Hone to Issho Chapter 1 – Three rare divine protection, a picture from hell

~ Adventurer’s life, first day, noon ~ City of Comnes’ Adventurer’s Guild lobby



“Nemo! Oi Nemo! Wake up!”


I don’t get the situation…

Was I lying down on my desk… ?

My shoulder’s being shaken by someone… and I woke up


“I know you just woke up and all, but they’ve just started distributing the adventurer cards now… in any case, let’s head over to the reception.”


Am I on a wooden desk?


(Aah, this is the lobby of the adventurer’s guild…)


That bearded muscly guy shaking my shoulder is Gerin. He’s my colleague when I was working as a guardsman.

Until now, I was supposed to be playing [Freed Online].




Somehow, I feel a little uneasy about something, but I still got up from my seat and headed towards Gerin. It seems like whatever I wrote down when registering to the adventurers guild is going to show up in the card I’m going to recieve.

Oh yeah, that’s right… we were doing that just a while ago…


There’s not alot of people lining up at the reception desk as I expected.

Was Gerin waiting this whole time for me?… I feel guilty.


“Looks like I had you waiting for me. Sorry about that.”


As I got myself in line, my muddled head started to gradually clear up.

Um, What have I just been doing… Card receipt? Playing Freed Online?

Suddenly, I realized what that strange feeling was about!



“Wah!? What’s the matter!?”


I can’t believe it! I’m living in the MMO that i’ve just been playing in!!



For some reason, I can’t seem to remember my name from the other world….

And so, some time ago, I decided to go with the name ‘Nemo’ as a novice adventurer.

Even now, I’m not even sure what led me to taking that name…


“Well then, I’ll be taking the line for the merchant group… It’ll be pretty troublesome, but try your best now…”


Gerin had a worried look on his face as he said that to me.

This guy also started with me when registering with the adventurer’s guild.

However, he already had some acquaintances that invited him to join their party once he completes his registration.


(Aah, that’s right… Having Gerin completely worry over me is also making my head hurt… I guess that would be another kind of problem huh… )


Having thought of that, he took a glance at the place he was supposed to go.


“I’m alright, no need to worry, just hurry and head over there. It really won’t look good if you were to be late on your first request.”


I feel bad having Gerin worry for me, but I wanted to have some time just by myself.

… I still feel somewhat confused from having the memories of two people fused into one.


I saw Gerin off as he leaves the guild building at the back.


(Thinking on it, I have about two problems… The first is that I have the memories of two different people at once, while the other problem is…)


“Can the recently registered applicant Nemo please come here~”


I heard the guild employee calling out by the reception desk there.

From the applicants who registered along with me and has already finished their application with the guild, it appears I’m the only one remaining.

The name she called out, Nemo, is the name I entered when registering to the guild earlier, and I was told to wait longer due to an irregular occurrence.

In other words, it would be the other problem I was talking about.


At that, I headed to the room the staff member directed me to.



~ Adventurer’s life, first day, afternoon ~ City of Comnes’, Adventurers Guild, Some Room



“Regarding your ‘Divine Protection’…”


Dorris, the red haired female trainer in her mid 30’s, was a little hesitant in speaking.

Well, I can somewhat tell why that would be the case.


“Your divine protections, ‘Alchemist’, ‘Necromancer’ and ‘Sculptor’, all of the ‘Rare Divine Protections’ are confirmed to be on you… The guild doesn’t seem to have any documents regarding it, and none of the adventurers here would have any knowledge of it either… I am only aware that the ‘Alchemist’ divine protection are able to make potions…”


‘Divine Protections’.

These are blessings given by god once you’ve made an oath when becoming an adventurer, that of which helps in raising your fundamental ability and mastering various [Skill]s.

In this world, fighting against monsters brings you closer to god, is what was said. This sort of practice is of the norm now.

[Warrior], [Scout], [Priest], [Mage], [Hunter], etc. These are what is commonly referred to as occupations.


On the other hand, it slowly becomes a problem when you don’t train your skills everyday.

Since this is a contract with god, though it’s not clear how long it will take, when the adventurer stops fighting against monsters, they slowly lose their divine protection until they return to the strength of a normal human.

Because of that, there’ll be quite a bit of a problem if you were to quit from the adventurers guild, since they offer a large number of requests for it.


That said, the rare divine protection is a term also used back in the game about the rare occupations that don’t really have a detailed description about it.

Because of that, regarding its advantages, combat tools and skills, it’s not really surprising that the guild doesn’t have much information on these.

Even so, for the “rare protections” with a lot more users like ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Beast Tamer’, ones like those should have plenty of information through the internet.


But it doesn’t seem the guild have information on those three rare divine protections.


“Even though the guild should have some information on a number of rare divine protections…”

“The three I have now are not really known here, is it.”


The trainer nods.


“The growth rate for rare divine protections are slower compared to normal ones. And to have even have multiple of them…”

“In other words, in addition to the lack of information in training them, I have to juggle between the ones that are additionally difficult to train.”


There’s another problem in possessing multiple Divine Protections.

It’s common knowledge that, in this world, it’s extremely slow to grow when owning multiple Divine Protections.

Not additionally, but exponentially.


Since their growth rates are all separate, it’ll require three times the experience points along with the penalty in owning additional protections.

That’s why, early in the game, it was faster if you would focus training on just one Protection.

Though, there are builds that would be regarded as a special case.


“That said, what have you been doing before applying?”

“Working as a guardsman.”



Even amongst players in the game, there isn’t really a strong concrete understanding of the mechanics when being given your divine protections.

But, it is said that the divine protection you acquire is largely affected by what is done beforehand.

A guard who has received the basic training of a warrior is said to be the most standard way for an  adventurer who wants to receive the divine protection for a warrior.

So why did I get three rare protections that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it ….


After a brief moment of silence, she pulled out a sword from her waist.


“Do you mind swinging this sword for a bit?”

“Right now?”

“It’s fine, just do it.”


Shouldn’t this be done at the training room or something?

I hesitated a little, but her tone made me reach for the sword in a fluster.


“Whoa It’s heavy!”


Even though it look like a normal sword.


“Just as I thought… your basic abilities and skills are replaced with your divine protections. As you can tell from their names, all three of your protections are most likely only for crafting as a support occupation.”

“In other words, I can’t fight as a warrior like this?”

“… Yes, that would be the case.”


It appears it really was just a normal sword.


This should’ve been a pretty big problem for me, but I don’t feel discouraged at all.

Rather, I feel this is like some sort of challenge against me, which makes me feel somewhat pumped up.


“… I see, I understand”


So far, I don’t really fully understand what’s happening, but I’m glad I was able to at least hear this information.

Even if I won’t be able to reach the same level as a warrior, I simply just have to change my way of approaching it.

If I hadn’t been told this directly, I could’ve put myself in a really bad situation.


Well, it’s only because I still see all this as a game that I could keep myself calm…

Since it’s not something I can really change, I shouldn’t really worry over this too much.

Meanwhile, the trainer who seemed to be worried about my reaction, breathed a sigh of relief.


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This is for Indonesian translation : https://mynovel.net/novel/hone-to-issho-no-isekai-seikatsu/
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