Hone to Issho Chapter 2 – Just what kind of class is a ‘sculptor’….

~ Adventurer’s life Day 2 (Tue) Morning ~ City of Comnes’ [The Bulbul’s Inn]


It’s morning!


The sun is completely above the horizon… Seems like I overslept.


As per usual, I got myself up in the six-person room at the inn. Except it seems like all my other roommates have already left.

It’s kinda natural for the people in this world not to waste so much time of the day like this.


That said, since I kept referring to this world as Freed Online world, I’ll just continue to call it as Freed.

The people here happens to call it that too, so I thought I might as well do the same.


Still, things sure have happened yesterday…

I even  slept pretty early yesterday, but I guess I was just that tired.


At any rate, that was pretty confusing.

Looking back at it, even though I had both separate consciousness merged together, I didn’t have any feeling where my thoughts were scattered, muddled consciousness or even listening to random thoughts in my head.


“I guess it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.”


I muttered so to myself.


After leaving the room and entering the cafeteria, breakfast had already been served.

There’s no one else left in the room eating.


“You’re late! Though we still have some bread left!”


The auntie of this inn, with an abnormal amount of spirit, called out to me as I took a seat.

The tables were made rough, and the chairs rattled when jolted.


“My bad, I’ll have some bread then please”


I answered.

I don’t know if it’s because I just slept, but I just realised how hungry I am right now.

I’ll be grateful to get anything to eat, even if it is just bread.


“You went right to bed yesterday, but you seem to be much better now. I can see that refreshed look on your face.”

“Yeah, I was so tired yesterday, but it doesn’t seem to be the case now.”

“Ah ha, it sure is nice to be young!”


While Auntie was bringing some of the leftover bread, I took notice of the things behind her.

Hmm… they shouldn’t be using that right?


“Hey Auntie, mind I ask for something?”

“What’s up?”

“That over there, mind if I can have some?”


Pointing over at the corner of the kitchen, is a large amount of leftover pig bones.


Auntie left the cafeteria to do some laundry while I start thinking what to do from now on.

In front of me are two pieces of pork bones, both at around thirty centimetres big.


In the end, when I requested for some from auntie, she gave me two bones that has just been used for some soup where the meat has been completely taken off.

I didn’t want any meat left over it after all.

Of course, I do have my reasons for taking this.

But I’ll first explain about one of the game’s divine protection ‘Necromancer’.


Necromancy. The players from Freed Online categorise this as a ‘Sub Divine Protection’, or in other terms, a low tier occupation.

… This might be why the guild trainer, from yesterday, gave me that look of pity seeing how I’m equipped with all these.


To put it simply, ‘Sub Divine Protections’ have some sort of flaw in it’s skill set, making it highly under powered, compared to most. Thus making it difficult for it to grow alone.


Taking ‘Necromancy’ for example, the firepower for it’s magical attacks are, for some reason, abnormally low; the main defence of the necromancer is paper thin; and although the defence of summoned spirits are somewhat borderline decent, their AI is garbage, making it easy to pull them away from you. Bone type weapons have a pretty good penetration power, but it’s actual damage is determined by the user’s “strength”(lol). Though as I did mention before that the defence is paper thin, close combat is out of the question to begin with.


In addition, levelling the skill to an appropriate fighting strength is seriously difficult in the early game.


All in all, players consider this low tier.


But that’s fine.

Even with a seemingly weak ‘Sub Divine Protection’, if it’s combined with a stronger ‘Divine Protection’, like a warrior or a magician, it should be able to make up for it’s weaknesses, in addition to giving it some interesting tactics… However…


“How am I supposed to deal with this set…?”


I muttered as I rubbed my head.


‘Potion throwers’ is the popular nickname for ‘Alchemist’s’. Though it doesn’t sound impressive, the effects from throwing status and recovery potions are actually quite effective. Though, as with ‘Necromancer’, they also suffer from having that pitiful ‘paper thin’ defence.


As for the ‘sculptor’…


Was this even in the game…?


No well, I do somewhat remember seeing it in the wiki page or something.

I remember the name… but that’s it.

There are over a hundred divine protections after all… Though it’s probably just another useless job.


“Aah, speaking of which, if I remember it right. There was that patch that was supposed to buff the ten most unpopular divine protections, from what I heard…”


I remember seeing the list of them… I thought it was rather nice for the devs to take notice of it… Turns out though, they were still completely useless.


Oh right, back to the pork bones.

After saying all that, [Necromancer], [Alchemist], [Sculptor]… sigh… taking all their skills into consideration, my only means of attack is by hitting with a bone… quite primitive.


It’s like I’ve been regressed to a caveman…


Mulling over this is just going to make me more depressed, so I quickly left the inn.

First things first, head to the adventurers guild.


It’s getting close to lunch, but because I just had breakfast a while back, I don’t really feel hungry right now.


Since I’ll be arriving at the guild pretty late, I can only take fewer requests than planned…


“Oh yeah, Auntie! I’ll be making my payment today!”


Staying for the night in a 6 person room costs 100 goldos. If you try to haggle with the auntie anymore, and you’d get kicked out… is what I heard, though I won’t be taking any risks of course, I don’t even have a bag yet…


~ Adventurer’s life Day 2 (Tue) Before noon ~ City of Comnes’ Adventurer’s Guild


After all that, I reached the guild…


The building is made of stone, and appears to be quite sturdy.

I did not have a good look yesterday, but with the training grounds, the tavern that also serves as a lobby, and a shop that exchanges with monster parts, this building sure is big to have all these facilities.


After entering the guild, I headed over to the bulletin board with several requests stuck onto it.

Requests are taken usually first thing in the morning so, as expected, there’s only a few left.

These are usually the unpopular requests, ones that will probably take much longer than the rest… and give only half the reward.


I head to girl from the reception counter. Around eighteen? She looks the same age as me.

I handed her the request.


“Yes. This is a medical herb collection request. Please collect the two species at the specified amount. The location is southeast of town around the rock fields. There should be no monsters inhabiting this area, however caution is advised.”


(How do I say this… That explanation was quite flat.)


While thinking such things, I left the guild.

Since the city is surrounded by a wall, I’m having to walk to the gate closest to my destination.


While walking, I sorted out some of the thoughts I’m having in my head.

There are some things I want to try out once I get outside.



TN note – Hey, just a quick heads up. I’ve already translated 15 chapters of this series so I’m planning on sending one chapter a day until then (after heavily editing them).

Soooo yeah, enjoy!

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