel field then exchanging them at the guild, but we then later moved near the Rock Field once night came.


I wanted to see whether the skeletons still function even while I’m asleep… For that we set up camp at an area with monsters still about.


Benedetta would remain nearby me, while Centurion, his team, and 2 more skeletons will be on standby in the meantime.

Even with 5 skeletons, it should still be way under my natural mana recovery anyways.


The monsters in the Gravel Field are a little too strong for a first test run, so we’re starting it off in the Rock Fields first with the shelled rabbits… they’re pretty active in the night as well, so that’s pretty convenient.

I feel pretty bad, since I’m just pretending to sleep right now while Benedetta continues to seriously watch over our surroundings.


That said, ‘Necromancer’ still has that Night Vision skill with it.

With the technology as it is in this world, it’s supposed to be pitch black when night comes, but with this skill, I hardly ever notice it, and am even able to see from far away… So of course, even in the rock fields I can see the situation rather quite well.


From what I was told as well, Benedetta also had a special ability to help in the dark.

I didn’t know if it was there in the game, but to think that ‘Prudia’s Magic Eye’ also had such an ability.


Even the skeletons are able to function in the dark, so that makes the entire party able to work in the darkness

Ah… no wait, I don’t think Golem could though…


We could probably do some interesting stuff with this… I’ll take this to mind.


There’s still that underlying problem of a situation where the skeletons don’t function once I sleep.

… If that happens then Benedetta had been given permission to kick me as hard as she could until I wake up.

Well, so long as an ‘Elite’ doesn’t appear, then Benedetta should be plenty capable of dealing with it even without them…




– Adventurer’s Life Day 44 (Tue) – Early Morning – Comnes Town – SouthEast – Beginners Rock Field – Outer Edge


… As a result, there were no problem in how the skeletons operated.


The figure of Benedetta’s drowsy face appeared as I woke up… 

From what she said, Centurion and his team continued to normally hunt shelled rabbits as if it were any other day.


As such, there’s been a lot of materials gathered from all the hunting…


For as long as Benedetta was awake, it didn’t seem like Centurion was sleepy at all, and she had even been conversing with him to help keep her awake…


“I will CARRY Ms Benedetta back with us.”



Centurion proceeded to pick up the completely asleep Benedetta.

With this, we can now take long outings into account.


However, there’s a place in Comnes I’d like to go first…

Once we’re able to finish up with that place, we could finally make our preparations to leave Comnes.


We walked towards the southeastern gate, to which it opened once we came close.

Parties can be seen heading out to hunt shelled rabbits.

Suddenly, me parting away with this town started to feel all real. It’s hard to describe what kind of emotion I’m feeling from this.




—- Summoning Memo —-

Centurion Team:

Members: Centurion, Skeleton A, B

Equipment: Hatchet, Shield, Armor and helmet


Other Skeletons:

C + 33: Club, Round shield, Armor and helmet


Stone Golem: 1

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